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News Archive for May 2004

"New Map By Mephisto & Hypov8"
  posted May 31 - 5:49AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Infernal Terror by Mephisto and Hypov8Download

Mephisto, with the help of Hypov8 has released his first map called Infernal Terror. This is a small, slightly darkish arena style map. It is a circular, multi level map with the bottom area filled with lava. It has a switch on one of the higher levels, that when pressed, opens up access to the centre where the hmg and armour is but also lowers the higher levels down towards the lava. So watch out you don't get boiled in a lava bath!

"Quake3 Map Converted by Pendejo"
  posted May 28 - 8:55PM EDT by Mr.Damage

Arena Gate by PeNdEjO!Download

PeNdEjO! has converted the standard QuakeIII Arena map Q3DM1 Arena Gate to Kingpin. This is a small map where at one end is a small courtyard with a rocket launcher in the center and at the other, an indoor area, with the HMG and full armour. Good for a small group of players and very frantic for a large group :)

"Updated COLORS CTF Map By Dread"
  posted May 26 - 7:43AM EDT by Mr.Damage

CTF RaidDownload

When Dread updated his Team Raid map he also updated CTF Raid. It's the same map as Team Raid just with the COLORS CTF entities such as the team flags.

"SpongeBob Health Bags By Mr Knoxville"
  posted May 26 - 7:19AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Mr Knoxville has created a replacement custom health bag which is the Nickelodeon cartoon character SpongeBob Square Pants. So if you install this new pak file all the large health bags now look like the SpongeBob character :)
The zip file contains the pak9 file and a readme on how to install it.
Download the SpongeBob Health Bag zipfile from here.

"Screenshots of New KP2 Mod Map"
  posted May 26 - 7:01AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Creamator is working on two new maps for the KP2 mod. He has sent in some screenshots of one of those maps which is called KP2 Lab.

Some comments from Creamator about this map:-

The map is of a medium size set in a Lab/Facility type environment use`n all HalfLife textures as well ,theres few areas to frag in :)
Map still needs a little more work (structural/sounds/weapons) but look`n good for a release soon.

"Four New Bagman Maps By Dread"
  posted May 25 - 5:01AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Dread has released four new Bagman maps. Raid is an update of his previous released map, X-Octagon Urban is an urban version of an [RnD]Matrix map, Water Warez is an update of a Mayhem map, and Team Circles is a map that he and Whoop Ass both worked on.

Team Circles Beta1Download

A small Bagman map Whoop_ass and Dread created in a single day and is made of circular rooms connected by circular corridors.


Smallish industrial style map. Dread got the idea for the bases from the TFC map push.bsp. He made the following changes:-
Increased the brightness
Replaced a few textures with hi-res versions from RTCW and MOHAA
Lowered the texture scale in a few areas so the map won't get as "black" from rocket and grenade explosions as it used to
A few other minor visual tweaks

Water Warez BetaDownload

An updated version of Mayhem's Water Warehouse map.

X-Octagon Urban FinalDownload

This very small bagman map is an urbanised version of [RnD]Matrix's X-Octagon Final map.

"Detropolis Server Updated"
  posted May 24 - 4:59PM EDT by Mr.Damage
I have updated the Detropolis server so that it is now just rotating the fifteen latest DM maps that have been released. The maps in rotation are:-

Warehouse HypoNew York City
Armagon:Max Payned
Goth11B Revised
City Streets
Fraggin in Space!
Riot in Cellblock ABruteforce
Urban Territory
Marble Madness
San Pedro
550 South Hope

Detropolis Details:-
Server : Detropolis Custom Maps Server
Location : Detroit
Max Players : 16
MonkeyMod : Yes
IP :

"New DM map by DooDaa"
  posted May 23 - 7:14AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Deathrow by DooDaaDownload

Several months ago I posted some screenshots of a new DM map DooDaa was working on which is set in a prison complex and called Deathrow. Well, after moving interstate and sorting out some major problems with his ISP, he has now been able to finish this map. Here is what DooDaa has to say about his map:-

Welcome to Death Row. The place where time truly is limited. In this map, you will have to watch yourself. The map has 4 main areas; two cell blocks, an outdoor holding yard (careful of the electric fence), the main entrance where they bring the prisoners in, and the execution area. The electric chair can be switched on and off too, which could make for some interesting circumstances if you see someone on the chair while its turned off! ZAP!! ;-)

The map has 17 spawn points and DooDaa suggests a player load of 6 - 16.

Check out DooDaa's previous DM Maps:-

Hamunaptra A large map set in an Egyptian tomb & using Serious Sam textures.
Lava Worx A map set in and around a Lava processing plant :)
KP Villa This is a large map set in a huge villa style residence.

"Highlight on Mapper : Stalina"
  posted May 23 - 6:36AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Stalina is a mapper from the Czech Republic who has been mapping for Kingpin since some time around November 2001. He has created several DM maps of which some are original and some are conversions. Check out his maps here:-

stdm1 - dmstasi Nice looking, medium sized, urban style map. Lots of indoor areas to kill in but also a few outdoors places.

stdm2 - warez Good medium sized, urban style map set in a trainyard and storage area.

stdm3 - Painville Larger urban style map, also set in a trainyard area complete with a sniper bunker. Deadly map this one :)

stdm4 - The House of Chton This is a conversion of the E1M7 House of Chton Single Player Quake1 map. It's a small map good for some intense fragging action. Check out recent posts about Q1 conversions for screenshots of this map.

stdm5 - Jumpyard A good conversion of the popular Quake3 spacemap Jumpyard. Good for a small group of people.
stdm6 - San Pedro A medium/large DM map with some indoors and large outdoor areas. It's urban style and there are ample weapons and other items.

Depot A conversion of the Kingpin single player Depot map (ty4.bsp). It's a large, nice conversion of the Xatrix map, set in a train depot and is good for 2 - 16 players.

stdm1 & stdm2

stdm3 & stdm5

San Pedro & Depot

"Quake 2 DM map conversion by Hypo_V8"
  posted May 20 - 10:48PM EDT by DirtyDog

I recently made a request to Hypo_V8 asking if he would convert an old Quake2 classic DM map to which he was kind enough to oblige me on.  He has just released a conversion of the stock Quake2 DM classic, WareHouse (q2dm8).   It's a well made conversion done in the classic urban style and fits a 16 player load easily.  I really have to say that for me this is a real treat as I have been a fan of Hypo for many years.  He is a very well known mapper in this community not just for his excellent work but for being an inspiration to many of today's mappers.  So here it is from our resident rad master himself, WareHouse  Hypo



Some favorite hypo maps:

Hypo Urban An excellently made,  large sized DM map styled after kpdm4.  The lighting and the wreckage is just a few of the most impressive

Hypo Mill A medium to large sized DM map with a Steel Town theme.  Again, great lighting and very true to Kingpin's Moker levels.

Hypo CT Aftermath  A medium sized DM map with a Central Towers theme. The unique part of it is that it is a wrecked version of a palace map complete with broken stairs, cracked and fallen columns, great idea and the map turned out excellent.

Hypo has produced many other maps and has taken part in the completion of countless others that I think I will posting about in the near future :)

"Screenshots Of Two Upcoming Maps"
  posted May 18 - 5:30AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Mephisto is a new mapper who is currently working on two new DM Maps. One is a small arena style map called Infernal Terror and the other one is a Central Towers themed map which, as yet, is unnamed. Here are some screenshots:-

"Interview With Dan Koppel"
  posted May 18 - 5:05AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Kingpin_Xatrix has scored another interview with one of the original Kingpin development team. This time it is Dan Koppel the Senior Level Designer. Here is a sample of the interview:-

KX: What sources did you use for inspiration in KP maps?
DK: Hmm, Anything I could get my hands on. For my work on the steeltown
section I actually ordered a promotional video from some steel companies. I also looked at many books we have here in our little library and as many movies as possible.

You can check out the full interview here.

"Another SOF to Kingpin map"
  posted May 17 - 7:50PM EDT by DirtyDog

Another map that was converted from Soldier of Fortune to Kingpin is the classic Back Alley (nycdm4).  This conversion was made by CuJo only in this case he retextured the map with stock KP as well as expanding the map.  Check it out: Dual Shipping



"New Bagman Map By Whoop Ass & Jaxon"
  posted May 17 - 6:47AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Pits of Unimaginable Neverending Doom!! by Whoop Ass and JaxonDownload

Whoop Ass and Jaxon have collaborated on a new BM map which they have just released. It is a large map which uses a space theme. It uses mainly custom textures and the bases and team areas are nicely defined with red and blue texturing.

"Rival Turf Converted To CoD"
  posted May 17 - 6:31AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Whoop Ass has converted the classic KPDM1 Kingpin map to Call of Duty. He has actually totally rebuilt the map from scratch.
If you play CoD then you should grab Rival Turf CoD from here.

"SOF to KP conversion"
  posted May 16 - 8:05PM EDT by DirtyDog
I've just completed a straight conversion of the classic SOF DM map, New York City This is one of my favorite maps however unlike Q2 this was a bit more time consuming to convert. I've re-lit the map and have highlighted every brush to correct the SOF surface flags that would cause errors in KP. Hope you enjoy it :)

Download it from here: New York City

"2 Bagman Maps Added"
  posted May 16 - 2:08AM EDT by Mr.Damage
I have added two more Bagman maps to the maps archive that were sent in by (Inc)Phoenix.

Team Front by [FLQ]_FidzDownload

Medium sized BM map which is made up of two indoor bases seperated by a rocky outdoor centre money drop area. It has heaps of weapons, armour etc in the base areas.

Team Islands by JaxonDownload

Large BM map with a canyon and water theme. The two bases set between tall canyons have the money bags on little islands and the money drop area is also on an island near a waterfall. There are several ways to travel between bases both through the canyons and the water.

"KP Maps Converted To SoF"
  posted May 15 - 1:10AM EDT by Mr.Damage
We have added seven Kingpin DM maps that have been converted for Soldier of Fortune to the Other Games download section. The maps are conversions of Mean Streets, Armagon, Fortress, Mauled, Moshpit, Sick City and TC_02. If you have the original Soldier of Fortune and want to grab these maps you can get them from here.

Btw, three SoF DM maps have been converted to Kingpin. They are:-

DM Farmfear (called Shredded Beef in SoF)
Real Bosnia

"New UK Custom Maps DM Server"
  posted May 13 - 3:48AM EDT by Mr.Damage
UnevenRatio (aka V1.1) has sent in details of his new Custom Maps Server running out of the UK:-

Server : RealLaggMode(Small Maps)
Location : UK
Max Players : 12
Maxrate : 7000
Admin : Yes
MonkeyMod : Optimal
IP :

It rotates the stock KPDM maps and a heap of mostly small custom maps. You can checkout a list of the maps in rotation on the server here and download the mappack for the server from here.

"Active KP Game Servers Page Updated"
  posted May 12 - 6:29AM EDT by Mr.Damage
I have updated our Active KP Game Servers page. I have deleted all the dead servers, updated the IP's of a few of them, added some Keypoint servers and included the Wireplay (UK) servers which Breath recently submitted for inclusion. If you use the KPplug which Truzenzuzex[BC] has just updated you will be able to join any of these servers from the webpage. The KPplug zip now includes both the kpplug and the q3plug, 2 related registry fixes and 2 readmes as well as a helpful screenshot. One or the other of the plugins should work for you.
Download the KPplug from here.

"KPplug (web plugin) updated"
  posted May 11 - 8:56PM EDT by Truzenzuzex[BC]
I have updated TiCal's original plugin file after Mr.Damage asked me about getting it working again.    The new .ZIP file now includes the latest Q3-plugin DLL also.

Grab the newly updated kpplugin file, and then follow the instructions inside the .ZIP file.   Below is a helpful screenshot on setting up the plugin once installed, click on the image to view the full sized image.

kpplug quick help

"2 Bagman Map By Jaxon Added"
  posted May 10 - 6:07AM EDT by Mr.Damage
I have added two Bagman maps by Jaxon to the map archive. These ones areTeam Hilltopbeta2 and Team Forts of Fury 5.

Team Hilltopbeta2 by JaxonDownload

A small/medium sized Bagman map where the bases are at the top of two big hills. The money drop area is in an underground cavern area. The bases are two large forts where there is lots of weapons, armour, ammo etc.

Team Forts of Fury 5 by JaxonDownload

Another in his series of Forts of Fury maps. This one features a lot of wood texturing and two pools near the money drop centre area that allow another way to get into the bases.

"New Bagman Map By Mayhem"
  posted May 9 - 6:25AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Team Water Treatment by MayhemDownload

Team Water Treament is a medium sized Bagman map which has small caches of weapons and armour spread throughout the map. You can get to the other Team's base by going across the bridge , where the money drop is, or if you don't mind getting dirty you can go via the sewer.

Update 10th May Mayhem has had a lot of feedback regarding this map and as a result he has released an updated version. The updated version fixes some spawn point issues and also fixes a 'drop to floor' error for one of the cooling mods in the map. The download link at the top of the post has been amended to point to the updated map.

"2 DM Maps by [THC]Bun Added"
  posted May 8 - 1:30AM EDT by Mr.Damage
I have added two maps by [THC]Bun to the map archive. They are Overpass and Overpass v2.

Overpass by [THC]BunDownload

Overpass is a small, urban style map in which an overpass road runs through the middle of the map. There are car wrecks and two fenced off areas you can climb to which allows you to get to a a room with the grenade launcher. There is also a small room with the HMG.

Overpass v2 by [THC]BunDownload

Overpass v2 is twice as large as the original version with two main areas which are both dissected by the road overpass. There are more buildings and rooms to enter, a teleport, lots of ways to get to and from each main area and several nooks and crannies containing some goodies such as the cooling mod.

"Kingpin:Final Crime Needs Girl For Blunt Voice"
  posted May 8 - 12:48AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Kingpin_Xatrix is looking for a girl to do the voice of the female Blunt character in his Single Player Add-On Kingpin:FinalCrime. If you sound similar to Blunt's voice and would like to be a part of KP:FC then you can contact him via his website here.

"HitMen - stats reset"
  posted May 6 - 8:56PM EDT by Truzenzuzex[BC]
I have reset the KP4EVER's DPG FragStats to only include from May 1 forward. We will try to rotate all stats files on a monthly basis.

You can hop over the stats system here: WOLFFLOW and HITMEN .  Let me know if you see anything out-of-wack.

"Quake 1 Conversions"
  posted May 5 - 11:58PM EDT by DirtyDog
Over the years authors have converted their favorite Quake 1 maps over to Kingpin however you would have to know the specific map file name to find it in our archives. I have created a new directory in our maps section entitled Conversions and here we will keep whatever official maps from other games that have been converted to Kingpin in their respective sub directory. They will still exist in the alphabetized map directories as this is all in addition to their existing locations for ease should anyone want to look for them in the context of "conversions" without having to know the exact KP mapname. Also included is a Quake 1 mappack that includes all ten conversions over the years (2 of which I found that were NOT in our archives). If anyone knows of another Quake 1 maps that are missing please email us. Also, I believe there is one more version of E1M7 that was done by someone over at {GT} but I don't remember. Download the mappack in full or pick them individually below

Of the E1M7 Series, House Of Chthon:

SoniK E1M7: House Of Chthon 2002 by
(This is the only version that includes the secret area below the level


kpe1m7 By LuGNuT

version modified by BLoW (this version contains an additional lift)

BLoW's version RE-modified by {GT}Knight (retextured)

stdm4 By Stalina

Of The DM1 series, A Place Of 2 Deaths:

kpq1dm1 By DreaD

dm1 By Tanya CheeX

quake_dm1 By Zepelin[FnR]

Of the DM4 series, A Bad Place:

kpq1dm4 By DreaD

q1dm4 By LuGNuT

"KP2 Update"
  posted May 5 - 8:20AM EDT by DirtyDog
Our own FnLou has found an article from Interplay that contains alot more specific information about their current state. In addition to this Fnlou has also received an anonymous e-mail from an alleged insider on KP2 specific news.

Here is a preview from the Interplay article:

As of April 1, 2004, we were three months in arrears on the rent obligations for our corporate lease in Irvine, California. On April 9, 2004, our lessor served us with a Three-Day Notice to Pay Rent or Surrender Possession. If we are unable to pay our rent, we may lose our office space, which would interrupt our operations and cause substantial harm to our business. We have received notice from the IRS that we owe approximately $70,000 in payroll tax penalties...

Here is a preview on the KP2 specific e-mail:

Hello, the studio was a few months into the project. they had first passes on characters and the basic layout of all the levels have been built. One team member, a huge KP Fan, worked on a script for several months for the game, doing many hours of R&D and looking throughout the internet to design a game that work be fresh and new, but reflect how the original KP game was. As you already know, interplay is getting in trouble, and rent is not the only missed payment. The studio has halted work.

You can read everything in it's entirety by visiting our forums, specifically this thread: Interplay and KP2 News Update

"New KP2 Mod Map By Whoop Ass"
  posted May 4 - 6:08AM EDT by Mr.Damage

LIFE (KP2'ed) by Whoop AssDownload

Whoop Ass has converted his LIFE DM map to the KP2 mod. It is a medium sized urban style map where it is snowing in the outside area. It has lots of doors that you can break open and a few rats for you to kill :)

"CURSE DM Mod Installer"
  posted May 4 - 5:41AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Chief_SohCahToa has sent in an Installer for his CURSE DM mod that is in RAR format. So we now host both ZIP and RAR versions. The installer contains Curse DM Server files, Client files, Maps and Shortcuts.

Download the Installer from here:-

CURSE DM Installer Zip Format
CURSE DM Installer RAR Format

"Classic DM Remake"
  posted May 4 - 1:06AM EDT by DirtyDog

I've just completed a retexture/relight/redo of the old classic, Armagon.  This is a map I've fragged on for years and I thought I'd give it my own spin. It's retextured using the Max Payne Texture packs: Max-1, Max-2 & Max-3  for a nice urban, gritty feel.  Hope you enjoy it :

Armagon: Max Payned

Armagon: Max Payned by DirtyDog  Armagon: Max Payned by DirtyDog

For some comparisons, download the original Armagon or check out Cujo's version Armagon 2. And if you are interested in a larger variation there is always the infamous "table dancing" [BC]'s Tri-Armagon by Ganthet[BC].

"Fragstats system coming back online"
  posted May 3 - 9:10PM EDT by Truzenzuzex[BC]

I've re-activated the STATS-N-YO-ASS system that has been dormant way too long. I've got the [BC]'s Wolfflow and KP4Ever's DPG system back into the system and more will be added later as we get things rolling.

You can hop over the stats system here: WOLFFLOW and HITMEN .  Let me know if you see anything out-of-wack.

"Da PlayGroundZ! Hitmen Server"
  posted May 3 - 2:26PM EDT by DirtyDog
KPF's Da PlayGroundZ! Server will be running full speed under Monkey Mod and will require players to use the Monkey Mod Client to enter. I expect that it will be up and running by the end of the week. Take advantage and be ready by downloading and installing the the Kingpin Starter pack which includes the latest version of the Monkey Mod client as well as the 1.21 patch and also download the Clean Models to ensure a smooth entry into the server.

"Most Wanted v1.2 Released"
  posted May 3 - 6:00AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Most Wanted v1.2 Mod by Chief_SohCahToaDownload

Chief_SohCahToa has released v1.2 of his Most Wanted deathmatch mod.

Mod Concept:
First and foremost, it's deathmatch.
But it's played in Bagman maps because it requires (1) cash and (2) deposit safes.
Players try to become the "Most Wanted" criminal by having the highest "Reward" offered for their hide.
Players increase the "Reward" value shown on their "Wanted" poster in two ways.
(1) Frags: Each frag adds a certain value to your reward depending upon who you fragged ( more later ).
(2) Deposits: Cash you pick up and deposit also adds to your reward value.

Any safe in the map will work for anyone to make deposits into.
Noone is allowed to make withdrawls from any safe.
Safe camping is a cool feature but to keep it from becoming tiresome, additional safebags are placed as entities in the existing bagman maps so no new maps need be developed for this mod. Usually 4 safebags per map would suffice.

Finally, because it's deathmatch, there will always be a leader or "Most Wanted" player.
If you frag this player, $100 gets added to your reward.
If you frag the runner up, $70 gets added to your reward.
If you frag the third place player, $50 gets added to your reward.
Everyone else is just a $10 hoe. All these values are editable by the server admin using the INI file.
This last feature really helped to level out the game play since it makes it hard for the current leader to advance without making deposits and it makes it easy for newcomers to the game to advance quickly making for close games almost always.

You can see a full list of changes in both v1.1 & v1.2 here.

By the way, the download file is in .RAR format so you will need to use a program such as WinRAR or WinAce to extract the files.

"Updated DM Map"
  posted May 1 - 9:57PM EDT by DirtyDog
After a few frags over at KPF's Da PlayGroundZ! I came across an old classic, Goth11b by LOCO! & Control L. It's a great map that takes place in a cemetary and has a really cool and spooky feel to it. The only issues that I had with this map was the lack of juniors and respawn points. Well that was certainly easy enough to fix so download the revised version from here: Goth 11B Revised

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