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News Archive for June 2004

"Bagman Map Added"
  posted June 30 - 4:36AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Team POW by GravediggerDownload

I have uploaded another Bagman map that (Inc)PHOENIX sent in. This one is Team POW by Gravedigger. It's a large BM map that is set in a Prisoner of War camp. The two bases are seperated by a river and there is a little boat that the player can use to travel down the waterway. There are two bridges to get to the money drop area and there are plenty of weapons and items located in guard towers and the buildings in the bases. There are a couple of misaligned textures and a small visual error at the end of the river but nothing to worry about.

"New Bagman Map By Dread"
  posted June 26 - 7:33PM EDT by Mr.Damage

Team Maroc (beta) by DreadDownload

Dread has released a beta of a new BM map called Maroc. This is a very nice looking, well layed out map that uses all custom textures. Dread describes it as an urban/desert style map. It has 20 player spawns with a recommended player load of 8 - 12 and a good selection of weapons and other items.

"Four Versions Of Team Houses"
  posted June 25 - 9:14PM EDT by Mr.Damage
I have uploaded two more versions of the Team Houses map to bring the total number of versions to four.

Team Houses by Hogie. This is a medium sized urban style BM map. Each Team's base has two side rooms filled with weapons and other items & outside the bases there are little side rooms which contain the HMG, 308 ammo and cooling mods. The is one passage between the two bases. Download this map from here.

Team HousesII by Hogie. Is a larger version, some re-texturing and another passage between the bases. Download this map from here.

Team Houses & Team HousesII

Team Houses Rev2 by Propane. An update of Team Houses by Propane. The main change is that there is now a river running through the middle of the map and a bridge joins the two sides of the map. The player can also jump in a little boat to cross the river. Download this map from here.

Team Houses 3 by Blow. A slight modification of Team Houses by Blow. Download this map from here.

Team Houses Rev2 & Team Houses3

"Two New Maps By Mr Damage"
  posted June 24 - 7:25AM EDT by Mr.Damage
I have released updated versions of two older DM maps.

Castlemania (revised)Download

Castlemania (revised) is an update of the Castlemania map which was made by Fighting Face. It's a small arena style map set inside a castle. Some of the changes are:-
it now features all custom textures
a custom sky
more player spawn points
revised weapon and item placement and amounts
the map is mostly rebuilt and slightly larger than before

-=UWILLC=- (Urban)Download

This is an urban version of the -=UWILLC=- map by TiCaL. Changes are:-
urban stlye textures
more player spawns
revised weapon and item placement and amounts
added a custom wav file

I am also currently working on another map (with Hypov8) which I hope to be able to rtelease shortly.

Some of the other maps I have worked on recently are:-

Crates In Da Hood
Urban Territory

"Duke Nukem Map Conversion Added"
  posted June 19 - 11:22PM EDT by Mr.Damage

4th by FredzDownload

We used to have this map at Poisonville but somehow it got lost in the transition. Its a smallish map that Fredz converted from Duke Nukem 3D. I think it was made for Duke by Paul Roberts who made Sick City. It uses the Duke textures and many of the floor textures are liquid flowing ones which look quite interesting. There are ample weapons and items and is only a 52kb download so grab it now :)

"Two New KP2 Mod Maps"
  posted June 19 - 8:07PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Creamator has released two new maps for the KP2 Mod:-

KP2 Lab (beta)Download

KP2 Lab is a new map from Creamator which is a medium sized map set in a Research Laboritory Facility. It uses all Half-Life textures and there are plenty of breakables and other KP2 mod map features. It has 13 player spawn points with a suggested player load of 3 - 16. One of Crem's best maps so far just watch out for the freshly waxed floor in the lab ;)

KP2 Shorts Stop BarDownload

What Creamator says about this map -
"kp2_shortstop.map is a conversion of Bom_shortstop.map. After Tunnleram released the map source files from Kingpin's Crash Squad :) I took to doing a conversion of this map for the kingpin Colors-ctf mod. Then I was approached by Cujo from the kingpin community to do a version for the kp2-Mod. After a couple of structual changes to open areas up an keep`n all the map`s breakables and props we can now enjoy them in DM Kp2-Mod."
There are 16 player spawns, weather effects, breakables, ample weapons and items so check it out. Both these maps will be up on the KP2 mod server shortly :)

KP2 Mod Server Details:-

Server : {NeW}EAST!http://new-crew.org Fnlou's KP2 MOD Server
Max Players : 8
MonkeyMod : No
IP :

"Quake Conversions At Detropolis"
  posted June 19 - 3:43AM EDT by Mr.Damage
I have changed the map rotation on the Detropolis Custom Maps Server again so that it is now running maps converted from the Quake series of games. The maps in rotation are:-
House of Chthon 2002
A Bad PlaceA Place of Two Deaths
The Edge
Tokay's Towers
Frag Pipe
Lost Hallways
The PitsLava Tomb
The Slimy Place
WarehouseArena Gate
Arena of Death
Space Chamber

Detropolis Details:-
Server : Detropolis Quake Maps Server
Location : Detroit
Max Players : 16
MonkeyMod : Yes
IP :

Lava Tomb & The Slimy Place

The Edge & Warehouse

Arena Gate & Space Chamber

"New Map By Mephisto"
  posted June 18 - 7:51PM EDT by Mr.Damage

The Terrace by MephistoDownload

Mephisto has now released his The Terrace Deathmatch map. This is a medium/large sized map in the style of Central Towers. It also uses a few custom textures, has ample weapons and items, a water fountain where the cooling mod can be found and even a few trees :)

"New Bagman Map By {GT}Knight"
  posted June 17 - 4:15AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Push by {GT}KnightDownload

{GT}Knight has converted the Team Fortress map Push for Bagman play. It's a small/medium sized map which has 20 spawn points for each team. There are plenty of weapons and items in caches located in each base. The are also 20 DM spawn points so the map can be used in deathmatch as well.

"Screenshots Of Upcoming Map"
  posted June 15 - 5:10AM EDT by Mr.Damage
While getting ready to release his The Terrace map Mephisto is already working on another new map. This one has a working title of The Clocktower and here are some screenshots:-

"Forum Maintenance"
  posted June 13 - 9:04PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Looks like the forums will be down for a couple of hours on Tuesday 15th June due to Ezboard maintenance:-

The ezboard network will undergo scheduled maintenance from 10p-2a PDT (500-900 GMT) on Tuesday, June 15th 2004. While we plan to complete the necessary work in less than four hours, you should plan to tailor your access around this regular maintenance window.

During the maintenance period, select servers will be taken offline in order to install new software designed to increase ezboard's stability and speed. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your patience.

"New DM Map By DooDaa"
  posted June 13 - 3:29AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Concert Arena by DooDaa

DooDaa has now released his latest map called Concert Arena. It's a small arena style map set at an AC/DC concert. DooDaa has used the IMKP wav file which is 6mg in size so he has released two versions of the zipfile (one with the sound at 7.2mb and one without the sound which weighs in at 830kb). Download Concet Arena from here:-
map with custom wav file
map with no custom wav file

"New Head Skin For The Thug Model"
  posted June 13 - 3:22AM EDT by Mr.Damage
AXE has released a new head skin for the thug called Clint. It's a head skin based on Clint Eastwood from the time when he used to make all those cool westerns. You can download this new skin from here.

"Team 747 v.5 Bagman Map"
  posted June 9 - 6:47AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Team 747 (ver5) by GravediggerDownload

(Inc)PHOENIX has sent in a later version of Team 747 than the one we had uploaded here at KP4Ever. We had Team 747 v.3 and he sent in v.5. Team 747 is a Bagman map that is a counterstrike conversion set in an airport. The action takes place in the airport complex, out on the tarmac and in a 747 jet. One base is in the airport and the other one is on the 747.

"Screenshots Of Upcoming Maps"
  posted June 9 - 5:54AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Mephisto has now got a name for the map he is working on and he has decided to call it The Terrace. It's medium to large Urban Towers style map.

DooDaa has been working on his latest map for several months, off and on, and its called Concert Arena. As the name suggests it is an arena style map set in a concert hall :)

Both maps should be available shortly.

The Terrace & Concert Arena

"What's Happening At Interplay?"
  posted June 9 - 5:27AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Seems like all the news coming out of Interplay is bad lately and it's not looking too good for Interplay or it's parent company Titus. Check out these latest news reports:-
4th June : Interplay offices closed by state officials here.
8th June : Interplay reopens, Titus declares bankruptcy here.

Keep up to date with the latest happenings at Interplay in our forum thread here.

"De Dust Conversion By Hypov8"
  posted June 8 - 4:18AM EDT by Mr.Damage

De Dust Conversion by Hypov8Download

Recently, when I was updating the map rotation on the Detropolis server to run cs map conversions, I discovered that the zipfile for the de dust conversion by Hypov8 contained the map but no custom textures or the custom sky. I have now rezipped it using KPcmf and uploaded the new zipfile. De dust is a famous counterstrike map and Hypov8 converted it to Kingpin for both Bagman and Deathmathc and this is the DM version.

"Team Stash BM Map Added"
  posted June 5 - 10:35PM EDT by Mr.Damage

Team Stash by Whoop AssDownload

I have added Whoop's Team Stash map to the Bagman Map Archive. This is a small BM map, which uses custom textures, with clearly defined Team areas. It has large caches of weapons and armour in the Team bases and a grenade launcher in the centre money drop area :)

You can also find this map in the Whoop Ass Bagman Maps mappack which you can grab from here.

"Pigwhistler DM Map Added "
  posted June 5 - 7:37PM EDT by Mr.Damage

Son of DMArena1 by PigwhistlerDownload

Son of DMArena1 is an update of the DMArena1 map which was made by Optimizer. DMArena1 is a small, two level, arena style map and Pigwhistler has basically doubled the size by placing two arenas next to each other. The map has It has ample weapons and two cooling mods but be careful getting them or you will end up bathing in lava!

"Counterstrike Maps At Detropolis"
  posted June 4 - 7:55PM EDT by Mr.Damage
I have changed the map rotation on the Detropolis Custom Maps Server so that it is now running counterstrike conversion maps. The maps in rotation are:-

Assault DM ItalyDM Village
Hypo DustDM Beta
Italian Eve
Rockvill Revised
Spanish Village
Team 747 v3

I have also put together a map pack containing these maps which you can download from here.

Detropolis Details:-
Server : Detropolis Counterstrike Maps Server
Location : Detroit
Max Players : 16
MonkeyMod : Yes
IP :

Assault & Assault DM Italy

Spanish Village & Italian Eve

"Mapping Guide For Windows XP"
  posted June 1 - 5:08PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Whoop Ass has put together a guide to setting up KPRAD for people using WinXP. It explains what extra files you need with download links for those files, how to set up Preferences and full contact details for Whoop if you encounter any problems.
Check out the Mapping For KP Using WinXP Guide here.

"Bagman Map Updated"
  posted June 1 - 6:34AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Whoop Ass has now taken the Bagman map he made with Jaxon called Pits of Unimaginable Neverending Doom!! out of beta. The map is a large BM map which uses a space theme. It contains mainly custom textures and the bases and team areas are nicely defined with red and blue texturing.
Download Pits of Unimaginable Neverending Doom!! from here.

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