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News Archive for April 2003

"Million Maps Weekend"
  posted April 30 - 5:17AM EDT by Mr.Damage
It's time to have another weekend where we highlight the maps of one of our Kingpin mappers. This upcoming weekend the maps of Million will be in the spotlight. So far there are four Kingpin servers confirmed who will be running his maps and I am hopeful of getting a few more servers on board before the weekend. If you run a custom maps Kingpin server and would like to be part of the weekend and run Million's maps then drop us a line here.

Million has created thirteen DM maps which will all be in rotation. I have put them all into a mappack which you can download from here. You can see a list of the included maps here.
You may have some of Million's maps already so you can download them individually from his mapping page here.

I'll post more information about servers in the next couple of days.

Screens of some of his maps:-

Million's Rel Plek & The Damaged Streets

The Insane Streets & Million's Pool

"New DM Map By Cujo"
  posted April 30 - 4:44AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Cujo and myself have released a new DM map called DM MasinB. This is a large map converted from Half-Life which is set in a warehouse complex. It uses standard KP textures which suit the warehouse theme, has 16 spawn points and many interesting rooms to frag in. You can download this map from here.

"Videos by Hogie"
  posted April 29 - 2:40AM EDT by DirtyDog
PeNdEjO! has submitted an old video that tributes the players of the very popular BM server Hogie's Cali BitchSlappa and Hogie followed up with another old one promoting the Assault mod. Both videos were created by Hogie and are very cool with some fitting music. The files are kind of big but they're worth it, download from here: KPL TriButE-16mb and from here: Assault Promo-25.5mb Remember that you will need to have Div X in order to see them.

"New Weapon Skins "
  posted April 28 - 10:38PM EDT by DirtyDog
Axe has just submitted a pak file that contain skins he made for the rocket launcher, shotgun and changed the color of the flame.

Hi this is AXE,
I have just made a skin pak that gives new shotty, rocket launcher, and explosion skins. Im not sure but i think the explosion skins might constitute flame hack on tight ass servers. (almost all monkeymod servers will allow it) So I have enclosed a screen shot, a pak with everything in it (pak4), and a pak with just the rocket an shotty skins in it (pak5) no explosion


Download from here: DoMinaTor

  posted April 28 - 6:35AM EDT by Mr.Damage
As the COLORS CTF Mod team cranks up and starts working towards releasing a V1.1 of the mod [YFS]Mayhem has released a new COLORS map. This one is called CTF Rooftop Massacre and Dread also helped with some fixes for this map. You can check out some screenshots and download this map from the COLORS CTF Webpage.

"Hosted Sites & Other Links"
  posted April 28 - 6:22AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Make sure you keep an eye on all the Kingpin sites we host and link to here at KP4Ever.
Some of the sites that have been recently upated are:-
DziQ's Polish KP Page has some new Kingpin wallpapers.
Cujo's Design Page has some screenshots of KP2 Mod maps he is working on.
Gangster's Paradise has 33 galleries of pictures of current and past KP players and (Inc)PHOENIX has added some links to current and past KP clans and heaps of links to maps, mods, skins etc.

Or if you just want to get some tips on playing Kingpin online then just visit the Thugs Theories Page

"Kingpin Installer For Linux"
  posted April 28 - 5:47AM EDT by Mr.Damage
[L&D]FREDZ has let me know about a link he was given by [G-RoM]BrAvE for a Kingpin installer for Linux. I don't know much about Linux but it looks like you download a script, run it and it starts the menu driven KP installer. You then install Kingpin. This is from the Installer page:-

The installer is approximately 4.7MB.
The installer has to process an Installshield CAB before you will actually see files being installed,
and change all of the files to lowercase so Kingpin will recognize them.
Installation takes around 5 and 1/2 minutes on my setup (P4 1.8GHz + 48X CDROM Drive).


You can download the Linux Installer from the webpage here.

"Kamikaze Textures Fix"
  posted April 27 - 6:14PM EDT by DirtyDog
The Kamikaze texture pack look like World War II with old european style architecture type textures that use alot of brick, concrete, stucco and alpha textures with lots of trees and shrubbery. Again, an excellent set of textures completely UNused so I thought I would give them a fixer up.

1) Darkened all textures by significantly adjusting gamma level as these were still very overexposed in KP
2)Lowercased all filenames, cleaned up directory structure
Created 3 files for them as opposed to the previous 12 or so zip files

I think these textures look great and after testing them some really nice maps can be made with these, I certainly hope to see some. Download them from here: KamiKaze 1@11.7mb KamiKaze 2@11.7mb KamiKaze 3@10.2mb

"Fixed MaxPayne Textures"
  posted April 27 - 5:01PM EDT by DirtyDog
After seeing the Maxpayne textures just sitting in our file archives for so long and still not see ONE MaxPayne map (with the exception of whoopass's galleon2 which uses some) I thought I would have a look at them and after going through them I made adjustments:

1)Darkened them all by adjusting the gamma by 50%, they now look much better in KP and are no longer so overexposed.
2)Lowercased every file name to be more KP friendly
3)THE BIG ONE...the majority of all these files had excessively long file names that KP could not process so I renamed every single texture (620 &*!@$ files...) to much shorter, KP friendly file names

The textures still have a certain grainy look to them that I attribute to MaxPayne's use of photograph textures, however I think the graininess adds alot of grit that fits well with Kingpin. Hopefully this will inspire some Max Payne theemed maps as these are by far the closest to true Kingpin without being kingpin. Download the texture packs from here: Max-1 @12.6mb, Max-2 @12.6mb, and Max-3 @8.6mb

"File Splitting Utility"
  posted April 27 - 12:51AM EDT by DirtyDog
TruZenZuZeX[BC] has submitted a very cool utility designed to split up large zip files evenly. This is especially useful for large mappacks; texture packs and most other large compressed files. All you have to do is make ONE big zip and the program will split it up in whatever size, zipped chunks you specify. Download from here: ZCP Exe

"[KP]'s Da PlayGroundZ! Mappacks"
  posted April 26 - 1:02AM EDT by DirtyDog
I'm bringing this back to the top because thanks to Truz, I was able to split up the mappacks into five 11.4 mb zip files and a sixth 6.4mb file. This is much more user friendly however since all the components of each map are spread throughout all 6 zips, it is necessary to download ALL 6 to insure your files are complete--also Ive added about 4 more maps to the packs. Grab em from here:

DPG 1 @11.4mb
DPG 2 @11.4mb
DPG 3 @11.4mb
DPG 4 @11.4mb
DPG 5 @11.4mb
DPG 6 @6.4mb

If you've already downloaded this pack from my previous post, here are the 4 additional maps:
LaVa WorX
Jedi Arena
TwiST 3d

  posted April 23 - 5:34PM EDT by NeWFnlou
As the headline says folks, we want you to submit any fun, interesting, or otherwise "killa" Kingpin Demos you may have sitting around gathering dust on your hard drives to us here @ KP4EVER for a brand new site we will begin hosting soon. The temporary site, called DEMO DUMPSTER is already up and can be viewed by clicking right HERE.

Upon visiting the site you will find some News, an F.A.Q., and a temporary File Directory, which should explain everything ya need to know to help us get started. So far, there is only one file available for download called "POISON". It's an old TIME DEMO that was originally released to help folks test out their system specs :) Anyway, it should serve as a good example of how to zip up and submit your own files to us.

Check it out folks and get busy making and submitting some killa DEMOS for the DUMPSTER ok?

"4 DM maps by 4nik8"
  posted April 23 - 1:24AM EDT by DirtyDog
It looks as though =SayTaN=/4nik8 has been pretty busy lately as he is releasing 4 DM maps for our fragging pleasure :) These are 4 small-medium sized DM maps that are themed in that surreal, gothic feel that =SayTaN=/4nik8 is becoming known for. They are all well layed out, plenty of weapons/armor and respawns and are suitable for any DM server. They also contain custom skies and sounds so make sure to download them from here:
BrainSteM 2003
BrutaL Frag

BrainStem 2003

BruTaL FraG

PuFF -n- StuFF


"Attention all KP Clans, Crews, and Families!"
  posted April 21 - 6:26PM EDT by NeWFnlou
I contacted the Admins of The Global Clan Directory and they agreed to add Kingpin-Life Of Crime as a "Game Category" in their listings. This should be a great way for all KP GangBangers to gain additional exposure for their own groups, and also a great way to help foster new membership within the greater KP Community at large :) I urge ALL KP Clans, Crews, and Families to register their groups by clicking right HERE. To see the ONLY current example of their current KP Gang Listings (mine LOL!), click right HERE.

Don't leave me hanging y'all, sign your groups up TODAY!!! Happy Fraggin!

"New DM Map By Million"
  posted April 21 - 5:42AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Million has released a new DM Map called The Damaged Streets. This is a large map in the classic KP style. It uses all default KP textures and has a similar style/feel to the classic Sick City map. This is a great example of an urban decay map. Make sure you get this one from here.

"New DM Map By DooDaa"
  posted April 21 - 5:31AM EDT by Mr.Damage
DooDaa has now released his Lava Worx DM map:-

This is a relatively simple kinda map. It's a Lava Processing Plant. The map consists of two main areas, an inside area and an outside area. Inside, there is a big lava pit, halls, ramps above the lava pit, an escape teleporter (good for mid-battle escapes) ;), barrels, a handy lil hidden area, a couple of storage rooms, and a few lava pumps. Outside is an office, large freight crates, barrels, a truck. While simplistic in design, the map size will provide good constant battle for a server of about 8+ players. I also made the map with mostly default KP textures to reduce the size of the zip file and, in turn, increase load up speed. I hope you all enjoy Lava Worx as much as i enjoyed making this map. :)

You can grab this one from here.

"New KP2 Mod Map"
  posted April 21 - 5:14AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Italian Eve KP2 Style is now finished and released. This is a KP2 version by me and Cujo of the DM map DM Italian Eve. Italian Eve is a HalfLife map made by Torque[mod] and converted to Kingpin by me, Cujo & Hypov8.

This is a large map set in an Italian village in the early evening. We have added the standard KP2 props such as rats, dogs, single player props, and many things to blow up etc, etc. You can grab this map from here.

"[KP]'s Da PlayGroundZ! Mappack"
  posted April 19 - 1:26PM EDT by DirtyDog
As a request from BinSTeR I've put together a mappack of all the maps in [KP]'s Da PlayGroundZ! HitMen Hook Supported DM Server in an effort to keep people from downloading maps everytime they go into the server. I'm sure most of you know that there is another big benefit to downloading the mappack, every map in the rotation is a custom map designed by players in the KP community and alot of them contain custom skies and sounds that you would never see/hear because servers do NOT download these types of files. The mappacks is a whopper, 58 mb file (until I figure out how Truz is able to split up files in such perfectly equal chunks, this is how it has to be) but it's worth it. I cannot stress enough that having the intended sky or sound that pertains to a particular custom map makes a tremendous impact in the feel of the map as opposed to that red, textureless atmosphere u get when you're missing the sky. ie: dm_cc by cat is a good example, the sky pretty much establishes the theme.

"New KP Desktop Themes!"
  posted April 18 - 5:35PM EDT by NeWFnlou
Slappy Flatusman, a fairly recent addition to the KP Community, has used a program called Dreamrender to create some KILLA KingPin Desktop Themes which include such features as 3D Desktop animation, Music linked effects, Transparent windows, Animated icons, Mouse effects, and a whole lot more!

To take a look at his selection available for download, click right HERE. To learn more about the program he used and what's involved, join in our forum discussion by clicking right HERE.

Nice work Slappy! Keep on Fraggin!

"Kingpin In Other Games - RTCW"
  posted April 18 - 5:11PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Wheelbarrow sent in some news about the Kingpin themed RTCW Single Player map pack he has started working on:-

Hey guys, I thought I'd let you know I've put a few screens up showing some of the maps from my yet-to-be-named rtcw/kp sp mod. The first 3 are taken on a street in the kp world, where the nazis have arrived at a deserted warehouse...the maps are all still works in progress, (no optimised lighting etc either yet). The 2nd set of screens depict a train the nazis have parked up in the mountains in an unknown part of the world, where they have set up a dig site (last screenie). What they are digging for is not yet known, but it undoubtedly has something to do with their ability to travel between universes...the player will have to find out what ;) Have a great Easter!!

Bob (aka Wheelbarrow)

You can check out the screens by visiting his website here.

"New Thug Skin By DziQ"
  posted April 18 - 5:58AM EDT by Mr.Damage
DziQ has released a new skin for the thug model. This one is called stoned thug and is pretty self explanatory. You can grab this skin from here.

"KP2 Mod News"
  posted April 18 - 5:53AM EDT by Mr.Damage
There is some good news on the KP2 Mod front so head on over to the mod's website to check it out. You can visit the KP2 mod webpage by clicking here.

There is also another KP2 Mod map on the way. This one is a KP2 version of the Italian Eve map by Cujo & me. It should be out shortly. In the meantime you can get the DM version here.

  posted April 17 - 9:06PM EDT by NeWFnlou
Have ya ever had an intense battle in the servers and think to yourself- "WTF???....How did THAT just happen?!?!?!" Well, in case ya didn't know, there IS a way to "capture the moment" (so to speak) of ANY match beyond just taking a few screenshots (By Pressing F11 as you know). I'm talking, of course, about recording a DEMO. A DEMO is basically a MOVIE of your match that you can play back and review whenever you want. Here is an F.A.Q. review of what ya need to know:

Q: What is a demo?
A: A demo is a file that is a prerecorded session of someone playing, and can be viewed at a later time.
Q: Where do I put downloaded demos?
A: After downloading a demo, unzip it (if it's zipped), and put it in your C:\Program Files\Kingpin\main\demos (or wherever you isntalled Kingpin too) directory.
Q: How do I run a demo?
A: Once you've done the above step, while playing Kingpin, type "map demoname.dm2" in the console, where "demoname" is whatever you want your demo to be named. You must include the .dm2 part, or it will not work correctly.
Q: How do I make a demo?
A: While playing Kingpin, type "record demoname" in the console, where "demoname" is whatever you want your demo to be named.

It's a great way to review your own performance AND an excellent way to check out other players as well.

Happy Recording :)

"Screenshot Of New Map By Cujo"
  posted April 17 - 6:47AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Cujo and me are working on a new DM map called DM Masinb. Hypov8 has also helped Cujo with a compile problem with this map. It's a medium sized DM map similar in style to DM Storagedump.

"Screenshot Of New Baggy Map By Million"
  posted April 16 - 5:20AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Million is working on a new Baggy map called Team Mario Cart 64 (Urban). This is what Million says:-

Made a new baggy map. This map comes from the n64 game mario kart but i didnt have the same textures and im not very good in making my own so i made it in my favorite kp style ;).

Hopefull it will be released soon. Here is a screenshot:-

I am also working on two new maps with Cujo and I hope to have a screen or two posted tomorrow.

"Kingpin Mentioned In PC Gamer"
  posted April 11 - 11:50PM EDT by Mr.Damage
In the May Edition of the US version of PC Gamer Kingpin gets a mention. There is a feature article on 10 most controversial games of all time and Kingpin is one of them >:)
If you get the opportunity check out what they say about KP. Its interesting to see the number of copies sold and what they say under the heading of The Aftermath lol. Thanks to Dantzer for the heads up on this article.

"Map Pack Of Recent Maps"
  posted April 11 - 11:30PM EDT by Mr.Damage
I have put together a small mappack of some recent map releases. The pack contains six maps and you can see a list of which maps are included by clicking here.
This mappack was put together for the Keypoint Aussie Custom Maps server so I think they are all server friendly maps. You can grab this mappack from here.

Two of the maps included are:-

Million's Frag Square & Harborin Hole

There is also an ealier mappack of ten maps released in in late 2002 - early 2003 and few oldies as well. Check out the list of maps here and downlaod this mappack from here.

"New Thug Skin By DziQ"
  posted April 11 - 11:07PM EDT by Mr.Damage
DziQ has released another nw skin for the thug model called Shotgun. This one has blue pants, a white vest with 2 ammo belts crisscrossed across the body, a green scarf hiding the mouth and a bandaged head. You can grab this new skin from here.

You can grab his other skins here:-

Dark Elf

Dark Elf

Dark Elf

Hulk Thug & DarkElf Bitch

"COLORS CTF Update & MapPack"
  posted April 10 - 5:51AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Just a couple of news items in regards to the COLORS Capture The Flag Mod. I have updated the COLORS CTF Mappack to include all eleven custom maps released so far. You can see a list of all the maps included here and download the mappack from here.

I have also been discussing with the other members of the team about starting work on an update to the mod. We have several things in mind to add to the mod and we plan to start work shortly on v1.1. Stay tuned for more news.

"Screenshots Of New Map By DooDaa"
  posted April 10 - 4:31AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Doo Daa is working on a new DM map called Lava Worx. It is a map with two main areas which are an outside storage area, with lots of crates and barrels, and a lower level area which is a lava pit with lots of paths so you can get around. Apart from the two main areas there are several smaller areas like corridors, small storage rooms, a machine room etc. The map uses urban style standard KP textures. DooDaa is currently working on a number of changes and fixes, after some beta testing, and it should be available soon.

"Beotch.Net O.G. GangBang Server"
  posted April 9 - 6:28PM EDT by DirtyDog
BeOTCH.NeT O.G. GangRape~MaIn DM has just been added to the Active Servers List. The very VERY long time DM server has also just been upgraded to run the latest version of Monkey Mod. The server now requires all players to use the latest MMClient in order to jump in and frag. Download the client and simply have Gamespy point to the kingpin/mmclient.exe in the options menu and you're in businesss. BeOTCH has been around since the beginning of KP and has been running good old fashioned MAIN DM, maps 1-5 so when you're in the mood to get back to basics, jump in for a frag or two at BeOTCH

"Gaming Resources Site Updated"
  posted April 9 - 4:45AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Capone has updated and re-done his Gaming Resources Site. Check out his Kingpin information & downloads section.

"New DM map by Cat"
  posted April 8 - 2:16PM EDT by DirtyDog
CaT has just released a brand new DM map entitled Crime Capital. It's a very tight map themed in the classic Kingpin urban style and is loads of fun. The map has alot of really nice touches in the sense of broken buildings, interesting angles and a true gritty Kingpin feel. Like all of CaT's maps you can expect loads of respawns, weapons and of course, originality. Download from here: Crime Capital

"New Online Gaming Tool"
  posted April 8 - 4:21AM EDT by Mr.Damage
GAB v1.1 has released a beta of a new Game Server Finder program called Gamesly. It currently supports Kingpin (of course), Half-Life and its most popular mods an RTCW. You can download this alternative to Gamespy and others by visiting the webpage here. You should download the beta and beta update patch.
You need to send Gab v1.1 an email with your requested userid and pasword and he will then register you. You can email him here.

"New KP2 Mod Map"
  posted April 6 - 7:44AM EDT by Mr.Damage
I have converted my Too Much Blood DM map to the KP2 Mod and called it Too Much Blood KP2 Style. Apart from adding a heap of single player props and rain to the outside areas, I have added a completely new area as well. There arel ots of things to blow up, some new sotrerooms you enter by blowing up the doos and a 'hidden' room in the sewer. There are also rats in two small areas so watch out! It should be rotating on the KP2 server by the time you read this :)
You can grab this map from here.

You can get my previous KP2 map, KP2 Neighborhood, from here. This is a KP2 conversion of my update of Cujo's conversion on an Action Quake2 map lol.

"Official Kingpin Files"
  posted April 6 - 3:10AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Many people have been downloading the Kingpin patch and the Demo since I posted about them so I thought I would bring them back to the front page :)

Here are links to th files:-

Kingpin Demo
Windows v1.21 Patch
Linux v1.20 Patch
KP Starter Pack (v1.21 patch and Monkey Mod Client)

You can also get the Software Development Kit, Dedicated Server Packs etc from the Official Files Downloads Section here.

"Kingpin In Other Games - Unreal Tournament"
  posted April 6 - 3:03AM EDT by Mr.Damage
DziQ has created a Kingpin stlyed map for Unreal Tournament. He has called it DM-MeanStreets but is not a conversion it's an original map. You can see some screenshots here by looking in the Galeria section. You can download the map from here.

"Classic Map - Slumtown"
  posted April 6 - 2:54AM EDT by Mr.Damage
I tohught I might start a series of occassional posts on some of my favourite Kingpin custom maps. The first one is Slumtown.
Slumtown is a conversion to Kingpin by [YFS]omnI of Acid{UNi}'s classic Action Quake2 map. Its a medium sized urban stlye DM map that is one of my favourite maps in Kingpin. Its multi level fragging with action taking place in the sewer, at street level and on the rooftops. You can check this one out here.

"Half-Life converted maps"
  posted April 5 - 12:42AM EDT by DirtyDog
I thought I would add a post with all the Half-life converted maps we have in our archives. With the help of Mr. Damage and {NeW}FnLoU this is what we came up with:

  posted April 4 - 6:07PM EDT by Mr.Damage
[YFS]Mayhem has released a new map for the COLORS CTF mod:-

This map originated from the original game maps, where you have to enter the sewers to beat the thugs with a crowbar to gain the respect of the Jokers gang. I took the train and the sewer mood and worked the shit out of it... And yer.. well anyways.. I hope you like it.

You can download this new map from here.

There are lots of other custom maps for CTF as well:-

ctf lighthouse
ctf ms beta2
ctf mars
ctf kdarena beta2
ctf raid beta2
moker style ctf
tower terror ctf
ctf lowriderv2
ctf slumz
ctf runawaytrainv2

You can also get blueprints of all of [YFS]Mayhem's CTF maps here.

If you don't have the COLORS CTF Client files you can grab them from here and the server files here - Windows or Linux.

"Updated 4 line text binder by PendeJo!"
  posted April 3 - 10:20AM EDT by DirtyDog
PeNdeJo! has just uploaded an updated version of the 4 line text binder. In his version the best description is that he really KP'ed it by giving the exec a Kingpin icon, a kingpin logo when you launch the program all and all a very nice touch. Grab it from here: 4 Line Text Binder...KP'ed

"New Thug Skin By DziQ"
  posted April 3 - 4:26AM EDT by Mr.Damage
DziQ has released a new Thug skin called Grail:-

I've made another KP custom skin. It's a conversion of my favorite one in Unreal Tournament - Necris Phayder assasin called Grail.


You can grab it here.

"CYpreSs HiLL mp3's uploaded"
  posted April 2 - 11:06PM EDT by DirtyDog
Ever wanna hear that familiar music we hear in our favorite game in it's entirety? Well now you can thanks to our own {NEW}FnLou who's taken the time to create high quality mp3's including my personal favorite, CheckMate

I uploaded all six Cypress Hill Tracks contained on the KP CD in MP3 format. I did high quality rips about a year ago. Each track is in it's entirety and individually zipped. The user need only download and then unzip to their MP3 folder. Each one is HUGE, but as I said - they are high quality and in full so...

As he said these files are huge but the sound is excellent. If you listen carefully you will recognize some of the voices from the characters in the single player game :) Download them from here:

Cypress Hill-1: 7.9mb
Cypress Hill-2: 9.5mb
Cypress Hill-3: 7.9mb
Cypress Hill-4: 7.6mb
Cypress Hill-5: 7.9mb
Cypress Hill-6: 2.7mb

"Updated DM maps by CaT"
  posted April 2 - 10:31PM EDT by DirtyDog
Cat has just submitted final versions of two maps: Industrial Circuit and Construction Carnage

This was a request I made to Cat because the betas were simply missing juniors in the outside areas. Now the maps look and run great. Download the revised versions from here: Industrial Circuit Updated and here: Construction Carnage Updated

Construction Carnage

Industrial Circuit

"Another New Version Of WINBSPC"
  posted April 2 - 4:39AM EDT by Mr.Damage
PeNdEjO has released an updated version of WINBSPC. It is version 1.4 final. Changes are:-
- New route for output folder (...\Kingpin\main\maps\)

Previous updates for version 1.4 are:-
- Fixed output folder
- Fixed Home Page
- Removed .aas conversion
- Now compressed!

WinBSPC is a tool designed to do the following:

Convert .BSP files to .MAP files. Handy if you lost your original .MAP file.
Extract files from .PAK or .SIN files.
Note that it can read to be converted .BSP files directly out of .PAK or .SIN files.
WinBSPC can be used with all BSPs (game maps, mission pack maps, custom maps etc.) including Kingpin.

You can grab this file from here.

"Kingpin In Other Games"
  posted April 2 - 4:27AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Kingpin_Xatrix has updated his Kingpin style counterstrike map and released the final version. You can see some screenshots here and download the latest version of the map here.
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