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News Archive for May 2006

"KPWolf DM Map"
  posted May 31 - 5:36AM EDT by Mr.Damage

KPWolf by SonikDownload

This is a map, released by Sonik, which is a partial conversion/remake of the RTCW map MP Beach. This map is setbin the base area of the original map. It's a small map, ample weapons and good for a small fragfest.

"POTD Reminder #1,000,000,000 and Three"
  posted May 29 - 10:02AM EDT by NeWFnlou
For some bizzare reason, there are a few folks out there in cyberspace who seem to think that POISONVILLE aka KINGPINFOREVER is interested in screenshots from other games. This is my quarterly reminder to those folks that we ARE NOT. Please do not waste your own bandwidth and our valuable time by uploading screenshots from whatever RPG or Fantasy game you happen to being playing at the moment. The POTD upload is not an "automated system", and each submission is reviewed by a Staff Member of KP4EVER to insure that it is relevant to the coolest FPS on the planet - Kingpin - Life Of Crime. It's hard to believe that we should have to spell this simple fact out, but I suggest that those folks who are thinking of sharing their "other game" screenies do a little google searching and take their interests somewhere else. For the rest of you who are interested in KP, WELCOME HOME!....And keep on sending in those killa KP pics OK?

"New KIT Map By Sonik"
  posted May 28 - 5:03PM EDT by Mr.Damage

Strets Of Rage 4 - KiT by SonikDownload

Sonik has released his fifth KiT map for Kingpin called Streets of Rage 4 - KiT. This is a medium sized, challanging map in the classic urban style. Another great and fun map by Sonik.

"Return To Castle Scarecrow DM Map"
  posted May 25 - 7:03AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Return To Castle Scarecrow by SandstormDownload

Here is an old map that deserves another look I think. It's a large DM map, in the KPDM5 style by Sandstorm. As well as many stairs it also has several lifts in the map for accessing the different levels. It's seems to be just a bit light on for weapons, but there is one place, up high, where there are four HMG's lol.

"Beta Of new DM Map"
  posted May 22 - 5:09PM EDT by Mr.Damage

Arena SMRTI (Revised) Beta by Mr DamageDownload

I have revised the Arena SMRTI DM map which was originally created by Oracius. This was a map he made which was a remake of the Quake3 map Q3DM3 Arena of Death.

I have retextured it using the KPDM5 texture set and added lots more player spawn points (Oracius's map only had four). I also added more weapons, made a few minor structural changes and a few other fixes. It has been tested on Detropolis and seems to play well :)

Btw, you can grab the original Arena SMRTI map by Oracius from here.

"More Mafia Skins"
  posted May 20 - 5:16AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Russian Mafia Thug by unknownDownload

Recently I posted about an old skinpack featuring two mafia skins, one of them of a Russian Mafia thug. Since then I have found another Russian Mafia thug skin we hosted. This one is a lot different and another good thug skin. The author of this skin is unknown.

Now I also found yet another Russian Mafia thug skin by Black Pope but this one was exactly the same as the one in the Mafia Skin pack, by Don Corleone, but the skin files had different names. Now seeing as the unknown author skin and the Don Corleone skin both use the same names (body_rus and legs_rus) I have added the Black Pope version (head_rmf, body_rmf and legs_rmf) to the Mafia skin pack so you can have both the unknown author skin and the BlackPope/Don Corleone skin in your collection :)

Download the updated Mafia Skinpack from here.

"DM Kundun Map Released"
  posted May 20 - 4:39AM EDT by Mr.Damage

DM Kundun by CujoDownload

Cujo has now released the new map he has been working on recently. This one is a Quake2 stlye map which uses all custom textures. It features jump pads, teleports, custom sounds and plenty of weapons and items. Due to the openness of the map r speeds are a bit high in places but generally ok.

"CRASH Squad Video"
  posted May 20 - 4:29AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Tunnleram is planning on creating a Crash Squad video using footage from the recent games on his Tram Design CRASH server. In the interim he has put together a quickie video using footage from last weekend's game in the Lockaway Storage map. You can check it out here.

"New DM Map By Fredz"
  posted May 20 - 12:08AM EDT by Mr.Damage

The Lost Island by FredzDownload

Fredz has created a new DM Map for Kingpin called The Lost Island. This is a small map set on a little tropical island. There is a building/structure which dominates the map which is four small, open rooms each containing a HMG. Outside there are four rocket launchers and tommyguns as well. There are palm treess (which drop coconuts) and a nice attempt to simulate the tide rolling in and out :)

"Screenshots Of New DM Map"
  posted May 19 - 11:51PM EDT by Mr.Damage
AB|Jones is currently working on a new DM map called DM Killz. It a smallish, multi levelled, map which uses mostly custom textures. Here are some early screenshots:-

"Village Map For Crash Squad"
  posted May 19 - 7:41PM EDT by Mr.Damage

BOM Village conv by Mr DamageDownload

This is a CRASH Squad version of the DM Village map that was created some time ago and is for the bombing scenario. But it is not in the CRASH Squad mappack so I have reposted about it. Village is a conversion to Kingpin of the cs map de_village which was created by Debugger.

"Another Game Of CRASH Squad"
  posted May 17 - 5:06PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Due to the success of the game of CRASH last Friday night there will be another game this Friday 19th May on the TRAM Design CRASH Server.

Time : Friday, May 19th starting 7.15pm EST
Place :

That is about 4pm West Coast time and around midnight in the UK.

To learn more about the CRASH Squad mod then check out the Crash Squad Info Page - here

You can get the client files and mappack from here:-

Client Files

"Mafia Skins"
  posted May 17 - 4:46AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Mafia Skins by Don CorleoneDownload

The Mafia Skin Pack is an older pack of two thug skins made by Don Corleone. It contains an Italian Mafia skin and a Russian Mafia skin.
I have updated the zipfile so you only have to extract all the files to your Kingpin directory.

"Screenshot Of New DM Map"
  posted May 15 - 5:09PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Cujo is working on a new DM map called DM Kundun. This one is in the Q2 style and uses the same texture set as he used on the Temple Verte map. Here is a screenshot:-

"New Russian Kingpin Server"
  posted May 14 - 5:12PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Smit sent word he is hosting a new Kingpin server in Moscow, Russia:-
i thought it could be interesting to some people because there are no kingpin servers in Russia, so now russian players can play with a good ping.
There is also a support forum (in Russian) here.

Server Details
Name : kulabu server hosted by smit
IP :
Maxclients : 10

The server is running Monkey mod and is a Gangbang server running KPDM1-5 standard maps.

"KPZ Mod Released"
  posted May 10 - 6:18AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Fredz has now released v93b of his multimode mod KPZ.

There are many features in this mod includign the ability to play Hitmen, BM, Kitmod, GB, Team DM etc.

Props are enabled
Weapons can be changed
Checkpoints set in KITmod
Change startign weapons
Fast Shotgun Reload
Change frrom night to day and vice versa
Carry more cash in BM
Votemap command
Different styles of Realmode
Plus many other features

There are both Windows and Linux versions.

Download the KPZ server files from here:-

"Mover6 Utility"
  posted May 9 - 4:05AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Mover6 Utility by TiCaLDownload

Every six months or so I remind people who download a lot of maps from Kingpin servers to run the Mover6 Utility.

All maps and textures should be in the main folder but when you download a map from a server it puts it in the folder where the server is running from. So it can end up in the Comp, Hitmen, Extreme folders or many others.
You can end up with the same map in several different folders (if you d/l a map while playing the Hitmen mod it puts it into the Hitmen/maps folder and then if you join another server running a different mod such as the Comp mod, but running the same map, it will d/l the map again, because it is not in main/maps folder where it should be. Hence you can end up with the same map in several different places and with a larger than necessary Kingpin folder.

If you d/l and run the Mover6 utility by TiCaL it moves all maps, textures, sounds, skins, etc, from your mod folders back to main where they belong in the main folder. The zip includes a Readme with clear instructions on how to run it.

"New DM Map"
  posted May 5 - 7:49PM EDT by Mr.Damage

Night Ride conv by Mr DamageDownload

My conversion of the SiN Night Ride map is now complete. This map was originally created by Tatuone and is a medium sized urban map with a night theme and lots of roof based fighting. It has 11 player spawn points, plenty of weapons and uses all the original SiN textures.

"Last Four Of Fredz's KIT Maps"
  posted May 5 - 6:55AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Here are the final four KIT maps that were submitted by Fredz:-

Haunted Race
KPDM5Race beta
Nova Jump 6

"Another Four Models"
  posted May 5 - 6:29AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Four more of the new models that {GT}Knight submitted:-

Frosty the Snowman
Citrus Frog
Venus Flytrap

Garfield and Frosty

Flytrap and Citrus Frog

"Game Of CRASH Squad Mod 12th May"
  posted May 5 - 5:32AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Tunnleram, who was leader of the CRASH Squad development team, is organising a game of CRASH on Friday night 12th May on his server:-
Friday May 12th we’re going to have a CRASH Squad night over at the TRAM Design server and have some fun tossing Molotov cocktails around the place!

Time : Friday, May 12th starting 7pm EST
Place :

You can get the client files and mappack from here:-

Client Files

Btw the server will be up all this week if you want to check it out before the game.

"Screenshot Of New Map"
  posted May 3 - 6:47AM EDT by Mr.Damage
I am currently working on converting a map from the old game SiN. This one is a street themed map called Night Ride which was originally created by Tatuone. Its a medium sized urban map with a night theme and lots of roof based fighting. It should be finished soon.

"Wed Night Game At Da PlaygroundZ"
  posted May 2 - 4:52PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Just a reminder about the regular Wednesday night games at the Da PlaygroundZ Hitmen server.
Why not drop in for a few map this Wed. night 3rd May.
The IP is

"Four More Models"
  posted May 2 - 3:29AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Half way thru the new models that {GT}Knight submitted. Here are th next four:-

Lego Man

Oluve and Megaman

Laalaa and Lego Man

"New Map By AB|Jones"
  posted May 1 - 5:02PM EDT by Mr.Damage

DM 900 by AB|JonesDownload

AB|Jones has released a new one room fragfest map for KP. It uses custom textures, has lots of weapons and items and 24 spawn points.

"Five More Player Models"
  posted May 1 - 2:31AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Here are the next five models that {GT}Knight has converted from Q2:-

Spaceman Spiff
Speedy the Snail
Schlong Chimp

Spiff and Speedy

Snork and Pingu

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