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News Archive for May 2007

"KITMod v1.0 Released & Custom Model Pack"
  posted May 29 - 7:30AM EDT by Mr.Damage

KITMod v1.0 for Windows by FredzDownload

Fredz has been working on his KITMod for some time and has now released v1.0 for Windows. (v1.1 will contain a Linux version as well). This is a Mod for Kingpin that allows players to play a kit mod game (where you can praccy jumps and etc).

The main features are as follows:-

Highscores saving in new hud (you need a directory scores for it otherwise it doesn't work)
New timers so you can put timers in maps if they don't got any with sv_entbuild 1
New maplist system can load now up to 450 maps in maplist.txt
New server command force_custom_model loads 91 custom models with 687 skins
Player names showing when you aim
New team system out of coop mod so you can shoot now also secret door and props
Fixed almost all maps for kitmod
Togglecam works in kitmod
kpz_lion prop build in
func_reflect build in
misc_blackhole build in
Only 2 KIT maps don't work in KITMod (kitknox1 and ubc_kit_by_chris).
All KIT maps (with textures, sounds, models) included in the zipfile

Check the Readme for install instructions etc and hopefully someone will put a KITMod server up soon.

Custom Models Pack

One of the server options is to force custom player models and as such Fredz has put together a model pack that contains all known custom models and skins. It weighs in at a whopping 140mg and can be downloaded from here.

Even if you don't intend to download and play the KITMod this is a great way to get all custom models for Kingpin in one hit.

"Team Recycle BM Map"
  posted May 28 - 6:58AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Team Recycle by 4LM05TDownload

Here is an Bagman Map that was released during the old Poisonville.com days. IT's called Team Recycle and was created by 4LM05T. It's large and, like all his maps, has a nice urban theme. The two bases are in large underground chambers and there are several routes to the enemies base, some via mine shaft style corridors and many other via urban buildings and corridors.
The weapons/itmes are found throughout the map and while it might take five or so minutes to learn the map it will easily hold large numbers of players.

You can download it from the link above at KP4Ever or from Filefront.

To check if you already have this map look for team_recycle.bsp.

"KP2 Sickre Map Revised"
  posted May 24 - 4:54AM EDT by Mr.Damage
I have had to revise the KP2 Sickre map due to a big problem it had. I have fixed the problem and also done some other minor changes (a little bit of lighting changed, a few item placement changes and additions, fixed some texture misalignments etc).
You can download the updated map from here.

If you need the KP2 Mod client files you can grab them from here.

Then you are good to go on the KP2 Mod server:-
Name : {NeW}EAST!http://new-crew.org Fnlou's KP2 MOD Server
IP :
Maxclients : 12

"New Mappack For Hogies"
  posted May 20 - 4:33PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Kr^sHeD has put together a mappack containing all the maps currently rotating on Hogie's East Coast Curse Server.
The mappack is in an installer program so all you need do is download the zipfile and run the Setup.exe and follow the install instructions.
You can grab the new mappack from here.

"Another Free Anti Virus Program"
  posted May 20 - 8:00AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Further to my recent post about the AVG free Anti Virus program, Fredz has let us know about another free AV prog called Avast which he says is even better.
If you want to put it to the test you can grab the Avast AV program from here.

And speaking of Fredz we will be hosating his KP related webpage shortly. It will feature his KP maps and mods and news on all his latest KP projects of which there are many :)

"New Kingpin Curse Video"
  posted May 20 - 4:49AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Kr^sHeD has created and submitted a new Kingpin movie showing off some gameplay over at Hogies Curse Server. It's called Hogies Bitch Slappa2 Krashstuff, is in avi format and weighs in at 41mg.
You can grab this new video from

"New DM Map"
  posted May 19 - 10:20PM EDT by DirtyDog

This is a small, DM map that should play well with 4 players.  It's a remake of an old Mr_PenCHo map from years ago entitled MPDM4 2007: ReduX.  The original was part of a DM mappack he made, mpdm1-4 and this was my favorite one.  Should make for a good game, hope you enjoy :)


MPDM4 2007: ReduX

"Dual 1 vs 1 DM map"
  posted May 19 - 8:16AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Dual Arena by SonyaDownload

Here's an old map many of you might not have seen before. It's a small 1 vs 1 map made by Sonya called Dual Arena.
Its a single room map with lots of pistol mods and tommyguns but no other weapons :)
It only has five spawn points so so good for small groups.

"007 Complex Map"
  posted May 17 - 8:13AM EDT by Mr.Damage

007 Complex by KryptDownload

An mapper from the old days, Krypt, is back with KP so I thought I would highlight one of his custom DM Maps with a news post.
This one is called 007 Complex and is based on the map of the same name from the Nintendo 64 game 007 Golden Eye.
It's a medium sized DM Map, 10 spawns and ample weapons n stuff =)

"Free Anti Virus Program"
  posted May 16 - 6:46AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Anyone out there who hasn't got an Anti Virus program should think about getting one. A good free one is called AVG. It's very popular and seems to do the job.
If you need it you can grab it from here.

"Blanco HQ DM Map"
  posted May 13 - 1:23AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Blanco Hq by SonikDownload

Here is an old map I hadn't played for many years until a couple of days ago. It's called Blanco HQ and is a DM map Sonik created in Novemeber of 2001. It's set in Blanco's HQ , a large base with an equally large outdoor area and also an underground facility. It has enough weapons and items and even a secret room for you to find :D
To check if you already have this map look for blanco_hq.bsp in your main/maps folder.

This is one of the hundreds of maps now in rotation on our new Legacy Server so check it out soon.

"Kingpin Card Game"
  posted May 11 - 5:17PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Fredz sent in the old Kingpin card game, some of you might remember, called Top Trumps.
It's a simple game where the object is to win all the cards (a total of twenty). You can play against the computer or another person.
Each card represents a KP player from that time with 6 stats about the player. You select 1 stat from the card you are dealt and if it is better that your opponents stat you win that card. As stated you keep playing until one player holds all twenty cards.
You can grab the Top Trumps game from here.

"KingpinQ3 Weapon Shots"
  posted May 8 - 5:36AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Area sent in a couple of weapon screenshots from KingpinQ3. These shots feature high res skins for the HMG and Rocket Launcher and are taken in a very KP looking map :)

"Webpage Help Needed"
  posted May 5 - 6:35AM EDT by Mr.Damage
S*a*D|Meph is planning to run a RioTZ competition but the one thing holding him up at the moment is that he needs someone to create a webpage for the comp. Someone was making one for him but that didn't work out.
If you have some experience at creating webpages and would like to help out you can contact Meph here - forkpcrew@hotmail.com

"High Resolution Weapon Skins"
  posted May 5 - 6:27AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Mr.Kn0x sent me an email about the high res weapon skins for the Kingpinq3 Porject which I posted about yesterday.
The in game screenshots of the highrez weapon skins are in Xatrix kingpin. Kingpin engine reduces quality of the skins. So on Kingpinq3 Project they look much much better.
Resolution of the skins are 512x256.tga
The skins will work for kingpin as you can see. In the near future we gonna release a Pakfile for Kingpin.
I look forward to seeing that pakfile released :D

"More KingpinQ3 News"
  posted May 4 - 5:46AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Lots of news on the Kingpinq3 Project front.

Mr Knox has created some high res weapon skins for KPQ3 (including the HMG, Tommy and Grenade Launcher). Which of course means that all these weapons will now be included whereas at one stage it looked like none of them would be.

Four different texture packs will be inlcuded in the next Alpha release (kingpin original size; Kingpin double sized tga, Kingpin doublesized jpg, Mr.Knox high rez textures). This is so Area can work outr which ones are the best quality and best for KPQ3.

Mappers should be able to be start creating maps with the next Alpha release. Area is still working on the gtk-radiant patch (some problems fixed, some still to be solved).

After completing all the weapon skins Mr Knoxville will start on new HUD graphics.

Here are some screens of the Hires HMG and GL:-

Area currently has an Alphatest server running

Name : inQ3=| Gangbang (Alphatest)
Ip :
Macclients : 20

To be able to join the server you need to get the Alpha client files which you can get from Area by contacting him via his webpage KingpinQ3.

We also have a forum topic open where you can post all your questions and comments about this project which you can visit here.

Bare in mind the project is only in early Alpha state and it will get better and better as it moves towards Beta but don't wait until then jump on board now and support another person who is doing his best to keep the legacy of Kingpin alive =)

"Two Funhouse DM Maps"
  posted May 3 - 5:29AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Here are two older DM Maps from the early days of KP which both have a funhouse theme.
Intruder's Funhouse is a crazy map full of cylindrical spinning corridors, a reflective floor in one room, hidden doors, a giant picture of the Mona Lisa and spinning floors etc. It's a mid size DM Map with all custom textures fitting this wierd theme. It has lots of rooms and the entire map has a maze like feel to it.
You can grab Intruder's Funhouse map from here.

The other map is one we didn't have in our archive so I had to make a zipfile and upload it. It's called Zombie's Funhouse and is similar in theme to Intruder's map. It also has a maze like quality (with smaller corridors and rooms) and uses all custom textures.
You can grab Zombie's Funhouse map from here.

Btw, both these maps are in rotation at our new KP4Ever Legacy server :)
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