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News Archive for March 2009

"Quake2/Kingpin BSP viewer By Captain Death"
  posted March 29 - 12:57AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Captain Death has posted in our Forum about a new tool he is working on:-
After seeing the news post about the KingpinZ engine I thought I'd post to say hello and mention something I've been working on occasionally over the last couple of weeks when I have had some free time. At the moment its really just a Quake 2/Kingpin BSP viewer and its mostly unoptimized but it runs fast on my GFI core and it has some decent features already:
Renders using DirectX 9c
Fully mipmapped
Fully lightmapped - dynamic lights are nicely animated using the configstring sequences from the KP SDK.
Renders using VIS data for culling.
Map data is processed to a common structure so the renderer can also handle Quake 3 BSPs.
Most importantly, it is completely shader based. I plan to extend the rendering to have real-time shaded lights, probably using a Doom 3 type multi-pass system including normal maps.
No entity or bmodel rendering yet (no spawn routines), but my MD2 and MDX loaders are just waiting to be added. Not sure where it will end up, but it *could* be extended to at least play Kingpin single player with a few months more work. I suppose it could be faster if I ripped off the Quake 2 source code but I'm a sucker for punishment and the first working version of this engine will definitely be used for some other 3D games I'm working on, which is why I'm not ripping off the Q2 source.
. You can read his post and check out some screenshots here.

"Filefront Closes It's Doors"
  posted March 28 - 7:07PM EDT by Mr.Damage
While not directly related to Kingpin news but Filefront does have a good selection of Kingpin files for download so I have posted news about it. It's very disappointing because I always liked Filefront :(
FileFront_Management wrote:
We regret to inform you that due to the current economic conditions we are forced to indefinitely suspend the FileFront site operations on March 30, 2009. If you have uploaded files, images or posted blogs, or if you would like to download some of your favourite files, please take this opportunity to download them before March 30th when the site will be suspended. We would like to give a warm thank you to all of you who have been part of the FileFront communities we have built together. Your support has had a meaningful impact for all of us here at FileFront. Again, we want to give you a sincere “thank you” for your support over the years and wish you all the very best.
Until they close up, on March 30th, you can check out their Kingpin files section here.

"KingpinZ Webpage"
  posted March 27 - 6:20AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Fredz has a website up for his KingpinZ:Crime after Crime.
What is KingpinZ:Crime after Crime?
Is a rebuild Quake 2 engine to get better graphics and better cheater support in Kingpin.
Becouse Interplay seems to lost the source code of Kingpin.
It seems this is the only way to get Kingpin back and more updated.
At the moment you will just find lots of Kingpin downloads but there is also a wallpaper, in various sizes, of the KinpinZ logo.
Check it out here.

"Two Small Fragfest Maps"
  posted March 21 - 3:39PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Recently I had a request looking for two small DM maps. From the descriptions given I was able to determine it was the following maps:-

Fragfest2 by {420}Mayhem. A small DM Map, ripped from the single player game. It has a heap of weapons and a teleport trap that sends you to a small glass box with no way out other than to kill yourself with the grenade launcher which is in the box =)
You can download Fragfest2 from here.

Frag'N'Die2 by me is a small one room fragfest map set in a warehouse style building. It has plenty of weapons and ammo, one cooling mod and one set of heavy armour. It has 15 spawn points and uses all standard KP textures except one custom.
You can download Frag'N'Die2 from here.

Fragfest2 and Frag'N'Die2

I also made two other versions of the Frag'N'Die2 map. One has been retextured with SiN textures and the other one was made with textures that Fredz had unearthed in his Xatrix Texture Pack2.

Grab these ones from here:-
Frag'N'Die2 Sin
Frag'N'Die2 Fredz

Frag'N'Die2 Sin and Frag'N'Die2 Fredz

"Another New RioTZ Map"
  posted March 17 - 2:34AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Jones RioTZ XMas by AB|JonesDownload

AB|Mike has sent in another RioTZ map which was created by AB|Jones.
This one is a winter themed version of his RioTZ Jones 1 map. It features Winter textures such as ice and snow and also some Christmas presents and other Christmas textures.

Update 18th MarchAll three new RioTZ maps have now been added to our KP4Ever's RioTZ 3.0a Server.

"New Bagman Map By AB|Mike"
  posted March 14 - 4:24AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Urban Spawnkills by AB|MikeDownload

AB|Mike has released a crazy little urban stlye Bagman map called Urban Spawnkills. It's similar to the old Team Spawndeath BM map as it contains a heap of HMGs and Cooling mods, the money drop, and the two bases, all in a very small playing area.
I have added this map to Hogies East Coast Bitch Slappa Curse Server.

"New RioTZ Maps by AB|Jones"
  posted March 13 - 6:34AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Luckily AB|Mike had the RioTZ maps made by AB|Jones that I was looking for and sent them in.

Jones RioTZ 1 (BM) and Jones RioTZ 2 {BM} are both smallish, urban style, Rival Turf type maps. They are both Bagman RioTZ maps as RioTZ V3.0a also supports BM.

You can download Jones RioTZ 1 from here
You can download Jones RioTZ 2 from here

Jones RioTZ 1

Jones RioTZ 2

"Blood 'N' Bones DM Map"
  posted March 12 - 2:46AM EDT by Mr.Damage
I was hoping to be able to post news about two new RioTZ maps made by AB|Jones but unfortunately they were lost when he had to reformat his PC. If anyone else has copies of his two maps (jsriotz1 and jsriotz2) please let us know or send them in so we can post about them.

Meanwhile, here is one of my favourtie maps by him called Blood 'N' Bones. It's a smallish arena sized map which has 3 hexagon shaped levels. The top floor has a bone bridge, the middle floor has 4 bone tunnels and warping see through blood as the floor and the bottom floor has a pool of blood and 4 skeleton hand shaped lifts which leads to the middle floor.
There are alot of sample weapons and items in this map including 3 HMG's and 1 cooling mod. There are 12 player spawns, some custom textures and custom scary sounds.
You can download Blood 'N' Bones from here.

"Citadel Zero DM Map by Sonik"
  posted March 9 - 5:49AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Many people consider Sonik to be the best mapper to make custom maps for Kingpin. For all those fans of his work here is one you might have missed.

Citadel Zero is an excellent looking Deathmatch map, set in a castle from the middle ages, which Sonik made back in 2001. It's almost like a King of the Hill type map. Fight your way to the top of the castle to get hold of the HMG. Sonik put all the spawn points in one area down the bottom to enhance the idea of racing to he HMG. All SoF Castle textures were used to give it an authentic castle look and feel and there is a custom sky which keeps with the medieval theme as well. There is one of every weapon except the shotty of which there are two.
You can download Citadel Zero from here.

"New Maps For RioTZ Mod"
  posted March 7 - 7:48PM EST by Mr.Damage
AB|Mike has release two maps for the RioTZ mod which are called RioTZ in Space and Rival Fun Time.

RioTZ in Space is a small space platform style map. It uses a small number of custom textures, features a custom sky and a platform in the middle of the lower level that pushes you up to the level above. Also, don't worry if you fall off the edge as you bounce back on to the playing area.
You can download RioTZ in Space from here.

Rival Fun Time is another modification of the Rival Turf map. Like the other RioTZ versions of Rival Turf this one has removed some of the map and has opened up other areas and added to it so there is one big open area.
You can download Rival Fun Time from here.

As these maps are made specifically for the RioTZ mod there are no wepaons, armour or other items ncluded in them. However these maps can also be used by other mods where the weapons, items etc are allocated by the mod (such as Hitmen).

Both maps have been added to our KP4Ever's RioTZ server which I set up a few days ago which you will find in Gamespy Lite.

Update 9th March I have upgraded our RioTZ server to v3.0a. This version was created by Fredz. Thanks to AB|Mike for sending in the v3.0a files.
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