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News Archive for May 2002

"CRASH Squad"
  posted May 31 - 7:39PM EDT by Mr.Damage
TNT|[)()g sent me an email about the CRASH mod. He is spreading the word around trying to get ppl to start playing it again :)
Anyone who wants to organise a game against TNT| can contact him here.

There are currently two CRASH Serves runnng:-
[A.D.]Battlegroundz!~Crash Mod Beta 0.3c~
blueyonder Kingpin Crash Squad

You can download all the CRASH Squad files (client files, maps, custom sounds etc) from here.

Make sure you grab the latest two CRASH maps bom village and bom airport from the maps section.

"Force and KP2 Mod Servers"
  posted May 30 - 4:51PM EDT by Mr.Damage
The Force mod server is now back up and running. The details of the server are - Force Mod v0.2b
You can grab the Force client files from here.

There are now two KP2 mod servers up. They are:-
KP2 Beta Server
{NeW}EAST!http://cruzin.to/NeWCrew Fnlou's KP2 MOD Server

Grab the client files and map files from here.

"New map by Oracius"
  posted May 29 - 6:54PM EDT by DirtyDog
Oracius has released a new DM map entitled Oraciusdm11. The map is small to medium sized and has a nice flow to it. Like all of his work the map is a true original and makes for great gameplay. Download the map from here:OraciusDM11 or please visit his KPF hosted mapping site: Oracius Store


"Sonik Moves In"
  posted May 29 - 7:50AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Garcia[FnR] has been busy lately and his latest project has been to create a new webpage for Sonik that we are now hosting. The website is still under construction but already you can see screenshots of all of Sonik's DM Maps and there are links to download them all. Soon the site will feature mapping tutorials and screens and a d/l link to his famous Single Player map pack House of Death :)
Go for a visit and have a look at what is on offer over at the new Sonik Level Design.

"New Kingpin Wallpapers"
  posted May 29 - 7:44AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Dantzer has created loads of new Kingpin Wallpapers. There are many different styles but all with a KP theme. They come in both 800 x 600 and 1024 x 768. Head over to the new Wallpapers page at our hosted site Whoop Wolrd to check them all out.

"KP2 Neighborhood Map Updated"
  posted May 28 - 4:34AM EDT by Mr.Damage
I have updated my KP2 Neighborhood conversion map and released it. Hypov8 was a big help with the lighting. The changes are:-

*fixed some bugs and errors
*added 3 more spawns to make 12 spawns now
*changed some of the weapons/items and added some more
*you can now blast your way into one of the houses
*removed some of the breakable boxes and added some more

*fixed the lighting

Hopefully it will be up on the KP2 server soon. You can grab the updated map from here.

"New Textures by Cujo"
  posted May 27 - 5:48PM EDT by DirtyDog
Cujo has submitted a large cache of Urban style textures from various different games. The textures are called Otextures and are very nice and contain a lot of detail. It's a total of about 48 megs compressed that have been broken up into 5 chunks. These are really sharp textures, grab em from here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5


"New Thug Model"
  posted May 26 - 11:58PM EDT by DirtyDog
AB|Mr.Kn0XViLLe has realeased a new player model. It's basically a standard THUG model except that this one emits smoke during gameplay giving it an interesting twist :) Download it from here


"New DM Map by Garcia[FnR]"
  posted May 26 - 1:09AM EDT by DirtyDog
Garcia[FnR] has submitted his first map entitled Disabled Factory. It's a small to medium sized DM map with plenty of space and height for all the Hitmen/WolffloW fanatics out there ;) Heaps of spawn spots to accomodate any server and this map is quite suitable for ALL DM mods. Nice lighting, very nice layout. Download from here: DF_FnR1

Disabled Factory

"Archived Pak Files"
  posted May 24 - 11:11PM EDT by DirtyDog
Some time ago somebody (unfortunately no readme was included as to who it was) uploaded a zip file that contained a heap of pak files that contained various customizations by various authors ranging from weapon sounds to cross hairs and weapon skins. As it turns out KPF had most of them except for the following 3:

Weapon skins: a pak file that give all weapons a reflective/mirror like texture by [GT]*KNIGHT* Download from here:Reflective Weaps Skins

Weapon sounds: a pak file that give all weapons a new sound and I believe the original author is IBCxSniPeR. Download from here:Weapon Sounds

Cross Hairs: a pak file that replaces the existing KP crosshairs (author unknown) Download from here::Crosshairs

Reflective Weapons and Crosshairs

"Archived Sonik DM Map"
  posted May 24 - 3:11PM EDT by DirtyDog
It turns out that an early map by SoniK was not in our archives. The map is entitled Urban Jungle. It's a small to medium sized DM map and like the rest of SoniK's work it's excellent, this map is a classic. Download from here: SonikDM1

Urban Jungle

"NewMapper/New Map"
  posted May 24 - 10:40AM EDT by Mr.Damage
CyboPat has sent word that Gembller, one of his clan members has released his first map. It's a medium sized DM map set in a prison complex and is called Mirov . Its very good for a first map. It has that Czech style about it with a similar feel to maps by Oracius, CyboPat and Bert etc. The r_speeds are a little high in a couple of places (the helicopter area and up on the tower walkways). If you get too close to the barbed wire you will get a shock lol. You can get this one from here.

"CyboPat Finalises Airport CRASH Map"
  posted May 24 - 10:24AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Cybopat has updated his Airport map for the CRASH Squad mod bombing scenario and released the final version. You can grab this one from here.

"Monkey Mod V1.50"
  posted May 24 - 10:05AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Anyone having problems with the new Monkey Mod Client rev.7 should post in this thread here.
Be sure to include as much information as possible (is the problem intermittent, what error message do you get etc). Of course before posting you should read this which explains all the changes in the new version. TiCaL can then read your post and hopefully respond with a solution :)

"New Map Pack"
  posted May 24 - 9:58AM EDT by Mr.Damage
I have put together a small map pack of 5 recent maps. The maps that are included are:-

City Strets Rev by DirtyDog{WC}
Concert FnR by Sonik
Jedi Arena by Whoop_ass {KPL}
South Park KP converted by Mr Damage
The Tube by {SWB}Lesi

You can grab the pack from here.

"Darth Maul Model For Force Mod"
  posted May 23 - 4:34AM EDT by Mr.Damage
{GT}Syl^cs has converted the Lord Maul model by Wrath for the Force Mod. He can also be used in DM but seeing as the saber is the only weapon he has you wont see what weapon he is using. You can grab him from here.

"Monkey Mod v1.50 Released"
  posted May 22 - 5:08AM EDT by Mr.Damage
TiCaL and Monkey Harris have released v1.50 of the Monkey Mod server files and Rev.7 of the MM client files. There are many changes and updates in this version:-

* added 2 new cvars to server

- anti_spawncamp (made it so you are invincible for 3 seconds on
each spawn (anti-spawn camp))
* when you spawn your weapon will flash 3 times indicating the 3
seconds of immortality
* option in comp.ini to disable this feature (disable_asc)
* admins have a command called toggle_asc to toggle this on/off
* rcon/x users can just toggle the cvar from console
* this can be set in the server.cfg as well

- kick_flamehack (kick clients with hacked flames)
* option in comp.ini to turn this feature on
* rcon/x users can just toggle the cvar from console
* this can be set in the server.cfg as well
* from now on you'll get kicked for using gl_polyblend set to 0
because it removes the flame from screen). Some people use this
only to get rid off those annoying flashes when you pick things
up etc. All those people should use a new command "polyblend"
which will remove these flashes but not flames.

* improved the kick message when clients don't have mmclient.exe or
have an old one or have invalid models or old version of kingpin.exe
(it shuts kingpin.exe down and a popup
window gives them the kick message and what to do about it)

* fixed admin status on map change (used to just made proper admins
into elected admins on map

* made it so eyecam is the default specatator mode

* name change is printed in screen and server console

* option in comp.ini to have unlimited curse (every 7 seconds)
(so you don't have to face a player to curse)

You can grab the latest files from here or from Monkey Mod Website. I have started a forum post, where you can post comments and any problems you have, here.

"Speedway Textures "
  posted May 22 - 1:39AM EDT by DirtyDog
Cujo has submited a SpeedWay Textures pack. These textures look really nice and contain heaps of scenery; road signs and alpha textures. This should be a big help towards creating maps for the upcoming Speedway Mod. Download the texture pack from here: Speedway Textures

Speedway Textures

"Urban Decay Converted To KP2 Mod"
  posted May 21 - 4:59AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Whoop Ass has now converted KPDM4 to the KP2 Mod. Like his other conversions it has lots of breakable items, especially windows. There are many, many windows that can be shot, opening up little rooms full of weapons, health etc. A lot of breakable doors have been added as well as boards in walls and other stuff that you can find for yourself :)
You can grab the KPDM4 conversion from the maps section of the KP2 downlaods area here. With this conversion it means that now KPDM1, 3, 4 and 5 have been converted to KP2 mod.

"High Dive DM Map "
  posted May 21 - 4:50AM EDT by Mr.Damage
While checking out the Armageddon Bullets' clansite the other day I came across a nice looking DM map called High Dive. This map was made way back in April of 2001 by [7]P5YCHO[7]. It a nice little map set in a swimming poool complex. So of course there is a swimming pool area, change rooms, a liitle storage room and air-conditioning ducts that you can crawl around in. You can grab this map from here.

"KP2 Mod Update"
  posted May 21 - 4:20AM EDT by Mr.Damage
{GT}Freak has done some work on the KP2 mod and its good news that the cheat bug has now been fixed and the weather effects are now working :)
You dont need to download any more fiels though as this was a serverside fix. You can check out the latest build on the KP2 mod server -

"Screenshot Of Upcoming Map"
  posted May 19 - 2:17AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Here is another screenshot of the upcoming map by {SWB}Phroz3n:-

"Force Mod Server"
  posted May 18 - 2:24AM EDT by Mr.Damage
There is a Force Mod Server now up and running. Its Force Mod v0.2b ( so grab the files from here and go jump on the server and give it a try, then post some feedback here.

"Mean Streets Converted To KP2 Mod"
  posted May 18 - 12:47AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Whoop Ass has converted KPDM3 to the KP2 mod. It is still in beta but it looks good. He has opened up some new areas, added lots of doors than can be blown up as well as many boxes. You can grab it from here.

"Force Mod Released"
  posted May 17 - 11:45PM EDT by Mr.Damage
{GT}Syl^cs has released the Kingpin Force Mod v0.2b. Force mod is a mod created using some of the features from Jedi Knight 2 into a mod for Kingpin. All weapons have been removed and replaced with a saber that you start the game with. Force Mod attempts to capture the feel of Jedi Knight fighting. In the first release of Force Mod the Thug, Bitch and Runt duke it out to the death with a combination of force powers and light saber combat.

Features include:-

* 3 Different Force Powers (push, pull and cloak)
* Built on Monkey Mod v1.40, for easy and secure server setup.
* High powered, high range Light Saber (no guns).
* Togglecam re-enabled
* All special engine features enabled (explosions, SP props, spawners)

There are four maps included in the Force mod files (Dual Carbon & Dual Pit by |AB|Mr.Knoxville and Team Jedi Beta & Jedi Arena by Whoop-ass). You can grab the files (which include files for running a Windows server) from here. Feedback can be posted here.

"Gangster Model Released"
  posted May 17 - 10:06PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Finally, a model that fits in perfectly to the Kingpin theme :)
{GT}Freak has converted Fafner's Action Quake2 1920's style Gangster model. It has full KP vweap support but only one skin at the moment. It would be nice to think ppl will make osme more skins for this model. You can download this Gangster from here. You can post any feedback about the model here.

"Crack Whore Model Now Available "
  posted May 17 - 7:37PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Well lads she's finally arrived in KP :) Yes that very curvy high quality model made by Paul Steed for Quake2 has been converted to Kingpin by {GT}Freak. She has full KP vweap support, comes with 30+ skins (varying from skimpy outfits to absolutely nuthin) and can be downloaded from here.
You can read a review of the original Q2 version over at Polycount, it's interesting reading :)
Feedback can be posted here.


"Kingpin Force Mod "
  posted May 15 - 5:53AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Apparently {GT}Syl^cs is about to release Kingpin Force Mod v0.2b Beta. This is a mod coded & modelled By {GT}Syl^cs with help from TiCal and {GT}Freak. Maps by MR.Knoxville

Features include:-
Built on Monkey Mod 1.40b Code
All Single Player Props and Effects enabled
No guns! Just one big LIGHT SABER
3 New Force Powers

To check out some screenshots visit the new KP4Ever Modelling forum here.

"Jolt UK Review KP2 Mod"
  posted May 15 - 5:44AM EDT by Mr.Damage
DaFly over at Jolt Online Gaming has written an excellent review of the KP2 mod. It really goes into detail and covers every aspect of this mod. You can read the review by clicking here.
If you want to have your say about this mod in the Jolt Kingpin Forum post about it then click here. I understand that if there is enough interest shown Jolt will put up a KP2 mod server :)

"New Modelling Tutorials"
  posted May 14 - 5:03PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Sylacs has added a new tutorial at his site which covers converting models from Quake2 to Kingpin. It looks like it takes you through the process step by step and there are diagrams to accompany the text. Sylacs will be adding more modelling tutes in the coming weeks. Got the bug to convert your favourite Q2 model? then head on over to Sylacs Models & Design and check out the new tutorial.

"It's A Girl"
  posted May 14 - 4:59PM EDT by Mr.Damage
DirtyDog{WC} is the proud new father of a baby girl. His wife gave birth yesterday at 9am. The babies name is Isabela Maria and weighed in at 7lb 10oz.
Congratulations to Mr and Mrs DD from everyone here at KP4Ever :)

".Wal Files for Textured Lighting"
  posted May 13 - 11:05PM EDT by DirtyDog
In an answer to a topic posted by Thief Dread concerning an issue where textured lighting of various shades would show up as up as white light after compiling I have put together a zip file containing .wal files previously submitted to me by SoniK. When installed these files will allow the true color of textured lighting to be emitted. Without these files all textured lighting will show white light regardless of the texture's color. Download from here: Lighting .Wal Files and enjoy textured lighting the way it was designed to be :)

"New CRASH Map By CyboPat"
  posted May 13 - 6:43AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Our old friend CyboPat from the Czech Republic has released a beta of a new map for the CRASH mod :)
Its a map set in an airport and yes its also called Airport. Its only a beta at the moment so any feedback you have would be appreciated by him. You can email CyboPat with your comments here. To check out a heap of other Kingpin maps go take a visit to his clan's website Kingpin's Funky Gangstas. You can grab the all the CRASH Squad files from here and you can visit TiCaL's Crash Squad page here.

"New KP2 Map By Whoop Ass"
  posted May 13 - 6:29AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Whoop Ass has converted KPDM1 for the KP2 mod. Amongst other things he has added breakable windows and boxes, a new area and there are now rats biting at your feet in some parts of the map :)

The zip is called kpdm1_kp2d_beta1 and you can grab it from here.
You can visit the KP2 website here.

"New Map By {SWB}Lesi"
  posted May 13 - 3:24AM EDT by Mr.Damage
{SWB}Lesi has released a new DM map called The Tube. This is a multi level arena style map that uses all Kingpin default textures. Good for 6 - 10 ppl :)
You can grab it from here.

Now his clan mate {SWB}Phroz3n is also working on a new DM map. Here is an early screenshot:-

"New BM map by SoniK"
  posted May 11 - 11:51PM EDT by DirtyDog
SoNiK has released a bagman map entitled Team LowRideR. This is an urban style map that has some really nice effects and a custom sound that inspired the map's name. As usual from any map by SoniK you can expect some really sharp lighting techniques and excellent detail. Download from here: Team LowRideR

Team LowRideR

"HomerBaby Revised"
  posted May 10 - 4:17PM EDT by DirtyDog
{GT}*KNIGHT* has finalized his HomerBaby model. A heap of features have been added ranging from different color baseball caps to shoes and sunglasses as well as some fixes. Please delete your existing male_homerbaby folder and replace with this one, download from here: HomerBaby Revised

"New Map from Joplin[FnR]"
  posted May 10 - 12:27PM EDT by DirtyDog
Joplin[FnR] has released a DM map entitled FnR_No-ReFunDS It's a very nice map that offers custom sounds to give a somewhat gothic/spooky sort of feel to it. That map looks good. It's packed with plenty of spawn spots and weaps and is suitable for Main DM, Hitmen and WolffloW. Download from here: [FnR] No ReFunDS Oh and watch out for that electric chair...;)

[FnR] No ReFunDS

"Q2 Assault SRC Released"
  posted May 10 - 12:04PM EDT by DirtyDog
0rgseey has sent in the Q2 Assault v103 source code.

Hello guys, 0rgseey here. I was just going though a few of my old Yahoo e-mail accounts before I closed them and came accross the source code for Quake 2 Assault mod. My mate L0cksm1th originally sent it to me for use with Street Wars, not sure if it's any use but at the time I thought it would come in handy. Maybe it will come in handy - who knows? Hope it's of some use to Street Wars. Keep up the good work.

Grab the zipped file from here: Q2 Assault SRC

"Alternate Versions Of KPDM1-5"
  posted May 9 - 4:39AM EDT by Mr.Damage
While checking the map archive here at KP4Eever I was reminded how many alternate versions of KPDM1-5 have been produced. Here is a list of the ones we have:-

KPDM1_Quaked by hypov8. His rebuild of KPDM1 using Quake3 textures.
KPDM1_Xmas by AB|Mr.Kn0xVille and AB|FREDZ. KPDM1 with a white Christmas look.
KPDM2-Nighttime by TiCaL. KPDM2 mirrored.
KPDM3v2 by Jabba19966. KPDM3 with new areas.
KPDM4v2 by Jabba1966. KPDM4 with new areas.
KPDM5v2 by Jabba1966. KPDM5 with new areas.
KPDM5-Rev by TiCaL. KPDM5 mirrored.
KPDM5 Urban by Whoop Ass. KPDM5 retextured to give it an urban look and feel.
Serious Towers by Sandstorm. KPDM5 retextured using Serious Sam textures.

Quite a collection eh?

"City Streets Map Revised"
  posted May 9 - 4:36AM EDT by Mr.Damage
DirtyDog{WC} has revised his City Streets map.

Some minor changes have been after receiving some feedback:
*the toilet and the sink were made SMALLER (used to be "the bathroom of giants")
*added a set of functioning rotating doors for the office area (more "appropriate" i think)
*closed a few a windows and added a some hint brushes (in an effort to reduce the high r_speeds I had in some areas)
*minor weapon placement adjustments and some textures were re-aligned

The map is now city_streets_rev and can be downloaded from here.

"New KPDM10 Map "
  posted May 8 - 5:20AM EDT by Mr.Damage
I have temporarily removed the new KPDM10 map by Oracius from our map download section.

As there is already a map called KPDM10 (Crystal Palace by Tilak) I will be contacting Oracius and suggesting he rename his map to KPDM10a.
Once that is agreed I will upload the renamed map. If you have already downloaded it, once Oracius agrees to the map being renamed, then simply rename it to KPDM10a.

Update 09/05 Oracius has responded that it is ok to rename his map. I have renamed it to KPDM10a and uploaded it again. You can download the updated map from here.

If you already downloaded it before then simply rename it to KPDM10a. The zip also contains a MM Levelshot so you can rename that by going into kingpin/main/pics and renaming the kpdm10.pcx to kpdm10a.pcx.

"KP2 Mod Website"
  posted May 8 - 5:11AM EDT by Mr.Damage
{NeW}Fnlou has set up a website for the new KP2 mod. It has an FAQ, latest news, links to the client files and forums. You can visit the site by clicking here.

"Hitmen Mod Of The Month At Csports"
  posted May 8 - 5:00AM EDT by Mr.Damage
The Kingpin Mod of the Month at Csports.net for the month of May is Hitmen :)

The award is given to the mod with the most users that month subject to the following:
? A modification can win only one award in any 12 month period.
? Modifications must be of a game that has a significant number of modifications or be heavily populated
? The mods should be made by "amateurs"

The winner in April was the Monkey Mod.

"New Maps By Oracius"
  posted May 7 - 5:17AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Oracius has released two new DM maps. Both are conversions of Kingpin Single Player and are called KPDM9 and KPDM10. KPDM9 is a conversion of the Poisonville map (PV_h) and KPDM10 is a conversion of the Louie's Errand map (PV_1).
You can download them from KP4Ever - KPDM9 and KPDM10a . Both zips contain MM Levelshots.

Btw, Tilak also released a map called KPDM10. It is the excellent Crystal Palace map, so if you d/l this map it will overwrite it so copy or move Crystal Palace elsewhere before you do.

"New Bagman Map By Matrix[RnD]"
  posted May 6 - 6:40AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Matrix[RnD] has revised his team_xoctagon map again and released a new version called team_xoctagon_rev. This is a medium sized, nice looking map with lots of custom textures. It has a nice straightforward layout as well :)
You can add it to you collection by downloading it from here.


"Mod Database"
  posted May 6 - 5:53AM EDT by Mr.Damage
There is a new site that has just sprung up that is called Mod Database. This is a site which you will be able to visit and get information about loads of mods for heaps of different games. The reason I am posting here is that one of the guys who is involved has asked that all the Kingpin mod teams go and register and add their mods to the list. You will also be able to post news about your mod, add comments and get information about your mod, and therefore Kingpin, out to a broader audience and that can't be a bad thing can it :)

Its only takes a minute or two to register and add your mod so why not head over now to Mod Database and check it out

"KP2 Mod Update"
  posted May 5 - 5:14AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Well a lot of ppl have been playing the KP2 Mod Beta over the weekend and from all over the globe :)

I'm sure by now you have some comments, thoughts and suggestions for the mod. You can post your feedback over at the KP2 Forums where I have started a Feedback post here.

Just a reminder that in order to experience the features of this mod you must d/l and install the Client Files. If you download them from us you only have to extract the pak0 to your Kingpin directory and the paths in the zip will put it in the correct place. Wherever you grab it from just make sure you end up with a pak0 file in a kp2 folder in your kingpin directory i.e. Kingpin/KP2/pak0.

"4Room Map Updated"
  posted May 5 - 3:59AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Do you remember that fun little DM map called 4Room? Well I have re-textured and updated it. I have used a combo of SoF and the recently converted SoF2 textures. I have also:-

*added 2 more spawn points
*changed the weapon and item placement and selection
*made the corridors wider between the rooms
*changed the lighting
*added sounds
*miscellaneous other fixes

You can download the updated map called 4room_sof from here. If you don't have the original then you can grab that one from here. Both zips contain MM Levelshots.

Here are some screenshots of the original map (on the left) and the updated map (on the right):-

"New Bagman Map By Whoop Ass"
  posted May 4 - 11:30PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Whoop ass has released a Bagman version of his Jedi Arena map. It's a beta at this stage and is called Team Jedi Beta1. We're not 'forcing' you to download it but you can grab it from Whoop World :)

"New DM Map Released"
  posted May 4 - 3:11AM EDT by DirtyDog
I've released a new DM map entitled City Streets This is my third map and it's a little better than my last two. It's a small-medium sized map designed for 2-16 players and is suitable for MAIN DM, HitMen and WolffloW. I beta tested this with about 4 players and it seems to be ok however all feedback is welcome (actually I'd appreciate it :) and you can post it in the maps section of the KPF forum. Download the map from here: City Streets

City Streets

"Mini Homer by {GT}*KNIGHT*"
  posted May 4 - 2:56AM EDT by DirtyDog
{GT}*KNIGHT* Has released a "mini homer" model. Like his previous releases this is a resized version of TicaL's Homer Simpson Model. Check out this fun model by downloading it from here: Homer Baby

Homer Baby

"Submitting Files To KP4Ever"
  posted May 4 - 1:59AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Just a reminder about our FTP Uploads FTP Server. If you have KP related files you want to get to us you can either use the Submit News link or use the FTP Uploads FTP Server.
Here are the FTP details:
1) Host Address: downloads.kingpinforever.com
2) User Name: uploads
3) Password: uploads

So if you have some Kingpin files that we don't have and you want get them hosted here just upload them to the above FTP server. This inlcudes both old and new files of course :)

"South Park Skin Pack"
  posted May 4 - 1:54AM EDT by Mr.Damage
....and speaking of South Park did you know we have a South Park skins pack here at KP4Ever? It has all known skins of the SP characters in one zip file. Most of the skins were made by 5HOR7Y and there are skins of Kyle, Cartman, Stan, Kenny, Mr Garrison etc for both the Thug and Runt models. You can grab the skin pack from here. Now you can play the SouthPark_KP map wearing an appropriate skin :)

"KP2 Maps"
  posted May 4 - 12:47AM EDT by Mr.Damage
I have uploaded two KP2 maps to KP4Ever that are not included in the client files. They are the KP2 version of Neighborhood which is now set in Winter and another map by Tanyacheex called tc_kp2_02v2 (this one is missing one texture at the moment).
You can grab these KP2 maps from here. If you havent grabbed the client files and given this mod a go then get them here and join the KP2 server here -

"KP2 Mod Update"
  posted May 3 - 5:27AM EDT by Mr.Damage
I have zipped up the KP2 client files and uploaded them to KP4Ever. All you need do is download them from here and extract the pak0.pak file to your kingpin directory.

Here are some shots from the KP2 test server:-

"Screenshots Of New Map By -=Mad-Dog=-"
  posted May 3 - 3:59AM EDT by Mr.Damage
-=Mad-Dog=- sent word he is working on a new DM map called Dark Forces. It's another map that makes use of the recently converted JK2 textures.

Here are some early shots of Dark Forces, my new map. It's loosely based on the first level of the old game of the same name Anyone who played that game might remember a large secret area in that level, a version of which I'll include!

"KP2 Client Files available"
  posted May 2 - 5:14PM EDT by Mr.Damage
The client files for the long awaited KP2 mod have been released. They contain the custom weapon models and sounds, viewable weapon models, four KP2 maps by Tanyacheex and various other stuff. You can grab them from here.

The KP2 mod test server is now up and running - {NeW}EAST!www.new.home-page.org Fnlou's KP2 MOD Server (

"KP2 Mod Beta Test"
  posted May 1 - 5:48AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Apparently Sylacs will be hosting a KP2 mod beta test server on Wednesday evening May 1st to sort out any final bugs beore releasing the mod.
To find out more details when he psots them you can visit the KP2 mod forum here.

"Monkey Mod Levelshots"
  posted May 1 - 5:41AM EDT by Mr.Damage
There have been a lot of maps released recently and many of them don't have MM Levelshots. So over the last couple of days I have been creating them for these maps. You can now d/l MM Levelshots for just about all maps we have posted about by visiting our Levelshots area in the Custom Maps Download Section here.

If you don't know what the levelshots are, they are for servers that run the Monkey Mod with map voting turned on. At the end of a map when you are in the map voting screen, and you place your crosshairs over a map, if you have a levelshot of that map it will be displayed onscreen. This will remind you of what it looks like and help you decide if you want to vote for that map.

Hopefully mappers will get into the habit of including levelshots in their zip files. This is a link to a page that explains how to make them here.
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