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News Archive for June 2008

"Monkey Mod Levelshots"
  posted June 30 - 7:10AM EDT by Mr.Damage
In our Downloads Section we have an area for all the Monkey Mod levelshots ppl have made for various maps. In total about 60 zip files.
I have now done a clean up of that area. I have left the zip file that Thief|Meph recently put together, containing levelshots of over 300 DM Maps, but I deleted all the other zipfiles and replaced them with one new zip containing all the shots. The next zipfile still only weighs in at 5mg. So now there are just two zipfiles containing all the levelshots we host here at KP4Ever.

For anyone not familiar with Monkey Mod Levelshots:-
When the current map completes on a server running the monkey Mod with Map Voting turned on you have a chance to vote for the next map to be played. On the Map Voting screen once you have selected a map to vote for if you have the levelshot for that map in your Kingpin folder it will be displayed.

You can get the Levelshot zipfiles from here:-

Just extract all files to your Kingpin folder.

"Capture The Flag Server Back Up "
  posted June 29 - 5:54PM EDT by Mr.Damage
I have put the KP4Ever COLORS Capture the Flag server back up.

If you don't have the client files you can get them from here.

You can visit the COLORS CTF site here.

Go to the files page to download all the custom maps that have been made for it so far and the screens page to see some shots for each map :)

"Team Bridge Final"
  posted June 28 - 1:32AM EDT by Mr.Damage
This is a Bagman map that was made by AthlonRob. It's a smallish BM map where there are the two bases and the area between the two bases is a large bridge. There are the usaul weapon cache rooms i nthe base and also the 'safes' are in a small room inside the bases.
You can download Team Bridge Final from here.

"Team Mars Bagman Map"
  posted June 25 - 6:40AM EDT by Mr.Damage
This was an interesting Bagman map from Knockdown called Team Mars which is set on some sort of base on Mars. It's a medium sized BM map, features wind tunnel teleports, cable cars, custom sounds and a nice texturing job.
You can download Team Mars from here.

Knockdown also made a version for the COLORS Capture the Flag mod which you can grab from here.

"Johnny5 Custom Model"
  posted June 23 - 7:29AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Here is one of the many custom models available for Kingpin and like most it is conversion from Quake2. The model is Johnny5 and was originally created in Q2 by Derick Dressel. It was converted to Kingpin by {GT}Freak. It has full kingpin weapon support too :)
Btw, Johnny5 is the robot from the old movie, Short Circuit.
You can download Johnny5 from here.

"Five Latst Bagman Maps"
  posted June 20 - 2:58AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Just in case you missed any of these, here is a list of the five most recent Bagman maps that have been released:-

Team AK Colt
Team DKC
Team Money Machine
Rival Teams 2007
Team Towers 2007

Team AK Colt & Team DKC

Team Towers 2007 & Team Money Machine

"Team Boxfight Bagman Map"
  posted June 18 - 5:57AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Team Boxfight by HogieDownload

Here is an old BM map by Hogie called Team Boxfight that I don't think we have ever posted about.
It's a medium sized, two forts style, BM map. The two bases are multi levelled and full of weapon caches. The team 'safes' are inside metal cages which are controlled by switches.
There are two large towers in the centre of the map where the money drop is and four large pools dominate the area between the two bases.

"Jackboot DM Map"
  posted June 15 - 5:10PM EDT by Mr.Damage
This is a DM map converted to Kingpin from Quake2, by {GT}Freak and {GT}TheGhost, back in 2001. The map is medium sized and has a good Quake2 type layout. It uses custom 'Jackboot' textures which are in the style of the George Orwell novel 1984. They are dark and gloomy and give the map a nice unique look. There are also some custom sounds added which add to the atmosphere.
You can now download the Jackboot DM Map from here.

There is also another version of this map which was made by {420}Mayhem. His version has been retextured using Kingpin textures and renamed Reboot.
You can download Reboot from here.

"[DKC] Clan Server Mappack"
  posted June 11 - 5:14PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Here is a mappack for the [DKC] Clan Server. The server is currently running Team DM.
The server runs the five stock maps and fourteen custom maps. The mappack contains all the custom maps that are currently in rotation there. It a diverse collection with different styles and both old and new maps.

You can see a list of all the maps included in the mappack here.
You can download the mappack here.

DM Jedi Final & Downtown

Tower Arena & Crystal Towers

"Dayton Turf DM Map"
  posted June 11 - 3:07AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Here is a DM Map I hadn't seen for a long time.
Dayton Turf by Method was made way back in December 2002.
It's a smallish map in the urban Kingpin style. It has 16 spawn points and one of every weapon.
This map is currently in rotation on our Kingpin Legacy Server.
Who would have thought that six years later Method would be working for iD Software :)
You can download Dayton Turf from here.

"Kingpin Wallpapers"
  posted June 8 - 5:18AM EDT by Mr.Damage
If your looking for Kingpin Wallpapers here are some good ones:-

The following were made by (K9)Iceman. The two wallpapers come in both 800x600 and 1024x768 pixle sizes. They are all in one zip file which you can grab from here.

Here is another one that was sent in by Stigma which features a ghostly figure in front of a Pawn-O-Matic.
You can download it from here.

There are many more KP Wallpapers over at the Whoop World site which were created by Dantzer. Just click on this link here. Once the site has loaded close the Welcome window, click on Resources and then Wallpaper. You will then see a selection of wallpapers you can download.

"KiT Maps By Sonik"
  posted June 4 - 6:34AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Sonik released several KiT maps while he was mapping for Kingpin. Here is a list and download links to them all:-

Streets of Rage
Streets of Rage 2
Sonik KiT 3
Streets of Rage 3
Streets of Rage 4
Sonik's Loft Kit

Streets of Rage 1 & 2

Sonik Kit 3 & Streets of Rage 3

Streets of Rage 4 & Sonik's Loft KIT

"New DM Map - New Bodies"
  posted June 2 - 4:07AM EDT by Mr.Damage

New bodies by {NeW}MisfitDownload

New Bodies is a new dm map by {NeW}Misfit with some help from me.
It's a small arena style map with a circular area in the centre with a large circular skylight in the ceiling. There are corridors surrounding the centre area with four circular corner areas also with circular skylights but smaller than the centre one. There are four small rooms on the outside of the middle area, each containing some good items. In the centre of the map is a large tank or vat full of toxic liquid (and several bitch heads lol).
There are plenty of weapon and items for a map this size and 10 player spawn points.
There are also some single player props, dogs and rats for mods that support them.

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