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News Archive for June 2000

"39 New maps released... its a whopper!"
  posted June 4 - 11:00PM EDT by Truzenzuzex[BC]
The [BC] Crew (visit homepage for more details) has finally compiled and packaged a rather freaking large new MAP-PACK-N-YO-ASS (Update #9), which is released in eight 7.95 meg chunks (to be as friendly as we think we can be to the modem folks). It includes a shitload of new textures (a bunch from upcoming new maps), new sounds, half dozen original source .MAP files (not decompiled, the originals) and the following 39 new or revised maps:

alien_abduction2 : {420}Mayhem's Q2 twisted conversion (replaces alien_abduction.bsp)
assault_rcfix3 : Hogie's Tower Assault
betaassault_fog12 : Hogie's Team Assault
betabar : {420}Mayhem's - CLub Mayhem - ripped from SP map
bar_brawl : {420}VooDoo's bar map - ripped from SP map
bc_smash_pit_island-v3 : Truzenzuzex[BC]'s version 3
bc_tri-armagon Ganthet[BC]'s Tri-Armagon fragapalooza event
beta_bar {420}VooDoo's bar5 map - beta, rough, semi-playable
bloody3 {320}Bloody's - small and dark, fragfest quality
blueskys Bit's BlueSkys
brickhouse2 Insane Clown's version 2 (replaces brickhouse.bsp)
concrete-final Bit's Concrete-final version (replaces concrete.bsp)
dmvertigo =LM=Propane's tiny rotating DM map from hell :)
edge_bar {420}Edge's Bar map (ripped from SP map)
fragtwnrev [TCC]BadAss's q1 conversion - fun stuff, especially with hook!
jax15 Jaxon's Fort map from Assault Mod - beta?"
junglerock Bit's Jungle Map - nice waterfall battle pit area
kpbroken-v2 Insane Clown's - revised version 2
kpdmgt AI Tunnelram's DM version of Gemini Temple
kpdm_rb JFrost's Roman Baths
kpq2dm5c Rat Instinct's Q2 conversion revision C (replaces kpq2dm5x.bsp)
lostworld {420}Mayhem's RDm1 q2 conversion
milkbar {320}Bloody's tiny frag map - excessove GZ_Getspace errors on console
milkbar-fixed [BC]'s fire-free version of MILKBAR, no more server console errors
Overpass [THC]Bun's Overpass - small/medium and fun
q2ctf2v AI Tunnelram's Stronghold q2 conversion - nice
q3ctf1 Hogie's?? Q3 map conversion - seems Beta
syna (unknown author) - rough, with some nice thoughts, minor spawn issues
team_aa_beta2 AI Tunnelram's Acrid Alloy conversion - beta2 - nice
team_backalley =LM=Propane's Team Backalley
team_ck_beta1 AI Tunnelram's City Killer beta1 - nice courtyard battle area
team_gt_rev AI Tunnelram's Gemini Temple conversion
Team_Heavy_Metal Jaxon's team map - big, good flow
team_mv Badmonk's Team Monkville bagman
team_so_rev AI Tunnelram's Stronghold Opposition Q2 conversion - team
team_sickcity =LM=Propane's Team version of Sick City - sweet
thrashvill Bit's ThrashVille - nice city landscape layout
warehouse-wrath {D.O.W}Kane's Warehouse Wrath
water_n_hole {420}Mayhem's - small, has some nice lasers guarding a door way

You can grab the (7) zip files from here. For those of you who NEVER bother to download the map packs you are missing out. The packs include missing SKY textures, and custom SOUNDS; something servers cant send down -- PLUS you save a hell of A LOT of time by downloading them compressed.

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