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News Archive for June 2006

"Custom Weapon Skins By Micketh"
  posted June 30 - 5:55AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Micketh made several good custom weapon skins for the HMG, Bazooka and Flamer. They are all in pak files and the zips inlcude readme's with install instructions.

Grey Bazooka Skin The skin is a nice gun metal grey colour and includes world, player and HUD skins so you see the new skin when you have the RL in your hand, when you are looking at an RL on the ground and when you see another player holding the RL.
Download Grey Bazooka Skin from here.

Jungle AKL47 HMG Skin Nice green and brown jungle camouflage skin. Includes new sounds.
Download Jungle AKL47 HMG Skin from here.

Gold Flamethrower A gold coloured skin and includes a skin for the flame tanks. You see the new skin in your HUD, on the ground and in other players hands when they are carrying the flamer.
Download Gold Flamethrower skin from here.

"Team Water Treatment BM Map"
  posted June 29 - 4:17AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Team Water Treatment by MayhemDownload

Team Water Treament is a small to medium sized Bagman map which Mayhem released just over two years ago. It has small caches of weapons and armour spread throughout the map. You can get to the other Team's base by going across the bridge, where the money drop is, or if you don't mind getting dirty you can go via the sewer.

"Deep Blue Arena DM Map"
  posted June 27 - 4:16AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Deep Blue Arena conv by Mr DamageDownload

Everytime this map comes up on the Detropolis Custom Maps Server people say how much they like it so I thought I would post about it again so you can grab it if you don't already have it :)

Deep Blue Arena is a small arena style DM map for Kingpin. It is a conversion of a Quake2 map by Shon Shaffer "Maric". It is set in an underwater base of some kind. It uses mostly custom textures, has 14 player spawns and has ample weapons and other items.

"Beta Of New Bagman Map"
  posted June 24 - 4:48AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Team Yakumo beta2 by YakumoDownload

Here is a new Bagman map called Team Yakumo by Yakumo or some1 as he is now known. It's a small BM map in the two forts style. It uses mostly custom textures and you'll feel at home in this map from the first time you play it. I understand this map is in rotation at Hogies.

"K9 Carpark DM map"
  posted June 22 - 1:25AM EDT by Mr.Damage

K9 Carpark v3 by Creamator/Teamk9Download

This is one of my favourites of the older K9 maps. K9 Carpark v3 is a large map set in a warehouse area. There are many large indoor areas and a street area as well. Plenty of weapons and items and a nice mixture of standard and custom textures.

"Screnshot Of New DM Map"
  posted June 22 - 1:15AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Here is a screeshot of a new DM map that is currently being worked on. Working title is Fear Factory as it is based on a part of the Factory map from the Demo of the FPS game called FEAR.

"Bank DM Map"
  posted June 20 - 3:51AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Bank (Final) by CybopatDownload

Cybopat, a mapper from the Czech Republic, made several maps for Kingpin and this is probably my favourtie one he did. It is a smallish map set in an urban neighborhood where the main focus is the bank building. There are several levels in the bank including a Teller area, offices and a vault where you will find the HMG. There are several other building and areas to get around in and two cooling mods to be found. This is a nice little map for a few frags :)

"Powerpuff Girls Skins"
  posted June 19 - 12:02AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Four characters from the Powerpuff Girls cartoon are available as skins for Kingpin.
The three Powerpuff girls themselves were made into bitch skins by Truzenzuzex[BC] and the megalomaniacal monkey Mojo Jojo was made into a thug skin by Dirtydog.

Grab them from here:-
Powerpuff girls
Mojo Jojo

"KP2 Mod Server Offline Few Days"
  posted June 18 - 1:53AM EDT by Mr.Damage
NeWFnlou will have his KP2 Mod server offline until late Tuesday 20th June:-
......offline beginning sometime over this weekend (June 17) until late Tuesday (June 20th). I am moving my home office from upstairs to a new downstairs office. The server will be set back up after carpet is installed and furniture relocated. Frag y'all then!
So why not set aside some time on Thursday night and everyone get together for a big KP2 fragfest in the {NeW}EAST! KP2 Mod Server.
If you don't have them yet, you can grab the KP2 mod client files and mappack from here:-

Client Files

"New DM Map"
  posted June 16 - 5:07PM EDT by Mr.Damage

Downtown KP'ed by Mr DamageDownload

This was originally a map made by Cougar for AQ2 and converted to KP by me. It is a medium sized, urban style map, where played can fight on the streets or on the rooftops. It has 12 player spawns and a good supply of weapons and other items. I have used mostly KP textures and a standard sky and used one custom music sound for the nightclub.

"New (K9) Website"
  posted June 16 - 4:27AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Got news that (K9) is back in Kingpin:-
Check the new website : http://k9clan.funpic.de

* Call to all old (K9)members...
register on the page and let the Kingpin community come back!
As posted a few days ago they are also running a Hitmen server and the new website has download links to all the (K9) maps rotating on their server.

"Redneck Player Skins"
  posted June 16 - 4:15AM EDT by Mr.Damage
A few years ago DefWhiG created some Redneck skins for the thug, runt and bitch models. These are good quality skins which you can grab from here:

Redneck Bitch
Redneck Runt
Redneck Thug

"Mortal Havoc2 DM Map"
  posted June 15 - 4:24PM EDT by Mr.Damage

DM Mortal Havoc2 by Cujo & Mr DamageDownload

This is a map that Cujo originally converted from Q2 and then went through a number of changes before the final version was eventually released.
It's an smallish, urban style, warehouse map with ample weapons and items. Plenty of player sapwns and a nice Cypress Hill custom sound file :)

"Kingpin Wallpapers"
  posted June 14 - 10:17PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Here are two of my favourite Kingpin wallpapers which I beleive were created by (K9)Iceman. The two wallpapers come in both 800x600 and 1024x768 pixle sizes. They are all in one zip file which you can grab from here.

"Screenshot Of New Map"
  posted June 14 - 9:42PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Here is a screenshot of a new DM Map I am working on called Downtown. As you can see from the shot it is an urban style map which has both street level and rooftop action.

"(K9)Fragdawg's Hitmen Server"
  posted June 11 - 2:50AM EDT by Mr.Damage
(K9)Bonz sent word that the (K9)Hitmen server is back.

Server Details
Name : (K9)Fragdawg's Hitmen in Paradise
IP :
Maxclients : 12

It is running all (K9) maps.

(K9)Carpark & (K9)Courtyard

"RiotZ Client Files, BM Mappack & Server Maps Lists"
  posted June 9 - 8:14AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Because Dr Jordan is now running a RiotZ server I am posting a link to the RiotZ client files.

The RiotZ files includes:-
Custom load screen and exit stuff.
Team logos for score on right of HUD.
New skins for Mobsterz.
New skins for Gangsterz.

You can grab the RiotZ Client files from here.

As there are several Bagman/Curse servers that rotate custom maps here is a link to the Hogie Maps Mappack:-

Here are the list of maps in rotation on Dr Jordan's new KP servers:-
RIOTZ Maps list
KiT Maps list
Bagman Maps list

"Update On Dr Jordan's Servers"
  posted June 8 - 4:41AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Dr Jordan is continuing in setting up/tweaking his new Kingpin servers.

Currently there are four servers up - Team DM, BM, RioTz and now KiT.
Maxclients on all servers is now 24 :)
Team DM, BM and RiotZ have been added to our Active KP Servers Page
Team DM (and Hitmen when it is setup) will use KPDM1-5
Other servers have custom maps
Speed is actually 100 mbit up and down ;)

"New Kingpin Servers"
  posted June 7 - 4:32AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Dr.Jordan has set up some new Kingpin servers running out of Germany. So far there are Bagman, RiotZ v2.0a and Deathmatch (with Hitmen and KiT to follow soon).

They have 16 player limits and have 1.5MB+ upstream connection. Dr.Jordan says they will be up 24/07 until next year.

I have connected to the BM and RiotZ server but for some reason I can't access the DM one right now.

I have added the BM and RiotZ servers to our Active KP Servers page which means if you install the KPPlug utility you can join these servers directly from this page.
Download the KPPlug from here.
The zipfile includes a readme on install instructions.

"Latest Maps dded To Detropolis"
  posted June 2 - 6:38PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Here is a list of the latest maps that have been added to the rotation at the Detropolis Custom Maps Server

DM Rightroof
DM Boiler Room
Frag Arena
Midnight Creeepr
KFG Arena 2 beta
DM 900
Night Ride
The Lost Island
Arena SMRTI (Revised) Beta
DM Brush beta

If you prefer to download them all in one go I have also placed them all in a mappack which you can grab from here.

DM Boiler Room and Frag Arena

Night Ride and Midnight Creeper

Grab the other recent mappacks for Detropolis from here:-

Update April 2006
Update October 2005

See you all for a few maps at Detropolis on Saturday night :)

"More RTCW DM Map Conversions"
  posted June 2 - 9:16AM EDT by Mr.Damage
There are two other maps converted/remade from RTCW for KP:-

KP Base Pencho released a conversion of the RTCW map MP Base. This is a huge DM Map which mostly uses RTCW textures. It has 18 player starts and will be good for 10+ players. The setting is a big AXIS communications base which has many areas, both indoor and outdoor, and there are many crates situated around the map.

Download KP Base from here.

Wolfenstein Beach Hypo_v8 released a DM version of the RTCW Beach Invasion map. Basically he remade the map from scratch. The DM version contains the beach area and parts of the Axis base and uses all the RTCW textures.

Download Wolfenstein Beach from here.

KP Base

Wolfenstein Beach

"New Mapper/New Map"
  posted June 1 - 7:54AM EDT by Mr.Damage

DM Brush beta by AB|R4V3Download

AB|R4V3 has released his first map for Kingpin. This is a smallish, arena style DM map called DM Brush. The main area is a room with a sunken level in the middle. This area contains things like shotties and tommies and an adrenaline. There is also a lower room that you drop down to, from the upper level, where you will find the HMG, Ammo and cooling mod and bright green lighting. The upper level also contains a small room where you will find a table, chairs and another HMG as well as a nasty drop if you dont watch your step. All up there are lots of weapons and items, 14 player spawns and some nice coloured lighting.
Support a new mapper for KP and download this new map (534kb).

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