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News Archive for March 2014

"Sunday Night Game of Curse Bagman"
  posted March 29 - 5:12AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Just a reminder about the regular Sunday night game on the Oldschool Hogies Server. So there is a game again this Sunday 30th March.

Mr Ruler will be there to host the game and the plan is to start the game between 7pm - 8pm GMT.

Server : Oldschool Hogies
IP Address :
Maxclients : 32
Monkey Mod : optional

To find out what time it is where you are when it is 7pm GMT check the world clock here.

Screenshot from Sunday night:-

"Interlay Titles On Sale At GoG"
  posted March 28 - 4:52PM EDT by Mr.Damage
GoG.com have a weekend sale on all their Interplay titles (including Kingpin).

Many of the titles are $2.99 UDS but Kingpin is on sale for $4.99 USD.

The sale lasts until Tuesday April 1st.

You can check it out here.

"Lighting Tutorials for Mappers"
  posted March 26 - 5:11AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Reading an interesting forum post from Roarkes about how to how to reproduce the real colour of light sources in a rendered environment made me want to check what lighting tutorials we host for mappers.

We currently host three:-

Light Example An example map for the Light Tutorial
Light Tutorial
Light Styles

"Kingpin On Sale At Steam"
  posted March 24 - 4:06PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Kingpin is currently 50% off at Steam and is selling for $4.99 USD. It will be on sale until April 1st.

Check it out here.

"Sunday Night Game on Oldschool Hogies Server"
  posted March 20 - 3:24AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Just letting you all know there will be a Sunday night game on the Oldschool Hogies Server this Sunday night 23rd March.
Mr Ruler will be there to host the game and the plan is to start the game between 7pm - 8pm GMT.

Server : Oldschool Hogies
IP Address :
Maxclients : 32
Monkey Mod : optional

To find out what time it is where you are when it is 7pm GMT check the world clock here.

"Eclectic Dinner Death Match Map"
  posted March 19 - 3:44AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Eclectic Dinner is a DM map made by Pencho many years ago.

This is a large industrial style map that includes outdoor areas as well. It has 19 spawn points and has a suggested player load of 10+ players.
It uses custom textures from SoF, MOHAA, UT2003, Quake 2, & Jedi Knight2.

To me it also has a Half-Life style and feel to it.

You can download Eclectic Dinner from here.

It currently in rotation on the Luschen Deathmatch server.

"Carnage Death Match Map"
  posted March 19 - 3:37AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Here is a map that gets some play in DM servers.

Carnage is a map converted from Quake2. It is a large Q2 style map that uses mostly Kingpin textures but with a few Q2 ones as well.

It has multi levels, lots of machinery textures and a couple of slime pools. It has 14 spawn points and ample weapons and items. It uses a custom sky, which wont download from a server, so I recommend you download it from here.

You can download Carnage from here.

"Kingpin Texture Selector"
  posted March 15 - 10:50PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Just posting this again in case any mappers may have missed it the first time :)

Felikkz7 has put together a neat little tool for mappers. With his Complete Kingpin Texture Selector tool you can easily browse Kingpin textures.

Felikkz7 describes this new tool as:-
A tool for mappers. Easy browsing and selection of all Kingpin textures in a convenient HTML interface.
You can download the Complete Kingpin Texture Selector from his webpage here.
I have also uploaded it to our Utilities downloads section here.

"Kingpin Life Of Crime Enhanced Graphics"
  posted March 15 - 10:48PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Just a reminder in case you missed this earlier.

Roarkes has used QeffectsGL to enhance the graphics for Kingpin:-
I modified how textures and how the effects look, by tweaking QeffectsGL. For example, the fire, the lights, brightness and the bloom effects. Also, the muzzle flash of the guns in the game is changed. But of course you could tweak the effects, making it look better of worse. I plan to make some decals to go with QeffectsGL, when the player or the caracters in the game fire their weapons and leave a mark on the wall.
To install simply copy the files from the archive QeffectsGL_readme.txt, opengl32.dll and QeffectsGL.ini) in the Kingpin directory, where your Kingpin.exe is.
After you run the game, a log file will appear (QeffectsGL.log). You can read it to see if you have any errors. To uninstall, just delete the three files.

You can download the files from his MODDB page here.

You can also read more information there about his enhancements to the graphics and see several screenshots showing the different effects.

I have also uploaded the files to our Miscellaneous downloads section here.

Before & After Shots

"Most Recent Map Releases"
  posted March 14 - 3:07AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Here is a summary of the most recent map releases for kingpin

Death Match
Trash Metal 2013
DMTNT 2013
-=Decay City 2013 =-
Warez 2013
Thunder Arena 2013
Fragtown4 - East L.A.
Child Of Street 2013

Team TNT
Team Junk Flea

Capture the Flag

Trash Metal 2013 & -=Decay City 2013=-

Fragtown4 - East L.A. & Team TNT

"Male Smoke Model"
  posted March 13 - 2:12AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Many years ago Mr Knoxville released a model based on the thug.
It's basically a standard THUG model except that this one emits smoke during gameplay giving it an interesting visual twist :)

Download Male Smoke from here.

"FlashyDave Looking For Help To Convert KP Sounds To COD2"
  posted March 8 - 4:37AM EST by Mr.Damage
Our old friend FlashyDaver is looking for someone who would be willing to work on bringing the sounds of Kingpin to Call of Duty 2:-
What I want to do is to use the ultra cool wav sound files in Kingpin and substitute them into the Call of Duty2 game. Everyone makes maps but I feel changing the sounds would give much better " fun, flexibility, interest, and longevity' to the game to keep people playing it.
If your are interested and able to do this for Dave you can contact him at loukeyone@gmail.com
Dave will compensate you for your time and effort on completion.
Good luck with this :)

"Prophet's Tomb Bagman Map"
  posted March 7 - 7:09PM EST by Mr.Damage
Back in early 2004 Whoop Ass released a beta of a Bagman Map he called Prophet's Tomb.

It is a medium sized map, has 28 player spawns and a suggested player load of 4 - 12 and at the time Whoop Ass described it as:-
Someone told me I wasn't using enough terrain in maps so I chose a desert theme and threw in an Egyptian cash drop. Most of the texture's are from Serious Sam with a few I made up myself. It IS possible to get the flamer from the lower floor, i'll let you work out how ;)
Download Prophet's Tomb Beta1 from here.

"Sym Urbam Death Match Map"
  posted March 5 - 1:35AM EST by Mr.Damage
Sym Urban, by Whoop Ass is a retextured version of the original Sym map to give it more of a Kingpin feel.

Sym Urban is a small arena style map which is eight small rooms surrounding two middle rooms. The two middle rooms are accessed via stairs from the outer rooms as one of the centre rooms is lower and one higher that the surrounding rooms).

You can download the Sym Urban from here.

This map is currently rotating on the Newskool Fragfest Server.

"Team Money Machine Bagman Map"
  posted March 3 - 2:54AM EST by Mr.Damage
Team Money Machine is a small 'two forts' style Bagman map which I released in 2008.
It uses custom textures and has 3 ways to get to the opposite base (through the middle or down the side corridors).
There are lots of weapons and items and 16 spawn points per team. The main feature of the money drop area which is a platform that delivers the money bag to the money drop area and then the empty platform continues on its way and exits into a hole in the far wall.
Hypov8 was a big help in getting the whole money drop thing working properly.

You can downlaod Team Money Machine from here.

This map is currently rotating on the Oldschool Hogies Server.

"U2 DM Map "
  posted March 3 - 2:46AM EST by Mr.Damage
Here is a small death match map, called U2, which I released way back in late 2003. . This is a small, classic style, DM map converted from Quake2. The original Q2 version was made by Lars "SLiTTER" Gutkind.
It's a simple designed, fast paced map, with ample weapons and other items. It has two main little buildings connected by corridors, several bunches of crates located in the outside areas of the map, and it also includes a teleport.

The zipfile includes another version of this map which only has the HMG and Rocket Launcher. This version of the map is named u2_rlhmg.bsp.

You can download U2 from here.

This is one of the maps currently rotating on the Newskool Fragfest Server.

"Newskool Fragfest Server"
  posted March 1 - 4:54PM EST by Mr.Damage
Newskool Fragfest Server is a server that runs around forty, small, fragfest maps.
If your looking for some heart pumping action this is the server.
These are some of the smaller maps released for Kingpin so if you can get four of five people there you should have a lot of fun :)
Plus the maps are all so small that they will only take a few seconds to download if you don't already have some of them.

Server details:-

Server : Newskool Fragfest
IP Address :
Maxclients : 16

"Weekly Sunday Night Games At Oldschool Hogies"
  posted March 1 - 4:38PM EST by Mr.Damage
Now that Mr Ruler has put his Oldschool serves back up this is just a reminder about the Sunday night games on the Oldschool Hogies server.
While there have been people playing most nights since the servers have been back, Sunday night seems to be the most popular.
Not sure of the exact start times at the moment but I would just check in around 7pm - 8pm GMT.

Server details:-

Server : Oldschool Hogies
IP Address :
Maxclients : 32

Some screenshots from last night's game:-

"Kingpin Available At Desura"
  posted March 1 - 4:31PM EST by Mr.Damage
Most people know that Kingpin is available for download from Steam and GoG.com.

Kingpin is now available at other digital download sites such as Desura. The cost is only $5.99 US and you can check it out here.

While you are there make sure to click on the Vidoes tab and watch the official Kingpin trailer, it's a classic :)
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