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News Archive for April 2007

"Shinju Female Player Model"
  posted April 30 - 4:36PM EDT by Mr.Damage

Shinju Download

Here is a nice looking female model that was released around the same time as the TMNT model. It has four skins supplied and full KP viewable weapons.
Just extract all files to your kingpin directory.

"TMNT Player Model"
  posted April 27 - 4:53AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle by GiMpStAhDownload

With the resurgence of interest in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles I thought I would remind ppl about this TMNT player model. This model was converted from Quake2 way back in November of 2002 by GiMpStAh. The model has full Kingpin animations, all KP weapons apart from crowbar and four skins.

"Another Kingpin Video"
  posted April 24 - 5:25PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Hezu sent in a link to another Kingpin Video at YouTube called Another Classic:Kingpin.
You can check it out here.

"Grail Thug Skin"
  posted April 23 - 5:06AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Grail Thug by DziQDownload

Back in 2003 DziQ released this skin for the thug model. It is a conversion of his favorite one in Unreal Tournament - Necris Phayder assasin called Grail.

To check if you already have it look for head_grl, body_grl and legs_grl in your main/models/actors/thug folder. Just extract all files to your Kingpin folder.

"Tourneymod v1.3 Released"
  posted April 18 - 4:32PM EDT by Mr.Damage
0xA5E has released the final version of his Tourney Mod v1.3.

Support for Kingpin2-mod maps
Highly configurable Hitmen version which works in combination with Rm, Dm, Bm including some modified weapons (Grenades explode on impact, fast shotgun, fast pistol)
Enhanced Bagman
Significantly extended and improved Tauntsystem with over 20 male characters, nine female characters and more
Force Custom Model Feature (FCM)
Playerstats in the votemap scoreboard
Alot of Hud modifications
multiple mapfiles (i.e.: for dm it uses maps_dm.txt, maps_bm.txt for Bm and so on...)
Alot of new Admin features
Anticheatsystem: MM-Admin v0.2 BETA
Includes many maps including 5 modified maps
...and lots more

Its available as a completly configured dedicated server for Linux and Windows.:-


"KingpinQ3 Alpha Test"
  posted April 15 - 5:41AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Area has released KinpginQ3 v0.5 for alpha testers and developers. If you would like to be involved in the testing of KingpinQ3 Project just head on over to Area's site and you will see the options to contact him to get the necessary files. He is currently running an Alpha Test server.
You can visit his KingpinQ3 site here.

I have also started a KingpinQ3 Discussion topic in our forum where you can leave any questions/ comments/ suggestions regarding KingpinQ3. You can see the thread here.

"Deadmeat Thug Skin"
  posted April 15 - 5:35AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Deadmeat Thug Skin by Fetal IcecreamDownload

Here is another old skin for the thug model made by Fetal Icecream called Deadmeat. To check if you already have it look for head_dms, body_dms and legs_dms in your main/models/actors/thug folder.

"Some Of Fredz DM Maps"
  posted April 11 - 7:15AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Before Fredz released Illusions he released several other DM Maps.

The Lost Island
A small map set on a little tropical island. There is a building/structure which dominates the map which is four small, open rooms each containing a HMG. Outside there are four rocket launchers and tommyguns as well. There are palm treess (which drop coconuts) and a nice attempt to simulate the tide rolling in and out :)

Kingpin Pinball
A mad deathmatch map set inside a pinball machine. It's the pinball machine from the Kingpin's office.
The map actually starts with a small cutscene and then you are launched into the pinball machine. You get bounced around the table hitting the bumpers and the flippers just like a real pinball. There are a heap of weapons in between the bumbers and in the centre of the table. You can also run around on top of the machine where there is a grenade launcher and some armour.

A smallish map that Fredz converted from Duke Nukem 3D. It uses the Duke textures and many of the floor textures are liquid flowing ones which look quite interesting. There are ample weapons and items and is only a 52kb download.

A small DM Map which is also a conversion from Duke Nukem 3D.
It uses a combo of KP and Duke textures.

77Crew Battleground
A small arena style, very dark Map which was made for his old clan.

He has also created three Xmas DM maps but we'll talk about them another time :)

The Lost Island & Kingpin Pinball

4th & Mancers

77Crew Battleground

"Deadpool Thug Skin"
  posted April 10 - 5:14AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Deadpool Thug Skin by Fetal IcecreamDownload

Here is a thug skin from the early days that is based on the Marvel Comic Book character, Deadpool.
To check if you already have it look for head_dpo, body_dpo and legs_dpo in your main/models/actors/thug folder. Just extract all files to your Kingpin folder.

"New DM Map By Fredz"
  posted April 8 - 10:05PM EDT by Mr.Damage

Illusions by FredzDownload

Fredz has released an interesting new DM Map called Illusions. Basically it is five rooms separated by illusionary walls, four outer rooms and one centre room featuring a spinning object and all black and white texture. All custom textures, different ones in each room, and tonnes of weapons and other items.

"Fredz new Demo Pak"
  posted April 8 - 9:38PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Fredz has put together another pak file with some files that were included in the Kingpin demo but left out or changed when the game came out.
It contains many sounds, skins and a few textures (including a different pipe skin).
It inlcudes a readme with install instructions.
You can grab the demo pak from here.

"New DM Map - Deadwood"
  posted April 8 - 8:42PM EDT by Mr.Damage

-=Deadwood=- by Stigma & Mr DamageDownload

Me and Stigma have collaborated on a new DM Map called -=Deadwood=-. This is a small to medium sized map set in a very nice looking town. Most of the action will take place in the street although you can access some of the awnings and one rooftop. There is a quite a lot of detail in the buildings in this map and several custom textures (including some high resolution ones) were used. There are ample weapons & other items (including 2 HMG's and two sets of armour), a custom sky and 14 player spawns.
Hope you like it =)

Download the map and check it out then leave some feedback about it in this forum post by Cujo here.

"5 Most Recent DM Maps"
  posted April 8 - 6:48PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Just in case you missed them here are the five most recent Kingpin DM Maps that have been released:-

Out Of Business by Sonik
This is a small, darkish, classic style, urban street style map.

DM Backstreets by Creamator
A medium sized/large map with an urban street setting.

City Junk by Stigma
A small, detailed, map with an urban street settings for DM & KP2 mod.

Costa Rican Sunset by Sonik
It's a small map set on a Costa Rican beach. It has sand, sea, sun and a HMG or two.

Fragtown3 - Hillsdale KP'ed by Mr Damage
This one is a smallish DM map set in a city street scene converted from Quake.

Out of Business & DM Backstreets

City Junk & Costa Rican Sunset

Fragtown3 - Hillsdale

"New Game Browser"
  posted April 7 - 4:05AM EDT by Mr.Damage
VitaChick has posted in our forum about an alternative game browser called QTracker.
Check out more info in the post here.

"KingpinQ3 Update"
  posted April 5 - 5:51PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Area has added some screenshots of a beautiful looking map he is hoping to use for his KingpinQ3 Project.

He will be stating alpha testing soon so if you would like to sign up as an alpha tester head on over to the KingpinQ3 site and drop him a line.
You can visit KPQ3 site here.

"Kingpin Real Life Video"
  posted April 4 - 9:59PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Check out this fun little "Real Life Kingpin" video over at Youtube. It's very clever and well done and worth a look. Check it out here.

"Fredz' Co-op Mod Released"
  posted April 4 - 7:15PM EDT by Mr.Damage

Kingpin Co-op Mod by FredzDownload

Fredz has now released his Kingpin Co-op mod. Co-op is where two or more players play through the single player version of the game in a cooperative fashion.

He has incorportated the monkey Mod into Co-op and increased the total number of players to nine.

Some new features are:-

New Pawn-O-Matic guy
New HUD menu
All items respawn
Maximum cash is now 9999
You can drop any amount of cash you like
Receive frags for killing A.I. and lose frags when killed by them
Fixed DM flags
Teamplay improved - no friendly fire now

The mod comes with comprehensive documentation and I suggest you read the readme, features and known issues text files to find out all the many features and fixes in the mod.

He has also added a DM component and, currently, all Episode1 Single player maps can be used. There is also a feature called Ent Build which allows Admins and mappers etc the ability to add items to the maps (check out the Ent Build.txt file).

He has also included contact information so you can report and issues and bugs (see the readme file).

There will be a Linux version released in the near future as well :)

"Kryten Thug Skin"
  posted April 4 - 6:55AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Kryten Thug Skin by SparkDownload

Here is an older skin for the thug model based on the Kryten character from the Red Dwarf cult sci-fi TV show made by Spark.
It's a good skin and worth the d/l if you don't already have it.

The skin names are head_kry, body_kry and legs_ kry (there are also some old clan versions in the zip as well).

The quickest and easist way to change to a new skin is start Kingpin, pull down the console, and type in - skin "male_thug/kry kry kry"

"Upcoming Co-op Mod"
  posted April 2 - 2:52AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Fredz has been working on a new Co-op mod for some time and he is now just about finished and it should be released late this week. In case you don't know co-op is where 2 or more players play through the single player version of the game in a cooperative fashion.

From what I can see Fredz has everything covered and this will be a very good mod. Stay tuned and check back later i nthe week for the official release :)

"Two Older DM Maps"
  posted April 1 - 4:45AM EDT by Mr.Damage
When playing on the KP4Ever servers I see a lot of ppl downloading the Entryway DM and Rockvill (rev) maps from the servers. Because they are getting them from the server they are missing out on the custom skies and custom sounds. It's always best to grab them from here so you get all the files :)

Entryway DM
This is based on the Entryway Level from Doom2. If you've ever played Doom2 you'll know the map for sure. It uses all Doom2 textures, has a custom sky, and has ample weapons and other items.
You can download it from here.

Rockvill (rev)
This map is an update of Cujo's Rockvill partial cs map conversion. This remake of the map uses the original textures and sky.
You can download it from here.

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