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News Archive for March 2007

"Friday Night Hitmen"
  posted March 29 - 6:52AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Don't forget there is a regular Friday night game of Hitmen at our KP4Ever Da Playgroundz server.
If you don't have the Hitmen files I suggest you get them if only for the Grappling Hook (or just the hook as it is commonly known). This allows you to cling to walls and ceiling while fraggign away or to quickly manoeuvre around the map. Just install the files into Kingpin/Hitmen and the hook will be ready to go. Check the binds.cfg file for the 3 keys that you can use to operate the hook.

You can grab the Hitmen files from here.

CU in Da Playgroundz :)

"Hypo's Steel Mill DM Map"
  posted March 28 - 4:31PM EDT by Mr.Damage

Hypo's Steel Mill by Hypo_v8Download

Here is an oldie but a goodie by Hypo_v8. Hypo's Steel Mill is a large DM map set, as the name suggests, in a steel mill. It is well layed out, uses mostly standard KP textures, features furnaces, stacks, lots of piping and the sort of sounds you would expect to hear in this type of steel works. It has ample weapons and items and can handle lots of players.

"New Kingpin Article"
  posted March 26 - 6:28AM EDT by Mr.Damage
There is a new article on Kingpin that has been written by PlayingKarrde which he has called Forgotten Games - Kingpin: Life of Crime. It's a good article but of course not everyone has forgotten KP :)

I suggest you go read the article and I encourage you to then post some comments :)
You can head on over to the article by clicking here.

"New DM Map By Sonik"
  posted March 24 - 6:25AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Out Of Business by SonikDownload

Sonik has now released his latest DM Map called Out of Business. This is a small, darkish, classic style, urban street style map which includes a beer factory :) Lots of places to fight, in the street, on the rooftops inside the buildings etc, and I think there are a few more weapons that usual in a map by Sonik :)

"Hitmen Files"
  posted March 22 - 3:35PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Just a reminder that we are now running a regular Friday night game of Hitmen at our KP4Ever Da Playgroundz server. It kicks off around 7pm Pacific time.

If you don't have the Hitmen files you can grab them from here.

"Mappacks For Captain Death's Server"
  posted March 22 - 3:32PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Captain Death is now rotating approximately 60 maps on his UK Captain Deaths Gangbang Server.

I have put together two mappacks which contain all the maps in rotation:-

CD Mappack Part1
CD Mappack Part2

He is also running a COLORS Capture the Flag server and if you haven't downloaded the CTF client files yet you can grab them from here.

Hope you will give these servers a try soon :)

"KingpinQ3 News"
  posted March 22 - 4:14AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Area has made several updates over at his KingpinQ3 Project page. They include some interesting screenshots, news on the weapon models and the ddition of a new team member.
You can visit the KPQ3 Project site by clicking here.

Area, aka 0xA5EA has also posted some info in our forum which you can read by clicking here.

"Screenshots of New DM Map by Sonik"
  posted March 22 - 3:13AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Sonik is working on a new DM map called Out of Business. It has an urban street settign and should be out this weekend. If it is then I will put it in rotation at Detropolis (along with Crem's latest map) so we can play it on Saturday night.
To check out some screenshots visit this forum post here.

"New DM Map By Creamator"
  posted March 21 - 3:33AM EDT by Mr.Damage

DM Backstreets by CreamatorDownload

Creamator has released a new DM Map for Kingpin called DM Backstreets. It's a medium sized/large map with an urban street setting. Much of the action takes place in the street or on the roofs but some buildings can be entered as well. There are ample weapons and items and Crem has included some single player props in the map as wel las a custom sky.

"New UK Servers"
  posted March 20 - 2:52AM EDT by Mr.Damage
You probably know by now that the Demon UK servers have gone. Well Captain Death has stepped into the breach and put up two new UK KP servers. They are a Custom Maps Deathmatch server and a Capture the Flag server.

Hostname : Captain Death's Gangbang Server
IP :
Maxclients : 16
Monkey Mod : Required

Hostname : Captain Death's CTF V1.0a Server
IP :
Maxclients : 10

I hope you guys living in the UK and Europe will give these servers a go :)

"Upcoming RioTZ Tournament"
  posted March 17 - 8:31PM EDT by Mr.Damage
S*a*D|Meph is orgnising a new RioTZ Tournament which should be starting soon.
At this stage he has the ok from Area and KOA Ford to use their RioTZ servers for the tourney. He would also like to use the East Coast RioTZ server but hasn't been able to contact DaddyDollarz.

DooDaa is working on the webpage for the comp and we will be hosting it here at KP4Ever.
More details will be released shortly but if you want to contact Meph you can contact him via email here.

"New DM Map By Stigma"
  posted March 17 - 2:20AM EDT by Mr.Damage

City Junk by StigmaDownload

Stigma has released a new map for DM/KP2 Mod play. This is a small map with an urban street settings. Most of the action will take place in the street although there are some spawns on the rooftops and junk pile area. There is a lot of detail in this map with piles of rusty car bodies, crates, boxes, a dumpster, barrels etc,etc. There are ample weapons and other
items and 12 player spawns.
There are also single player props, breakables, rats, dogs and rain has been added for use with the KP2 mod.

"Weekend Games"
  posted March 15 - 3:46PM EDT by Mr.Damage
We are looking at getting a regular Friday night game of Hitmen going on our Da Playgroundz server starting this week.
Hitmen used to be a very popular mod and we're hoping a few ppl will come back and play.
Wheatgurm will usually get the game going at around 7pm USA Pacific Time. So if you have been yearning for some Hook action then Da Playgroundz will be the place to be on Friday nights :)

Also there is the Saturday night games at Detropolis which have been going pretty well. If your available on Saturday night then rock up for a few custom DM maps. A lot of the recentlt released maps are now in roation at Detropolis so It's a good place to check them all out.

And of coure you will gind a game of Bagman Curse at Hogies most of the time over the weekend.

"Truz's Maps Page Updated"
  posted March 15 - 2:37AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Truzenzuzex has updated all the links for his maps on his mapping webpage.
The webpage contains download links for all the Kingpin maps he created and also links for maps he had some input into by other mappers.
Yoiu can check out his mapping webpage here.

You know I think it's time for Truz to fire up Radiant again and create a new map for the Hitmen mod :)

"Game Of KP Wednesday Night"
  posted March 14 - 3:42AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Just a quick reminder that there is a regular game at Detropolis Custom Maps Server on Wednesday nights.

S*a*D|Meph usually gets things started around 8.30pm Euro time and then the game kicks on from there :)

"Stigma's Recent Maps"
  posted March 13 - 5:52AM EDT by Mr.Damage
If you visit our mapping forum you will know that Stigma is currently working on a new KP2 Mod/DM map. While we are waiting for that one to be released here you can check out the five latest DM maps he has released:-

KA Arena
KP2 Omerta
DM Rightroof

KA Arena & KP2 Omerta

Rightroof & Southside

"KP2 Lab (beta) Map"
  posted March 12 - 4:20AM EDT by Mr.Damage

KP2 Lab (beta) by CreamatorDownload

This is a map for KP2Mod/DM that Creamator released back in 2004. It's a medium sized map set in a Research Laboritory Facility. It uses all Half-Life textures and there are plenty of breakables and other KP2 mod map features. It has 13 player spawn points, has plenty of weapons and items, and features a nice looking reflective floor inside the lab.

"Sad News"
  posted March 10 - 9:52PM EST by Mr.Damage
I was very sad to hear about the untimely passing of a very nice Kingpin player Cick.
I would like to offer commiserations to Cick's friends and family from everyone here at KP4Ever.
You can read some kind words from Thief|Cat at Area's site here.

"New DM Map By Sonik"
  posted March 9 - 4:15AM EST by Mr.Damage

Costa Rican Sunset by SonikDownload

It's always good to get a new map from Sonik and here is his latest.
This one is a DM map called Costa Rican Sunset. It's a small map set on a Costa Rican beach. It has sand, sea, sun and a HMG or two :)

I will add it to the rotation at Detropolis so we can play it on Saturday night =)

"Screenshots Of New Maps"
  posted March 9 - 4:07AM EST by Mr.Damage
Stigma is working on some new DM Maps (including one called Dal Street). You can see some screenshots by visiting our Mapping forum here.

"BM Mod Added To Archive"
  posted March 8 - 4:24AM EST by Mr.Damage
Cujo found an old HDD full of KP files from 1999. He sent in some mod files, some of which we already had and some we had later versions of (Godfather, HMG Genocide etc). One mod we didn't have was a Bagman Mod made by Alizom and simply called Bagman Modification.

This mod has many changes inlcuding:-
Starting gun is pistol with silencer
Renamed teams to Chinese Mafia and Russian Mafia
New Skins for Russians
Ammo carrying limits changed
Starting health 80 boostable up to 120
Large medi packs give 20 health instead of 25 and small ones give you 10 in place of 15
New kill msgs
New custom sound for thug player (very strange lol)
Rockets and Grenades inflict more splash damage
Pistol inflict 20 damage instead of 15

If you want to run a server you will need to add a server.cfg and a teammaps.lst file

You can grab the ModBM files from here.

"New DM Map"
  posted March 7 - 3:02AM EST by Mr.Damage

Fragtown3 - Hillsdale KP'ed by Mr DamageDownload

This one is a smallish DM map set in a city street scene. It is a conversion of one of the classic Quake Fragtown maps which were a series of levels for Quake deathmatch in a city setting. The original map was created by Demolition Man.
You can fight in the streets or kill people from up above on the rooftops. There are plenty of weapons and items and 13 player spawns.
The map uses mostly standard KP textures an dshould be good with 4+ players.

I tested this map at Detropolis with a few ppl, who all said they liked it, so I have added it to the map rotation there ready for the regular Wednesday night game :D

"Speedway Mod Source Files"
  posted March 7 - 2:55AM EST by Mr.Damage
Fredz was kind enough to send in the source files for the Speedway mod.
If you are an aspiring modder and want to take a look you can grab the files from here

"Team Bomba Released"
  posted March 6 - 5:26AM EST by Mr.Damage

Team Bomba by StigmaDownload

Stigma has now released his Team Bomba BM map. From the readme:-
I got the idea from Hogie's team spawn death map. I made one sort of like it this - a 20-player team map with only hgm’s, added, customs sounds/sky, fixed few spots were can’t safe camp & made it little bigger so not so much a frag and die map.
Should be a lot of fun =)

"Big Update At KingpinQ3 Webpage"
  posted March 6 - 4:49AM EST by Mr.Damage
Area has updted his KingpinQ3 Project webpage with two news updates.

The first concerns the previously reported use of custom weapons and why he is doing it.
The second post concerns an update to his Cashman mod which he is planning on implementing in KPQ3.

Apart from being able to contact him now you can also post comments about the news posts.
I have added a link to his site under 'Extending the Game' or you can visit by just clicking here.

"Screenshot Of New BM Map"
  posted March 5 - 3:50AM EST by Mr.Damage
Stigma is working on a new Bagman map called Team Bomba which is inspired by the Team Spawn Death map. Here is a screenshot of the map:-

"ALMost Maps"
  posted March 2 - 5:02AM EST by Mr.Damage
Was talkin to ALMost this week and found out he hadn't played Kingpin in ages due to a Monkey Mod problem.
Basically everytime he started KP with the the mmclient the screen would go black then drop him back to the desktop. He is running a radeon 9800 pro video card. Luckily he finally worked out the solution to the problem which was to turn off ATI Tray Tools.
Anyways I am hoping he will drop in for few maps at one of the Detropolis Servers games soon :)

Two of his maps are in rotation at Detropolis ALMDM1 (Blackened City) and Sandmandm2 (Misery). Both are available in the Detropolis Mappacks.
You can visit ALMost's mapping site here (btw he is now know as ALMIghty).

Misery & Blackened City

"Our Kingpin Servers"
  posted March 2 - 4:38AM EST by Mr.Damage
As you know we run several Kingpin servers and also host Hogies Curse server. Most ppl who play on these servers just come to play KP, have a bit of fun and generally appreciate that these servers are provided for them, are kept in good working order and constantly updated with new maps, different mods etc.

Unfortuntely there are always exceptions to the rule and there are the odd or two who just like to cause trouble and be disruptive. These ppl are not welcome on our servers.

This includes ppl who contantly harass other players using racist, sexist, foul insults etc (we are not talking a bit of harmless banter here either). Please be aware that the Admins here at KP4Ever do not donate there time and money keeping the KP4Ever network up and runnign to cater for these buffoons. Anyone acting like that on our servers will be dealt with appropriately.

"Area Portal Example"
  posted March 1 - 2:33AM EST by Mr.Damage
My good friend -=Mad-Dog=- has sent in a prefab/tutorial/example of an area portal for other mappers to use.

Area Portals are used in doorways between two separate rooms to lower world poly (wpoly).

I have added it to our Maps/Tutorials downloads section or you can download it directly by clicking here.
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