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News Archive for March 2012

"Two More Popular DM Maps"
  posted March 26 - 5:14AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Here are two more popular deathmatch maps that have been downloaded hundreds of times since their release.

4th by Fredz. 4th is a smallish map that Fredz converted from Duke Nukem 3D. It uses the Duke Nukem textures and many of the floor textures are liquid flowing ones which look quite interesting. There are ample weapons and items and is only a 52kb download so grab it now :)
You can download 4th from here

Rockvill (rev)
This map is an update of Cujo's Rockvill partial cs map conversion. This remake of the map uses the original textures and sky. There is some rebuilding of the map in a few places, the weapon and item placement has been changed, and a couple of custom sounds have been added.
You can download it from here.

"Homer Simpson Sound Pack"
  posted March 21 - 2:48AM EDT by Mr.Damage
This custom sound pack replaces all the male sounds with the wit of Homer Simpson. It was originally created by TiCaL.
You can download this funny sound pack from our Miscellaneous/Sounds/Taunts download section here.

Installation Instructions:
Run the homer.exe from the zip file and extract to
Kingpin\main directory.
This will place a pak9.pak file into your kingpin\main directory.
If you already have a pak9 in your kingpin\main directory just extract the homer.exe to a temporary location and rename the pak file to a number you dont have (.i.e pak6, pak7 etc) and then copy it into your kingpin\main directory.
These instructions are also included in the readme in the zip file.

This sound pack is great to use in conjuction with the Homer Simpson model which you can download from here.

"New Mappack For KP4Ever Bagman Server"
  posted March 17 - 11:01PM EDT by Mr.Damage
I have placed all the maps that are currently rotating on our KP4Ever Bagman Server into a mappack.
It contains all the maps, custom textures, custom sounds, custom skies and map readmes.
Instead of wasting fragging time downloading the maps from the server just grab this mappack. Remeber also that custom sounds and some custom skies don't download from the servers so that's another reason to grab this mappack.

The zipfile is just under 46mg and can be downloaded from here.

Happy Fragging :)

Team Brick To Brick & Team Deja Vu

Team Slumz & Team Keypoint

"Bender Sound Pack"
  posted March 15 - 3:24PM EDT by Mr.Damage
This is a great replacement male taunts pack which is made up of sounds of Bender, the robot character from the Futurama cartoon. There are heaps of different sounds such as the classic 'bite my shiney metal ass' lol.
All the sounds are in pak file and there is a readme inluded which explains how to install it.
Download the Bender Sound Pack from here

"Two Popular DM Maps"
  posted March 7 - 2:12AM EST by Mr.Damage
Here are two deathmatch maps that have been very popular since they were both released.

Entryway DM This is the Entryway Level from Doom2. This map was originally made for Quake2 by Hawkmoon as an enhanced version of the Doom2 Map01 - Entryway. This map was then converted to Kingpin by me. It uses all Doom2 style textures, has a custom sky, and has ample weapons and other items. It also has some nice triggered platforms.
You can download Entryway DM from here

Fear Factory beta This is a large map which is a rebuild of a map from the excellent FPS game F.E.A.R. The map is set in and around a factory complex so there are lots of boxes and crates and bits of machinery situated around the map.
The central area of the map is the factory yard where there are large crates and a large truck rig containing a big container. This area has several exits to the inside of the factory where you will find many large and small rooms on two levels.

You can download Fear Factory beta from here

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