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News Archive for April 2000

"HELP! Server Admins in need"
  posted April 2 - 12:00AM EDT by Truzenzuzex[BC]
Okay. Ridah from Xatrix denied this when i asked him repeatedly over 6 months ago; or rather stated it was NOT a KP specific problem; i disagree. On Win9X servers running Kingpin we crash frequently enough to be a pain in the ass, not ever day, but too many times regardless. The exact crash is KINGPIN.EXE caused a GPF in MSVCRT.DLL. What i need from EVERYONE is a simple system check and an email. Please do a File Find on MSVCRT.DLL (should be in windows/system, but check your entire computer for other rogue copies). Once you find them, highlight, right-click Properties, check the Version tab; check them all if you have several. I am looking for versions NEWER than v6.10.8455.0 -- if you have one would you please email me your version # at truz@cap-n-yo-ass.com. Since Xatrix wont confirm or deny the problem, maybe we can fix it on our own; Once i find people with newer DLLs i will contact you back for the file. Remember this is Win95/98/98SE users only. Thanks! Maybe a developer/programmer can give us some incite to what or why this particular shared DLL would be causing us grief??
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