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News Archive for June 2005

"Complex map Revised"
  posted June 30 - 7:06AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Complex Conversion by J Frost & Mr DamageDownload

When I was creating the previous post about the Goldeneye maps I found another version of Complex in our beta maps section. This one was made by Jack Frost who also made Roman Baths. Unfortunatley when you tried loading this map it came up with an error message and crashed. So I decompiled the map, fixed a few things and it recompiled ok. Other than a few error fixes I changed the weapon and item amount and placement, changed a little of the lighting and added a ladder in a dead end area. Hope you enjoy the map :)

"Goldeneye Maps"
  posted June 26 - 12:48AM EDT by Mr.Damage
It seems many people who played Kingpin also enjoyed the N64 console game Goldeneye and a few mappers even created some maps for Kingpin based on levels from this game.

There are three different levels from Goldeneye created in Kingpin that I am aware of:-

Bunker by Optimizer.
Complex by Krypt.
Facility by Gren Kutz. This one has a couple of issues (a "hall of mirrors" texture error and a double door in mid air lol).


Complex and Facility

"Ten Most Recent Maps"
  posted June 24 - 9:01PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Not too many maps being released for Kingpin at the moment but here is a summary of the ten most recently released maps.

"Superman Thug Skins"
  posted June 23 - 4:17AM EDT by Mr.Damage
There are several different Superman skins available for the thug model in KP and they are all hosted here at KP4Ever.

There is the classic Superman skin by Jackal which you can download from here.

There is a Superman2000 skin by BigSie which you can downlaod from here.

And there are two skins by DirtyDog of when Superman went through his Red and Blue stage. You can download both skins in this zipfile here.

Superman & Superman2000

Superman Red & Superman Blue

"Screenshots Of Upcoming DM Map"
  posted June 22 - 5:55AM EDT by Mr.Damage

I'm working on a new map at the moment. This one is the first map in the Quake2 Single player game called Outer Base which I am attempting to bring to Kingpin :)
I am reworking it with all Kingpin textures and is about 50% done. I am very busy at the moment so it may be a little while before its finished so stay tuned.

"1942 DM Map"
  posted June 22 - 5:49AM EDT by Mr.Damage

1942 by SandstormDownload

1942 was the first map made by Sandstorm way back in 2002 but we have not posted about it here before. It's a large multi-leveled map, lots of rooms and corridors, and a few different styles throughtout the map. It uses mostly stock KP textures and has enough weapons and items and Sandstorm used a few pre-fabs (like the couch and fire barrel) as mappers tend to do :)

"DM Map Remake/Update"
  posted June 1 - 11:04PM EDT by DirtyDog

I've just completed a remake of the classic DM map: SyM.  The biggest changes are that I doubled the size (same layout and it's still a small map by anyone's standards) and I gave it a full retexturing using the recently converted SiN textures.  Download it from here: SyM - SiN'd

Check out the original from here: SyM and WhoOP_AsS's version from here: SyM: Urban



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