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News Archive for April 2006

"Four More KIT Maps"
  posted April 30 - 2:44AM EDT by Mr.Damage
I have uploaded four more of the KIT maps that Fredz submitted recently. These ones are:-


"New Player Models"
  posted April 30 - 1:44AM EDT by Mr.Damage
{GT}Knight has converted 22 more Q2 Models to Kingpin. I will post them all over the next few days. Here are the first 5:-

Tony Toponi

Madpear and Worm

Tony Toponi and Starfox

"More KP Files on Aussie PC Mag"
  posted April 29 - 4:14AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Just got my copy of the latest PC Powerplay and was very happy to see some more Kingpin files included on the cover disk DVD :)
ROM's Bunker is the section you will find the files. He has included the Crash Squad Mod Client and Server files and also a mappack containing 58 custom DM maps. This is the mappack here.

Btw, ROM has also named Kingpin as his Game of the Month :D :D

"Beta Of new DM Map"
  posted April 27 - 3:59AM EDT by Mr.Damage

KFG Arena 2 beta by JointDownload

Joint has released a beta of a new DM Map called KFG Aerena 2 Beta. It's a medium sized map, all standard KP textures and is in the Quake2 DM style. It's multi leveled, has lots of corridors and steps and several working fans. Plenty of weapons and other items and a few strategically placed boxes for some nice double jumping and some strafe jumping to get to some other goodies.

"Wed Night Game Of Hitmen"
  posted April 26 - 3:19AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Due to the popularity of the Saturday night games at the Detropolis Custom Maps server we are starting a regular Wednesday night game of Hitmen at Da Playgroundz Server :)

So why not drop in for a few frags this Wed night 26th April. There is a good selection of dm maps and hitmen maps in rotation now.

The two latest maps I have added are:-
Kingpin Hitmen 1
Midnight Creeper

The IP is

And btw don't be afraid to be the first person to join the server ;)

"Sam's SP Mappack Update"
  posted April 26 - 3:16AM EDT by Mr.Damage
As you probably know by now, Sam Owens is working on a single player mappack for KP. Well he has made a lot of progress on the second map which you can read about at his webpage. He has also created two small WMV videos of the second map which you can also download from his site.
You can visit his site here.

"Midnight Creeper DM Map Released"
  posted April 24 - 8:16PM EDT by Mr.Damage

Midnight Creeper by SonikDownload

Sonik has now released his latest dm map for KP. Midnight Creeper is a small/medium sized, urban style map carrying on the theme from his previous 10th Street map. Its a tight little map, small area but lots of places to frag in and enough weapons and items.

I have added this map to the rotation at Detropolis and Da Playgroundz ;)

"New Hitmen Map By AB|Jones"
  posted April 24 - 8:59AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Kingpin Hitman 1 by AB|JonesDownload

AB|Jones has released his first Hitmen map called Kingpin Hitmen 1. It's a medium sized map featuring several rooms, where there's lots of armour, pistol mods and a couple of cooling mods.

"New DM Map By AB|Jones"
  posted April 22 - 7:28PM EDT by Mr.Damage

Frag Arena by AB|JonesDownload

AB|Jones has released a new DM map fro KP called Frag Arena. This one is a small arena style map which uses the KPDM5 texture set. It has plenty of spawn points and heaps of weapons so should be a lot of fun with a few ppl playing. I have added this map to the Detropolis Custom Maps server.

"Screenshot Of New Sonik Map"
  posted April 22 - 7:06PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Sonik is working on a new DM map for KP called Midnight Creeper. It's urban style similar to his recent 10th Street map and we will be testing it at Detropolis tonight. Here is a screenie:-

"DooDaa Maps Page"
  posted April 21 - 8:55PM EDT by Mr.Damage
DooDaa has added a Kingpin page to his website. It has descriptions and download links for all his Kingpin maps and also some good tutorials on Kingpin mapping.
I have added a link on the right hand side fo this page, under the Extending The Game links or you can visit this new page by clicking here.

Deathrow and KP Villa

Lava Work and Hamunaptra

"Recent Map By Cujo"
  posted April 20 - 7:24AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Other than DM Rightroof which he just released, Cujo has created several other maps over the last few months. Here is a brief summary of his most recent maps:-

KP2 Omerta - A medium sized, 2 level, urban style map
KA Arena - A small arena style map converted from cs
Aztec Dew - A small temple style map
Temple Verte - A medium sized, gothic styled map
Cujo's Warehouse - A small fragfest map set in a warehouse

KP2 Omerta & KA Arena

Temple Verte & Cujo's Warehouse

"New DM Map By Creamator"
  posted April 18 - 4:05AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Boiler Room by CreamatorDownload

Creamator has reworked one of the single player Kingpin maps into a small dm map. From his readme:-
dm_boiler_room is a slightly modified map....from kingpin single player being "bar_st.map". A small sized map with plenty of weapons/armor and other goodies.

"Tea_Leaf Releases Single Player Map"
  posted April 16 - 8:38PM EDT by Mr.Damage

Tea Time by Tea LeafDownload

Tea Leaf has now released his Single Player map called Tea Time. It is a small episode where the aim is for the player to escape the city. Hire your thug, kill all the bad guys, get the keys and make your way to the Typhoon Bar and escape on a motorbike. It doesn't take too long to play so why not grab it now and spend half an hour playing through it :)

Update 17th April Sam Owens has put all the files for the Tea Time singleplayer map into a pak file and submitted it to KP4Ever. So if you prefer to download a pak file you can grab it from here.
You can leave any comments you have about Tea Time in this forum post here.

"New DM Map By Cujo"
  posted April 16 - 12:38AM EDT by Mr.Damage

DM Rightroof by CujoDownload

Cujo has converted another cs map to KP. This one is a small arena style map set on a rooftop. He has used sandard KP textures, added lots of weapons and items, included a custom sky and 15 player spawns.

I have added this map to Detropolis :)

"Another New DM Map By DooDaa"
  posted April 14 - 11:41PM EDT by Mr.Damage

Farq2 by DooDaaDownload

DooDaa has released a new arena style DM map for KP. From the readme:-
It's has a central grassed area with beams above it that holds weapons and ammo, two rooms filled with crates, health, weapons and ammo on opposite sides, and an upper storey that surrounds the central area. Good small map for lots of mayhem and carnage.

"Update Mappack For Detropolis"
  posted April 14 - 11:26PM EDT by Mr.Damage
I have put together a mappack of the latest ten maps added to the Detropolis Custom Maps server. You can see a list of the maps here.

You can download it from here.

Grab it in time for the Saturday night game there :)

There is also another map pack of the previous twenty five maps that were added to the Detropolis server. You can see a list of the maps included in this pack here.

You can download this mappack from here.

"New DM Map By {GT}Knight"
  posted April 14 - 5:45PM EDT by Mr.Damage

Alien Hightech City by {GT}KnightDownload

{GT}Knight has released a new DM Map called Alien Hightech City which he has converted from the Q2 engine game CodeRed Alien Arena. It's a great looking cityscape map using all the original textures. Most of the action takes place in the street but you can also get on the top of some of the building and large containers. It has enough weapons and items and should play well with 6 or so people.

"Custom Cypress Hill Sound Pack"
  posted April 14 - 1:29AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Custom Cypress Hill Sound Pack by StroppaDownload

This is a soundpack made in 2003 that I recently reinstalled. The pakfile contains five Cypress Hill samples that replace the default ones. This from the readme:-
Also tired of years of kingpin with the same sound loops at the end of a game or in a map erea? Then i got some new cypress Hill sound loops for ya! Check'em out...

cypress = Dead men tell no tales (album: Cypress Hill 4)
cypress2 = Lil putos (album: Black Sunday)
cypress3 = Clash of the titans (album: Cypress Hill 4)
Cypress4 = Looking through the eye of a pig (album: Cypress Hill 4)
Cypress5 = Whatta you know (album: unreleased & Revamped)
The readme also includes full installation details.

"New Map By AB|Jon3s"
  posted April 14 - 1:21AM EDT by Mr.Damage

AB DM3 by AB|Jon3sDownload

AB|Jon3s has released a new DM map for Kingpin called AB DM3. This one is a medium sized map in the style of KPDM5 utilising the Central Towers texture set. It is set on two level of corridors and rooms and alos includes a subterranean cavern level. There are ample weapons and items and is his best map so far :)

"Four New Player Models"
  posted April 14 - 1:11AM EDT by Mr.Damage
{GT}Knight has converted four more player models from Quake2:-

Male Cartman - Cartman from the Southpark cartoon show, a nice little model and a must for all southpark fans. Originally made for Q2 by Brain Yee.

Male Invader A cute little green alien that is actually quite menacing. The model comes with heaps of skins. Originally made for 2 by Reed Hawker.

Male Karrot The model was originally the weapon for the pogo rabbit but was rescaled, eyes added and animations changed. The model was originally made for Q2 by Acid.

Male Potator The Potator is a rough cigarette-smoking potatoe who lives in the small town Sexbeerum. After a long day of watching tv, the Potator likes running around with rocket launchers and HMG's, gunning everything down on his way.. The model was originally made for Q2 by Ryott85.

Download the models here:-

Male Cartman
Male Invader
Male Karrot
Male Potator

Male Cartman & Male Invader

Male Karrot & Male Pottor

"New DM Map By DooDaa"
  posted April 13 - 8:51AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Base Command by DooDaaDownload

DooDaa has now released his new DM map set in an army base command post. From the readme:-
This is a relatively simple kinda map. It's an Army Base Command Centre. The map consists of one outside area, a hanger with a tank parked in it and 3 buildings. The building next to the hanger is the main communications building. The other building houses the sleeping quarters upstairs, and the war planning room and mess area downstairs. There are also three triggered fly-overs, one triggered air raid siren and the sound of distant battle. Great sized map for a great frag-fest.
Several people beta tested it and they all liked it :)

"Game Of Hitmen Wednesday Night"
  posted April 12 - 5:26AM EDT by Mr.Damage
If you feel like a few maps of Hitmen this Wednesday night then drop in to the KP4Ever Da Playgroundz Hitmen server :)

By the way one of the intergral parts of Hitmen gameplay for many players is the grappling hook. Now some of you may not have it so if you want to get it you can download it from here.
It comes with a good readme that tells you how to install it and other useful info so make sure you read it first ;)

UpdateIt was a good game and I played for about 3 hours :)

"New Tourney Mod"
  posted April 10 - 11:31PM EDT by Mr.Damage
[Lag]Area has released a new Tourney mod for Kingpin:-
This is the TouRneY MoD v1.0 Server for Linux written by [Lag]Area. It's a modified version of the well known Monkey Mod 1.52.
Whats new from MM1.52 to TMv1.0:

1. Curse-system rewritten and extended (check curselist and commands).

2. KINGPIN2-maps now work. Added a view singleplayerprops like
breakables, plants and lots more. Dogs and rats are NOT activated.
Removed the showprobs and hideprops command.

3. Reformatted the commands, curselist and settings output. The
anti_spawncamp cvar can now be viewed by the "settings" command.

4. Reduced size of the shared library (dll-file) from 1.45 mb to
945kb by removing unused single-player code.

5. Made shotgun and magnum work under water.

6. Increased playermaxcash to 300.

For a complete rundown on the mod read this here.

There are two zipfiles available, one with the server files and one with everything you need to run a dedicated server. Download them here:-

Server Files
Dedicated Server Files

Currently only available for Linux but a Windows version will be released shortly.

There is currently a Tourney Mod server running here:-
TouRneY MoD v1.0 Server Linux

"Fix For Kingpin & Xfire"
  posted April 10 - 6:28PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Recently I posted about Kingpin players having problems joining servers when running the Xfire program. Well xzommer has sent in a fix :-
You know the feature in Xfire that lets you chat to others while in-game? Well, turn it off while in the Xfire program then restart Xfire. Works for me.
This fix has worked for both xzommer and Cujo so far :)

"Screenshots Of New DM Map"
  posted April 9 - 7:21AM EDT by Mr.Damage
DooDaa is working on a new DM Map for KP called Base Command and is being built in the theme of an army base command post. It should be finished shortly but in the meantime here are two screens:-

"Speedway Mod Server Files"
  posted April 9 - 1:58AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Speedway Server Files by Hexed[AD] & Chief SohCahToaDownload

I have been trying to get hold of the server files for the Speedway mod for a long while and now {GT}Knight has sent them in.

Speedway is a racing mod where players ride motorcycles and must complete a set amount of laps to win the race, with teamplay is the key to winning.

Features of the mod:-

* Speedway uses normal but modified kingpin weapons:
Homing Rocketlauncher
Rear Grenadelauncher
Super Shotgun
Super Pistol
Normal Tommygun
Normal HMG
* Radar for tracking player movement.
* Motorcycle Nitro for boosting your speed.
* Speedometer that tracks your MPH.

Players need client files to play and there is also a mappack available:-
Speedway Client Files
Speedway Mappack

"Another New Player Model"
  posted April 7 - 10:35PM EDT by Mr.Damage

Male PRabbit by {GT}KnightDownload

{GT}Knight has converted the Quake2 Pogo Bunny model. Yes it's a bunny-rabbit on a pogo stick :)
It comes with two skins but, as with his previous two model conversions, no KP viewable weapons.

"Two Weekend Games"
  posted April 7 - 3:33AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Just a reminder that there is a regular game now at the Detropolis Custom Maps server on Saturday nights.
Also this Friday night there will be a game in our Team DM Custom Maps server.
So if your not doing anything this Friday and/or Saturday night why not drop in for a few maps :)

KP4Ever Team DM Custom Maps Server -
Detropolis Custom Maps Server -

Btw, the five most recently added maps to Detropolis are:-

10th Street
KP Citadel 2006
KP2 Omerta
KA Arena

"Another New KIT Map"
  posted April 6 - 4:01PM EDT by Mr.Damage

Bored by FredzDownload

Yes that's right, here is another KIT map from Fredz. This one is also converted from Quake2 and was originally created by Cat. Its sort of like a bunch of big blocks in space. You have to jump from rock to rock to get to the top where you will find the HMG signifying that you have completed the map :)

"Male Magikoopa Model"
  posted April 6 - 3:02AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Male Magikoopa by {GT}KnightDownload

The second of two models featuring characters from Super Mario games. This one is Magikoopa the turtle sorcerer in a blue robe (and many other colored skins). He changed Rotating Blocks into various enemies and items in Super Mario World. A fairly straight forward model with ten skins and no KP viewable weapons.

"Team Thief Bagman Map"
  posted April 5 - 4:31PM EDT by Mr.Damage

Team Thief beta1 by Fredz and XRaidedDownload

Fredz and XRaided have collaborated on a new Bagman map clled Team Thief. This is a small BM map in the same style as floating forts. Its two bases and a small area between them where the money drop is.

"Screenshots Of New SinglePlayer Map"
  posted April 5 - 4:47AM EDT by Mr.Damage
TeaLeaf is currently working on a small Single Player map for Kingpin. Its called Teatime, is dark, dirty and classic urban and should be finished shortly. Here are a couple of screenshots:-

"Carmjumpz KIT Map"
  posted April 5 - 4:42AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Carmjumpz by FredzDownload

Yet another of the KIT maps Fredz has converted from Quake2. This one is set in a desert area with palm trees and large rocky areas. The object of the map is to jump your way to the top, transport through the teleporters and then get to the end and press the button.

"More Screens Of Sam's SP MapPack"
  posted April 4 - 4:54PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Sam Owens has added a couple of new screenshots of his upcoming Single Player mappack at his Ahumado's Lair mapping webpage. Go to the webpage by clicking here, click on Kingpin and then click on Screenie page :)

"New Player Model"
  posted April 4 - 4:47PM EDT by Mr.Damage

Male Yoshi by {GT}KnightDownload

{GT}Knight has converted the Quake2 Yoshi model to KP. The Yoshi character is a little green dinosaur from the Nintendo Super Mario and Yoshi games. It comes with ten bright looking skins but the model doesn't have KP weapon support at this stage.

"New Bagman Map"
  posted April 4 - 5:17AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Team Outside beta3 by FredzDownload

Fredz has released a new Bagman map called Team Outside beta3. It is a conversion of an Action Quake2 map and is a medium sized map set in a big canyon. There are lots of rocks, trees, ledges etc, and ample weapons and items. He has replaced most of the original Q2 textures with KP ones and included a custom sky.

"Two Jump Training Maps"
  posted April 4 - 3:57AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Two of the KIT maps that Fredz has sent in are pure trick jump training.

Basic Jump Arena is a large KIT with many rooms with jumps ranging from easy to hard. Jump past the obstacles in each room to progress to the next. Map converted from Quake2 (original map by Bubkez).

Bridge Jump is another map converted from Q2 and is set on a large bridge. The object is to get to the top. Very challanging.

Download these maps from here:-

Basic Jump Arena
Bridge Jump

Basic Jump Arena & Bridge Jump

"New DM Map By Sonik"
  posted April 3 - 4:39PM EDT by Mr.Damage

10th Street by SonikDownload

Sonik has released a great new DM map called 10th Street. This is a small, multi level, classic urban style city map. It has enough weapons'n'stuff and a high level of detail and I would say will be come an instant classic. Download it now ;)


"Two More KIT Maps"
  posted April 3 - 4:37PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Two more of the KIT maps that Fredz has sent in. They are AODJump and Beachjumping.

Both maps are converted from Quake2 and retain the original textures. Both are smallish maps and are all about trick jumps to reach the end. AODJump is a small arena where you have to do several jumps to get to the top where you need to get to your final goal which is a cage with a RL in it. Beachjumping is like a beach invasion where you have to get over several bunker obstacles by doing trick jumps.

You can download the maps here:-


AODJump and Beachjumping

"Boink2 DM Map"
  posted April 3 - 5:23AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Boink2 by Mr DamageDownload

I have updated/revised the old Boink map which was originally made by Sureshot. Boink is a small, cartoonish map which was made for 1v1 play. It only had four spawns and the only weapons are pistol mods, HMGs and Flamers.
I have added several more player spawns, a heap of weapons and items, lightened the map up and added a custom sky and made it easier to get up the ladders in the map.

"Two New KIT Maps"
  posted April 3 - 5:15AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Fredz has sent in a heap of new KIT maps which I will posting about over the next several days.

The first two are called Ancient Lab and Sky Palace Gate.

Both maps are conversions from Quake2 and were originally made by Gouki. They are both smallish maps and are mainly maze style maps with some obstacles and jumps near the end of each one (there is also a HMG at the very end of both maps). Both utilise the original Q2 textures and both will probably elevate your frustration levels until you finally spy the HMG signifying your completion of both maps :)

You can grab them from here:-

Ancient Lab
Sky Palace Gate

Ancient Lab

Sky Palace Gate

"New KIT Map By Sonik"
  posted April 1 - 4:57PM EDT by Mr.Damage

Streets of Rage 3 - Kit by SonikDownload

Sonik has released a new KIT (Kingpin Intensive Training) map called Streets of Rage 3 - KIT. It's a largish, urban themed KIT map, similar in style to the previous two Streets of Rage maps. It looks very challanging and has a few surprised such as a circle of death :)

This is another high quality map by Sonik but is it the best KIT map released so far? Well download it and find out for yourself ;)

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