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News Archive for April 2005

"Alternative Versions of KPDM5"
  posted April 28 - 5:13AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Down through the years that Kingpin has been around there have been several alternative versions of KPDM5 released. Here are the ones we have at KP4Ever:-

KPDM5v2 by Jabba1966. This one is KPDM5 with new areas added.
KPDM5-Rev by TiCaL. This is a weird map which is basically KPDM5 mirrored so everything is back to front.
KPDM5 Urban by Whoop Ass. KPDM5 retextured to give it an urban look and feel.
Serious Towers by Sandstorm. KPDM5 retextured using Serious Sam textures.

KPDM5 Urban & KPDM5v2

KPDM5 Rev & Serious Towers

"Dead Serious DM Map"
  posted April 25 - 8:00AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Dead Serious by -=Mad-Dog=-Download

I was thinking today if any Doom2 maps had been reworked for Kingpin and I remembered this one by -=Mad-Dog=-. Dead Serious is a remake of the classic Doom2 map Dead Simple. -=Mad-Dog=- describes it thus:-
Anyone remember the old DOOM level Dead Simple? It was a fantastic map for fragging back in the day. Using the Serious Sam texture pack I've created a version of this classic for KP, calling it Dead Serious! 16 spawns, loads of weaps & ammo, and a shootable switch revealing a secret! This map also includes custom sky & sounds!
The map looks stunning and the lighting is great. If you don't have this map then I suggest you download it now :)

"Power2 MapPack #2"
  posted April 24 - 12:18AM EDT by Mr.Damage
The second mappack for the Power2 Mod has now been released. This pack contains seven more Power2 maps (550Hope, Deadman's Cove, Gibcity3, Hotel Hypo, Jedi, Underground & Urban Territory) and weighs in at about 11.2mg.

You can download the Power2 Mappack #2 from here.

It is also available in two smaller zip files for people on slower connections:-

Mappack #2 Part1
Mappack #2 Part2

Jedi & Urban Territory

Hotel Hypo & Underground

Deadman's Cove & 550Hope


You can grab the first Power2 mappack from here.

Power2 is a good mod and the team worked hard to bring it to you all. So if you haven't tried it out yet grab the client files from here and jump into the KP4Ever Power2 Server:-

Name KP4Ever Power2 Mod Server
Maxclients 16

"New DM Map"
  posted April 23 - 5:03AM EDT by Mr.Damage

GibCity3 converted by Mr DamageDownload

Gibcity3 is a large urban style deathmatch map for Kingpin. It is a conversion of a Quake2 map which was made by Wayne W. Smith. It is a large cityscape with lots of buildings and also includes a big underground sewer area. The setting is in the evening and the map includes a custom night sky. The map has been mostly retextured for Kingpin and much of the map has been rebuilt. It has lots of weapons and other items and 16 spawn points.

Thanks to Wayne Smith for giving his permission to convert his map to Kingpin. He has made several cityscape maps for Quake2, Daikatana & Half Life so if you would like to check them out you can see them all at his Gibcity website here.

"2Pac Thug Skin"
  posted April 19 - 7:54AM EDT by Mr.Damage

2Pac Thug Skin by Guido FanDownload

Here is a thug skin of the late Rapper/Actor 2Pac Shakur made by Guido Fan way back in 1999. I was reading up on this artist and knew there was a thug skin of him so decided to make a news post about it.

"New DM Map"
  posted April 16 - 5:42AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Widow Maker DM by Mr DamageDownload

Recently I posted about a Hitmen map called Widowmaker by Evil Homer which was a partial conversion of a Quake2 map made by Ryan "Touchwood" Dobson. I thought it would make a nice little fragfest map in DM so thats what I have one. I added weapons and other items, re-textured the map with all KP textures, added juniors for directional lighting and fixed one or two minor bugs. It's now in rotation on the Detropolis Custom Maps Server.

"Gotham City Bitches"
  posted April 15 - 6:43AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Two skins for the bitch model from the Batman universe. Goody two shoes Batgirl by Loaded and that feline temptress Catwoman by DEATH2U.

Download them here:-

Just extract all files to your kingpin folder.

Batgirl & Catwoman

"The Simpsons In Kingpin"
  posted April 13 - 7:10AM EDT by Mr.Damage
There have been several skins and models of the Simpsons characters made for Kingpin. You probably all know about the excellent Homer Simpson and Mr Burns models but did you know there are also Barney, Homer and Don Homer Runt skins and a Bart skin for the Thug.

All of the zip files are now been setup so you just have to extract the files to your Kingpin folder.

NB The Don Homer Runt skin comes with a replacement Stetson hat which will overwrite the existing one. If you don't want to overwrite the existing one don't extract the stetson1.tga file from the zip or before you extract the files back up this file:-

You can download them all from here:-

Barney Gumble
Don Homer

Bart Simpson

Custom Models
Mr Burns
Mr Burns Skin Pack

Homer Simpson
Homer Extras
Homer Skins Pack

Barney and Don Homer

Homer Skins and Mr Burns

"Captain America Thug Skin"
  posted April 12 - 4:42AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Captain America Thug SkinDownload

Here is a cool skin for the thug model. It's the Marvel superhero Captain America in all his red, white and blue glory. This skin was released way back in October 1999 and unfortunately I don't know who the author was.

"Old School LAN Party"
  posted April 7 - 4:35PM EDT by Mr.Damage
LANmaniac are hosting an 'Old School' LAN Party this weekend where they will be running Quake1, Quake2, UT and Kingpin servers. I checked with one of the organisers and Bagman will be the game of choice for KP.
You can check out all the details in this forum post here and then head on over to their site LANmaniac to sign up if your interested. There is a LAN Sign Up link on the site and also directions on how to get there (they are in Bellflower California).

"New Bagman Map by Dread"
  posted April 6 - 4:28PM EDT by Mr.Damage

Waste Disposal (beta) by Dread & Whoop AssDownload

Dread has released a beta of a new Bagman map called Waste Disposal. This is a medium sized map with an Industrial Waste theme. In Dread's words:-
This started out as a map Whoop_Ass made which he gave to me ages to see if I wanted to finish it. There was only an unlit cash drop when I got it so I've done all the lighting, the safe rooms, plus a few other tweaks. ;)
You can check out all the other Kingpin maps Dread has made at his site Dread Maps.

Update 8th April Unfortunately there was an error in the original beta release and so Dread has updated his map and released beta1.
The original release of this map had a mistake that meant that one of the sky textures was missing from the zip and it couldn't be automatically downloaded from the server by clients. This updated
version is fixed and also has two of the hmg cooling mods moved.
The download link above now points to the updated map.

"Revised DM Map"
  posted April 5 - 7:18AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Tunnels ver2 by Mr DamageDownload

This is a small arena style DM map which is an update of the Tunnels map made by Deefa. There is a main area containing a central tower & walkways which criss-cross the main area leading to outer rooms and corridors. If you fall from the walkways you will end up in the lava but you can run to the centre of the map where the tower has a ladder. Hope you like it :)

Btw I have uploaded the original Tunnels map to our archive which you can download here.

Other recent maps I worked on:-
Bazooka3 Revised
Subway Chaos
Warehouse District 2
Hotel Hypo
Bunkers'N'Blood v2
Dodo's Turf

"Clan Skin Added"
  posted April 5 - 4:57AM EDT by Mr.Damage
{GT}SubZero has submitted his new personal clan skin for both {GT} and (K9). There are versions for both the thug and runt and were made by himself and (K9)biGdawG.
You can download this skin from here.

"Two Hitmen Map Added"
  posted April 3 - 8:03PM EDT by Mr.Damage
I have added two Hitmen maps called Widowmaker and Homeice to the Maps Archive:-

Widowmaker by Evil Homer is a partial conversion of an old Quake2 map made by Ryan "Touchwood" Dobson way back in 1998. The KP version has only the two level, circular section making for some frantic fragfest action.
You can download Widowmaker from here.

Homeice by SYN is a medium sized map with one main outside area with lots of wooden platforms and steps and a frozen river through the middle. This area is surrounded by corridors and caves and there is the obligatory secret room. Plenty of armour, pistol mods and cooling mods and some nice textures.
Thanks to Hypov8 for supplying a texture I was missing and for everyone else who looked for this texture.
You can download Homeice from here.

Widowmaker & Homeice

"New DM Map"
  posted April 2 - 11:06PM EDT by Mr.Damage

Eviction a Q2 ConversionDownload

Eviction is a map converted from Q2. It is in the classic Q2 deathmatch style but has a Kingpin flavour as many of the textures are stock KP ones. It has a nice tight layout, 12 player spawns and enough weapons and items (no flamer though). It has a custom sky and some custom sounds and a few Q2 textures.

"DM Map Added To Archive"
  posted April 2 - 7:55PM EDT by Mr.Damage

Evilalhell by UnknownDownload

I just found this map on my HDD so decided to zip it up and upload it to KP4Ever. I don't know who made this map but it is a small urban arena with one other room full of items that is accessed via underwater. There are lots of buildings, some on ground level and some which need to be climbed up to, jumped onto etc. It only has 5 spawns and no juniors so not the best map out there but worth a look :)

"Bitch Bot Skin"
  posted April 2 - 9:44AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Bitch Bot Skin by UnknownDownload

I have just uploaded a Bitch skin we didn't have in our skins archive. It's a great looking skin, mostly grey/silver with some nice shading and you can even see some of her wiring :0

We already hosted a Thug bot skin which looks very Unreal Tournament like. It's a nice metallic blue with a green visor. You can download the Thug bot skin from here.

Bitch Bot & Thug Bot

To check if you already have these skins go to:-
kingpin/main/models/actors/bitch and look for body_bot, head_bot and legs_bot
kingpin/main/models/actors/thug and also look for body_bot, head_bot and legs_bot

"BC's Map-Pack-N-Yo-Ass Update #16 Released"
  posted April 1 - 12:05AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Time for another update of the BC's-Map-Pack-N-Yo-Ass series of mappacks. This update mappack contains 50 maps (DM, Hitmen, KP2 Mod, COLORS CTF and Bagman) which were released in the period from Decemeber 2002 until March 2003. The pack is spread over four zip files all of which are around 12 - 13mg.
You can see a list of all the maps included here.

Download the Update #16 mappacks here:-

Update #16a
Update #16b
Update #16c
Update #16d

Million's Frag Square & CTF Slumz

Team Baggy Tower & Harborin' Hole

You can also download the other recent Updates from here:-

Update #14a
Update #14b
Update #14c

Update #15a
Update #15b
Update #15c
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