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News Archive for April 2004

"2 DM Maps Added"
  posted April 30 - 10:00PM EDT by Mr.Damage

Rocket Arena by TilakDownload

Rocket Arena is a small arena style map with the only weapons being Rocket Launchers. It also contains rockets, pistol mods, armour and health packs. The map also containes several jump pads to get you up to the second level walkways and with the only weapon being the RL there would be heaps of rocket jumping as well.

Tomb of RA 3 by Tim JervisDownload

Tomb of RA 3 is a small 2 level map with nice lighting and custom textures. The top level is made up of four small sections connected by a large rotating block. Jump onto the block to get to the other sections. If you don't make the right jump onto the block you can fall to the lower area and if you fall on one of the stakes you will die. There are also weapons in the lower area but to get back to the top you need to get inside the rotating block where there is a teleport.

"4NIK8R Maps Added"
  posted April 27 - 5:18PM EDT by Mr.Damage
After a request from Truzenzuzex[BC], 4NIK8R has submitted all of his DM Maps that we didn't already have here at KP4Ever.Check these out:-

  posted April 26 - 7:46AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Art Erotique (CTF) by Whoop AssDownload

Whoop Ass has converted his recently released Bagman map Art Erotique to the COLORS CTF mod. It's a small CTF map with some nice custom textures and a lot of artistic eye candy for the boys :)

"DM remake"
  posted April 25 - 11:00PM EDT by DirtyDog
I've just completed a full and complete re-build of my 3rd map, City Streets. This version is much more of what I had in mind back then and hopefully it's better. The r_speeds run a tad high in a few select corners but otherwise the map should run just fine. Fully weaped with 16 player respawns this map is suitable to run in any DM mod. Download it from here: City Streets

"K9-Fragg DM Map Added To Archive"
  posted April 25 - 8:13PM EDT by Mr.Damage

K9 Fragg DM Map by Team K9Download

I have added another map to the map archive that we didn't have. This is one of the many maps that (Inc)PHOENIX sent me a while ago. He sent me the bsp file and I managed to find all the custom textures so I have zipped it up and uploaded it.

K9 Fragg is a small, dark, arena style map which uses several Quake2 textures. It has heaps of weapons, armour and health and a good player load would be about 2 - 8 people.

"ever get kicked off a map with crash?"
  posted April 25 - 7:39PM EDT by Truzenzuzex[BC]
If you have EVER been dumped from a server with the following error message:
r_buildlightmap called for non-lit surface
This is caused by a problem with the map itself, which has a func_wall with a sky texture on one of the faces. You can simply AVOID this problem by editing your /kingpin/main/autoexec.cfg file. Add this line to your file:

set gl_ext_multitexture "1"

Then make sure this is not set to "0" anywhere else in the file.

Problem solved! Thanks to DirtyDog and Hypov8 for reminding me YET AGAIN what this problem is. I'm posting it here, so that the next time I forget, I can find it with our very own search engine.

"Mover6 Utility"
  posted April 24 - 2:32AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Mover6 by TiCaLDownload

I was playing the Last Man Standing mod last night and what kept happening was that players missed the start of the round due to downloading the map. In LMS if you miss the start you have to wait until that round is over and then you can start in the next round. After d/ling the map many of these players would complain that they already have the map and didn't know why they needed to d/l it again.

What happens is this, if you d/l a map while playing the Hitmen mod it puts it into the Hitmen folder and if you then join an Extreme mod server running the same map it will d/l the map again, because it is not in main/maps where it should be. Hence you can end up with the same map in several different places and with a larger than necessary Kingpin folder.

To fix this you need to d/l and run the Mover6 utility by TiCaL. It moves all maps, textures, sounds, skins, etc, from your mod folders back to main where they belong. The zip includes a Readme with clear instructions on how to run it.

"Some Oldies but Goodies..."
  posted April 23 - 10:51PM EDT by DirtyDog
I thought I'd bring to light a few of my favorite maps over the years, some old and some new.

For DeathMatch

For BagMan

"More Marble Madness From Whoop Ass"
  posted April 23 - 10:07PM EDT by Mr.Damage

BM Marble Madness Again?? by Whoop AssDownload

Another Bagman map by Whoop Ass based on the old Atari game Marble Madness. It has 20 Player Respawn Points and a recommended player load of 12-16. In the words of Whoop:-

After the success of bm_marbles on [JEDI] Server I knew I had to make a sequel. Some people say I just lowered the middle but if you believe that heh your blind :)
Built isometrically these maps are harder than they look so enjoy.
Play it and have fun, dont jump too much or you'll get shot off the edge ;)

"Another Bug Found & Fixed"
  posted April 23 - 9:52PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Dread reported that if you tried to download a file from the news page when you got to the "preparing to download" page it would give you an error if you are using any browser other than IE (lol). Truz got right on it and it is now fixed. If you still have any problems please post in this forum thread here.

"Write A Kingpin Article For UK PC Gamer"
  posted April 23 - 8:53PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Willdeharp The Ender has posted an article in our Forums from Mark Donald Editor, UK PC Gamer where he asks for gamers to submit articles to his magazine. This is a good oppurtunity to get an article about Kingpin published. Check out the article here.

"Kingpin 2 Snippets"
  posted April 23 - 7:53PM EDT by Mr.Damage
After the initial announcement of a Kingpin Sequel at Homelan it was quickly followed up by an article "Kingpin 2 Confirmed But Doubtful' at TVG. Now NeWFnlou has found a further article entitled 'Interplay Engages SG Capital to Explore Strategic Alternatives'. Looks like they are exploring ways to 'improve and maximize shareholder value'. Anyway you an read the ful article here.

In other KP2 related news if/when KP2 is released we can expect the return of Atrophy. I contacted Pigwhistler and he says that Atrophy will most definately be back with Hitmen and Godfathers the first two of their mods ported over :)

I also contacted Wheelbarrow who will also be back making great SP Mission packs for KP2 as long as he is happy with the game engine that is used.

"KingpinForever Update"
  posted April 23 - 9:53AM EDT by Mr.Damage
While KingpinForever is pretty much back up and running Truzenzuzex[BC] is still fixing a few things and doing some housecleaning. Recent work from Truz includes:

1) Updated the Skin-N-Yo-Ass checking system, it now checks against every model we have on the downloads. I am still missing 5000+ skins on the server though, restoring from here and there.

2) Fixed the COLORS CTF game server, which had corrupt files leftover from the Worm and added a 4th game server - the famous, or is it infamous, [BC]'s DaPlayGroundZ reborn as KP4Ever's DaPlayGroundz.

3) I spent quite a bit of time housecleaning files that were listed as "dupes"-- found a lot of real dupes, but had to dig in to test them all. The dupes list still has a bunch of image files that seem to be in various directories but those can wait til later.

4) I cleaned out the junk POTDs and re-scheduled an old one for today. Time to start getting new ones uploaded.

5) Nuked the search engine databases and recreated after applying a new fix to the FDSE software I learned at work today. The fix solves a lot of duplicate entries, especially in the downloads area that was caused by the dynamic directory lists. Before if you searched for "faerie" you would get 14 hits, now you only get 3, the extra 11 were just dupes caused by the web server listing.

"KP4Ever Game Servers Update"
  posted April 22 - 11:19PM EDT by Mr.Damage
As Truzenzuzex[BC] posted a few days ago the Kp servers run by KP4Ever are back online. There were a few minor problems which have all been sorted out and in further good news the famous Hitmen server Da Playgroundz! has been added to the list of servers we host.

Server Details:

[BC]'s WolffloW Server

Hostname: [BC]'s Cap-N-Yo-Ass ~ WolffloW 3.4 MOD
Maxclients: 10

WolfFlow v3.4 Mod Files

WolfFlow v3.4 Home Page

Some WolfFlow Weapon Features


HostName: Detropolis Custom Maps Server )
Maxclients: 16

Detropolis Map Pack

Detropolis Action

Da PlayGroundz

Hostname: KP4EVER's Da PlayGroundz! ~ HitMen MOD
Maxclients: 16

Da PlayGroundz Action


HostName: KP4EVER's CTF V1.0a Server
Maxclients: 16

COLORS CTF Client Files



"Curse BM skins "
  posted April 22 - 7:50PM EDT by DirtyDog
To keep in line with Hogie's updated mappack I thought I'd add a post about the Curse Console backround and skins pak I released some time back. These are designed for CURSE mod that usually has the BITCH model option turned off so if you're in the mood for a change of scenery check these out: Curse Skins & Conback

Curse Console Backround

Curse BM Skins

"French Single Player Walk Through"
  posted April 22 - 6:59PM EDT by Mr.Damage

SP Walk Thru in FrenchVisit WebPage

Our good friend (Inc)PHOENIX sent me a link to a Single Player Walk Thru Site that is in French. I have added it to the 'More Resources Section. Tres bien (Inc)PHOENIX :)

"First Map Release By New Mapper"
  posted April 22 - 5:49PM EDT by Mr.Damage

Fraggin in Space! by DedBankClerkDownload

DedBankClerk has released his first DM map for Kingpin. It's a small arena style map, set in outer space which uses jump pads to help navigate around the map. It has 12 spawn points with a recommended player load of 12. This map uses a custom sky but as he has used Dread's sky texture discovery so anyone that downlaods from a server will get th custom sky :)

I asked him what made him pick a space theme for his frst map:

well i just wanted to start with something small for my first map and i saw this thing on rust that said u cud do jump pads in q2 (which i didnt know) and i thought "cool, maybe i'll do a jump pad map" and i started messing round with jedi textures and jump pads and it ended up being in outer space as whoop had already used em indoors (the textures) i thought "i'll use em but out in the open space" :P


"Q & A With Kingpin Lead Animator "
  posted April 22 - 5:30PM EDT by Mr.Damage

Amit Doron Q & A Session with Kingpin_XatrixRead Interview Here

Over at Kingpin_Xatrix's Turf there is a Q & A he did with Amit Doron the Lead Animator on the original Kingpin. It makes for some interesting reading.

Kingpin_Xatrix has also posted two new screenshots of his upcoming Single Player Add-On Kingpin:Final Crime. KP:FC will be a Single Episode spanning four maps :)

Btw, if you visit Amit Doron's webpage here go to the Character Animation page, look for the Cinematics and make sure you watch the Kingpin movie. It's a great little video and apparently this is the movie that was showed to Cypress Hill and convinced them to work on Kingpin.

"Hogie's Not showing up in Gamespy Fix"
  posted April 22 - 12:42PM EDT by DirtyDog
There seems to be an issue with Hogie's Cali Server not showing up in Gamespy leading people to think that it's not there. I don't know why this is happening but it seems to only happen through Gamespy Light so I've put together a detailed readme on how to fix and or circumvent this problem. But make no mistake, this server is running and waiting for all you BM'ers out there (This fix-readme is included in the previously posted mappacks/soundpacks in a txt file as well):

For some reason Hogie's server doesn't show up in Gamespy Lite for some people but can be resolved in most cases by taking the following steps:
Option A: (Gamespy Lite Fix)
1. copy the IP address to the server:
2. go to your Kingpin/gamespy folder and open your gspylitefavors.txt and paste the ip into it
3. go to file, save and close
4. launch Gamespy lite and click the "favorites" button. Hogie's server should come right up highlighted in green.
Option B: (Bypass Use of Gamespy)
1. copy the IP address to the server:
2. go to your Kingpin/main folder and open your config.cfg (using notepad)
3. scroll down, find and choose one of your address lines (ie: set adr1 "")
4. get in between the quotations and paste the IP so that it looks like: set adr1 ""
5. go to file, save and close
6. launch Kingpin (without using gamespy) select "gangbang", select "join network server" and you should see Hogie's server listed. Arrow down and jump on in ;)
Option C:
visit GameSpy and download Gamespy Arcade. Thus far I've not heard of this issue using Gamespy Arcade.
Option D:
Find another server...........;)~

"Hogies MAPPACK update"
  posted April 22 - 12:27PM EDT by DirtyDog
Veteran mapper Hogie has just submitted the maplist currently running on his long time Curse BM server, Hogie's Cali Bitch Slappa out of California, hosted by BattleRack Game Servers. This server runs with custom maps only and several of them contain custom skies and sounds which do not dowload from the server. Downloading the mappack will enable you to experience these maps as they were meant to and I assure you it's worth it. Download the mappack in full from here: Hogie's Mappack-FULL or the chunked version from here: hogie1, hogie2, hogie3, hogie4. If you are a veteran Bitch Slappa and already have all the maps you can download the sounds and skies ONLY from here: Hogie's Sounds & Skies. Here are screenshots of maps on the rotation looking as they SHOULD (I recommend you hang out in the bar and game room of DUKE CITY after installing..):

Duke City by Hogie

(custom sky & HEAPS of sounds...)

Village by Debugger, BM'd by WhooP_AsS

(custom sky & some sounds...)

"Screenshots of upcoming DM map"
  posted April 22 - 11:53AM EDT by DirtyDog
I seem to be on this trend of updating all of my earlier maps so this next piece is an update of the 3rd map I've ever made entitled City Streets. I released it a couple of years ago and this time I gave it a complete and total rebuild, added an area and slightly modified the design. It's the same overall flavor but the original was made when I was 1/10 of a mapper where as today I can proudly say I am at least 1/5 ;) Here's a few screenshots showing some of the changes and the final to be released within a week or so.

City Streets

"Hack to create maps with downloadable sky"
  posted April 22 - 11:38AM EDT by DirtyDog
DreaD has discovered a really cool trick for creating maps which include a custom sky that the server will be able to download to clients:

I've found a hack that can be used to create maps with custom sky textures that will be downloaded when a player connects to the server. Pity I didn't think of this 2 years ago when I started mapping...I have created a simple demonstration map.

As you know servers do not download custom skys if it's applied in the traditional manner (hence the need for the previous post...) however DreaD has detailed the readme on his newly discovered process which is included in the zip. Download the demonstration map from here: Downloadable Sky

"Sky Pack updated"
  posted April 22 - 11:30AM EDT by DirtyDog
This is a collection of all custom skies ever used in any Kingpin custom DM or BM map to date. There is a variety of different skies that range from user made to ones from other games such as sof, quake2 & half-life. Download the pack in full from here: Full Skypack or for a chunked download you can grab them from here: sky1, sky2, sky3. Also included is a detailed readme on how to view them from any map. Here are some screenshots of some of the skys included:


Blue Sky





"Kingpin Demo and Starter Pack"
  posted April 21 - 8:35PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Since the announcement of a sequel to Kingpin I have noticed an increase in the number of people downloading the Kingpin Demo from various sites around the Net.
If you have come here looking for the Demo you will find a direct link under 'Features' on the right side of this page.

We also host a Starter Pack which includes the v1.21 patch and the latest Monkey Mod client as well as a Readme with instructions on how to install them. There is also a link to the Starter Pack under 'Features'.

"Links Updated"
  posted April 21 - 8:15PM EDT by Mr.Damage
I have just finished updating the 'Extending the Game' and 'More Resources' links. I have removed any dead ones and I have added a link to Cookie's Skin Bank. Cookie's was a very popular site to get skins from in the early days of Kingpin. It is no longer active but all the download links work and there are preview pictures for many of the skins hosted there. If you want to go and have look it is now listed under 'Extending the Game' on the right side of this page.

"Two New Bagman Maps Released"
  posted April 21 - 10:09AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Art Erotique by Whoop AssDownload

An "artistic" approach to Bagman and certainly one for the boys, everybody has to make a map like this at some point. :)

BM Marble Madness?? by Whoop AssDownload

A map based on the old Atari game, Marble Madness, with no armour, minimal weps, all out of warfare. Collect the cash, dont die on the way back. Play it and have fun, dont jump too much or you'll get shot off the edge ;)


"Match Mod Updated to Ver 1.02"
  posted April 21 - 7:35AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Match Mod V1.02 by PeNdEjO!Download

Recently I contacted PeNdEjO! to check on the progress of his Match Mod. He responded with an updated version (V1.02).

You really need to check this mod out, which is actually three mods:

Match Mod which is Gangbang with more features.
Instagib where the only weapon is a HMG that you spawn with and there is no armour or health.
Arena Mod which is described as a Rocket Arena style mod where you spawn with all weapons and there are none found in the map. There is also no armour or health in the maps.

Changes since the initial release are:

- Zbot Detection And Kick
- Implemented "Items Respawn Time"
- Removed "use_funnyfight"

- Implemented Count Down Timer
- Bugfix: In Intermission Time You Can't Stay Hooked
- Added New Cvar "use_hooksound", This Enables The "Grappling Hook"
- Added New Cvar "use_dropweap", Allow Players To Drop Their eapon If
They Die
- Implemented "HMG One Shot" (ala Assault), Used For Play "

Instagib Mod"
- Moved "Match.cfg" To "Config" Directory
- Implemented "Weapon Balancing"
- Bugfix: If Player Dies, Can't Hook Others Players
- Added New Cvar "use_funnyfight"
- Added End Of "Safety Mode" As Firing
- Various Cosmetic Updates
- Other Minor Changes

For a complete list of features check the Match Mod Readme here

I don't think there are any servers up at the moment but hopefully someone will get one up soon :)


"New Version of GameSly Released"
  posted April 21 - 2:26AM EDT by Mr.Damage

GameSly beta 1.0.188 by V1.1GameSly Webpage

V1.1 has released a new version of his GameSly online game server browser tool. Of course this tool supports Kingin and this version has minor changes and fixes.

Features of GameSly are:
Online Text Chatting, Personal Messaging, Quick Browser Portal,
Follow Gamers and Adding your favorite servers.

You can find more information, join a mailing list and download it from the GameSly website (link is at the top of this post).

"New Skin For Homer Model"
  posted April 21 - 2:14AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Chrome Homer Skin by WolfpacDownload

Wolfpac has relased a new custom skin for the male Homer model. It's a sort of black/white/grey/chrome all over skin. Just extract all three files to your kingpin directory. The filenames are head-chr, body_chr and legs_chr.

If you don't have the Homer model then grab it from here:-

Homer Model
Homer's Extras
Homer's Dummy
Homer Skin Pack

"New DM Map Released"
  posted April 21 - 12:10AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Riot in CellBlock A by FredBBearDownload

Riot in CellBlock A is the second map by FredBBear. It is a small DM map set in a prison where there is a riot goin' on :)
There are plenty of weapons & other items and with 6 - 8 people it should be some intense fragging :)
It has 16 spawn points, uses mainly standard textures, and has two levels of jail cells, a rooftop area and an excercise yard.

If you haven't downloaded FredBBear's first map The Last Sunrise you can snatch it from here.


"We are back in BIZ-ness!"
  posted April 19 - 4:39PM EDT by Truzenzuzex[BC]
Big thanks to Dantzer for hauling the repaired server back to the ISP. Our 3 Kingpin game servers are back online, hosted FTP access is restored, and I will be working on restoring the other minor missing pieces this week.

Time to frag!

"Interplay status shakey?"
  posted April 19 - 7:14AM EDT by Truzenzuzex[BC]
Thanks to Hogie for sending me the following link from TotalVideoGames.com.

Here is a snippet: However whilst the news may please the Kingpin fans out there longing for a sequel, the truth remains that Interplay are still very much in trouble. Having recently announced a return to profitability, Interplay executives had to file an 8-K form outlining its finances.

Within the document, it’s claimed that the publisher is three-months in arrears on the rent obligations for its corporate lease in Irvine, California. The file claims that Interplay were served with a “Three-Day Notice” to pay the full amount – rumoured to be close to $450,000 – or surrender possession of the property, throwing further doubt over the future of the troubled publisher.

It is always about money isn't it? Check the full article out to read more details. We will naturally be tracking things from our end.

"KPF server is HOME"
  posted April 19 - 12:29AM EDT by DirtyDog
Dantzer has just returned from a busy weekend and has confirmed receipt of the KPF Server recently rebuilt by the man, the myth and the legend, TruZenZuZeX. As per Dantzer he will get started on putting it back on the big pipe tomorrow so hopefully by the end of the week sometime KPF will be up and running as before. Although we're not out of the woods yet I would like to extend a BIG thanks to the tireless efforts of TruZenZuZeX who has spent the last 2+ weeks of his time rebuilding our home and to all of those faithful KP'ers who stepped up to the plate in this time of need for our favorite Kingpin site. DreaD, Willdeharp, WhoOp_AsS, MeatSack, Pencho, (INC)Phoenix and anyone else I may have left out, THANKS. If you'd like to add some thanks to these folks make sure to hit the KPF forums and talk it up ;)

"Interplay Forums"
  posted April 18 - 12:18AM EDT by DirtyDog
There's alot of activity over in the Interplay Forums since the recent development of an upcoming Kingpin sequel. Head on over and talk it up by clicking here: InterPlay Kingpin Forum

"Kingpin 2 --announced"
  posted April 15 - 6:56PM EDT by Truzenzuzex[BC]
Many thanks to the 87 ICQ messages I received regarding this -MOST- important news!

From HomeLanFed.com: "During Interplay's quarterly financial conference call today (you can listen and check out some Powerpoint-like slides right here) it was revealed that the publisher will be releasing a sequel to Kingpin, their contraversial first person shooter that was first created by Xatrix Entertainment (now Gray Matter) back in 1999. The game will be released for PC and Xbox but a developer and release date was not announced."

You can read the full news article at HomeLAN.

You can also discuss this in our very own KP4EVER Forums.

You can also listen to actual investors conference/web-cast if you are really interested in hearing it.


To all you punks who said KP was dead.... BITE ME!

"KP4ever frozen, shipping back to Detroit"
  posted April 11 - 10:56PM EDT by Truzenzuzex[BC]
I have finished rebuilding the server and will be shipping it back to Dantzer in Detroit shortly.

All of the websites are back to running on my home server again while the machine is in transit. No new uploads/FTP access while the system is in flux.

If all goes well we should be back on the FAT network pipe by Friday.

"Game servers back online... mostly"
  posted April 8 - 11:35PM EDT by Truzenzuzex[BC]
I have rebuilt the Colors CTF, Detropolis MM, and [BC]'s Wolfflow game servers. Since the server is still sitting at my house for a few more days, I am only running the Detropolis MM server at the moment.

smellmine was nice enough to help test a map, and even nicer to let me win. I even snapped a photo with my handy Kingpin Picture Phone:

Damn... I'm one hot female_chick!

"Tawnmaru's KP list"
  posted April 8 - 9:26PM EDT by Truzenzuzex[BC]
A big thanks to my old [BC] buddy EiNSaTZ[BC] (he is currently retired from KP, off playing UT2004 and FarCry) for pointing out some recent KP-related forum posts.

Here is a snippet from Tawnmaru's posting:

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, we had a lot of unforgettable characters who played KP in it’s heyday. Here is a final tribute to them and to some of the things that made KP the greatest game of all time. May it Rest in Peace.

Most Dedicated Diehards: FnLou, gLOk & Truzenzuzex
KP Biggest Assholes: Parvo, Garo, Mr. SocKo,Eason
Breck Flowing Hair Award: Growler
Biggest Slut: Toe_Up Mojo
Best KP Websites: BC’s Cap-in-Yo-Ass, Poisonville KP Forever (best map collection)

You can read the entire posting at the TE^M-@M forums.

I'm going to have to register, just so I can say Hi to Tawn!

"hosted site owners, access restored"
  posted April 5 - 11:51PM EDT by Truzenzuzex[BC]
HOSTED SITE owners "should" have access back to their FTP accounts.

Provided you can configure your client to PORT MODE (while it is at my house for the next week) you should be able to get in and do maintenance.

Post problems in the problem tracking forum thread.

"Downloads 99% restored, a few missing files"
  posted April 2 - 7:27PM EDT by Truzenzuzex[BC]
*updated Sun April 4th - almost have all maps back, thanks!*

The Download/FTP script system is working, and at the same time found a large chunk of additional missing files.

I have mimic'ed the FTP uploads account so that people can upload the missing giles. You can simply use MS Internet Explorer to upload, by using this link: ftp://uploads:uploads@kingpinforever.com

Here are the missing files, some are from the hosted site areas. Hosted owners, please just create a directory with your name and upload the missing files. Hosted sites will probably not have full FTP access (to their own web areas) until I rebuild the old server from scratch.

** BIG thanks to Mr.Damage, Dread, MeatSack, DirtyDawg, Willdeharp and Pencho for filling in 155+ missing files so far! Please check back daily to see what files STILL need to be replaced!**

Hosted Web Areas:
\poisonville.net\html\whoop_world\Map Zips\legoland_urban.zip
DOWNLOAD FILES (Maps, Misc, Etc)

If you upload fixed files, please drop a note in the forums so that KP4EVER admins can login and check them out. And once verified put them back into the file system.
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