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News Archive for July 2002

"New DM Map By {GT}Ghost"
  posted July 30 - 11:34PM EDT by Mr.Damage
<{GT}Ghost has released a new DM map which is called Bullsh*t. This is a small arena style map where you have to manoeuvre between some moving walls to get the prized HMG.It is currently in rotation on the Detropolis server so grab it from here and then go and jump into the Detropolis server :)

"New BM & CTF maps by KnockDown"
  posted July 30 - 3:25PM EDT by DirtyDog
KnocKDowN has released two beta versions of a new map entitled Knockdown's q3 Arena. The first version is designed for BagMan and the other for Capture The Flag.

QUOTE: its sort of a remake of q3ctf1 layout wise (i like the simple layout of that map) but the look and feel is very much my own.. and yes them steps do resemble whoops :P It's very small compared to my normally LARGE maps but the r_speeds kinda suck at the mo!.. workin on it tho ;)

For the BM map download from here: Knockdown's q3 Arena and the CTF version from here: Knockdown's q3 Arena-CTF

"Revised DM Map by IamKingpin"
  posted July 30 - 2:59PM EDT by DirtyDog
IamKingpin has revised his recently released Skidrow Deathmatch map.

QUOTE: *in the last this version i change ladders, move them closer to walls, ad trigger_hurt_fire, and add sky st (Steel Town)
'cause of my orange light;)also add more info_deathmatch player respawn points for every server.

This version is much more playable and looks good. Download the revised version from here: Skidrow DeathMatch Revised

"SSF House DM Map Released"
  posted July 30 - 5:11AM EDT by Mr.Damage
{SSF}Heineken from the SSF crew has released his SSF House map. This is a small/medium sized DM map set in the SSF clubhouse. It has a games room, a nightclub and even a swimming pool outside (as well as two secret rooms). You can download this map from there.

"Jackboot DM Map by {GT}Freak and {GT}TheGhost"
  posted July 30 - 4:40AM EDT by Mr.Damage
I have uploaded the latest version KP conversion of the Quake2 DM map Jackboot to KP4Ever. The map was converted to Kingpin by {GT}Freak and {GT}TheGhost. The map is medium sized and has a Q2 type layout but uses 1984 style textures which are very good (which is why I chose to use them when I updated the Ball DM map). You can now download this map from Poisonville.

"Map Conversion to KP2 by {GT}SyL^cS"
  posted July 29 - 6:14PM EDT by DirtyDog
{GT}SyL^cS has converted his recently released Club {GT} DM map to suit the popular KP2 mod. Now you will have to watch your feet when you enter the bathroom as it is infested with rats :)
For the record if anyone didn't know, {GT}SyL^cS is also responsible for providing us all with the awesome looking new weapons used in KP2
Download the map from here: Club {GT} KP2

If you haven't tried it, check out the mod by downloading the client side files from here: KP2 Client Files Full Download and the proceeding update here: KP2 Client Files-UPDATE and lastly, the mappack containing all the latest maps not included in the client side files(excluding of course Sylac's recent release) KP2 MAPPACK When you've installed all the files drop on by the {NEW}East KP2 Mod Server @ for a few frags :)

"New DM map by Yan"
  posted July 29 - 4:01PM EDT by DirtyDog
Yan has submitted a new DM map entitled: Sr_dm. It's a very small, urban style map that's designed for 8 players.
QUOTE: If The map is good or more or less put it please on news, on Front Page, cause I wanna know do other kingpin players like it and do you like it???...



And I Also Add .map file in case if you wanna change map to kingpin mod, or hitman, bagman, etc.

Yan has also requested feedback so if you have any comments please post it in the Kingpin Forever Forums. Grab the map from here: Sr_Dm

"New Model Release by {GT}'s FreaK"
  posted July 29 - 2:54PM EDT by DirtyDog
Once again, our hard working Kingpin mr. {GT}'s FreaK has bequeathed us with yet ANOTHER fully viewable weaponed model. This one is the Beavis & Butthead model and it's hilarious. The model was originally converted by [XS]InsanitY who is among one of Kingpin's original Model converters and has only recently submitted a bit of his work, we hope he submitts more. Grab the model from here: Beavis & Butthead

"Model Updates by {GT}'s FreaK"
  posted July 29 - 2:24PM EDT by DirtyDog
{GT}'s FreaK has been pretty busy as of late and has submitted several items for our enjoyment. Firstly, he corrected a file name issue for his recently released LadyDeath model. To download the correction only, grab it here: Lady Death Fix If you've never downloaded this model in the first place (in which case I recommend that you do, the model is excellent)simply download the FULL ladydeath model that includes FreaK's latest fix from here: Full Lady Death download UPDATED 07-02

Next item on the list is {GT}'s FreaK Spawn model update. He took the time to add FULL VIEWABLE weapon support and to get the update only, click here: Male Spawn Fix. For the full download of Male_Spawn which includes Freak's latest update, click here: Full Male Spawn download UPDATED 07-02

"Map Conversion to CTF by KnockDown"
  posted July 29 - 1:47PM EDT by DirtyDog
KnocKDowN has converted his recently released Mars BM map to suit the popular new Capture The Flag Kingpin mod and has called it CTF Mars. This is an excellent map and now that it can be played on a CTF server is very exciting news. Grab the map from here: CTF Mars

"Screenshots By [YFS]Mayhem"
  posted July 29 - 6:27AM EDT by Mr.Damage
[YFS]Mayhem sent in a couple of cool looking screnshots so I thought I would post them here and share them with you :)

The first one is of my player standing in front of a KP4Ever sign in the CTF Urban map

And the second one is from the single player game which he has named Laxative Man (lol)

"COLORS CTF Mod Update"
  posted July 29 - 6:06AM EDT by Mr.Damage
I have posted some screenshots of two new CTF maps that [YFS]Mayhem has made that wil be released as part of the COLORS V1.1 release. Head on over to the COLORS CTF Webpage for a little preview of what to expect when these maps are released :)

"Two of Pencho's Map Added"
  posted July 29 - 5:37AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Pencho has submitted two of his first KP DM Map he made. They are Boxdungeon and C-4.

Boxdungeon is an interesting map set in a warhouse type complex with lots of hidden and hard to get at places where all the good stuff is. You can grab this one from here.
Btw, I repackaged and rezipped this map as the files were originally in a pak file and the custom sound file was in the wrong folder :)

C-4 is an urban street style map and like Boxdungeon will take a few plays before you find where everything is. You can get it here.

"Skin-N-Yo-Ass Updated"
  posted July 28 - 8:31PM EDT by Truzenzuzex[BC]
The custom skin system "Skin Check" aka Skin-N-Yo-Ass! has been updated over the last few weeks and now includes all the fully VWeaped custom models that have been released.

{GT}Freak's newest conversion Lady Death has just been added bringing the total to almost 20,000 custom skins being checked.

Drop on by if you need to check some new skins to insure there are no duplicates.

"DPG came server IP changed"
  posted July 28 - 7:53PM EDT by Truzenzuzex[BC]
Not normally breaking news, but since the infamous DPG Hitmen server has had the same IP address for over three years I figured this needed a brief blurb... New IP:

"KP2 News Update from {GT}TheGhosT"
  posted July 28 - 6:16PM EDT by DirtyDog
{GT}TheGhosT has been hard at work coding the very much anticipated, Kingpin 2. Here is the post he submitted:

QUOTE: Kingpin 2 is the remake of Kingpin, the quake 2 engine has been chosen as our 1st project engine. Kingpin 2 is much like the original Kingpin, it is a Thug war based game that will in no way curve its likeness. It has been a Thug war based multiplayer game and will always be! We are using the quake 2 enigine code because it is the same base code that was used in the creation of Quake 3, Quake 4 and RTCW, those games have proven to be quite smooth in gameplay, what makes them different from one another is the programmers and thier ideas and thier ability to understand what goes on in the video processing realm.

There is a million and 1 things you can expect, we have a community that has die hard Kingpin fans and also many programmers that are dedicated to Kingpin and the Thug War based like.

The Engine Modification was named in honor of PschoSpaz his famouse Quake 2 engine is called Quake2Max and our Engine will be called "Kingpin 2 the Max", we seem to share many of the same ideas in making a new fun filled inline gaming experience.

If you are wondering, there is a beta version running but we have not released any files as of yet. The current Kingpin 2 Engine build is (Kingpin 2 v0.69) it plays 1 million times better than kingpin, better pings and better graphic support (32bit) and really nice enhanced model effects and many many things I have not mentioned. Sit back put your seat belt on Kingpin is coming back better than ever. This is gonna be a real treat for all the old die hard kingpin fans!

KPU Development

Please register on the KPU forum where this submission was originally posted from by clicking here: What is Kingpin 2?

"New DM Map by {GT}SyL^cS"
  posted July 26 - 11:26PM EDT by DirtyDog
{GT}SyL^cS has just released a new DM map entitled: Club {GT}.

QUOTE: A small to medium sized map i just finally got finished up, 15 dm spawn points, lots of weaps, good r_speeds for the amount of detail. Hope ya like it.

It's a good looking map with some nice detail and a very cool laser light effect. This map is suitable for all DM mods and servers, check it out:
Club {GT}

"New Model By {GT}Freak"
  posted July 26 - 11:18PM EDT by Mr.Damage
{GT}Freak has released a new model for Kingpin called LadyDeath. This is a conversion of a Quake2 model made by Paul Steed. The model has complete Kingpin animations as well as full KP w_weapon support :)
You can grab this one from here.

"New Monkey Mod Client"
  posted July 26 - 10:58PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Just a reminder that Rev.8 of the Monkey Mod is now available and this is the one oyu need to play on servers running Monkey Mod v1.50b. It's a whopping 6kb and can be downloaded from the Monkey Mod Webpage.

"Ball DM Map Remake"
  posted July 25 - 9:19AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Do you remember the old DM map called Ball which I believe was created by RedWormCharlie? Well I have updated it and released it as Ballv2. If you don't know that map it is a small/medium DM map with a sewer area circling around a centralroom. There are two entrances from the sewer to the room area. The original had only one texture and was very dark because all the lights constanly flashed on and off.

In the new version I have made the following changes:-
totally re-textured it using the 1984 style Jackboot map textures
changed all the lighting and no lights now flash off/on
added more spawn points to make a total of 16
added another small room
changed the weapon placement and added more weapons
added armour/health and pistol mods
added a custom sound of one of my favourite bands :)

You can download the new map here.

"Street Wars Mod Update"
  posted July 25 - 8:53AM EDT by Mr.Damage
TnT_Trash has started a poll in the forum over at Dark Wolf Development about what items you would like to see included in the upcoming Action Kingpin:Street Wars mod. In this poll you gert to choose between Flash grenades, Tear Gas, Radio Jammer and Blanks. There wil be other polls for more items but for now please take the time to go viit the ofrum and vote for whichever of the above items you want included in the mod.

"New BM map by WhoOP_AsS"
  posted July 24 - 10:18PM EDT by DirtyDog
WhoOP_AsS has just released a beta version of his latest BagMan map entitled: Team KaoS. It's a medium sized Quake themed map. The map contains nice, detailed architecture combined with the use of Q3 textures that truly captures that gothic/stone flavor Quake is so well known for. As with all of WhoOP_AsS's work you can expect excellent use of textures, sharp lighting and smooth game play. Download the map from here: Team KaoS

"VGDM2 Map Updated"
  posted July 23 - 9:04AM EDT by Mr.Damage
You may all remember a map called Voodoo Generation DM2 (or vgdm2) which was a Quake2 map conversion by [VG]Killerman.
Well that map has now been updated and released as Voodoo Generation DM2 Ver2. It is a small to medium sized map which is set in a mountain fortress with a cavern area below. It has been re-textured, had the original sky included and weapon and item placement and selection has been revised. You need to grab this one from our download section because if you download it from a server you wont get the custom sky or the custom sounds. So go get it here.

"New Kingpin Mapping Site"
  posted July 23 - 4:41AM EDT by Mr.Damage
We are now hosting a new mapping site by Pencho. It's called DTT (you'll have to go for a visit to find out what it stands for :P).
Right now the site is pretty empty but he will soon have all his maps features there and he is going to start reviewing maps by other mappers. It will be good to have a site again were you can read reviews of the latest maps.
Pencho is also accepting maps for review by email, so if you want your map reviewed and featured at his site then you can email it to him here. You can visit the new site here - Pencho's DTT and you can vote in his poll whether you think his site is any good or not here.

"New DM Map By Oddball & Me"
  posted July 22 - 8:39AM EDT by Mr.Damage
A few months back Oddball sent me a map that he wanted me to work on with him. It was a simple map that he wanted me to retuxture and 'fix'. With a little help from hypov8 I created the map called Oddball Arena 2025. Its a small/medium arena style map which uses futuristic style textures. Hope you like it. You can download it from here.

"New COLORS CTF Map By Hogie"
  posted July 22 - 7:27AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Hogie has released a beta of a great new map for the COLORS CTF mod. This one is a conversion of a SiN CTF map and is called Military Compounds. Hogie has used the original SIN textures to keep the original atmosphere of the map. I want to thank Hogie as he is the only mapper, other than the CTF team mappers, to support the COLORS CTF mod so far. Hopefull a few other mappers will soon follow suite.
Anyway you can grab this new map from here.

There are several more screenshots of this map over at the COLORS CTF Website.

"New Sound Files"
  posted July 22 - 6:36AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Cujo has submitted a new sound pack to KP4Ever. The pack is called KP2s and has around 200 sounds ranging from a ballista to a windmill :)
You can grab the pak file from here.

"Skill Mod Update"
  posted July 22 - 6:29AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Captain Death sent word that he has updated his Skill mod to ver 0.25.

Changes in the new version are:-

Server reset defaults grabbed from initial cvars (no external file like comp.ini in Monkey Mod LOL)
Full electable admin covering all game specific variables.
Server Op can grab admin and set all game specific variables. Default server reset values can also be changed. Server Op has own password to allow access.
Custom MOTD
Weapon matrix for choosing weapons in round rotation - includes intelligent matrix validation

For those of you not familiar with the Skill mod here is a brief rundown:-

SKILL mod is a round based last man standing mod.
At the start of a round, each player will start with a pipe and the current weapon (if any)
The last player standing wins the round.
If the round time limit is reached, the player with most kills that round gets the win, but
if two or more players have the same frags then no-one wins.

Skill is a serverside mod so clients don't need any any files to play. If you want to run a Skill mod server you can grab the server files from here and you can visit his website here.

"Pacman Kingpin Map"
  posted July 22 - 6:20AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Someone has submitted a new DM map called Pacman. Yes it is based on that old classic arcade game Pacman. Its a simple maze like layout but it is a very interesting map none the less. Its only 160kb so why no download it and add it to your collection by clicking here.

"Submitting Files To KingpinForever"
  posted July 22 - 6:08AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Just a reminder about our FTP Uploads FTP Server. If you have KP related files you want to get to us you can either use the Submit News link or use the FTP Uploads FTP Server.
Here are the FTP details:
1) Host Address: downloads.kingpinforever.com
2) User Name: uploads
3) Password: uploads

So if you have some Kingpin files that we don't have and you want get them hosted here just upload them to the above FTP server. This inlcudes both old and new files of course :)

If you do submit files please include a readme which describes the file and make sure you include your name so you can be credited with the work.

"Radiant For Windows XP"
  posted July 22 - 6:05AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Cujo has submitted a Radiant.exe file for XP which was made by hypov8. I assume this is a file for Win XP that sorts out all the problems mappers have been having trying to map when using this Operating System. If you are a mapper who uses WinXP you can grab this handy file form our Mapping Tools Download section here.

"New Kingpin Pawn-O-Matic Wallpaper"
  posted July 22 - 5:57AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Cujo has sent in a great new KP wallpaper to KP4Ever. This one is very eerie indeed and features a ghostly figure in front of a Pawn-O-Matic. You can get it from our KP wallpapers download section here.

"Classic map updated and revised"
  posted July 21 - 8:18PM EDT by Truzenzuzex[BC]
Truzenzuzex[BC] has updated and revised the classic DM map (headshot-r2) which is now called Headshot Extra (headshot-extra). It's a medium to sized urban city/street style map and has been expanded to handle larger crowds. It seems to play great in DM, Wolfflow, Catch the Chicken and Hitmen from our testing tonight.

You can grab this new map from the KP4EVER archives: headshot-extra.

The full map readme, with notes on changes to the original map, and additional screenshots can be found at this link.

"New DM Map by [MX]soB"
  posted July 21 - 12:22AM EDT by DirtyDog
[Mx]soB has released a new DM map entitled GlobeHenge It's a nice terrain type map and like the title suggests it has a "globehenge" theme to it lol.
QUOTE: It's a little map that just popped in my head that day. It's nothing special and no special effects because I haven't learned any yet. It's set up for a regular deathmatch, it has weapons, ammo, armour and no Health. My first map that I have submitted .. so don't be too harsh on me. :-)
Enjoy ..

The map is nice and very original, download it from here: GlobeHenge

"Screenshot Of New DM Map"
  posted July 20 - 1:41AM EDT by Mr.Damage
DrDeath is working on a small arena stlye DM map called Death Room. It should be finished shortly but meanwhile here is a screenshot:-

"Monkey Mod v1.50b"
  posted July 20 - 1:00AM EDT by Mr.Damage
TiCaL has updated Monkey Mod and reelased v1.50 server fiels for both Windows and Linux. Changes from v1.50a are:-

* added new cvar (no_spec)
- no_spec makes the screen black for non-admin/non-rconx spectators (basically
stops them from seeing whats going on in the server). This is to stop voice
communication cheating by using programs such as Roger Wilco and BattleCom
to give away the players positions and details
- no_spec is 0 (off) by default, set it to 1 (on) for it to take effect
- no_spec can be set from server console, rcon/rconx and server.cfg
- admins can use disable_spec command to change it
- note when this is enabled if people have gl_polyblend set to 0 they will
get kicked for a flamehack because gl_polyblend set to 0 will remove the
black spectator screen

* removed kick_flamehack from comp.ini
- now kick_flamehack can only be set in server.cfg or by a command

* modified idle_client cvar
- now it will only boot players to spectator mode if a match is in progress,
not during pre-match, map voting or intermission time.
- increased default time to 120 seconds

* fixed team joining problem
- fixed the team joining problem during Pre-Match countdown

* chat change
- made the admin team talk have round brackets around the name
instead of pipes like in normal admin talk

You can grab the latest files by visiting the Monkey Mod Webpage.

"Jump Trix AVI Kingpin Movie"
  posted July 20 - 12:53AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Carllos, another Kingpin player form the Czech Republic has submitted a little AVI movie showing off some trick jumps in maps like KPDM5. I have uploaded it to KP4Ever so you can download it and have a look. Grab it by clicking here.

"Kingpin Coding Tutorials"
  posted July 20 - 12:10AM EDT by Mr.Damage
{GT}Freak has created a webpage dedicated to C++ tutorials to help people learn how to code mods for Kingpin. This is a very good thing eh :)
There are already a small number of tutorials there an he is welcoming other coders to submit more tutes. Go check out this very important page called Freak's Kingpin C++ Tutorials.

"Sanctuary Map Pack Update"
  posted July 20 - 12:02AM EDT by Mr.Damage
WheelBarrow has updated his site with the latest news on his upcoming Single Player Map Pack called Sanctuary. Looks like it is almost finished :)
I recommend you head on over to WheelBarrow's SP Map Page and read the latest news and have a look at the many screenshots of Sanctuary. Why not download one of his excellent earlier SP Packs while you are there.

"New Model By {GT}Syl^cs"
  posted July 19 - 4:28AM EDT by Mr.Damage
{GT}Syl^cs has created another player model got Kingpin. This is a conversion of the Martin character from the Max Payne game. It has full KP weapon support and one accessory which are his dark glasses. This one looks really good. Now {GT}Syl^cs says this will be his last model for Kingpin :( which is not a good thing. He has started a forum post here where he is looking for some feedback on his latest model. So why not download Martin from here, give it the once over and then go and post some feedback. May be if enough ppl show some interest he may decide to stay, or you can do nothing and let another person leave KP :(

Btw don't forget to visit his excellent model and design site which has several tutorials on creating models etc which you can go take a look at by clicking here.

"Active KP Gsme Servers"
  posted July 19 - 4:07AM EDT by Mr.Damage
If you look under the Features section you will see a new one called Active KP Game Servers. This is a new page that lists a number of KP servers and shows details about each one. There are links to the homepages and gamestats of the servers, if relevant, and you can join the server of your choice by clicking on the small Kingpin icon (if you have the kpplugin). There is also an option to have your server added to the list by clicking on Add my Game Server and filling in the details on the form and then submitting it.

"Server Hosting"
  posted July 18 - 5:12PM EDT by Mr.Damage
FuB@r[*TwEaK*] and {GT}Orgy have started a project where they will host any KP servers that you, the KP players, request. The idea is to bring back some of the most beloved mods in KP that don't have any servers up at the moment. You can visit their website here. There is a list of the 38 mods that they currently support, an mod information page with a breif description of each mod and contact info so you can request a mod to be hosted. They will also be hosting clan matches for anyone clan that wants it. Anyway go and take a look and you can discuss this idea further in this forum post here.

"CS_Assault Map "
  posted July 17 - 5:49AM EDT by Mr.Damage
I ran into Dr Death in the one of the local servers the other day and he was thinking of firing KPRAD back up and maybe knocking over a few new KP maps :)
In the interim why not download his great counter-strike conversion map cs_assault. You can grab it from here.

"Savage Central Links Site"
  posted July 17 - 5:25AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Savage Central is a webpage which is a link site that has a heap of links to other webpages dedicated to all the most popular games. Of ocurse this includes Kingpin :)

I recently added this site and the COLORS CTF website to the list of KP sites and I encourage all other ppl that have KP sites to do the same. It helps promote KP, and your site, a little bit and you may get a few more hits on your page because you added your link there. Check it out anyway.

"New DM Map by {GT}TheGhosT"
  posted July 16 - 11:44PM EDT by DirtyDog
{GT}TheGhosT has released a new DM map entitled: CurVaciouS... and believe me when I say that it's name suits it lol. This is a small-medium sized map that {GT}TheGhosT converted and retextured from Quake II. The map has some pretty amazing brush work and very sharp texturing and lighting. Grab the map from here: CurVaCiouS The map is packed with full weapon support and 19 respawns and is suitable for ALL DM mods and servers.

"Skin Check system updated"
  posted July 16 - 9:14PM EDT by Truzenzuzex[BC]
The Skin Check has been updated today and now covers almost 8000 skins. Please use this system when creating custom skins so that you can insure your filenames do not conflict with pre-existing skins.

Truzenzuzex[BC] has added the following models: Darth Maul, Gangster, Smoking Thug, Velvet Jackson, Crafty, Crakhor, Male/Female Juniors, and Baby Homer Simpson.

"Big Bastard Map Pack #13 released"
  posted July 14 - 11:51PM EDT by Truzenzuzex[BC]
Well I have had a few hours to spend preparing part #13 of the world's largest, and seemingly neverending map pack series. [BC]'s MAP PACK-N-YO-ASS Update #13 is released in eighteen 10MB chunks (to be as friendly as we think we can be to the modem users).

It includes a total of 126 new or revised maps, which are listed here. You may also want to look at the complete-map-pack list covering the last 3 years for all the details. This brings the PACK SERIES total to 699 maps.

You can grab the files from here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 15, Part 16, Part 17, Part 18.

For those of you playing on our master DPG server, it would be well advised to grab this update. You are missing tons of features that the server can't send, and this update will solve all of that for you, plus save you a ton of in-game download time.

"KP Spotlight: {GT}Freak"
  posted July 14 - 9:02AM EDT by Mr.Damage
{GT}Ghost wanted to add that none of what he does could be done without the help of {GT}Freak. They work on everything together. {GT}Freak spends around 2 - 5 hours a day working on Kingpin projects which he has been doing for around 2 years now. He has worked on maps, models and mods. As most of you would probably know he is currently working on the KP2 mod. You can visit the KP2 website here.

"New Custom Gibs Pak File"
  posted July 14 - 8:10AM EDT by Mr.Damage
AB|Mr.KnoxVille has released a replacement custom gibs pak file. This one is great, you get to see arms and legs flying everywhere and the body chunks have ribs hanging out lol.
I think this one is a must have so go grab it from here.

"KP Spotlight: {GT}TheGhost"
  posted July 12 - 12:24PM EDT by DirtyDog
I had the opportunity to spend quite a bit of time with a long time Kingpin contributor {GT}TheGhost and I thought I'd share alot of what I experienced. First of all it was mind boggling the amount of Kingpin related work {GT}TheGhost has produced from Mods, to maps, to skins, the list simply goes on. I'm really excited about the many things to come from him in the near future as I caught glimpses of heaps of new and UNreleased DM maps, BM maps, tutorials that show the enormous capabilities of his latest mods Monkey SGM and BloodMoney. A tremendous amount of work went into these mods and very soon we will see some user friendly tutorials with screenshots that will illustrate the very LONG list of things these mods can do.

As another important note heaps of files were lost during the transition of Poisonville to Kingpin Forever and many of the files that were recovered were provided to us by {GT}TheGhost.

"New DM Map by Garcia[FnR]"
  posted July 12 - 12:06PM EDT by DirtyDog
Garcia[FnR] has yet ANOTHER DM map hot off the press entitled: Egypt Tomb.

My first shot at a conversion. Although it was weird how the map was
originally made, I fixed some errors and used all standard KP textures and sounds to make it look like the original. 18 spawns and lots of fun!

This is a conversion of a half-life map entitled etomb by Simon Gibson & Matt Pudney This is a small two level map that uses nothing but orginal Kingpin textures and sounds. The map looks really sharp and is packed with plenty of weapons and respawns. Download from here: Egypt Tomb

"SGM Mod Update"
  posted July 12 - 4:00AM EDT by Mr.Damage
To keep up to date with what's happening with the SGM Mod (some good mods) check out the SGM forum here.

"More Blood Money Maps Uploaded"
  posted July 12 - 3:50AM EDT by Mr.Damage
I have uploaded a heap of other maps for the Blood Money Mod:-


You can grab them all from here.

"New DM Map by Garcia[FnR]"
  posted July 10 - 7:29PM EDT by DirtyDog
Garcia[FnR] has released a new DM map entitled: FnR Compound.
QUOTE: Been working on this map as my third map and have released three since. I'm done
so stick a fork in it. It runs fine on even a 266mhz pentium with a voodoo2.

This is a small to medium sized frag-fest map with some very cool custom sounds and different areas accessible through teleports. As usual from Garcia you can count on a map packed with heaps of respawns and weapons for a versatile DM map that is playable in all DM mods and servers, big or small. Grab the map from here: FnR Compound

"Final Version of Team Mars"
  posted July 10 - 7:15PM EDT by DirtyDog
KnockDown has released the final version of Team Mars, download and update your servers with this one: Team Mars

Team Mars

"Wanna Be Famous?"
  posted July 10 - 7:00AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Come on guys. TnT_Trash is still looking for someone to record some phrases for the radio calls in his upcoming Street Wars mod. It's not going to take you very long and your voice will be immortalised as part of a great Kingpin mod :)

Take it from me, Street Wars is a great mod and here's your chance to help it along a bit. If you are keen you can contact TnT here.

"Three Maps For Blood Money Mod"
  posted July 9 - 5:49AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Here are three maps for the Bloodmoney Mod.
!kp_team_enter_the_dragons is a conversion of the single player map by {GT}TheGhost. It has some nice new texturing and is my favourite map for the Blood Money mod.

!bloody_v2dot1 is a map by {GT}TheGhost & {GT}Bloody. It's a small two level map in the typical {GT}Bloody style.

!kp_medieval_sr2 is a conversion of single player 'The Super' map by {GT}TheGhost. This is another nice looking conversion.

You can grab all these maps from the Blood Money Mod Maps download area here.

I have also uploaded the latest Bloodmoney files. Version 4.06 server and client files which you can download from here.

If you haven't given this mod a go yet, download the client files and jump in a Blood Money server :)

"Spiderman Skin"
  posted July 8 - 8:46AM EDT by Mr.Damage
With the popularity of the recently released Spider-Man movie I thought it owuld be a good time to point out we have a nice Spiderman skin for the Thug model in our skins archive. The skin was made by Jackal and can be downloaded from here.

  posted July 8 - 8:27AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Just letting you all know we are about to start work on COLORS CTF V1.1. This will include bug fixes, the latest cheat protection, updates to some of the maps and hopefully at least one new map :)
Any feedback/suggestions/problems please post in the forum over at the COLORS CTF Webpage.

"Monkey Mod Updated To V1.50a"
  posted July 8 - 8:22AM EDT by Mr.Damage
TiCaL has updated the monkey mod to v1.50a.
Changes from monkey cds 1.50 to monkey cds 1.50a:-

* taunting as spectator bug fixed
* clearme command removed (didn't see any use in it)
* polyblend command removed
- now you can set gl_polyblend to 2 to get the polyblending effect
* fixed saving client info when they disconnect
- stolen money, accuracy and favourite weapon info is saved
and retrieved on rejoin
* enabled anti_spawncamp in real mode
* name change flooding stopped
- can only change name every 5 seconds
* yellow chat for admins/rconx clients
- admin/rconx normal chat is printed to all clients as yellow
(can still team talk)
* prints who is trying to immitate
* added new cvar (idle_client)
- idle_client can be set to a number of seconds a client can be idle
for before being turned into a spectator (60 seconds is minimum/default)
- idle_client can be set from server console, rcon/rconx and server.cfg
- password admins can you setidletime command to change it
* fixed realmode deathmatch score bug
- now you don't get 2 deaths each time you die
- fixed the scoreboard so it shows hits and time not hits and score
* enabled spectator team chat in deathmatch mode

You can grab the files for both Windows and Linux from Monkey Mod Website. He has also set up a Monkey Mod Forum so you can all post feeback/suggestions/problems regarding MM :)

"SGM Mod"
  posted July 8 - 8:08AM EDT by Mr.Damage
{GT}Ghost has released the client files for the new Monkey Mod SGM mod. SGM stands for Some Great Mods. SGM is a multi mod, It will have all of the mods that ever gained any popularity built in, this mod will have options that allow you to vote for game modes at the end of each round, after you have voted on a mode a specific maplist for that mode will appear so all can vote on a map fer the voted mode.

Game modes done and complete so far:

Bounty Hunter DM - complete
Bounty Hunter Teamplay - 97% done

Bounty Hunter Teamplay you can play with the bots on team 2 and kill the bots or the bots can be set so that they dont appear on the scoreboard... the bots will still be available for you to kill and gain rank but 2 teams will battle each other as well as non team bots to gain their rank.

Hitmen 90% done
Crash 43% done

other modes to be included

Most Wanted
Assult Bagman w/new assault weapons

Curse will not be in this mod but we will have many of the features that have made curse popular. If a feature is missing that you would like to see and was in another mod let us know and we will add it to the SGM releases.

We can add any mode you like if you would like to send me some feed back and lemme know of some modez you like or have ideas for and we will be sure and add them, dont be shy we can duplicate any mod or idea you have just let us know what you would like to see in the vote menus.

This mod will have anything the KP Community requests! so send an e-mail to {GT}Ghost.
You can grab the client files from here.

"CaPoNe's Resources News"
  posted July 8 - 7:57AM EDT by Mr.Damage
2 bits of news from CaPoNe. FIrstly he accidently deleted all the files form the download database so it will take him a few days to get them all set back up again.
Secondly, he has now set up a forum and he welcomes all Kingpiners to come and talk about KP. Also if you are a clan and need a forum (either public or private) you can request one by using the forum request forum :)
So head on over to his site to check out the new forums here.

"Screenshots Of DM New Map "
  posted July 8 - 7:35AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Max Van Den Burg, one of the SSF crew, is working on a new DM map called SSF House. Here are some screenshots to check out while we wait for the map to be finished:-

"New BM map by KnockDown"
  posted July 8 - 2:04AM EDT by DirtyDog
KnockDown has released a new BM map entitled: Team Mars QUOTE: Ever wondered what it would be like to hav ganstas on mars? well this is my

This is a very nice looking map that gives the feel of a space station in Mars. It also contains some custom sounds that enhance this theme so go ahead and download the map from here: Team Mars

I'm really happy to see KnockDown back with some maps, he's a veteran of KP and I'd like to post one of his older maps that I've always enjoyed fragging on entitled: Catastrophy Dm 1 by KnockDown & Tweak Mayhem get this oldie but goodie from here: Catastrophy Dm 1

Team Mars

Catastrophy DM1

"Reminder for the Mappers..."
  posted July 7 - 6:57PM EDT by DirtyDog
Just as a reminder to all of our mappers:
Please be sure to load up your DM maps with at least 16+ respawns and your BM's with at least 30 as well as giving them FULL weapon support. Alot of really nice maps are being submitted with just the bare minimum in spawns & weapon support and can only be run in low traffic servers :( I'm sure you all know that adding respawns and weapons/ammo is probably the EASIEST part of mapping and by maximizing your maps in these areas will allow ALL servers, big or small to enjoy your maps. Also be sure to include a readme text file with the details of your map so we can give it the best description and the proper credit to it's author. Here is a sample readme text file Sample Map Text All you have to do is change the names to suit your map.

"New BM map by ThieF|DreaD"
  posted July 7 - 6:17PM EDT by DirtyDog
Thief|DreaD has released his second map entitled Team Deja Vu.

QUOTE: This is my first attempt at a Bagman map. It is currently a beta as I'd be very surprised if I managed to get everything right on my first attempt. Although I built every brush in this map my self, I did copy quite a bit of architecture from the single player maps rcboss1 and rcboss2. There is a reason why it's called Deja Vu. ;-)

Considering this is only DreaD's second map release the attention to detail and texture use is quite impressive. This is a small to medium sized BM map and it's layed out very well, I look forward to seeing more maps from DreaD. Download the map from here: Team Deja~Vu

"New BM map by Matrix[RnD]"
  posted July 3 - 6:55PM EDT by DirtyDog
Matrix[RnD] has released a small BM map entitled: Team Final Battle Round 2 It's a tight, fort style map that's perfect for a real fragfest. Download the map from here: team_fbr2_beta4.bsp

Team Battle Round 2

"Live Frag Stats for Chicken Rustlers"
  posted July 2 - 8:27PM EDT by DirtyDog
So how well do you rate as a Chicken Rustler? Well now you can find out thanks to TruZenZuZeX[BC] who has UPDATED the popular [BC]'s StatS-N-Yo-AsS statistics page to include Catch The Chicken. The stats automatically update themselves every 3 hours so go ahead and check out [BC]'s fragstats by visiting their site [BC]'s Cap-N-Yo-AsS and clicking on "fragstats" on the left. Also if you missed the last post on Catch The Chicken, be sure to download the client side files from here: Catch The Chicken and for those of you interested in running a CTC server, grab the server side files from here: Catch The Chicken Server Files
Server running CTF with live stats: [BC]'s Cap-N-Yo-AsS at:

Rustlers STILL Needed, Chicken on the loose

"New Mod by HeXed[A.D.]"
  posted July 2 - 7:15PM EDT by DirtyDog
HeXed[A.D.] has released a new mod entitled HeXed. This mod is designed to enhance BagMan with the use of some added special features. A couple of these features include the use of "anti gravity boots" and a "Lithium Laser Hook" (for all of you Hitmen HOOKERS out there who've always wanted to play baggy with the hook ;) The mod is a lot of fun that can use any existing baggy map and whose only requirement for gameplay is a folder in your kingpin directory called hexed and an autoexec.cfg file with the following commands in it inside:

QUOTE: These binds are for Anti-Gravity Boots & Lithium Laser Hook in Hexed Mod v1.0
Place the binds in your Kingpin/hexed/autoexec.cfg file & save it , thats it!

bind b "boots"

alias +hook "hook action; hook shrink"
alias -hook "hook stop"
alias +shrink "hook shrink"
alias -shrink "hook stop"
alias +grow "hook grow"
alias -grow "hook stop"

bind SHIFT +hook

For a more detailed instruction on what this mod does as well as server side files, please visit the HEXED MOD page by clicking here: HeXed MoD and please be sure to visit the Team [A.D.] Kingpin Resource site by clicking here: Team [A.D.} as they have heaps of Kingpin related files.

The Lithium Laser Hook

"New Map By {GT}Ghost"
  posted July 2 - 4:57AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Moebius Trip by SmallPileofGibs is one of my favourtie Quake2 DM maps. It was converted to Kingpin by an unknown author and now {GT}Ghost has totally retextured it, fixed a few bugs and has released it as Moebius Block Trip V1. You can add it to your collection by grabbing it from here.

"New Mr. Burns Skin"
  posted July 1 - 11:30PM EDT by DirtyDog
{USG}ReV has submitted a new skin for the Mr. Burns model. It's a nice skin that gives him a rather devilish look lol. Download from here: PiM Rev also took the time to pass the file numbers through [BC]'s Skin Check system which I highly recommend everyone do when creating skins so as to avoid file number conflicts.

Mr. Burns

"Remake of DM map"
  posted July 1 - 11:08PM EDT by DirtyDog
Garcia[FnR] has remade the classic DM map PisS HoLe by {420}MayHem

QUOTE: It has 22 spawn points with a twist, Jedi2 textures, plenty of armor ammo and weapons for any mod and some feel good music to frag along with!

The map is suitable for all DM mods/servers and it looks good with the new textures, lighting and music. Grab the updated version from here: PisS HoLe 2002

PisS HoLe 2002

"The Chicken Is OUT, Rustlers Needed"
  posted July 1 - 4:58PM EDT by DirtyDog
TruZenZuZeX[BC]has brought back the popular and fun mod you all know as Catch The Chicken. This mod is quite a change from your usual "take no prisoners" type of mod in the sense that the only one you need to frag is whoever's running around holding the chicken...the mod is a blast and to see and hear all the special effects be sure to download the client side files from here: Catch The Chicken and for those of you interested in running a CTC server, grab the server side files from here: Catch The Chicken Server Files
See how good of a Chicken Rustler you are by visiting [BC]'s Cap-N-Yo-AsS CTF server at:

Rustlers Needed, Chicken on the loose

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