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News Archive for June 2003

"Hardware Review Site"
  posted June 30 - 8:34AM EDT by DirtyDog
Long time KP fragger DuBoidS{WC} (Dan Groff) writes comprehensive and detailed reviews about the latest hardware in the market for a site called Review Nation. As you all know from a consumer's perspective it is the hardcore gamer that will invest in the very best hardware to maximize performance/speed/graphics to achieve of course maximum fragability lol. Everyone knows how much your hardware impacts any game and its comforting to know that one of our own thoroughly tests the most current models on the market and writes reviews for them. The reviews are excellent. So good that they are often featured name brand sites like Antec-Inc.. From a personal note DuBoidS{WC} provided me with full list of parts for a new rig over a year ago. After purchasing every part he recommended (from the case, to the fans, mobo, vid card, sound, the entire gammet) my machine to this very day runs perfect without a single hitch. I run all of the latest games on it and they run silky smooth, especially Kingpin. Check out one of DuBoidS{WC} reviews from here: Antec Review or for any other review you might need so make sure to bookmark ;) Also Review Nation is affiliated with Athlon XP forums so if anyone has any tech questions you can check em out here: AthlonXP forums

"Insanity Mod Update"
  posted June 30 - 4:30AM EDT by Mr.Damage
{GT}Frost is back from the war and back into Kingpin action:-

Just wanted to let you all know that i have made it safely back from Iraq, have put www.iam-multiplayer.com back on line. Please stop by and tell us what you think. Also I am starting work on Insanity 4.0 for Kingpin. I hope to see you all soon.

To gain full access to the site you need to register (username and password) but it only takes a few seconds and then you are in :)

BTW, you can grab the current version of the mod from the Insanity mod webpage here.

"DM Camphouse Map Zipfile Fixed"
  posted June 28 - 8:07PM EDT by Mr.Damage
The zipfile we had in our map archives for Pencho's DM Camphouse map was corrupted so I have uploaded a new zipfile and it is ok now.
DM Camphouse is a small, 1v1 map which includes two small building and has a mainly outdoor rocky style. You can grab it from here.
You can visit Pencho's Kingpin mapping webpage here Pencho's DDT.

"Kingpin Chatrooms"
  posted June 27 - 10:35PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Alan Young has sent in some news about his new Kingpin chatroom site:-

My website is Kingpin Chatrooms.
we have 3 public chatrooms and clan chatrooms, we will add more clan chatrooms when clans request.

Sounds good to me, so why not go check it out :)

Btw, Alan's clan G^O are looking for other clans to have matches against so ifyour clan is interested then go visit the G^O website here.

Update 29/06/03 Apparently there are some issues with the chatrooms and they wont be available for several weeks. However you can still visit the site and sign the guestbook and order your clan chatroom.

"Blunt Killed In Single Player"
  posted June 27 - 4:56AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Remember at the end of the single player game when you kill the kingpin but Blunt wont die and she escapes, well Kingpin_Xatrix has managed to kill her:-

Remember that cast_whore, named Blunt, who told you, she'll be back for your ass. She isn't immortal, she just has 150000 health, but Kingpin only 1500. So after 1.5 hours I finally wasted her. Here is a screenshot and a save folder with saved files, it'll take you 5 min to kill Blunt, don't forget to use "give all". But it's not gonna stop her from running to the roof.

You can download the zip with the save file from here.

"New Mapping Tutorial"
  posted June 26 - 4:39AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Kingpin_Xatrix has sent in a new mapping tutorial. This tutorial covers topics for both Multiplayer and Single Player maps. It covers such things as:-

BRUSHES (Doors, Func_Areaportal)
ENTITIES (Gangs, Currentcash, Moral, Props)
WORLDSPAWN (Fog, Sounds, Episode, Message)

You can download the tute from here.

"New Dragons Team Skins"
  posted June 26 - 4:31AM EDT by Mr.Damage
AXE has submitted new team skins for the Dragons:-

a long time ago I had a clan called (G0D) which I made a collection of skins for. well for a long time I have been using them as my team skins for dragons, and I feel I should share with others. there are bitch thug and runt skins, including faces too. so here they are, in my MERCINARY SKIN PAK. just put the pak7 file into kingpin/main and BOOM you have tight dragon skins :)

You can download the skinpack from here.

"Creamator's BM Mappack"
  posted June 25 - 7:08AM EDT by Mr.Damage
The five new Bagman maps by Creamator, which were posted about earlier, are also available in a mappack. These are the maps he converted from his COLORS CTF maps to Bagman which are:-


There is one complete pack which is 9.4meg and includes all five maps which you can get from here.
and also two smaller packs with the same maps for the 56ker`s which you can get from here:-
cremsBMmappackA 4.3 meg
cremsBMmappackB 5.2meg

"Kingpin:Final Crime Update"
  posted June 25 - 6:56AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Kingpin_Xatrix has sent in the first screenshots of his upcoming Kingpin:Final Crime Single Player mappack. Looks like there will be two episodes and also 2 - 4 DM maps included in the pack:-

I think I'll map only 2 episodes, sr and rc style episodes, Dragon's warehouse, and Dragon's headquarters, where you finally pop a cap in Blunt's ass. And 2-4 DM maps.

"New Texan Custom Maps Bagman Server"
  posted June 25 - 5:14AM EDT by Mr.Damage
haVok has sent work about a new custom maps Bagman Server:-

I was just emailing you to let you know of a brand new custom map bagman server I just put up. It's professionally hosted by Trinitygames.com, running on multiple OC-48's across the USA. It's located in Dallas, Texas. It's running about 8 of the most popular maps you can find on hogies, as well as 2 of the original multiplayer maps put out by Xatrix. I figured it's another place to play when you can't get into Hogies. It's currently set to 14 player max, but if it gets popular, I will open up more slots.

He didn't actually supply any server details but I managed to track it down :)

::Texas Justice Bagman [Hogies Maps+Default] Trinitygames.com::

"CTF to BM map conversions by Creamator"
  posted June 24 - 1:57PM EDT by DirtyDog
Creamator has treated us to 5, that's right FIVE brand new BagMan maps by converting some of his CTF maps. Creamator is a veteran KP mapper who's maps are always well thought out, well detailed and creative. He uses alot of custom textures as well as custom sounds and skies. These are a collection of 5 medium to large sized maps varying in theme and style from classic urban, to palace, to warehouse to a mix of terrain in some of them. I'm very excited about this news as I very much enjoy his work and look forward to fragging in them in the busy BM servers. (That was a hint for you Hogie :D You can download them from here:

Team Compound
Team Sewers
Team Courtyard
Team Underground
Team DM5

Team Compound-a palace styled map with some terrain

Team Sewers-Classic Urban style with alot of nice touches

Team Courtyard-Classic urban with alot of outdoor areas

Team UnderGround-Takes place in an an underground warehouse, dark and uses RTCW textures

Team DM5-orginally a DM map converted over to teamplay, palace themed with a twist ;)

"New COLORS CTF Map By Creamator"
  posted June 21 - 6:41AM EDT by Mr.Damage
As the release of COLORS CTF V1.1 is currently on hiold due to losing our coder Creamator has released one of the maps that was going to be included. The map is called Closequarters CTF and as Creamator says:-

closequarters-ctf is a new map with 3 levels to frag on, should make for some very tight game play as it is a small-medium sized map with a cavern/tomb like environment.suggested player load 4-12.

You can grab this one from here.

"Another DM Map Added To The Archive"
  posted June 20 - 1:16AM EDT by Mr.Damage
I have just added Lostworld by {420}Mayhem to our maps archive. Lostworld is a conversion of one of the DM maps from the Quake2 mission pack called Ground Zero. Its a large map, obviously in the Q2 style, but totally retextured with KP textures. It has plenty of everything you need and is a good map for 6+ players. It's currently in rotation on the Detropolis server. You can grab it from here.

"*UPDATE* Hogie's Cali BitchSlappa Mappack"
  posted June 17 - 8:59AM EDT by DirtyDog
UPDATE: Alot of the regulars already have the maps from server downloads so I thought I would post a sounds/skies only zip pack; this zip contains all the custom sounds and skies in every map currently in the maplist (the below zips as well). It's only 5mb and if you have all the maps, this is all you need: Hogie's Sounds & Skies

As you all know KP's absolute BUSIEST server is the long running Hogie's Cali Bitch Slappa server running Curse mod BM. The server holds 20 players and is hosted by [GF]CaT over at BaTTleRaCK (formerly known as KaosGaming) from Orange County, California and is administrated by veteran KP mapper, HoGie. The server runs custom maps ONLY and a HEAP of them contain custom sounds that do NOT download from the server as well as custom skys. Get the true experience from these maps as intended by their authors by downloading these maps in FULL, sounds and skys included. This is a collection of 4 zips weighing in at about 11mb a piece, All mappacks must be installed as the files are randomly distributed between all the zips so make sure to download and install all 4.


DukeCity, Team_BeL, Team_CoC

"New Taunt Patch For Kraze Bots"
  posted June 17 - 2:29AM EDT by Mr.Damage
PeNdEjO! has submitted a new taunt patch for the Kingpin Kraze bots. Basically it adds new taunts for the bots. All you need do is extract the patch to your kingpin/kraze folder and then run the patch. You can grab the new patch for our kingpin bots and bot launchers download section here and download the actual kraze bot from here.
There is also a Kraze bot launcher which you can grab from here.

"Million Releases Updated DM Map"
  posted June 17 - 2:10AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Million has released a revised version of his The Insane Streets DM map. In version2 he has changed the lighting, added some more rooms, changed some textures and given the map an overall more dirty, urban decay feel. Its a mid sized map with plenty of ammo, weapons and all other items. There are several areas connected by streets and alleys so the action will be fast 'n' furious. You can grab this new map from here.

"CRASH Squad Map Source Files Released"
  posted June 16 - 12:50AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Tunnleram has released the source map files for all the official Crash Squad Mod maps:-

Over the last couple of years I've been asked for the source to the CRASH Squad maps quite a few times, but I couldn't find them!
Well, guess what? I found them! hehe Archived on a CD right there in my collection the whole time! I've included both my maps and ALMost's maps as well which comes to a total of 13 maps!

If you want to check them out you can read all about it in this thread in the Tram Design KP forum here or you can download them directly from Fileplanet by clicking here.

You can visit Tunnleram's Crash Squad mod page by clicking here.
This page has all the information you need to know about CRASH as well as download links to all the relevant files.

"New DM Map By DooDaa"
  posted June 15 - 1:14AM EDT by Mr.Damage
DooDaa has now finished and released his KP Villa DM map. This is a large map set in a large villa residence. As DooDaa states:-

This map is a villa style house with indoor swimming pool, small courtyard with a pond to sit by, a library to sit and read in..AHEM..silence, large dining / Kitchen area, office, rumpus room, loading dock, basketball court, etc. This is the bosses place. Dont mess up his decore. The boss will not be happy with you if you screw up this time. :)

The map has 16 spawns, a mixture of standard and custom textures, ample weapons and other items and many interestign rooms and places to frag in. This map has gone through many changes before it reached release stage, has been thoroughly beta tested and DooDaa has put a lot of work into it. You can grab KP Villa from here.

"KP Starter Pack"
  posted June 13 - 10:52PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Just a reminder that Lil Hamma recently put together a KP starter pack that contains the v1.21 patch and the latest Monkey Mod Client file plus instructions how to install them. You can grab this pack from here.

If you don't have it already then check out his last DM map called Warehouse District as well. It's a small to medium sized map with many rooms and corridors to frag in. Mostly standard KP textures are used but also a few custom ones. There are plenty of weapons, armour and other items and 16 spawns. You can grab this one from here.

"Two Classic Small DM Maps"
  posted June 12 - 11:02PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Back in September of 2000 (DOA)Iceman released two small DM maps that have become classics. They are Urban Terror and Urban Fury and are smallish maps in the classic urban style. These maps are very detailed and if you dont have them you sohuld grab them both.
You can download them from here:-
Urban Terror
Urban Fury

Urban Terror

Urban Fury

"New Team Deathmatch Server"
  posted June 12 - 10:51PM EDT by Mr.Damage
There is a new 12 player Team DM server up and running. It runs out of California, rotates KPDM1-5 and you will need the monkey mod client to play. Server Details:-

Admin MaliceMizer

Hop into the server and give it a try.

"Smallsteel4b Map Added To Archive"
  posted June 11 - 10:03PM EDT by Mr.Damage
I went looking for this map in our Custom Maps Download section and couldn't find it so I have uploaded it now. It is by Pigwhistler and is a small map that is ripped from the Single Player map called Steel4. It has an inside warehouse section and an outside delivery area and being taken from an official Kingpin SP map it has that classic KP feel about it. This map is great fun with a few ppl playing. You can download this map from here.

"Outerlimits DM Map"
  posted June 11 - 2:07AM EDT by Mr.Damage
News is a bit slow at the moment so I thought I would post about this older DM map by Velvet Jones called Outerlimits2. This map is sort of Quake2 meets Kingpin with a space station theme. Its a large map with areas inside the station as well as outside. There are teleports to get outside and 2 secret rooms as well as some custom textures. There are 16 spawns and ample weapons and other items. Grab this one from here.

"Custom Hooks And Crosshairs"
  posted June 10 - 9:34PM EDT by Mr.Damage
MeatSack sent a link to his site where you can download many custom hooks (for Hitmen mod) and several alternative crosshairs. You can see what he has on offer by visiting his site here.

"Million's Mapping Site Updated"
  posted June 10 - 7:27PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Million has given his Kingpin Mapping site a whole new look. There is info on all his maps, screenshots and download links. Go and have a look by clicking here.

"Tunnleram's Kingpin Maps"
  posted June 8 - 8:22PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Tunnleram has created a page for all his Kingpin maps over at his RTCW Tram Design website. It contains all his DM, Bagman, Assault and Three Team Bagman maps he made for Kingpin. To go directly to the page just click here.

Some of his maps are:-

Warehouse Assault & Mountain Stream DM

Hotel Hell BM & Stronghold Opposition BM

"KP Villa Screenshots"
  posted June 6 - 9:16PM EDT by Mr.Damage
As I mentioned a while back Doo Daa is working on two new DM maps - KP Villa and Concert Arena. Well the first one, KP Villa, is just about finished and after some beta testing should be released in the next few days.
While we wait for his new maps why not check out his earlier maps:-
Lava Worx

Here are osme screens of KP Villa

"Maps By Gimp"
  posted June 6 - 3:52AM EDT by Mr.Damage
It's good to see that there are already over 100 downloads for Gimp's Sydney map which I finished and released.

This is not the only map by Gimp that is available as there are two others that I know of.

Rainforest Canopy is another map that Gimp was making for the SRT-Alpha mod that he never completed. Tunnleram found the unfinished map, completed it and then released it. It is an incredible looking map set in and amongst a rainforest canopy, as the name suggests.
You can see for yourself by downloading the map from here.

One of Gimp's Quake2 maps called Lavatube has also been converted to KP by {GT}Knight. Lavatube started life as an Action Quake2 map (I think) and was also being worked on as a KP map for the SRT-Alpha mod (renamed Nth Qld), It was also converted to the DDay Q2 mod by [1RB]Div and this is the version that was converted to Kingpin. This map is set in a dormant volcano and as one reviewer pointed out, very original. There are lots of bumps and a lot of cover. There are plenty of places to hide behind. It is large so it can be easy to get lost until you get used to the map. The large underground lake in the middle is done very well, it's sort of the center of the map, if your trying to go from one side to the other you basically have to go through it. There is also a small outside forested area which is well done. You can grab this map from here.

And of course you can download the Sydney map from here:-

Sydney No Sounds

Sydney No Sounds

Rainforest Canopy


"Aussie Site Selling Kingpin"
  posted June 2 - 4:49AM EDT by Mr.Damage
DDT sent word that there is an Aussie games website selling Kingpin. The site is CD-ROM Cellar and they advetise Kingpin on sale for $35 Aussie Dollars. So if you live in the Australasia region and you are looking to buy a new copy of KP check out this webpage. Click on 'Our latest printed advert' and will see KP listed in column three or you can click here to go directly to the adrvert page.

"BM Map Revision"
  posted June 1 - 3:11AM EDT by DirtyDog
Due to some people's need to disrupt everyone's gameplay as their sad and pathetic means of entertainment I have had to once again revise another one of my maps, Village Rivalry. The original design used functioning rotatating doors to enter/exit the safe room and certain individuals would block these doors for the entire length of the game :( For those of you who have previously downloaded this map, here is a .bsp only link to the revised version: team_vr2~bsp only. For the full download click here: team_vr2~full. However if you play within a tight circle of friends where there is no fear of anyone behaving like a complete idiot then download the original version as it was intended: team_vr: Village Rivalry
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