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News Archive for June 2007

"New Tutorials At Fredz' Site"
  posted June 27 - 4:32PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Fredz has added eight tutorials to his new website, four are modelling tutorials, which were originally created by Sylacs, and four are mapping tutorials. More tutorials will be added later.
There is also a final version of a Bagman map which Fredz has just completed called Team Mort.
You can check out the tutorials and the new BM Map by visiting his wepsite Kingpin Fredz.

"RioTZ 3 Vs. 3 Tourney"
  posted June 24 - 6:05AM EDT by Mr.Damage
R4V3 sent the following info regarding a RioTZ Tourney next weekend:-

===========================================Riotz 3 Vs. 3 Tourny===========================================

Sign up on the Kpforum Riotz Topic.....Random Selecting Teams of 3
Time: 5pm -10pm (around the time between...we will try to work out some times for the busy ppl)
Date: Sat/June/30th/2007
Location: Toez Riotz Server and East Coast Playground(ECP)Server
Teams: I'll Cut Out the names and pull them from a Hat.( to make it fair)
and if you dont believe me ill make a webcam video out of it!! =)

Rules: There are none
Tie Breaker: Your top player from each Team battles 1 On 1
Win:3 Points
Tie:2 Points
Loss:1 Point
Player AFK?: Each Team will choose ONE Replacement Player doesn't matter what team he is on.

Game #1: Team #1 Vs. Team #6 [Toez Server]
Game #2: Team #2 Vs. Team #5 [ECP Server]
Game #3: Team #3 Vs. Team #4 [Toez Server]
Game #4: Winner(Game #1) vs Loser (Game #2)[ECP Server]
Game #5: Loser (Game #1) vs Winner (Game #3)[Toez Server]
Game #6: Winner (Game #2) vs Loser (Game#3)[ECP Server]
Game #7: #1 Seed vs #4 Seed [Toez Server]
Game #8: #2 Seed vs #3 Seed[ECP Server]
Game #9: Loser(Game #7) Vs. Loser(Game #8)[Toez Server]
Winner(Game #7) Vs. Winner(Game #8)[ECP Server]
****If you have any Questions Regarding The Tourny Post it on the Topic Forum****

"Female Girl Model Added"
  posted June 22 - 7:47PM EDT by Mr.Damage
After a request from Genny I have added the Girl model to our archives. This is a female model converted from Quake2 by Sylacs. It has a few skins and full KP weapon support.
You can grab the female girl model from here.

"Upcoming KP2 Mod Map"
  posted June 18 - 5:59AM EDT by Mr.Damage
I am currently helping Stigma with his new map for the KP2 mod which he calls KP2 Damhouse. You can see some screenshots here.

"More Screenshots Of New Maps"
  posted June 15 - 5:48AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Here are some screens of another couple of maps I am working on. They are also converted from Heretic 2 and Quake. I am looking at working on 8 - 10 maps then putting out a mappack.

"New Single Player Map"
  posted June 12 - 4:10AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Detroit Robbery by SonikDownload

Sonik has released a small single player map called Detroit Robbery. The object is to rob the bank and get the money from the vault and from the ATM's and then make your getaway.
Sonik calls it a "quickie SP mission" and you should have it finished in about half an hour.

"New KP2 Mod Map"
  posted June 10 - 10:18PM EDT by Mr.Damage

KP2 Wdwdm4 conv by Mr DamageDownload

This is a Quake 2 map that has been converted to Kingpin for the KP2 mod. It's a small arean style map with 10 player spawns. It has plenty of weapons and items and has been re-textured using mainly KP standard textures. Weather effects have been added and it is snowing in the map. There are plenty of breakables, a couple of rogue rats and several single player props added to the map.

"KingpinQ3 Update"
  posted June 10 - 10:13PM EDT by Mr.Damage
0xA5EA has updated his KingpinQ3 webpage with some news. He is working on the bunnyhop code and has a poll up on whether to include 'walljumps'. He has also moved to another server and all userdata was lost so if you were registered there before you will need to register again.

To check out the latest news, to vote in the poll about walljumps or to register as a member head on over to his webpage by clicking here.

"KPZ Mod Source Code Released"
  posted June 10 - 10:03PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Fredz has released the source code for ver 0.93b of his multi mode KPZ mod.
There are many features in the KPZ mod includinG the ability to play Hitmen, BM, Kitmod, dm, Team DM etc.
You can grab the 0.93b KPZ source code from here.

You can also download the KPZ 0.93b server files from here:-

"Old Peacecoat Screenshots "
  posted June 10 - 9:52PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Peacecoat was a single player mappack that Mexican Radio worked on way back in 1999 but was never released. I found some old screenshots from this project the other day and have posted them in our mapping forum to give ppl a look at what the finished pack would have looked like.
You can check out the screens here.

"Fredz Moves in"
  posted June 9 - 6:01PM EDT by Mr.Damage
We are now hosting Fredz' new Kingpin webpage. It already features information and download links for all his KP maps (DM, BM, CTF, Kitmod, XMas Mod), mods (Coop, KPZ, Kit Mod and XMas mod) and will feature news about all his Kingpin projects and some tutorials.

Check it out here.

"New DM Map"
  posted June 8 - 2:11AM EDT by DirtyDog

This is a remake of ^VaM^'s classic, WindyCity.  The map's been given a complete and total overhaul, holds about a 15 player load with plenty of weaps and ammo.  The map's designed to be seen with your fog setting turned on as it has thunder and rain sounds (to go with the theme) but no biggie, it works fine without it.  Hope you enjoy :)


Windy City 2007

"Bagman Map Added To Archive"
  posted June 7 - 6:17PM EDT by Mr.Damage

Team Madness by (DOA)IcemanDownload

0xA5EA was kind enough to let me know that we didn't have this BM Map in our archive. Team Madness (imbm1.bsp) is a large BM map in the classic urban style of Kingpin which was made by (DOA)Iceman.
The map has a lot of depth to it with several different levels (lots of walkways, balconies, ladders, pipes you can walk along etc). It has lots of weapons and items spread throughout the map and the safes need to be triggered to open (in classic Bagman style). The triggers are up above the safes in both bases (look for the ladders near the safes to get to the triggers).
This is a great looking classic Bagman map so if you don't already have it (imbm1.bsp) then grab it now :)
Just extract the files to your kingpin directory.

"Screenshots Of New KP2 Mod Map"
  posted June 5 - 6:40AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Stigma is working on a new map for the KP2 Mod. Its a small map set in an alleyway and featuring a radio station.
Check out some screenshots here.

"Screenshots Of New Maps"
  posted June 3 - 1:42AM EDT by Mr.Damage
I am currently working on some new DM maps which are conversions from Heretic 2 and Quake. Here are a couple of screenshots of two of the maps, one from Heretic 2 and one from Quake.

"Reactor Action DM Map"
  posted June 3 - 1:34AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Reactor Action by Insane ClownDownload

Another map I hadn't thought about in ages 'til I played it on the Kingpin Legacy Server.
This is a medium sized deathmatch map, made by Insane Clown, that uses mostly custom textures from Quake3. As per the name the main area is a big reactor room but there are several areas to frag in . There is a lot of lava in the map & also a lava trap. Ample weapons (including 3 HMG's) and items and even a teleport =)

"One Of Twist's Hitmen Maps"
  posted June 1 - 4:30AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Twist's DooW by TwistDownload

I received an email from Twist today and it made me go and have a look at some of his old maps again. Twist's DooW is an interesting one as it's basically a Hitmen map with weapons added so you can play it in DM.
This is a medium to large sized map and all the textures are wood. There are several rooms and outside areas and it will be good for 6 or more players. It has plenty of armor so there is some for all. It also has a neat secret room like most Hitmen maps =)
Just remeber you can play it in DM too.

This map is currently in rotation on the Kingpin Legacy Server.
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