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News Archive for April 2002

"New Sanctuary Screenshots"
  posted April 30 - 5:42AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Wheelbarrow has posted some more screenshots of his upcoming Sanctuary single player map pack. The pack is nearing completion now and these latest screens are all in the building where you are hunting down The Don, the leader of the gang that has been hounding you.
You can check out th latest shots plus heaps of earlier ones by visiting Wheelbarrows' SP Map page.

"South Park KP Map Released"
  posted April 29 - 6:36AM EDT by Mr.Damage
I have finished the South Park KP map I have been working on and have now released it. This is a map converted from Quake2 and partially rebuilt. Unfortunately the original author is unknown to me.
This is a smallish map with a simple layout naturally enough based on South Park. Hypov8 helped with this map and one of the things he did was add the Kenny lemonade stand which I think you will enjoy :)
You can download my South Park KP map from here. I have also included a monkey mod levelshot in the zip file.

"3Silo DM map"
  posted April 29 - 5:30AM EDT by Mr.Damage
A friend and I were discussing the old DM map 3Silo the other day. This is another map we didn't have in our maps download section so I went looking for it. I found it on one of my HDD's luckily as I couldn't find it anywhere on the net. I have uploaded it so you can now download it from here. I have included a monkey mod levelshot in the zip as well :)

"Kingpin2 Petition"
  posted April 29 - 5:09AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Well we are slowly edging towards our goal of 5000+ signatures. What's the count? Well its currently sitting at 4716. If for some reason you havent signed it yet please consider doing so. Please check with everyone you know to ensure they are aware of the petition and have had an opportunity to sign :)
To check the progress just click on Kingpin 2 Petition on the right hand side of this page under Features.

"Tunnleram Assault Maps"
  posted April 29 - 5:03AM EDT by Mr.Damage
As we only had two maps for the Assault mod uploaded here at KP4Ever I decided to upload some more. I had been uploading some of Tunnleram's Bagman maps (see post below this one) and so decided to upload the Assault maps he made as well.

Rainforest Canopy Assault Convert (assault_rfc) - This is a conversion of a single player map made for the SRT Alpha mod by Gimp and never completed. Set in a forest canopy it is an incredible looking map. You can get it here.

Assassins Trainyard Assault (assault_ty) - This is a conversion of a kingpin single player map (ty3). You can get it here.

Assassins Warehouse Assault (assault_wa_rev2) - This is a conversion of a kingpin single player map (pv_1). Nab it from here.

Here are screenshots of Assassins Trainyard Assault & Assassins Warehouse Assault:-

"Tunnleram Bagman Maps"
  posted April 29 - 4:49AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Recently I was looking for Tunnleram's Q2 conversion Stronghold Opposition Bagman map and I found out we didn't have it in our Bagman Maps Downloads. So I went looking for it. I found it at the old Tram Design site and several others that we also didn't have. So I have uploaded them all :)

Assassins Acrid Alloy Conversion (team_aa) - This is a conversion of a Quake ctf map made by Mike Daugherty. Tunnleram did a lot of modification to this map in creating a whole underground passage as well as stairways along side the newly created cash spawn. He more than doubled the size of this map. You can grab this map from here.

Crushaville Hotel Hell Revision (team_hh) - This map was originally created by Neo. It was always a fun map to play, but it was plagued
by spawn point issues. Tunnleram didn't change anything but the spawn points and a few of the custom textures. You can download this map from here.

Rival Teams Revision (team_rival_rev) - Tunnleram updated this map because the original map had spawn point issues as well as uneven gameplay issues because of weapon placement. He also added more major weapons, armour and a few other misc items. You can get this map from here.

Assassins Stronghold Opposition (team_so_final) - This is a conversion of a conversion. Tanyacheex originally converted this map from Quake 2 CTF and Tunnleram updated it to make a more Kingpin looking version. You can check it out here.

Here are screenshots of Crushaville Hotel Hell Revision & Assassins Stronghold Opposition:-

"New UK Kingpin Team DM Server"
  posted April 29 - 4:20AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Tags has sent word that DemonsFury.NET in the UK have just launched a new 16 player Team DeathMatch server running Monkey Mod v1.40d.

The server details are :

Name : :|DemonsFury.NET UK Team DM Server|:

They also run a 16 player RealMode Team DeathMatch Server.
The server details are :

Name : :|DemonsFury.NET UK Team RMDM Server|:

"Archived Insane Clown Map"
  posted April 27 - 3:31AM EDT by DirtyDog
Insane Clown has submited a map he made a while back that turned out to be a classic we've had the whole time entitled BrickHouse. This is a medium sized DM map with really great flow, plenty of weapons and lot's of fun. If you don't already have it download the map from here: BrickHouse and upload to your servers :) I believe it also exists in [BC]'s Monster Mappack also archived here at KPF.


"Revised Map by Gjob"
  posted April 27 - 3:19AM EDT by DirtyDog
Gjob came across a map in the very busy [BC]'s Da PlayGroundZ Hitmen server entitled Frag It 1 (original author unknown) and gave it a much needed revision:

This is a VERY basic map that I came across in a high traffic server that I noticed some rather obvious and fixable errors (there are probably more but these were the most obvious ones starting with the most annoying and ending with the least:

* Added 14 spawn points bringing it to 16
* Fixed the leaks
* Fixed some structural issues
* Removed entities that were buried in solid brushes
* Aligned the crate textures

This is a small DM map but a lot of fun and is now suitable for all DM mods, download from here: Frag It 2

Frag It 2

"Author of CYA map"
  posted April 26 - 11:00PM EDT by DirtyDog
I would like to bring this topic back to give credit to the author of the recently revised Cover Your Anus Map. The author is SirBingsAlot and at the time of the post I didn't know who made the map. Nice job Bings and I hope to see more maps from you :) This is a fun little arena style map and anyone who missed it can grab it from here: cya_rev

"InSaNe CLoWn"
  posted April 26 - 10:17PM EDT by DirtyDog
That's right folks, InSaNe CLoWn is back in TOWN. I was fortunate to run into him in the [FnR] server a few nights back and I was able to tell him how popular his maps are with the Kingpin community. For those of you don't know he is the author of such classics as DM_RedFlame, FrogTown and the recently requested fix for the very popular Ghetto. He is currently working on fixing ghetto and has decided to come back and make some maps. As you know he is a very good mapper and I look forward to seeing some more maps from him. We host the above mentioned maps and just in case u can grab them from here: DM RedFlame, FrogTown, Ghetto

"Skinpacks for Caleb and Eva Models"
  posted April 25 - 8:22PM EDT by DirtyDog
{GT}Syl^cs has released custom skin packs for his two models; Caleb & Eva. These are skins made by various authors in which Syl^acs has converted for KP, they are good quality skins and look sharp, download from here: Caleb, Eva

Caleb SkinPack

Eva SkinPack

"Soldier Of Fortune 2 Texture Packs"
  posted April 25 - 5:18PM EDT by DirtyDog
Matrix[RnD] has converted and uploaded 50 mb (compressed) worth of Soldier Of Fortune 2 textures with a note that there is more to come. These are excellent textures that fit very well with many of Kingpin's standard themes and it would be interesting to see some URBAN or INDUSTRIAL style maps with these textures. These were originally packed in .RAR file format but since both .RAR and Winace open .ZIP's I repackaged them into ZIP format for those who only have Winzip. They're broken up into 4 parts and you can download them from here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4,

Soldier Of Fortune II Textures

"New Map by SoniK"
  posted April 25 - 12:52AM EDT by DirtyDog
SoniK has released the long awaited concert themed map entitled Concert FnR. This map is a request from the Fraggin Rockers crew (FnR) and it's set in a concert hall. It's a really nice looking map and like the rest of SoniK's work you can expect some really sharp detail, great lighting and smooth game play. Concert FnR also has some really cool custom sounds so download the map and enjoy the full experience as intended by the author. It's a DM map and suitable for all DM mods and servers, download from here: Concert [FnR]

Concert [FnR]

"New Homer Skin Pack"
  posted April 24 - 8:41PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Juniors has created four new skins for the Homer model :)
There is a Batman Homer (to accompany the already released Robin skin), a Die Ned Die skin and two Homer Footballer skins.
You can grab the skin pack from here.

"New Blueyonder Kingpin Servers"
  posted April 24 - 8:18PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Blueyonder in the UK have added Hitmen and CRASH to their list of Kingpin servers.

blueyonder Kingpin Crash Squad (
blueyonder Kingpin Hitmen (

They have a link to the CRASH Client files and CRASH Map Pack here or you can grab them from KP4Ever.

"Screenshots Of New Baggy Map"
  posted April 24 - 8:07PM EDT by Mr.Damage
JoshE sent in a shot of a new Baggy map he is working on.

"New Map by WhoopAsS"
  posted April 23 - 1:31PM EDT by DirtyDog
Whoop_Ass has released the ever growing in popularity Jedi Knight II themed map entitled Jedi Arena. This is a very sharp looking DM map and it's full of Jedi Knight II textures. Really nice lighting and again the feeling is captured thru the textures. Excellent layout, full weapon support and 16 respawn points, this map is suitable for all DM mods and servers, download from here: Jedi Arena and upload to your server :)

Jedi Arena

"Blood Money Update"
  posted April 23 - 5:20AM EDT by Mr.Damage
The Blood Money mod has a new release. Release 4.0.6 is now available.

New to this version:-

You can set the weapon damage in the weapon.ini file.
you can change the mod text colors in the hud.ini file.
You can run 4 different game modes from the same directory.
Bagman, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch & Blood Money.

You can grab the complete install from here or just the client files from here and the server files from here.

"New Map by AB|Mr.Kn0XViLLe"
  posted April 22 - 4:18PM EDT by DirtyDog
AB|Mr.Kn0XViLLe has released the "sequel" to dual_carbon and it's called dual_pit. Like it's predessor it's a DM style map and uses all Jedi Knight II textures. However this is a much larger version and it's got 16 spawn spots for your higher traffic servers. Like the first one this is a very sharp looking map and the textures really give it the Jedi Knight feel. I really hope to see more maps with this theme ;) Download the map from here: Dual Pit


"New Bagman Map By Whoop ass"
  posted April 22 - 6:22AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Whoop ass has made a Bagman version of his Twist3d DM map. If you have seen Twist3d then you know it is a pretty crazy looking map. To see some screenshots, read more about it and then hopefully download it head on over to Whoop_World

"New Crosshairs"
  posted April 22 - 6:16AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Lasty has sent in some fun new crosshairs:-

A .pak that changes your normal (and boring!) crosshairs
to one of three Disney characters - Mickey, Pluto or
Donald. This is just for amusement/novelty and probably
shouldnt be used for serious gaming, especially if
you're worried about your frag count :P Having said that,
its still possible to outperform the rest, and you have
the satisfaction of knowing you did it by aiming between
Donald Duck's eyes :D

You can grab the DPP1 pak file from here.

"Godfathers 2.0"
  posted April 22 - 6:08AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Atrophy are thinking of updating their Godfathers mod to v2.0. They are looking for ideas from you the players on what you want included. This is a great opportunity for you to get those creative juices flowing and maybe end up with some of your ideas in a mod :)

Head on over to the forum at the Atrophy Website and post your suggestions in the Godfathers 2.0 forum post.

"New SkinPak For The SAS Model"
  posted April 21 - 4:15AM EDT by Mr.Damage
I have put together a skin pak of nine new skins for the Male SAS Model that I converted from Quake2. These are all high quality skins worth getting :)
You can grab the skin pak from KP4Ever and if you don't already have it you can download the SAS model from here.

"Fixed Skins"
  posted April 21 - 12:04AM EDT by Mr.Damage
As you know skins don't work unless they have exactly three digits in the name (such as legs_hot). For some time now I have had several skins sitting on my HDD that didn't work becasue they had more that three digits.
Well I have finally got around to renaming them all so they work properly in game. If you try to use skins with more that three digits you get the old badinfo error.
I checked al lthe new names against the [BC]'s Skin-N-Yo-Ass skin checker system to ensure I wasn't using a skin name that was already taken.

There are seven skins in all:-

naked lady by The Dark One for the Bitch Model. Yes its a nude skin lol :)
4amguy by KruddMan for the Runt Model.
Clown by Kruddman for the Runt Model. Its Clown from Spawn.
Leatherface by NinjaHummeL for the Runt Model. Its Leatherface from the movie The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
Noname for the Runt Model. A simple red stripes on black background skin.
AlienDiablo by The Dark One for the Thug Model. Nice alien devilsih looking skin.
Dixon Heads by Kruddman. Four head skins for the Thug Model.

"Screenshot Of My New Map"
  posted April 20 - 1:59AM EDT by Mr.Damage
I have converted and mostly rebuilt an old Quake2 Southpark map which I have surprisingly called Southpark_KP. Its a simple DM map which uses Southpark textures. Hypov8 also helped out with r_speeds and he added a nice lemonade stand where you get to kill Kenny :)
It should be available shortly.

"New Map By Whoop ass"
  posted April 20 - 12:42AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Whoop ass has done a heap of work on his Team Blood map and has now released a new version called Team Blood Beta2. He has added new textures and a new layout. You can read all about it and download it from Whoop_World. You can also download it from KP4Ever.


"Screenshot Of New JK2 Map"
  posted April 19 - 9:06PM EDT by Mr.Damage
AB|Mr.KnoxVille sent along a screenshot of his next map. It's another small DM map converted from JediKnight2 and is called Dual_Pit.

"Archived Arena Map"
  posted April 19 - 2:49AM EDT by DirtyDog
Garcia[FnR] has submitted an old map he dug up entitled Cover Your Anus (nice title eh? lol) Unfortunately there was no readme file and the author is unknown :( The map however was not quite up to snuff for all servers or mods so I gave it some minor revisions: This is small arena style DM map that I believe was designed specifically for Hitmen. There were no weapons anywhere and heaps of armor and mods for the HMG and pistol suggesting a design for Hitmen that rotates these two weapons. The Map however is nicely made with some good lighting and is alot of fun to play. I didn't do anything to it except for adding full weapon support as well as 8 spawn spots to bring it up to a total of 17. The map is now suitable for all DM mods and you can grab it from here: cya_rev


"New Skining Tool"
  posted April 18 - 6:31AM EDT by Mr.Damage
TiCaL sent word that the Lithunwrap program used for skinning
has been updated and renamed Ultimate Unwrap3D. Its basically Lithunwrap with some new extra features and new file formats (RtCW .mdc and Kingpin
..mdx are now supported). The only difference now is that it is no longer
freeware but trialware. You can check it out here.

"Team Hitmen v1.1a Released"
  posted April 18 - 6:13AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Rat Instinct has sent word that Team Hitmen v1.1a is out.
He has added:-

Different colour chat text for teams
Spectator list on scoreboard
Spectator chat prefixed with (Spec)
Empty chat doesn't echo to the screen

You can grab it from our mods download section here or from the Atrophy Website.

"Revised Closure by [YFS]omnI"
  posted April 17 - 8:31AM EDT by DirtyDog
In response to some feedback [YFS]omnI has revised his recently posted map Closure and has named it MegaClosure. Download it from here: MegaClosure

Quote: Ok guys, try this one, I have added more weapons, ammo, armour, and spawns, and named this version megaclosure.

Upload this map to your servers as MegaClosure is now perfectly suited for ALL current DM servers regardless of traffic or mod

"New Player Model"
  posted April 17 - 12:17AM EDT by DirtyDog
To follow up on the previously posted Male_Junior, {GT}*KNighT* has released the female_junior counter-part. Like the first one it's a fun miniaturized version of the standard KP Bitch model except all standard bitch skins will automatically work for this without having to convert them in size. The model is fully vweaped for standard Main KP, BloodMoney & Catch The Chicken mods. Grab the model from here: Female Junior

Female Junior

"New Skins by DefWhiG"
  posted April 16 - 11:00PM EDT by DirtyDog
DefWhiG has released 6 player skins varying from Runts, Thugs and Bitches. These are top quality skins and alot of fun. The first 3 are the RedNeck series skins originally designed for the Enhanced BagMan mod which consists of a THUG, a BITCH and a RUNT. The next two are called "Punk Rockers" This RUNT and BITCH pair are quite the couple. Lastly is the P.O.S. skin (you figure it out when you see it) :-)

Grab em here:

Red Neck Bitch Red Neck Thug Red Neck Runt
Punk Runt Punk Bitch POS Runt

RedNecks Bitch, Runt & Thug
Punks Bitch & Runt, POS

"K9 Hall Of Fame Final Version"
  posted April 16 - 6:16PM EDT by DirtyDog
This classic map by (K9)CooLMacK & (K9)Creamator entitled K9 Hall Of Fame Final has been running on some servers however it wasn't in our maps archives. Since one of this map's attributes is custom sounds I thought it might be nice to have the map available for download in it's entirety. You can grab it here: K9 Hall Of Fame Final It's a large DM map designed for 4-16 players and has alot of K9 member's real player pictures as well as a "target practice" area with some rival player screenshots of some familiar KP players....check it out and see if you are one of those chosen for target practice :)

K9 Hall Of Fame

"Dual_Carbon Released"
  posted April 15 - 11:37PM EDT by DirtyDog
AB|Mr.Kn0XViLLe has released the awaited Dual_Carbon. The map uses the Jedi Knight II textures he sent us previously and the map looks great. It's a small DM map that's suited for 2-6 players. Hopefully this will inspire some more Jedi Knight themed maps to be created since we have the textures in our archives. Grab the map here: Dual Carbon Also any mappers who missed the post on the textures for this can grab them from here: JK2 Textures It's 32 megs broken up into 3 zip files.


"Archived Q3 Style Map"
  posted April 15 - 11:04PM EDT by DirtyDog
A very nice Quake III textured map entitled DeadCross was found in the archives. Unfortunately there's no readme file but based on one of the custom textures used we believe the author's name is TwiST It's a small, dark map in the spirit of Quake III with some really nice colored lighting. Grab the map from here: DeadCross


"New Texture pack By Cujo"
  posted April 14 - 1:09AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Cujo has sent in a new custom texture pack. It contains a lot of alpha textures as well as some trees, bushs, grass textures etc.
You can grab the 4.6Meg pack from here.

"Closure Map Released"
  posted April 13 - 7:50PM EDT by DirtyDog
[YFS]omnI has released the awaited remake of his dm map brb_final titled Closure. Like Mr. Damage said it's undergone some structural and textural changes and really looks nice. The map is less cluttered with some really sharp lighting techniques and great detail. Grab the map from here: Closure


"New Player Model"
  posted April 13 - 3:00PM EDT by DirtyDog
{GT}Knight has resized the standard Kingpin "THUG" to a miniature "Junior" sized model reminiscent of "David" from the single player. It's a fun model thats fully vweaped and plenty of converted skins you will recognize are included. The model also includes vweaps for Blood Money Mod and Catch the Chicken. Grab it from here: Male_Junior


"Bloodmoney Files"
  posted April 13 - 2:20AM EDT by Mr.Damage
The Bloodmoney mod files seem to be hard to find on the net :(
So I have uploaded the latest build and patch to KP4Ever.
You can now get the Bloodmoney 4.0 Full Install and the 4.0.2 patch from our Mod Downloads section here.

  posted April 13 - 12:32AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Way back in late 2000 K.C. Crime converted one of his maps from the RIOTZ mod to DM. After all this time I finally came across it, and seeing as RIOTZ is one of my favourite mods and I always thought that the three maps K.C. made for RIOTZ are great, I am posting about it now :)
The map that was converted to DM is RIOTZ1. A large urban map good for 10 - 16 players. You can download this one if you dont already have it from KP4Ever.

"Power Mod Map Pack"
  posted April 12 - 11:56PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Captain Death has put together a map pack of all the new maps for the Power Mod. There are seven new maps included:-

galleon2_power - by Whoop_Ass
k9courtyard-power by Team K9
kpdm5_urban_power by Whoop_Ass
lego_urban_power by Whoop_Ass
mausoleum_power by Whoop_Ass
pwr_cartel by [YFS]omnI

You can grab the map pack from the Captain Death Webpage or from KP4Ever.

"omnI Map Screenshots"
  posted April 12 - 6:33AM EDT by Mr.Damage
omnI is in the process of updating his great BRB DM map. He has made a lot of changes in structure and design and given it an even more urban feel. He has also renamed it and is now called Closure. BRB and Slumtown are my two favourite omnI maps :)
He has been away for a while but now he's back. He is also working on some Power maps and one or two other things :)

"Check These Out"
  posted April 12 - 6:14AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Chat with a real live Gangsta named Pirate :) - here.

Check out the old Poisonville site. It was archived in late June last year. Most things seem to work (except the downloads of course) including most of the news archive, some of the hosted sites, screenshots etc. So for a trip down memory lne go take a look by clicking here.

"New Power Mod Maps"
  posted April 12 - 5:33AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Whoop ass has converted four of his DM maps to the Power Mod.
He already has Bloodbath Power included in the official release and now he has converted his Mausoleum, Legland_Urban, KPDM5_Urban and Galleon2 DM maps to Power.
You can grab them all from his new website Whoop_World which is maintained by Dantzer.

While you are there make sure to also download the new beta version of his Team Invasion map which has been renamed Team UFO1.
In fact just check out the map archive there as you will probably find some of his maps you dont have and that you wil want to download too.

"Cujo Update#2"
  posted April 12 - 5:07AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Cujo and me have updated his dm_mortalhavoc map. We have given it a more urban look and feel by totally re-texturing it, fixed some bugs, redid the weapon/item/armour/health placement, did some redesign work etc etc.
Its a small DM map converted from Quake2 originally. Its set in a Warehouse now with urban style textures. Best for 6 - 10 players.
Its released as dm_mortalhavoc2 and you can get this one from KP4Ever or from FileFront.

"Cujo Update#1"
  posted April 12 - 4:59AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Cujo has been working on a map for the upcoming Speedway mod. You can see some screenshots by checking out this forum post over at GamerForums.

He has also been working on some more Kingpin artwork which you can check out here.

"New Skins For Mr Burns"
  posted April 12 - 4:56AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Juniors has created three more skins for the Mr Burns player model. I think you will like these; especially the Smithers one :)
You can get hold of these skins from Filefront or from KP4Ever.

"KPCMF 1.4 released"
  posted April 12 - 12:28AM EDT by Truzenzuzex[BC]
Benjamin Chen has released the final v1.4 of his EXCELLENT map packing utility. KingPin Custom Map Finder (kpmcf) is a small freeware Win32 program targeted as a tool to help Kingpin map makers pack their maps.

This new version expands on the included files with the additional ability to add new patterns as you need. One nice thing is the ability to add the *.pcx screenshots for use in MonkeyMod. He has also released the Delphi source code to the utility in case someone wants to improve upon is already invaluable little piece of software.

Anyone who makes map zip files should be using this program. You can read more about it and download the latest version by visiting his web page.

"Thugs Theories"
  posted April 11 - 8:41PM EDT by DirtyDog
Kingpin Forever proudly anounces being the new home of a very interesting site titled Thugs Theories On Good Fragging which is hosted by Zoltrix{GFC}. Here's a quote: "Welcome to Thugs Theories on Good Fragging. This site dedicated to sharing and consolidating the skills of Multiplayer KingPin. Here you will find hints, tips and tricks for every aspect of the game. My name is Zoltrix{GFC}. You could call me one of the original Kingpiners....." I highly recommend you visit this site by clicking: Thugs Theories

"Jedi Knight 2 Texture Pack"
  posted April 11 - 9:40AM EDT by DirtyDog
AB|Mr.Knoxville has sent in a Jedi Knight 2 Texture Pack so you can start some Jedi Knight themed maps. These are really nice textures and they weigh in at about 32 megs so they've been broken up into 3 parts you can grab from here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3


"Screenshot Utility"
  posted April 10 - 10:18PM EDT by DirtyDog
Thanks to JJAF a really nice screenshot utility is available in the form of a small text file that goes in your kingpin\main directory. What it does is take clean screenshots MINUS the unnecessary extras (the HUD icon, the hand, weapon etc.) Simply right click screenshot.txt and save target to your main folder. Launch your map and type exec screenshot.txt in console and hit F11 and that's that. For more instruction and how to customize please visit JJAF

"Team HitMen 1.1 released"
  posted April 10 - 9:06PM EDT by Truzenzuzex[BC]
My long-time favorite modder Rat Instinct, who was always excited to read my beta-bug reports, has returned to the world of Kinpgin, and released the New Team Hitmen v1.1 MOD!

Grab the server-side only MOD files directly from our archives by clicking on this link. NOTE: If you are just a player, not a server-admin then there is nothing for you to download except for the grappling hook pak file.

The great gamers in the UK (Atrophy) have wrapped up some Teamplay modifications for the classic Hitmen. You can get all the details at http://www.atrophy.co.uk/

"New map by DirtyDog{WC}"
  posted April 10 - 10:28AM EDT by DirtyDog
I made a new map and it's my 2nd attempt so again don't expect too much...The map is called BuRnT and once again it takes place in a warehouse (yes there are some similarities to the first) but it's a completely different layout and there's alot more to it. Grab the map from here


"Mapping Utilities added "
  posted April 10 - 9:47AM EDT by DirtyDog
MapSpy and Winbspc have been added to our Mapping Tools section. MapSpy is a very handy little program which finds bugs and bad brushes before you compile and Winbspc will decompile your .bsp's if you happen to be missing the .map file. You can grab Mapspy from here and you can grab WinBspc from here

"Top 50 sites is back, new home"
  posted April 9 - 10:43PM EDT by Truzenzuzex[BC]
Our buddy Hexed[A.D.] has resurrected the defunct Top Sites, which used to be run by Synchroplay, and has made it the Top 50 so that virtually everyone will be visible.

You can visit the Top 50 sites here, and sign-up your active Kingpin site today!

"2 new maps from Whoop_Ass"
  posted April 6 - 3:20PM EDT by Truzenzuzex[BC]
Whoop_Ass has urbanized the older Sym map at the request of our good buddy Dantzer, and also created a new map called Twist3D.

You can grab them from our map archives: Sym and Twist3D.



"KP conversion to CS"
  posted April 5 - 9:56PM EDT by Truzenzuzex[BC]
Finally those blokes addicted to HL:Counter-Strike have converted an original KP Xatrix map to CS... Drop on by this link, to see the screenshots... While you are there remind these guys to come play a real fun game...

"Kingpin2 Petition Is Back"
  posted April 4 - 4:56AM EDT by Mr.Damage
After some discussion among ourselves here at KP4ever we have decided to resurrect the Kingpin2 petition. The plan of action is that, once it reaches 5,000 signatures, to send it to Activision who now own Grey Matter Studios and ask them to consider making a sequel. So if for some reason you haven't signed it yet then just click on the Kingpin2 Petition link under Features and lets get to 5,000 asap :)

"New Map By Hypov8"
  posted April 4 - 4:47AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Hypov8 has finished working on his conversion of Q3DM18 and its now available for download. Its called q3_kp_dm18 and it looks great, just like the original.
You can grab this one from here and the MM Levelshot from here.

"De_Village Converted To Kingpin"
  posted April 4 - 4:31AM EDT by Mr.Damage
That great counter-strike map de_village made by Debugger has been converted to Kingpin in all its original glory. Cujo had already converted this map as dm_villano but he changed all the textures and gave it an all new feel and look. This version is true to the original. It also comes in four flavours - CRASH, Deathmatch, Power and Riotz (woohoo). To make it easy I have made a map pack of all four versions.
You can grab them from here:-

CRASH Squad Mod
Power Mod
Riotz Mod
All four maps
MM Levelshot

"Kingpin Map Custom Map Finder 1.4 beta 1 "
  posted April 3 - 6:32AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Benjamin Chen has released v1.4-beta1 of his EXCELLENT map packing utility.

KingPin Custom Map Finder (kpmcf) is a small freeware Win32 program targeted as a tool to help Kingpin map makers pack their maps

Anyone who makes map zip files should be using this program. You can read more about it and download the latest version by visiting his web page which is now hosted by our KP4EVER system.

"New Version Of Log File Analyser"
  posted April 3 - 6:26AM EDT by Mr.Damage
CyboPat from [K|F|G] has released a new version of KP log file analyser. The latest version is build: 1.0.3 and it now works with demo files (DM2). You can grab the latest version from here. Any feedback you have can be emailed to Cybopat here.

"Monkey Mod 1.40d Released"
  posted April 3 - 6:17AM EDT by Mr.Damage
TiCaL has released an updated version of the Monkey Mod.

Changes from monkey cds 1.40c to monkey cds 1.40d

* chat fixes
- now you can type chat in console again
( i made a mistake here when stopping people from
printing empty chat )
- can't type empty chat

* scoreboard update
- now can see admin on scoreboard in red

* new admin/rconx command
- added a command for admins and rconx to enable/disable CDS from console
- if you are admin (passworded) you can just type: cds on/off
- if you have rconx you can type: rconx cds on/off
- if you are the server admin you can type directly into console: sv cds on/off

* server settings
- now you can see whether the CDS is on or off when you print settings

* client connect
- now client connecting message will be printed for all rconx and admin clients

* misc bug fixes and optimizatons

You can download the latest version for both Windows and Liux from the Monkey Mod Website.

"Nice Artwork "
  posted April 3 - 6:04AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Cujo has posted some nice artwork in our forum. Its a great picture of what a possible promo for KP2 would look like. Apparently he has forwarded it to the CEO of Activision. It will be interesting to see if he gets any response.

"New Player Model By {GT}Syl^cs"
  posted April 2 - 6:05AM EDT by Mr.Damage
{GT}Syl^cs has converted the Jack Lupino character from Max Payne for use by us in Kingpin.

It comes complete with full v_weap support, complete kingpin animations including strafe, crouch, walk, run, with the exception of being able to crouch and walk as this s not an option in Max Payne this was not an available animation. It comes complete with the original 3 piece Jack Lupino skin which are nice and visible 256x256 pixel skins, alike the original kingpin models.

You can get it from here and to see something very cool that he made just for fun go check out this post over at KingpinProgramming Forums.

"New Bagman Map By -=Mad-Dog=-"
  posted April 2 - 5:43AM EDT by Mr.Damage
-=Mad-Dog=- has fixed the problem he was having with his new Bagman map Team Chasm ans has released it. Its a medium sized Baggy map set in a high mountanous area where the paths to the bases edge around deep chasms. There are not any massive weapon caches but weapons are spread around the map ala DM.
You can grab this one from here.

"Textures For Speedway Mod"
  posted April 2 - 5:24AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Cujo has converted some textures for mappers to use when making maps for the upcoming Speedway mod. There's some roads and signs, nice rocky scenary, traffic lights, tire treads etc.
You can grab the texture pack from here. Once you have them get Speedway mapping :)

"New Map By Pencho"
  posted April 2 - 5:13AM EDT by Mr.Damage
It's been a while but Pencho has finally released a new DM map. Its a largish map called DM Dissociate with lots of areas to explore and frag in. Pencho recommends a player load of 3 - 8 but I think it can hold a lot more ppl comfortably :)
You can download it from the KingpinForever Custom Maps Download Area here. Make sure you checkout his website Pencho's Map Editing Page.

"Another New Model By {GT}Freak"
  posted April 1 - 1:57AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Check out the screenshot of another model that is in the works by {GT}Freak. Its a favourite from Quake2 and you can see the screen by visiting this forum post here.

"New Power Mod Server"
  posted April 1 - 1:54AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Top Dawg Web Hosting have set up a new Power mod server. Here are the details - TopDawg.ca~Power Mod V1a Sever~ ip:
You can join it directly by visiting the Kingpin servers page at their site here.

"New Bagman Map By Matrix [RND]"
  posted April 1 - 1:50AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Matrix [RND] has released a beta of his new Bagman map called Team New Side Fort. Its a smallish Bagman map but there is certainly no shortage of weapons and armour :)
You can grab this one from here.

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