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News Archive for May 2005

"Floating Forts 2005"
  posted May 28 - 3:30AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Floating Forts 2005Download

Found this new version of Hogie's Floating Forts Bagman map in a BM mappck. It has been retextured with the Serious Sam texture set, has some new walkways and a few other minor layout changes made. It also has a custom sky and generally looks real nice.

"KP4Ever COLORS CTF Server Back"
  posted May 25 - 5:00PM EDT by Mr.Damage
I have set the KP4Ever CTF Server back up and running. So if you feel like some Capture The Flag action why not drop in for a few maps.

Server Details:-
Name KP4Ever's CTF v1.0a Server
Maxclients 16
Client Files Yes

If you don't have the COLORS CTF client files you can download them here.

You can visit the COLORS CTF website here.

"Rifles In The Wetland BM Map"
  posted May 24 - 8:12AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Rifles in the Wetland BM by FredzDownload

Here is a new Bagman map with a very interesting theme. This is a conversion to Kingpin by Fredz called Rifles in the Wetland. As the name suggests all the action takes place in the Wetlands. One base is set in a garage building with a cool looking vehicle and the other is in a little hut. The money drop is also in a hut. There are several paths through the wetlands to each base and the money drop hut. Even if you don't play BM it's worth downloading just to have a look at :)

"Krypt 2005 DM Map"
  posted May 23 - 5:53AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Kypt 2005 by TrixiDownload

Trixi has released a retextured version of the old DM map Tomb made by Cybopat. Trixi's version looks like it uses Serious Sam textures. Krypt 2005 is a small 1v1 map set in an ancient krypt.
This is actually the third version of this map. Tomb by Cybopat used the cs Aztec texture set and then KiteKat released a version called Krypt that used mainly standard Kingpin textures and changed the weapon and item placement.
You can download those maps from here:-

Tomb & Krypt

"Another SiN Conversion"
  posted May 21 - 11:24PM EDT by Mr.Damage

Midnight converted by Mr DamageDownload

This is a conversion of the SiN DM level Midnight. It's a medium sized map set in a sort of bio-chemical plant. It uses all the original SiN textures and custom sky environemnt giving it a nice sort of official secret facility feel. It has ample weapons and items and one teleport. Not sure why this map was called Midnight though as the sky environemt looks like it is the middle of the day lol. This map took a couple of weeks to complete as it ended up being a lot more work than I anticipated.

"New Bagman Map By Fredz"
  posted May 21 - 11:16PM EDT by Mr.Damage

Industrial Teams by FredzDownload

Industrial Teams is a Bagman map based on the DM map Industrial Waste. Fredz has basically mirrored KPDM2 to make it BM. There is ambient red and yellow/green lighting to signify which team area you are in and the money drop is located on a rooftop. Fredz tells me it has many props inlcuded for use in those BM style mods that have props enabled.

"DM Map Added"
  posted May 21 - 4:21AM EDT by Mr.Damage

KFG Arena by DrJointDownload

This is a large DM map I just found made by a Czech mapper, DrJoint. The style is sort of Quake2 and it has a good layout and flow about it. It only uses a few textures, primarily a brick wall texture from Half-Life and a metal texture from Daikatana. It has enough weapons and items and is well worth a look.

"Two Older Urban Style Maps"
  posted May 21 - 1:46AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Two urban style Kingpin maps we have never posted about here are Carpe Jugulum by Darkstar and Urban Wars by Cougar.

Carpe JugulumDownload

Carpe Jugulum is a large, urban Kingpin map made by Darkstar very much in the style of TanyaCheex.

Urban WarsDownload

Urban Wars is a medium to large, urban style Kingpin map made by Cougar. Much of the action takes place in a large hotel type building but there are outside areas as well.

"SiN Texture Pack"
  posted May 19 - 11:06PM EDT by DirtyDog

I've completed and uploaded every texture from the Quake2 engined game, SiN.  These are sharp looking textures that are kind of like Kingpin meets Unreal Tournament.  Many different themes Bank, Urban, Metals, Powerplant, Dam, concrete and heaps of them, over 3700 textures.  Grab the file from here: SiN Texture Pack and let's see some maps ;)



"New Hitmen Server"
  posted May 19 - 4:19PM EDT by Mr.Damage
We have received some great news from Garcia[FnR]:-
Hey KP'ers!

This is Garcia[FnR] letting you all know that we couldn't stand not playing Kingpin anymore, so we added a KP server to our current server provider! It's the Hitmen mod right now which will be changing to a newer version of Hitmen once Zeppelin finishes all the tweaking. One notable change will be map voting. We have other features that we are adding also to eventually have Extreme Hitmen!
Our server is located in Texas on an Unmemtered bandwith line that provides lag free fraggin! We are now running a mixed bag of maps, but we are going to fine tune it to what the public likes. We hope this will get others back in the swing of Hitmen like the old days!

IP -
Server holds 24 people.

Come and join us in the fun!


"BitchSlappa Video"
  posted May 15 - 6:03PM EDT by DirtyDog

Long time KP'er Hogie has created a WMV formatted video tributing the long time running Hogie's Bitch Slappa servers and many of it's long time players.  Hogie has been a member of this community since the beginning and has contributed prolifically to the KP cause.  From maps, to mods, to servers he's pretty much touched on everything to do with Kingpin and here's yet another one. 

It's an excellent movie, lots of players, great music and really cool camera work.  She's a big one weighing in at 35 megs but it's well worth it, grab it from here and see if you're in it ;) Bitch Slappa

Bitch Slappa

"New Bitch Skin"
  posted May 13 - 11:50AM EDT by DirtyDog

As a request from [F^]Milla I created a skin that represents the character LeeLoo from the movie, The Fifth Element played by Milla Jovovitch. It's not perfect but I hope I've done it some justice.  Grab it from here: LeeLoo


"New DM Map - Entryway DM"
  posted May 12 - 4:24PM EDT by Mr.Damage

Entryway DM converted by Mr DamageDownload

This is the Entryway Level from Doom2. This map was originally made for Quake2 by Hawkmoon as an enhanced version of the Doom2 Map01 - Entryway. If you've ever played Doom2 you'll know the map for sure. It uses all Doom2 textures, has a custom sky, and has ample weapons and other items. Thanks go to Hypo_v8 for a couple of good suggestions and for helping me sort out how to get the triggered platforms working properly in the map :)

"New DM Map Conversion"
  posted May 11 - 10:17PM EDT by DirtyDog

After seeing Mr. Damage's recent post on SIN maps it occured to me that it's the one Q2 engined game I've never played.  So I downloaded the demo and saw some really cool maps that would work in KP, this being one of them.  This is a straight conversion of  sindm6, Deconstruction Zone.  It's small arena style map with a run down construction site in the center.  Should be a lot of fun with a small bunch, grab it from here: Deconstruction Zone

Deconstruction Zone

"Doom2 Skins"
  posted May 11 - 5:02AM EDT by Mr.Damage
I am currently working on a Doom2 style map so I thought it was a good opportunity to post about the Doom2 skins available in Kingpin for the thug and bitch. There are three versions of the Doom Marine skin for the thug and one for the bitch.

All these skins can be found in the id skins pack. This is a skin pack that contains skins for the runt, bitch and thug from all games that id software made. It inlcudes skins from Wolfenstein 3D, Doom2, Quake and Quake3.

You can downlaod the id skins pack from here.

Quake3 Biker & Wolf 3D Blazkowicz

"Force Mod"
  posted May 10 - 4:33AM EDT by Mr.Damage
While we are in Star Wars mode I thought I would remind everyone about the Force Mod which was released a couple of years back by {GT}Syl^cs.

Force mod is a mod created using some of the features from Jedi Knight 2 into a mod for Kingpin. All weapons have been removed and replaced with a saber that you start the game with. Force Mod attempts to capture the feel of Jedi Knight fighting where players duke it out to the death with a combination of force powers and light saber combat.

Features include:-

* 3 Different Force Powers (push, pull and cloak)
* High powered, high range Light Saber (no guns).
* Togglecam re-enabled
* All special engine features enabled (explosions, SP props, spawners)

There are four maps included in the Force mod files (Dual Carbon & Dual Pit by Mr.Knoxville and Team Jedi Beta & Jedi Arena by Whoop-ass).

The Force Mod files include the client files and also the files required for running a Windows server.

You can download the Force Mod files rom here

{GT}Syl^cs also converted the Lord Maul Quake2 model (originally created by Wrath) for use in the Force Mod. He can also be used in DM but the model doesn't have Kingpin viewable weapons so you will always see the light aber no matter which weapon is being used.
You can download the Darth Maul model from here

Three more maps have been released that utilise the JK2 texture set that would be good for this mod as well:-

Fraggin in Space! by DedBankClerk
Matrix Dojo (rev) by Mr.Kn0XViLLe & Hypo_v8
DM Jedi (final) by Creamator

"Star Wars Skins"
  posted May 7 - 9:50PM EDT by Mr.Damage
With the imminent release of the latest Star Wars movie we thought it would be a good time to post about some of the Star Wars related stuff in Kingpin.

There have been many skins made for the thug and runt models with a Star Wars theme. They are all available in the StarWars Skins Pack.

You can check out a list of all the skins included in the StarWars Skins Pack here.

You can grab the StarWars Skins Pack from here.

Biggs Darklighter & Darth Maul

ATAT Pilot & Gammorean Guard

"Hypo's Warehouse Map"
  posted May 5 - 11:25PM EDT by Mr.Damage

Hypo's Warehouse by Hypo_v8Download

This is a map Hypo_v8 made awhile ago (I think originally for the Capture The Bag mod). It's a medium sized DM map centred around a warehouse where there is a working conveyor loading a crates onto a truck. There is a nice outside street area, a sewer, and you can get onto some of the rooftops. Another good map from Hypo_v8 :)

"Batman & Robin Thug Skins"
  posted May 4 - 5:43AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Many comic book characters have had skins made of them in Kingpin including Batman and Robin. The Batman skin was made by Loaded and Robin by Plumster. Batman is pretty detailed and Robin is pretty colourful lol.

Download them from here:-

To see if you already have these skins go to kingpin/main/models/actors/thug and look for the following skin names:-



"SiN Conversions"
  posted May 2 - 5:34AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Remeber the FPS called Sin? It came out around the same time as Kingpin (maybe a bit earlier) but got a bad rep for being very buggy. Anyway a few maps were converted from SiN to Kingpin and here they all are:-

Whatever by FuZzYNuTz{STZ}. A conversion of one of the SiN DM maps. Small/Medium map with lots of lava to fall into. Very bright map.
Download Whatever from here.

Whatever...2 by Whoop Ass. An Urban version of Whatever. Whoop Ass also fixed the lighting and added heaps more weaps and ammo.
Download Whatever...2 from here.

Whatever and Whatever...2

Pincity by Turbo. A conversion of the SiN DM map SiNcity but Turbo used Kingpin textures. Very popular map and many of you would have played this one. I have played this map hundreds of times but it wasn't until today when taking screenshots that I found another HMG in the map and a secret room :)
Download Pincity from here.


Team Military Compounds by Hogie & Hypo_v8. This is a large Bagman map converted from Sin which uses all the original SiN textures. Hypov8 helped Hogie with this one.
Download Team Military Compounds from here.

Team Military Compounds

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