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News Archive for May 2003

"New Thug Skin By DziQ"
  posted May 31 - 11:03PM EDT by Mr.Damage
DziQ has sent us a nice looking new skin for the Thug model:-

I've converted the Postal Dude (of course from Postal 2 game) to a KP thug skin. Check it out.

You can add this new skin to your collection by downloading it from here.

"KP4Ever Running COLORS CTF Server"
  posted May 31 - 10:43PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Now that the KP4Ever network is running on a new bigger and better server the Detropolis server is running much better and we have been able to add a COLORS CTF server.
The server details are:-
KP4EVER's CTF V1.0a Server IP#

It's currently running the same maps as the Keypoint COLORS server but I hope to be able to start rotating all of the maps made for COLORS very soon.
If you still don't have the COLORS Client files you can grab them from here.

Or in two smaller zip files for people with slower connections:-
Client Files Part1
Clinet Files Part2

You can grab the COLORS CTF Custom maps from here:-
Rooftop Massacre
CTF Team DM5

"New CTF map by Creamator"
  posted May 29 - 9:03AM EDT by DirtyDog
Creamator has just released a new CTF map entitled CTF~UnderGrounD. For details and downloads visit the KP CoLoRs MoD section.

"Sydney Map Released"
  posted May 29 - 9:02AM EDT by Mr.Damage
After some last minute tweaking the Sydney map is finally finished and has been released. The map is actually called Sydney CBD Fringes and, as I stated previously, it is a map originally created by Gimp for the abandoned SRT-Alpha mod. It was left unfinished and so I decided to see if I could complete it.
It has many custom textures which give it a unique feel. It is set in the old part of Sydney and has many Aussie references in the map. There are 16 spawns and plenty of weapons, ammo and other items.
Hypov8 helped out with the map, on the r_speeds, lighting and miscellaneous other things. The map is set in the early morning around 8am and the lighting helps reflect that with the sunlight just starting to reflect on the tops and sides of the buildings.
It is a small to medium sized map with most of the action taking place in the streets but with a great looking office area, a few other rooms and a rooftop area that is accessible.
As there is a custom sky, many custom textures and some custom sounds it is a large download. So what I have done is created four different downloads - two zips and two rars (one with custom sounds and one without for each format). If you have Winrar or WinAce then grab one of the rar files as they are smaller.

Sydney No Sounds

Sydney No Sounds

"New Model By Mr Knoxville"
  posted May 29 - 4:20AM EDT by Mr.Damage
AB|Mr.Knoxville thought that his Majin Buu thug skin turned out so well that he decided to create a Majin Buu player model. It just comes with one skin but with full Kingpin weapon support. You can grab this brand new model from here.

"New Thug Skin By Mr Knoxville"
  posted May 28 - 4:52AM EDT by Mr.Damage
AB|Mr.Knoxville has created a new skin for the thug model. It's a Dragonball Z skin called Majin Buu:-

Buu, or Majin Buu, was conjured into existence long ago by the evil wizard Bibidi. A powerful fighter who has destroyed many planets in his past, Buu?s body is ?rubbery? giving him great advantage in battles. He has now been unleashed by Bibidi?s son, Babidi, to destroy Earth.

You can grab the new skin from here.

"New SP Mappack In The Pipeline"
  posted May 28 - 4:37AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Kingpin_Xatrix has sent along some information about a new single player mappack he is working on called Kingpin:Final Crime.
The information is included in a zip file. It contains two sample .wav files, a tutorial on using C++ to create SP episodes and a readme full of information about Kingpin:Final Crime. As he is working by himself it will take a while to complete but it looks like episode one is complete.
You can grab the zip from here.

"New BM Map *UPDATE"
  posted May 26 - 4:23PM EDT by DirtyDog
This is an update to a post I made about a half hour ago. I found an error in the map so I took down the post and fixed it. I don't think anyone saw it but just in case I am prefacing this by making it an UPDATE as this is the finished map:

I've just finished a BM map entitled Ghetto Blues utilizing the recently updated Max Payne textures. I was looking for a a true Kingpin, suburban grit that outside of the Xatrix stock textures only the Max Payne texture pack could provide. It's a night time theme and after beta testing it extensively on Hogies Cali Bitchslappa Curse server it's ready for a go :) On a sad note I had to redesign the safe doors due to the pathetic people who were blocking the safe doors as their means of entertainment :(
Download the updated map from here: Ghetto BluEs

"Pop-Up Killer"
  posted May 24 - 9:47PM EDT by Mr.Damage
(K9)HappyCorpse sent in some info on a free pop-up killer called AnalogX POW!:-

Hi I was reading your post about ad-aware and thought I'd let you know about a great free pop-up window killer utility from Analog-X. It's completely free and works in the background, and is easy to use. Analog-X also has a lot of other free utilities for download.

You can grab AnalogX POW! from their website here.

"Be Ready DM Map"
  posted May 24 - 9:02PM EDT by Mr.Damage
In October of 2000 TiCaL released a small DM map called Be Ready!!!. The map was the staircase area from KPDM5 and a small room at the bottom of the stairs with heaps of weapons and items in it. It's a fun liitle map but the interesting thing about this is that he included the Iamkingpin song in MP3 format and included an install program that converted the MP3 to WAV format once installed.

All you do is unzip the files to your Kingpin folder (as with most KP zips these days). This will create a folder called "Installer" in your Kingpin folder. Go into the "Installer" folder and just run the file called "Install". This will copy the maps, textures and sounds to appropriate folder. That's it :)
Get the map from here.

"Detropolis Custom Maps Server"
  posted May 24 - 8:36PM EDT by Mr.Damage
One of the many benefits of the new KP4Ever server is that the Detropolis Custom maps server, which is part of the KP4Ever network, now runs as smooth as silk.

So if you are looking for a good DM custom maps server in the USA then check out Detropolis -
Remember that you can also join this server directly from our Active KP Servers Page.

"Submitting Kingpin Servers"
  posted May 24 - 6:19PM EDT by Mr.Damage
As you know we have an Active KP Server Page here at KP4Ever. This is a page full of KP servers that people submit to us and if you have the server plugin you can join the servers directly from this page.

Please note that when you submit a KP game server to us please make sure you include the server IP address otherwise we wont be able to verify the server and cant add it to the page.

"DM Version Of Farmfear Map"
  posted May 23 - 8:16AM EDT by Mr.Damage
I said when I posted about the KP2 version of Farmfear that I would be releasing a DM version shortly. Well it's finished now and has been released. It's the same map with all the KP2 stuff taken out so its pure DM :)
You can grab it from here.

"Screenshots Of New DM Map"
  posted May 22 - 5:58AM EDT by Mr.Damage
I have been working on a map, on and off, for about a year now. It's a map started by Gimp for the abandoned SRT-Alpha mod. The map is called Sydney CBD Fringes and was left, unfinished, in a zipfile until I found it and thought it was such a good looking map that I would try to finish it. The thing that makes this map for me is the high quality custom textures. They give the player the feeling of being in the old section of Sydney Australia. Anyway, hopefully, this map should be finished and made available shortly.

"[KP]'s Da PlayGroundZ! Map update"
  posted May 21 - 11:27PM EDT by DirtyDog
BinSTeR has just sent word that the big Hitman server, [KP]'s Da PlayGroundZ! has been updated with the addition of several custom maps:


Some of these maps contain heaps of custom textures, sounds and skies (especially farmfear and dukecity) Take advantage and download them all from here in advance ;)

"New Map For The KP2 mod"
  posted May 20 - 5:11AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Cujo and me have been working on a new map for the KP2 mod. This one is a conversion of one of the official SoF maps called Farmfear. We have called it KP2 Farmfear.This is a medium sized map, set in a farm, and uses the SoF Uganda texture set. It has the usual KP2 mod additions such as weather effects, dogs and rats, breakables etc. It has plenty of weapons, ammo and other items and 16 spawn points. Hypov8 also helped with this map, darkening the SoF/Uganda textures to better suit KP and working on lowering the r_speeds and other bits and pieces. You can grab this map from here.

You can get most of the other custom maps for the KP2 mod in this mappack here.
Other maps not in the mappack are:-
KP2 Italian Eve
KP2 Toomuchblood

Now that the KP2 version is done I will be working on a version for DM which should be done shortly.

"Ten Most Recent Map Releases"
  posted May 19 - 6:38AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Just a quick recap on the ten most recent custom map releases:-

Team Mario Cart 64 (Urban) by Million
Village Rivalry by DirtyDog{WC}

CTF Team DM5 by Creamator
CTF~{WC}StyLe by DirtyDog{WC}
RoofTop MaSSacrE by [YfS]MayHeM

Green Leaf Towers by Million
Dock Landz by (K9)Iceman
JunkieViLLe by (K9)Iceman
Nutro's Castle by {SSF}Nutro
DM MasinB converted by Cujo & Mr Damage

"Screenshots Of New Maps By DooDaa"
  posted May 19 - 6:07AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Doo Daa is currently working on two new DM maps for Kingpin. They are Concert and KP Villa. Concert is a small arena style map set in a concert hall and KP Villa is, as the name suggests, a map set in a large villa. Here are some early screenshots:-

Concert & KP Villa

"New look For DziQ's KP Page"
  posted May 19 - 5:38AM EDT by Mr.Damage
DziQ has sent word that he has updated the design of his Polish Kingpin Page. If you are looking for a KP site that is written in Polish or if you just want to check out some of DziQ's KP skins & wallpapers then visit his webpage here.

"New server is up and running... give it a whirl."
  posted May 18 - 8:02PM EDT by Truzenzuzex[BC]
Aside from a few administrative bugs on the backend, I do believe I have everything running on the new machine.

If you see something broke over the next few days please submit a report to our news@kingpinforever.com email account.


"new server in place... but not at 100% yet"
  posted May 18 - 12:16AM EDT by Truzenzuzex[BC]
After a few hiccups and two trips back to the co-located ISP the new system is closer.

However a bunch of things are still broke, including the DOWNLOADS file system...

I'll get things back in shape within the new 12-16 hours... Have patience.

Getting closer... Sunday 8pm EST

"KP4EVER Downtime"
  posted May 17 - 12:55AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Just letting you all know that Kingpinforever will be down for maintenance in about 9 hours from now. Don't be concerned as we will only be off the air for a short while and will then be back bigger and better than ever :)

-truz was here 12am EST Sunday

"New DM Map By Million"
  posted May 16 - 5:03AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Million has reelased a new DM map called Green Leaf Towers. This is a largish map with several arena style areas to frag in. These are mainly connected by walk thru green leaf textures. There are ample weapons, ammo, armour and other items and is a good map for 6 - 16 ppl. You can download this one from here.

"Classic Map - Sick City"
  posted May 15 - 4:14AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Sick City is one of the most popular custom maps in Kingpin. It was made by Cole Savage and released in July 1999. This is a small deathmatch map suitable for 2 to 8 players which was originally made for the Kingpin demo and re-made when the full game was released. It is set in the classic Kingpin style, has just enough weapons and ammo, a little armour and no cooling mod!. There have been several later versions of this map but this is my favorite. If you don't have this map you can grab it from here.

"Hitmen & Godfather Mods With Bots"
  posted May 14 - 4:26AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Did you know that you can play the Hitmen and Godfather mods offline against bots? Yes that's right, a while ago Team Atrophy released Botmen and BotFather. They are both small downloads and have brief instructions on how to add bots. Why not check them out :)

"Mohaa Sky Environments"
  posted May 13 - 7:30AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Zeppelin{FnR} has sent in three zip files which contain all the Mohaa sky environments for mappers to use in their maps if they wish to do so. We already had a zip file containing Mohaa sky environs but these zips are twice as big (20mg all up). Two of the zips are 9.5mg and the last one is 1.3mg. You can grab them from here:-

Mohaa Skies Part1
Mohaa Skies Part2
Mohaa Skies Part3

"Czech Kingpin Server & Webpage"
  posted May 13 - 4:53AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Mischa has submitted some news about five Kingpin servers that are running in the European Czech Republic. There are servers running DeathMatch, Team DeathMatch, Bagman, KIT Maps and good to see a Three Team Bagman server running. You can get more server info form his webpage here.

Btw, if you want to check out the 3 Team Baggy server you can grab the client files from our Mod Downloads Section here and you can grab the 3 team maps from here.

"Useful and totally FREE Utility!"
  posted May 10 - 9:17AM EDT by NeWFnlou
As you know, we here at KP4EVER absolutely HATE ads, pop-ups, banners, re-directs, or any other type of spam. Your browsing here is ALWAYS 100% safe and secure. Unfortunately, however, the same can't be said for other web sites......ESPECIALLY other gaming sites. Therefore, I thought I'd pass along this super handy and totally FREE Utility. It's called AD-AWARE and here is a description:

"With its ability to scan your RAM, Registry, hard drives, and external storage devices for known data mining, advertising, and tracking components, Ad-aware can easily rid your system of these tracking components, allowing you to maintain a higher degree of privacy while you surf the Web."

You would be AMAZED at how many different companies are trying to keep track of your web browsing habits. Therefore, if you frequent ANY other site besides this one, I suggest you download AD-AWARE by clicking right HERE.

Happy Web Surfing!

"New Bagman Map By Million"
  posted May 9 - 8:27PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Million has released a new Bagman map called Team Mario Cart 64 (Urban). This is a small Baggy map that comes from the N64 game Mario Cart but has been retextured in the Kingpin urban style. You can grab this map from here.

"Screenshots Of new KP2 Mod Map From Cujo"
  posted May 8 - 7:34AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Cujo is working on a new map for the KP2 Mod called KP2 Farmfear. This map is a conversion of a SoF map and is set on a large farm. Here are two screenshots of this work in progress:-

"New DM Map By (K9)Iceman"
  posted May 6 - 4:25AM EDT by Mr.Damage
(K9)Iceman has released a new DM Map called Dock Landz. He has this to say about his new map:-

this is a medium to large sized DM map in an harbour/dock style setting with
plenty of weapons and ammo etc and plenty of room to FraG in...:)
Happy Fragg`in

You can grab it from here.

"CTF Map Release by Creamator"
  posted May 5 - 10:37PM EDT by DirtyDog
Creamator has just released a new CTF map. Check out the screenshots then head over to the CoLoRs website for more info and the download.

  posted May 5 - 4:42AM EDT by Mr.Damage
DirtyDog{WC} has released a new map for the COLORS CTF Mod. This one is called CTF~{WC}StyLe which was originally a Quake2 CTF Map. You can check out a number of screenshots and download the map from the COLORS CTF Website.

When you visit the webpage you will also see a number of screenshots of two upcoming maps by Creamator in the latest news post. The two maps are CTF Closequarters and CTF Teamwars and will be released with v1.1 of the mod. Here are two sample screenshots:-

CTF Closequarters & CTF Teamwars

Watch out for a nother new map from Creamator called CTF TeamDM5 which sould be available in the next couple of days =)

"New BM map release"
  posted May 4 - 2:18AM EDT by DirtyDog
I've just finished a BM map entitled Village Rivalry using the recently updated Kamikaze textures. The textures are prodominantly concrete, cement, stone type with a very gritty feel about them which gives the map a very old run down look--dirty walls, floors etc. I originally started this map some time ago with the intention of a DM map using standard Xatrix textures lol. The map has 24 respawns and as much as I hated to do this the map is made with NO grenades or flames :)

Download from here: ViLLagE RiVaLry

"New DM Map by (K9)IceMaN"
  posted May 2 - 2:12PM EDT by DirtyDog
(K9)IceMan has bestowed upon us a brand new DM map entitled JunkieViLLe.

QUOTE First new map on Diesel Design and theres allot more to come so look out! This is a medium sized DM map in an urban style with all the weapons and ammo etc plenty of room to FraG in...:)
Happy Fragg`in

The map looks and plays great, download from here: JunKieViLLe

Kingpin Forever is proud to announce that we will be hosting (K9)IceMan's design site so until he gets here you can check it out here: DiESel DeSiGn

"Million Maps Weekend Update"
  posted May 1 - 6:14AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Just some info on the servers that will be participating in the Million's Maps Weekend. So far there are five servers involved and I expect one or two more to come on board before the weekend :)

Servers are:-

Aussie Keypoint

USA Detropolis


UK Captain Death Gangbang

UK Willdeharp The Ender

Remember to grab the mappack from here.

Update 03/05/03 I have added another server in the UK to the above list of servers. This one is Willdeharp The Ender's Million Maps weekend server

"New DM Map By {SSF Nutro}"
  posted May 1 - 5:11AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Earlier this year {SSF}Nutro released a DM map called Nutro's Castle. As the name would suggest it's a castle style map which is medium sized and has plenty of weapons, armour and other items. It uses mainly KP textures and a few custom ones and also a custom sky. You can grab this map from here.

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