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News Archive for March 2010

"New Deathmatch Map Release - Mansion"
  posted March 30 - 5:06AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Mansion by StigmaDownload

Stigma has now released his latest DM map called Mansion.

This is a reasonably large map set in and around a big old mansion. The history of the mansion is that it was originally owned by an elderly widow but The Kingpin gained her trust and then killed her. He then took over the mansion turning it into a club for all his gang members and fellow crime lords.

There are lots of weapons, armour and other items around the map and there ae 19 player spawns. Some custom textures are used, especially inside the manion, and there are lots of single player props used which will show up in mods that support them including monkey mod v1.60.

Me, Hypov8 and Stigma all worked on this map so why not download it and check it out :)

"Legoland Urban Version"
  posted March 26 - 3:48AM EDT by Mr.Damage
After the success of the Legoland map Whoop Ass released an urban version of the map. It's basically the same map but with standard Kingpin textures replacing the custom lego ones.

You can download Legoland Urban from here.

"Screenshots Of New Deathmatch Map"
  posted March 25 - 3:08AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Stigma has been working on a new map for some time now and it's almost ready to be released now.
It's a large map set in a Mansion and is an almost complete rebuild of a map from another game. I did a lot of work on it too and now Hypov8 has also been helping out with it.
Here are some screens of the work in progres:-

You can see some more screenshots here.

"Legoland KP Deathmatch Map"
  posted March 24 - 3:14AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Legoland KP is one of those fun style maps that was released by Whoop Ass way back in 2001.

This is a medium sized map made using custom lego textures made by Whoop_ass that recreates the world of lego for everyone to kill in.
Just what you always wanted to do!

You can download Legoland KP from here.

"BabyBoom Custom Model"
  posted March 23 - 2:17AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Here is one of the great custom player models $P1@T converted from Quake2 for Kingpin.

The Babyboom model for Kingpin is a conversion of Boogieman's Quake2 Babyboom model and yes its a baby, but its a baby not even a mother could love. It comes with 6 skins including a devil child and a goblin child.

The version we host here is an updated version by SyL^cS which fixed a problem where the original model was too low and a significant part of the model was buried in the ground.

You can download the Male Babyboom model from here.

"Storagedump Deathmatch Map"
  posted March 22 - 5:21AM EDT by Mr.Damage
DM Storagedump is another of my favourite maps by Cujo/Stigma. I think this was one of the first maps we worked on together way back in 2002.

Storagedump is a large Deathmatch map which was converted from Half-Life. It's set in a large warehouse complex with both indoors and outdoors fighting areas. It's urban in theme and uses mostly Kingpin textures. It has lots of player spawns and ample weapons and other items.

You can download DM Storagedump from here.

"More Sunday Night Hitmen"
  posted March 17 - 3:53AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Kill@'s Sunday night games of Hitmen are going well so he will have another game this Sunday Night 9pm UK Time. All invited.

Games will commence from 9.00 pm - late. Uk Time

Server name : ====HITTY SERVER====
Clients : 12 Plus
Format : Hitmen dm/teams. 30 kills/100 kills or 20 mins
MMClient :Yes
Admin : Kill@
Maps :Old faithful kpdm maps and some custom maps thrown in for good measure

To check what time it is where you are when it is 9pm UK time check the World Clock here.

"Stigma Maps Weekend"
  posted March 11 - 1:50AM EST by Mr.Damage
Now that Gamespy is working again I thought it ws a good opportunity to celebrate the maps of Stigma, a long term mapper with Kingpin, which a Stigma maps weekend on our Detropolis Server.

So this coming weekend starting Friday night 12th March Detropolis will be rotating many of the maps Stigma has made over the years.
Stigma has been mapping for Kingpin for several years and a lot of his maps were made with assistance from me and also Hypov8 so there are a lot of different themes and styles. But, that being said, in recent times I would describe his style as "urban green" (urban with tress, green, bushes etc).

The maps in rotation will include:-
Stigma Map Pack
Cujo's Warehouse
Winter Heat
-=Deadwood 2=-
Wasted City
-Decay City-
DM Coretex
DM MasinB
DM Blade2

So if you feel like a game of KP and would like to be reminded of some of the maps Stigma has made why not drop in on Friday and or Saturday night for a few frags :)

Update 12th March Detropolis is now runing Stigma's maps for the weekend.
Server : Detropolis - Stigma Maps Weekend
IP :

"Gamespy Working Again"
  posted March 10 - 2:41AM EST by Mr.Damage
Good news. Kingpin servers are now showing up in Gamespy again.
In case this problem happens again I suggest you make all the servers Favourites because they show up even when this problem occurs.

If your version of Kingpin doesn't include Gamespy Lite we have an updated version which you can download from here.

"GameSpy Not Working For Kingpin Again"
  posted March 5 - 8:50PM EST by Mr.Damage
Once again Gamespy is not showing any Kingpin servers (other than the ones you have selected as favourites).

Until the problem is resolved you can try another server browser such as QTracker which you can download from here.

There is also a forum topic on how to add servers to the Gangbang menu in KP. You can view it here.

"Reminder Regarding nHancer Utility"
  posted March 5 - 1:50AM EST by Mr.Damage
I loaded the latest nVidia drivers onto a PC this week and then Kingpin wouldn't work. So it looks like the problem with the latest drivers hasn't been fixed yet. I installed nHancer and set up a profile for Kingpin then it worked fine.

You can download nHancer from here

To set up a profile for Kingpin:-
Create a profile for kingpin and add the executable (kingpin.exe)
Click on the 'Compatability' tab and then go to the 'Opengl Settings' tab and set the following:
in the settings "conformat texture clamp" check and select 'off'
in the settings "driver extension limit" check and type "11a8"
exit nEnacer and then execute the game, and it should work.

"Hitmen Sunday Night Game UK Time‏"
  posted March 3 - 5:58AM EST by Mr.Damage
Our old friend Kill@ has organised a game of Hitmen on his server for this Sunday night 7th March..
Here are the details:-

Games will commence from 8.30 pm - late. Uk Time

Server name : ====HITTY SERVER====
Clients : 12 Plus (depending on turnout)
Format : Hitmen dm/teams.
Frag Limit : 30 kill limit/100 kills or 20 mins
Confirmed players : 10
MMClient : Yes
Admin : Kill@
Maps : Old faithful kpdm maps and some custom maps thrown in for good measure

Everyone is invited but anyone causing any trouble, hacking etc will not be welcome back.
Looks like Kill@ already has a crowd lined up to play so why not join in the fun :)

"Team Maroc Bagman Map by Dread"
  posted March 2 - 2:23AM EST by Mr.Damage
Here is another quality map and this time it's a Bagman map.

Team Maroc by Dread is a very nice looking, well layed out, map that uses all custom textures. Dread described it as an urban/desert style map. The screenshots show what he meant. It's a small to medium sized map, has 20 player spawns, with a recommended player load of 8 - 12, and a good selection of weapons and other items.

You can download Team Maroc from here.

Dread also created a version for the Colors Capture the Flag Mod called CTF Maroc which you can download from here.
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