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News Archive for June 2009

"Ten Years Old Today"
  posted June 30 - 7:30AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Today , Tuesday 30th June, is the 10th anniversary of the release of Kingpin. I hope you will all help celebrate this occassion by jumping into your favourite server for a few games.
We have a game planned on our Legacy server where you could start your Kingpin night of fragging =)

Date : Tuesday 30th of June
Name : Kingpin Legacy Server
Time : 7.30pm Chicago time
IP :

Anyways just try and make time to have a few maps at any of the 20 or so Kingpin servers that re currently running.

Not that many PC games are still being played after ten years, especially one that was considered controversial at the time and banned from many large retail chains. A game where the company who created it dissolved on the day it was released and a game that has not been readily available, at least until recently via GoG.com, for many years. It just shows what a great game it is to survive such adversity and still have a few people celebrating it's Decennial (lol I looked that word up in Wiki).

Tuesday Night Game

"2007's Highlighted Map Is DM Backstreets"
  posted June 30 - 4:43AM EDT by Mr.Damage
2007's highlighted map is DM Backstreets by Creamator.

This one is a medium sized/large map with an urban street setting. Much of the action takes place in the street or on the roofs but some buildings can be entered as well. There are ample weapons and items and Crem included a custom sky which suits the map very well.
One of the reasons I like this map is because he was able to include some single player props in the map which show up in DM. I never worked out how to do that.
You can download DM Backstreets from here.

"Single Player Mappacks - Gulag"
  posted June 29 - 6:20AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Gulag was the third episode of the five pack series by Wheelbarrow. It's probably my favourite one of all five. It continues the player's story in his fight against the big crime gangs...
The Story:
There is a big meeting of gang members from all over the country planned in an old dis-used internment camp (gulag) in one of the Eastern Block countries. The gangs figure this is the only way to have such a meeting and not get interrupted by the free world authorities.
You have followed the gang members over there (because you're psychotic), to this 'gulag' on the outskirts of a large Eastern BLock city, where you're determined to take out as many as you can. Airport security removed all you're weaponry prior to boarding the plane, so all you got is your trusty pipe to start with, and a bill for the removal van needed to take your weaponry from the airport to a local storage facility:)
The gang members have been made aware of a possible attack on their meetings, but they don't know who or how many, so an all-out effort has been made to get ready for the assault. Everyone is on guard, all the power has been brought back on-line, and even some of the original facilities (read: gas chambers etc.) are back in working order, so keep your eyes open, and be aware of possible traps. Some of their weapons are stored on the other side of these "facilities". You will also find the ever-present 'crates', but hey, come on, they ain't eating any of that 'foreign commie crap',and there was no way they were leaving their own 'hardware' behind.
You can download Gulag from here.

A few notes on the pack from Wheelbarrow:
You start the unit hanging on a grappling hook, so when the level begins, look around before moving.
When it's snowing, even though the r_speeds are ok, you may find it runs a bit slower than normal in places.(Non Ninja PC's only). There's not a lot of color in these maps, and a LOT of lights; it's an old prison camp, remember.
As you begin each map, you'll get a short message telling you what part of the old prison camp you're entering, to give you an idea of what's ahead; maybe...
I've tried using dynamite in this pak. Unfortunately you can't pick it up, but if you see some laying around, you can shoot it, and it will explode. You may also come across trip wires in the level; the dynamite attached to these is not shootable, it is set off by the wire. Watch where you walk!
In one of the levels you will have to get power to an exit door in order to move on; once you have found the "power distribution center" level, you will NOT be able to leave it until you route the power to the door. You can then exit the same way you got in.
Last note..one of the maps has 2 exits to the following map...1 exit is survivable, the other is not....heheh...you gotta find out which one....Good luck!

"10th Anniverary - Highlighting a DM Map from 2006"
  posted June 29 - 5:59AM EDT by Mr.Damage
The map I am highlighting that was released in 2006 is 10th Street by Sonik. This one is a definite crowd pleaser in the servers.
This is a small, multi level, classic urban style city map. It has enough weapons'n'stuff and a high level of detail. It's a classic little custom made map.
You can download 10th Street from here.

There were many good maps released in 2006 but two others I thought I would mention as well are Base Command by DooDaa which is a map set in an army camp and Frag Arena by AB|Jones. It's a small arena style map and with a few ppl the action is intense :)

Base Command
Frag Arena

"Sunday Night Game At Detropolis Server"
  posted June 28 - 5:25AM EDT by Mr.Damage
As part of the 10th Anniversary weekend there is a Sunday night game planned for the Detropolis Custom Maps Server starting around 7.30pm New York time.

Sunday Night At Detropolis

Name : Detropolis Custom Masp Server
Date : Sunday June 29th
Time : 7.30pm EST (New York)
IP :
[VG]FlashyDave will hopefully be on hand to get the game going.

Friday and Saturday Night Games

Hope you can make it for a game =)

"10th Anniverary - Highlighting a BM Map from 2005"
  posted June 28 - 5:06AM EDT by Mr.Damage
The map I am highlighting from 2005 is a Bagman map called Team Bloodcity. This map was originally made for the King of the Streets mod by Turbo and has in 2005 was converted to a BM map by me.

This is a medium sized Bagman map but looks a lot larger than it actually is with some long and short ways to get between the two bases. The two bases are a disused Police station and a Casino and the money drop is in a fountain. There are several routes between the bases, lots of weapons and items, a crashed Police car,custom sounds, a custom sky, pinball machines and poker machines :)

You can download Team Bloodcity from here.

There is another map from 2005 that I also want to make mention of. I want to hihlight this map also becasue of its uniqueness.
The map is Kingpin Pinball by Fredz. As the name suggests it's a deathmatch map set inside a pinball machine. It's the pinball machine from the Kingpin's office.
The map actually starts with a small cutscene and then you are launched into the pinball machine. You get bounced around the table hitting the bumpers and the flippers just like a real pinball. There are a heap of weapons in between the bumbers and in the centre of the table. You can also run around on top of the machine where there is a grenade launcher and some armour.
You can download Kingpin Pinball from here.

"Highlighting Detropolis Map From 2004"
  posted June 27 - 9:26AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Early in 2004 DirtyDog released a DM map which was tribute to one of our servers called Detropolis. The idea for the map came from Dantzer, one of the people here at KP4Ever and who is basically the person who pays to have KP4Ever hosted each year. From the Readme by DD:-
As a request by Dantzer I thought I would make a map tributing the long time running server, Detropolis. It's a small to medium sized urban themed map and alot of the layout were based ideas from Dantzer. It has a bar that although is not ripped is heavily influenced by the bar in the single player episode, Club Swank. Lots of spawns and weapons, hope you enjoy :)
Other than my local servers, which are long gone, Detropolis is my favourtie KP server and I like the fact it has a good map named after it.
You can download the Detropolis map from here.

"2003's Highlighted Map Is Industrial Circuit."
  posted June 26 - 6:15AM EDT by Mr.Damage
In October of 2003 CAT released a fantastic deathmatch map called Industial Circuit. I have to say that it is one of my favourite urban style maps. It is a medium to large sized map with 18 spawn points set in an industrial landscape. There are many hideout spots in the map and its filled to the brim with weapons and ammo.
Whenever a mapper adds his own comments on a map I also like to post those and here is what CAT had to say about Industrial Circuit at the time:-
After finishing my last map, I have been franticly working on the next one. I had a sudden idea and off I went. This map is the final production of this idea I had. The map is called 'Industrial Circuit'. It's small map with an industrial theme. It should handle up to 16 players, it is filled to the brim with weapons and ammo and the R_speeds are reasonable.
There are also many hideout spots for thoses monkey spamming lovers, but beware, keep on your toes as they aren't always the safest spot to camp.
You can download this map from here

There were so many good maps released in 2003. If you want to have a look back for yourself then check out our Archive.
On the bottom left hand side of this page you will see News Archive. Just click on it and it taks you to our News Archive by Month page. Just select the month you want to look at and all he news posts for tha month will be displayed.

"10th Anniverary - Highlighting a BM Map from 2002"
  posted June 25 - 8:05AM EDT by Mr.Damage
For 2002 I decided to highlight a Bagman map. The map is Team LowRideR and was created by Sonik.
As we are highlighting the past here is the original review by DirtyDog.
This is an urban style map that has some really nice effects and a custom sound that inspired the map's name. As usual from any map by SoniK you can expect some really sharp lighting techniques and excellent detail.
This is a fun map and top shelf quality.
You can download Team LowRideR here.

"10th Anniverary Weekend Games"
  posted June 24 - 5:09PM EDT by Mr.Damage
The 10th Anniversaery weekend is nearly upon us and here are the first couple of games we have scheduled.

Of course we hope that you will drop in any time over the weekend, both in our servers, and the 15 or so other Kingpin servers in Europe and the USA, but this is two games scheduled when we hope to get enough players together to have some good games.

Friday Night HiTMeN

Name : KP4Ever's DA PlayGroundZ
Date : Friday June 27th
Time : 7.30pm EST (New York)
IP :
Truzenzuzex[BC] will hopefully be on hand to get the game going

Saturday Night Legacy Server

Name : Kingpin Legacy Server
Date : Saturday June 28th
Time : 7.30pm EST (New York)
IP :
Vitachick may be on hand to get the game going

To check what time it is where you are when the games are on check the World Clock site here.

As I mentioned in an earleir post you guys can help make this a success by spreading the word to any ex-KPers you are in touch with and encouraging them to come for a game as well :)

"10th Anniverary - Highlighting a DM Map from 2001"
  posted June 23 - 9:23PM EDT by Mr.Damage
The map I am highlighting from 2001 is Frag Castle by KaptenSvea.

Fragcastle is a medium sized deathmatch map which uses mostly default KP textures, and has a suggested player load of 2 - 8. An interesting feature of the map is that it doesn't contain the grenade launcher or flamethrower.
It has a good layout with no dead ends. There are lots of stairs so the map has three or four different levels. There is a main area which leads off in all directions to both higher and lower levels and you can even spawn on the high ledges overlooking the main area.

If you take the stairs leading up from this area and go round the corner there is a ledge that overlooks the main area. From here you jump onto a plank of wood where there is the head armour and the most sought after item, which is of course, the cooling mod. But you have to be alert and make sure no one is camping on the high ledge ready to frag you just before you get the mod lol.
Then it's downstairs to the two health packs and continuing onto the rocket launcher hoping no one is coming the other way that alresady has it :)
Back upstairs to the HMG which is sitting on the box and your good to go.
This is a fun map and was a server favourite in it's day.
You can downlaod Frag Castle from here.

This map is also available in the 2001 Mappack which you can grab from here.

"Midweek Games On Our Servers"
  posted June 22 - 5:59PM EDT by Mr.Damage
If you feel like a game of KP midweek then why not drop in for a few maps here:-

Date : Wednesday 24th of June
Name : KP4EVER's Da PlaygroundZ! Hitmen Server
Time : 5.30 East Coast (New York) USA Time

One of the main features of the Hitmen mod is the Hook and if you want to be able to use it you need to install the Hitmen files
(only a small download) which you can get here

Date : Thursday 25th of June
Name : KP4Ever's Extreme Server
Time : 7.30pm Chicago time

To check what time it is where you are when the games are on check the World Clock site here.

"10th Anniverary - Highlighting a DM Map from 2000"
  posted June 22 - 7:17AM EDT by Mr.Damage
The map I have chosen to highlight from the year 2000 is Misery by Sandman.
At the time this one wa on my favourite maps to play in the servers. It's a medium sized deathmach map similar in style to the other maps up to that time (including the ones he made as Badmonk). Like all of his maps it uses mainly Kingpin standard textures and utilised some of the standard features of many maps such as the fire barrel, stacks of rusting car bodies, barrels and boxes placed around the map. There are two main areas (the scrap car area and the HMG area) which are connected by an indoor pasageway and an arched tunnel.
One thing I remember about this map is that whenever you were racing to get the HMG, which was in the corner on a flat rooftop accessed via a ladder, there always semed to be someone nearby with the flamer ready to toast you and stop you getting it lol.

Anyway you can download Misery from here.

This map is also available in the 200o Mappack which you can grab from here.

"Single Player Mappacks - The Chase"
  posted June 22 - 6:36AM EDT by Mr.Damage
The Chase by Wheelbarrow was the second episode in the series and the follow up to The Funeral.

The Story
This map-pak follows on from where the first pak finished. You have followed the head dude down thru the escape tunnel in his kitchen, and find yourself standing in an underground passage, directly below the hatch. Follow the trail of henchmen from his underground boat-house, to the bunkers of an old disused military base, where you'll hopefully have your revenge :)

You can download The Chase from here.

"10th Anniverary - Highlighting a DM Map from '99"
  posted June 21 - 2:24AM EDT by Mr.Damage
As part of the upcoming 10th anniversary of Kingpin I plan to highlight one or two maps from each year since Kingpin's release.
I am starting off with a map from 1999 called Crushaville East which was created by Bain.
I thought it would be a nice idea to resurrect the review of this map from a long dead Kingpin site called The Warehouse which was hosted by Planet Kingpin. The review was done by Intruder and here it is in its entirety
Crushaville East

This is a rather nice map in the true Kingpin Style and very well laid out.

Crushaville East is a very good looking map, and is set in the true Kingpin style and there is a great amount of detail in the map, and it plays very smooth and also has some kinda secret areas. But it seams to be best suited for more than 3 players which were on when I tested it out and reviewed it, but I truly believe that with 6 or 8 players this map will rock and see many a fragfest. It is very well thought out and contains many different types of areas, in which jumping and climbing are required. The weapons are laid out rather well and not too plentiful that its easy, just run an gun. Nope ya have to think alittle bit

There are plenty of places where you can attack from varying heights, this adds to the gameplay of this map. The roofs are accessable as well as formidable. The areas in the map are large and small so there is a chance of getting trapped when on the run. But in the big areas, theres room to spare. r_speeds in some areas hit a thousand, but on a map this size thats unavoidable and it was only in a couple of spots, that wouldn't be of a real probelm. I must say that these Crushaville mappers are getting better and that I can't wait to checkout thier latest beta I just DLed.

This map is one of the really good Kingpin DM maps out and you should have it on your hard-drive. If you don't download this now, then you'll be getting it on one of the servers or you already have it on your machine.
You can download Crushaville East from here.

This map is included in the 1999 Mappack which features some of the best maps from that year. You can download the 1999 Mappack from here.

"10th Anniversary of Kingpin"
  posted June 20 - 2:17AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Tuesday June 30th is the 10th anniversary of the release of Kingpin. It's been a wild and crazy ride over those ten years hasn't it lol.
Who would have thought that after so many years we'd still be here enjoying this great game.

We plan to celebrate this momentus occassion in our servers and hope you can all join in as well.
We plan to make it a four day weekend starting on Saturday the 28th and culminating on Tuesday 30th the actual release date.
I hope everyone can find some time and help make this weekend a success and one last big hurrah for the game :)

You guys can help make this a success by spreading the word to any ex-KPers you are in touch with and encouraging them to come for a game as well.

As the date gets closer plz keep checking back here for more info.

"Single Player Mappacks - The Funeral"
  posted June 17 - 5:28AM EDT by Mr.Damage
The Funeral, by Wheelbarrow was the first episode of a five episode series which just got better with each one.

The Story : You have been invited to the funeral of an enemy boss and figuring it's the right thing to do, you make a point of attending, but soon after your arrival, you start having second thoughts. Fortunately, you had the foresight to have one of you lackeys plant a small firearm in the entrance foyer of the church. Checkout the water before you go in for the early morning service...Good Luck!

Here is more on the pack from Wheelbarrow:-
There is no "backtracking" in this pak, so explore everwhere you can before moving on to the next level. I have tried to indicate those doors which will take you to the next map.

This pak is all about gang warfare, so don't expect to talk much....if it moves, kill it, before it kills you. A good example of this is the opening map.. if you walk into church with your piece drawn, you will die. If you mess with the body on the slab, you will die.

There is no new scripting (I wish), so it's up to you to figure out how to get thru the crowded sections alive. (lots of shooting!!) The ultimate goal is to make it to the head-honcho's suburban home, and make things right....
You can download The Funeral from here.

"Buy Kingpin At Good Old Games"
  posted June 14 - 7:09AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Just a reminder that you can purchase Kingpin for $5.99 from Good Old Games website as a 338mg download.
You can rate the game, leave comments and they even have a Kingpin forum.
Anyway if you want to check it out just go here.

If you prefer to buy the actual disk you should check out our Buy Kingpin! page here.

"Saturday Night Game On Legacy Server"
  posted June 12 - 9:13PM EDT by Mr.Damage
If your looking for a game of Kingpin on Saturday night there is one planned on our Legacy Server.
Vitachick will hopefully be on hand to get the game going around 7.30pm EST (East Coast USA) so if your not doing anything why not drop in for a few maps.

Legacy Server details:-
Name : Kingpin Legacy Server
IP :
Date : Saturday June 13th
Time : 7.30pm EST (New York)
Maxclients : 20
MM Client : Required

You can check the The World Clock site here to check what time is it where you are when the game is on.

"Single Player Mappacks - Tea Time"
  posted June 12 - 9:07PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Tea Time is a small single player mappack released by Tea Leaf in early 2006.
Tea Time is a small episode where the aim is for the player to escape the city. Hire your thug, kill all the bad guys, get the keys and make your way to the Typhoon Bar and escape on a motorbike. It doesn't take too long to play so why not grab it now :)
You can download Tea Time from here.

If you prefer to download Tea Time in a pak file you can get it from here.

"New Crew In Town"
  posted June 9 - 8:39PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Beretta has started a new gang called [RS]Rogue Skullz.
He is looking for ppl who would like to join his new crew. If you would like to join you should visit the gangs forum on his official website The Rogue Skullz Gang.
Why not check it out, maybe join up and get a few skirmishes happening again in KP :)

"Single Player Mappacks - House Of Death Part 1 & 2"
  posted June 8 - 6:29AM EDT by Mr.Damage
As there always seems to be a lot of interest in the Single Player Mapapcks that have been released for Kingpin I thought it would be a good idea to highlight some of them starting with House of Death by

House of Death1 is one of the best SP mappacks for KP. This is how Sonik describes it:-
My first ever single player map pack!! Based in a haunted house, you will travel through the depths of it, and back to the surface. I added in some pretty interesting effects, like the flying sofa :). You also get to take a trip on a doomed runaway train!
SEVEN levels of frightening fun!
This is definately a mappack you should grab.
You can grab House of Death1 from here.

House of Death2 contains three SP maps and carries on from House of Death1. The mapping by Sonik is excellent making this one of the best SP packs ever for KP.

There are surprises at every turn (e.g you climb up a ladder and there is a bitch waiting at the top with a flamer ready to fry you good). There are lots of puzzles, mainly in the 'KIT Mod' style (e.g you have to get from one side of a room to the other negotiating your way over planks and ledges etc without falling to your death).
Sometimes you have to go back to places you have already been but Sonik does this very well by opening up new ways to get back there.

I found it hard, but very enjoyable, and ended up playing it on the easy level. I suggest saving often and explore every nook and cranny for health and any items as you will need them especially for the final battle! :)
Yo can download House of Death2 from here.

"Another New Deathmatch Map"
  posted June 4 - 7:31PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Here is another new map converted to Kingpin from Quake called The Edge of Oblivion. It's a conversion to Kingpin of the Quake1 map made by The Levelord. The map is probably better known as hipdm1.
It's a medium sized deathmatch map and was the very first space map or 'suspended platform, aka void' map ever made.

You can download the map from here.

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