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News Archive for April 2009

"New Deathmatch Map"
  posted April 28 - 5:27AM EDT by Mr.Damage

In the Cold Light of Day by Mr DamageDownload

I have now finished the map I posted about on April 8th. In fact it ended up becoming two maps. The normal one and a larger version.

In the Cold Light of Day (large version) is primarlity the same as In the Cold Light of Day except that it includes a train station area as well.

It is a medium/large size, urban style, DM map for Kingpin
The map is set in an urban city environment so there are many buildings, streets and intersecting passageways.
Most of the action takes place out in the streets and station area but the are fire escapes on some of the buildings and all drainpipes can be climbed up to access some higher areas.A few of the buildings can be entered but as I said before most of the action is focused on the outside areas.
I have done my best to present a feeling of urban decay by having rubbish strewn around the place, a burnt out police car in the street, rubble in some areas from crumbling walls and ceilings, graffiti on many of the buildings, broken walls and bricked up windows etc.
The map uses mostly standard textures but there are a few custom textures featured.
There are also two custom sounds included.
There are plenty of player spawns and ample weapons and other items.

"Quake1 Map Conversions"
  posted April 27 - 6:28AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Several of the official Quake1 maps have been converted to Kingpin over the years.

Here is an list of all of the official Quake1 map conversions that I know of:-


Q1DM1 Place of Two Deaths
kpq1dm1 by Dread
DM1 by TanyaCheex
Place of two deaths by Zeppelin[FnR]

Q1DM4 The Bad Place
kpq1dm4 by Dread
Q1DM4 by Lugnut

Q1E1M7 The House of Chton
KPE1M7 by Lugnut
STDM4 by Stalina
The House of Chton 2002 by Sonik

DM1 & Q1DM4


Jackboot and Reboot are maps converted from the Jackboot Quake2 map which is based on Q1DM5 The Cistern

Jackboot by {GT}Freak
Reboot by {420}Mayhem

Jackboot & Reboot


Q1DM6 The Dark Zone
SK Buds v2

SK Buds v2

"New 1v1 Server"
  posted April 22 - 4:58PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Jeref has several Kingpin servers running at the moment. One of them is a 1v1 server.

Server Details:-
Name : 1v1
IP :
MM : Optional

He is rotating the 5 KPDM maps and three custom maps. Two of the custom maps are:-
Complex (rev)
Sick City (re-release)

Sick City & Complex

"Insanity Mod Being Updated And Renamed"
  posted April 19 - 8:08AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Jeref is a big fan of the Insanity Mod and, after getting hold of the source code, has been updating the mod. He has also renamed the mod to Shredder.

At this stage it still utilises many of the Insanity mod features (sniper rifle, homing rockets, jetpack, grappling hook, proximity grenades etc) but Jeref has also included several new features (laser trip wires - requires you have 9 grenades,, a one-shot kill shotgun and quick reload, earthquakes which are random events).

He has a server running the mod:-
Shredder MOD Testbed

You need the Insanity client files to get all the features:-
from here.

Just install the files to your Kingpin folder.
Please note though that, once installed, you should rename the folder to shredder.

The client files include an autoexec.cfg file with several key binds already set so you can use the jetpack, select the sniper rifle, turn homing missiles on and off, and use the hook. If you don't like the default binds you can alter them to what you prefer.

"Update On Captain Death's New Game Engine"
  posted April 19 - 6:49AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Captain Death has posted more news in our forum about the his new game engine. He is currently working on getting Kingpin singleplayer to run in the new engine :)
He has posted some new screenshots of some KP single player maps and has also asked for a volunteer to help him recompile the map SR1.
You can check out his post, and respond if you would like to, by clicking here.

"Maps By Mephisto"
  posted April 12 - 12:09AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Mephisto just dropped in to our forum to say hello so that a good enough reason to highlight the maps he made for Kingpjn a few years ago. He released three maps which you can download from here:-

The Clocktower
Infernal Terror
The Terrace

The Clocktower Mephisto describes it as:-
Designed with a theme somewhat reminiscent of the Hudsucker Proxy and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, this map is designed as a small to medium sized Deathmatch map. The clockface texture is my own custom texture created using Illustrator and Photoshop.
In the deepest darkest reaches of Radio City (just over the road from Central Towers) stands the Radio City Clocktower. Rumour has it an evil madman has made it his lair and from within those very walls he is plotting to take over the world (or at least that block).
Infernal Terror This was Mephisto's first map. This is a small, slightly darkish arena style map. It is a circular, multi level map with the bottom area filled with lava. It has a switch on one of the higher levels, that when pressed, opens up access to the centre where the hmg and armour is but also lowers the higher levels down towards the lava. So watch out you don't get boiled in a lava bath!

The Terrace This is a medium/large sized map in the style of Central Towers. It also uses a few custom textures, has ample weapons and items, a water fountain where the cooling mod can be found and even a few trees :)

The Clocktower

Infernal Terror

The Terrace

"Work In Progress"
  posted April 8 - 7:05AM EDT by Mr.Damage
I have been working on a map for many months now. I left it for about 2 months but have been back working on it for the last few weeks.
It's a large DM map in the urban street style. It's my most ambitious mapping project so far and is around 65 - 70% done. It doesn't have a name yet but here are a couple of screens of the work in progress.

If you haven't already checked them out here are some of my other recent map releases:-

Bloodyfresh 2008
Team Keypoint
Kingpin Board Level
Arena of Death

Bloodyfresh 2008 & Team Keypoint

Kingpin Board Level & Arena of Death

"Good News Regarding FileFront"
  posted April 2 - 4:13AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Looks like Filefront wont be closing down after all:-
FileFront has been acquired by the original founders of the site and will NOT be suspended as previously announced. This is NOT an April Fool's Joke.

After learning about Ziff Davis Media's plan to shut down FileFront at the end of March, the original founders of FileFront made the decision to buy it back from Ziff Davis Media.

We're happy to announce to the gaming community that as of today, April 1st, 2009, FileFront is a completely independent company again and is no longer part of Ziff Davis Media. All previously suspended services should be active and working again. We thank Ziff Davis Media for their cooperation and willingness to keep the site and community alive.
There is more in the announcemet but the above is the main point. If you want to visit Filefront just click here.
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