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News Archive for July 2003

"Kingpin Song And AVI"
  posted July 31 - 7:22AM EDT by Mr.Damage
I have uploaded the Popcorn[Kingpin Remix] avi made by ThiefRaider. Basically it is a video of many screenshots from Kingpin with the Popcorn [KP Remix] song playing as background music. Its a large file (109mg) so I created the download file in rar format to get the smallest possible download. Its now a 27mg file.
You can grab it from here.

In order to extract files in rar format you need a program such as winrar which you can grab from here.

If you don't fancy such a big downlaod then you can just grab the song by itself from here.
This is the Popcorn tune with many Kingpin samples featured throughout the song. It is in zip format as normal :)

"Bagman Maps Added To Archive"
  posted July 31 - 5:12AM EDT by Mr.Damage
(Inc)PHOENIX has sent me a heap load of Bagman maps that we don't have in our map archives at KP4Ever. I will upload and post about them all in the next week or two. Here are the first four:-

Team Pyra ver2 by Gravedigger is a small map, set outside, with a bunch of nice looking pyramids which are the bases and weapons depots. You can grab this one from here.

Team Trenchwarfare ver7 by Gravedigger is a small map in the two opposing forts Bagman style. You can download this one from here.

Jaxon15 Remix by Jaxon is a retextured version of his Forts of Fury BM map using a Quake3 wall texture. You can get this one here.

Morph3 by Morph is a medium sized map with some nice lighting and two guard towers in the money drop area. Get this one from here.

Team Pyra & Team Trenchwarfare

Morph3 & Jaxon15 Remix

"CaPoNe's Resources Looking For Staff"
  posted July 30 - 4:34AM EDT by Mr.Damage
CaPoNe's Resources is looking for people who would be interested in becoming news posters:-

Gaming Resources is looking for game news posters! we need people to post now and then about new releases of games and also generel gaming news. if you think you can do the job please contact me, capone. thanks

We have a link to CaPoNe's Resources under 'More Resources' as they have a nice Kingpin information section and lots of Kingpin files to download.

So if your keen you can contact CaPoNe here.

And while I'm at it Rust GameDesign.Net is also looking for staff:-

Rust (www.gamedesign.net) is looking for two or three hard-working, self-motivate assistant webmasters to help with article writing, tutorials, site-updates, and news. Potential candidates must have a passion for game design and level design, and most importantly have the ability and skills required to work on a team.
If you are interested in helping, you can contact them here. Rust has a Kingpin forum and you can submit screenshots of your Kingpin maps for their pic of the day.

"-CAT Releases Work To Rule Map"
  posted July 29 - 4:17AM EDT by Mr.Damage
-CAT has now released his new Work To Rule DM Map.
This is a medium sized map in the KPDM2 style and has 24 spawns. It's a quality map from a quality mapper :)

There is 1 large ouside area and the rest of the map takes place indoors.
There are multiple routes to each section of the map and most parts of the map is accessible. I think the R_speeds were reasonable and I tried my hardest to bring them down, they averaged around 400. The highest I found was 800, which I think is not too bad.
Cheers, and I hope you all enjoy my new map. >8)

You can downlaod this new map from here.

"Screenshots Of new Map By -CAT"
  posted July 28 - 6:09AM EDT by Mr.Damage
-CAT is working on a great looking new map for DM play called Work to Rule.

This is a medium size warehouse styled map using the kpdm2 theme, which I believe not enough maps are being produced in that style.
It has 24 spawn points and I think it should be able hold up to 12 people easily.
Iíve work hard on each section of the map to bring the R_Speeds to a minimal and to make as much of the map accessible.

It should be finished and available shortly.

"Kingpin IRC Channel"
  posted July 26 - 7:49PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Thomas from Germany sent in the following information regarding a Kingpin IRC chat channel:-

Just wanted to tell you, that there is an IRC channel on quakenet server (#kingpin) for all those who keep on playing kingpin. there a often people who want to join the community, are looking for players for online gaming or who have technical problems. would be nice to meet some more people in this channel.

To learn all about Internet Relay Chat (IRC) and to downlaod the client software go visit this site here.

"1v1 Tourney"
  posted July 25 - 6:44PM EDT by Mr.Damage
CCxShadow is apparently organising a 1v1 Tourney fro Kingpin.

Details are:-
10 Frag limit
20m time limit
Single Elmination

At this satge no date has been set but he says it will starting be sometime next week. He is looking for a lot more players of course (up to 14 more teams).

Its being hosted by Clanconnections but he could use some more servers.

If you are interested in taking part or if you can supply a server you can contact him here:-

Contact: Irc.progameplayer.com Channel: #clanconnections
Clanconnections is hosting it! Also we could use some servers :)

AIM: Zwsports
ICQ: 121443890

You can also reply to his forum post in our forums here.

"Matrix Dojo DM Map Released"
  posted July 23 - 5:18PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Mr Knoxville has now released his Matrix Dojo DM map. As previously stated its a small one room map, which is a rebiuld of a JK2 map based on the Matrix movie. It has three HMG's, three Rocket Launchers, and lots of small healths. It uses all custom textures and has twelve spawn points. I have also included a Monkey Mod Level Shot in the zipfile. You can download this new map from here.

"New DM Map By Million"
  posted July 23 - 4:35AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Million has released yet another cool looking DM map called The Secret Warehouse. The map is set in a medium to large warehouse complex with a little outside area as well. There are many boxes, crates and barrels and there is a lot of frantic jumping around to get all the weapons and other items that are placed on these boxes and crates. As you would imagine with such a map it uses all defualt KP textures. Its a medium sized map but is a very small download and is another winner by Million so grab it now from here.

"Terminator Thug Skin"
  posted July 22 - 7:07AM EDT by Mr.Damage
With the success of Terminator3:Rise of the Machines I thought it would be a good idea to point you all to the Terminator thug skin. This was a skin released by DEATH2U. Skin names are head_tr1, body_tr1, legs_tr1
Extract these files to your kingpin/main/models/actors/thug folder.
To change to this skin quickly. Start a game, pull down the console and type in:-
skin "male_thug/tr1 tr1 tr1"
You can grab the skin from here.

"Screenshot of New DM Map"
  posted July 22 - 5:48AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Mr Knoxville is working on a new DM Map for Kingpin called Matrix Dojo. This is a small map, with only the Rocket Launcher, HMG, and Pistol Magnum Mods. It is a total rebuild of a JediKnight2 map based on the Matrix movie. It uses custom textures fro JK2. Knox is just adding a few more spawns and fixing a few errors then it will be released.

"Thug Model In Quake3"
  posted July 22 - 4:29AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Did you know that TiCaL has converted the much loved Kingpin thug model to Quake3?

This model was actually taken directly from the game Kingpin using various importers and exporters, including one that he wrote himself. It's not exactly a recommended method for creating models, but Gray Matter did give the guy permission, so fair is fair.

The model is posted over at Polycount and this is a direct link to the thug page here.

Please note that Polycount also has three Kingpin models available for download (Baby Boom, Anna-Louise and Homer). You can grab these from their Kingpin models page here.

"Hitmen & CTC Source Code released"
  posted July 22 - 12:08AM EDT by DirtyDog
Atrophy Mod Developers have just released the source code to the very popular DM mod HitMen and also to Catch the Chicken. This all started with an email I sent to PigWhiSTler asking if there was a Linux version of the most current Hitmen server files, 1.6a. He said there wasn't however he did say the source was being released so if someone knows how to convert them, please do as there are several servers running the older version of hitmen and would like to update. Download from here: HitMen Source and the CTC from here: Catch The Chicken

Big thanks to RaTINstiNcT and PigWhiSTler for these great mods. They have developed many mods for Kingpin and I suggest you check em out by visiting their site: Atrophy Mod Developers

"New Map For KP2 Mod"
  posted July 21 - 5:01AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Cujo and me have converted the Sickre map, by Cole Savage, to the KP2 mod. Most of you probably know the original map and so know what to expect. In KP2 Sick City a new area has been added, and all the usual KP2 mod features have also been included. There is rain, rats and a wild dog as well as other breakables. Weapon and item placement has been amended and more spawn points added to bring the total to twelve. You can grab this KP2 mod map from here.

You require KP2 client files to play on the KP2 mod server which you can download from here.

Here are the detaisl of the KP2 mod server:-
{NeW}EAST!http://newcrew.2ya.com Fnlou's KP2 MOD Server (

"Reprisal Skin Pack"
  posted July 20 - 1:28AM EDT by Mr.Damage
When Wheelbarrow was making his Reprisal Single Player map pack, he needed someone to create some custom skins for the thug, runt and bitch models that fitted into the storyline. DirtyDog{WC} obliged and he created nine new skins for the pack. There were seven thug skins, which consisted of three bodyguards, the big boss, a scientist & Nikkies & Dragons Basketball player skins, one runt scientist and one girlfriend skin for the bitch model.
After the Reprisal SP map pack was released DirtyDog put all these skins into a skin pack and released them for general use. You can download this skin pack from here.
Just extract all files to your kingpin directory and check the readme that is included for skin names etc.

"Monkey Mod Issue"
  posted July 20 - 12:38AM EDT by Mr.Damage
When a player joins a KP server which uses the Monkey Mod and they are not using the MM client they get a message to go download the mmclient. This message points to www.monkeymod.com which is a dead link.
I mostly play on servers that use the Monkey Mod and see many players join and then get kicked for not using the client. I'm sure some of them go off to the link to download the client. If they then get to a dead page probably most of them just give up. This is really bad.

I have messaged TiCaL asking if he will update the MM so it points to the current MM URL which is http://www.kingpinforever.com/mm/
I have updated the readme in the monkeymod-client zip with the latest URL and added a readme on how to specifically set up GameSpy Lite to use the MM client.
For any of you who don't have the client installed I suggest you all download the new zip for the MM client. It would also be good if you forwarded it to any of your KP friends who don't have the client installed so they will be able to join MM servers as well, or at least send them the link to it - here.

Don't forget there is also a Kingpin Starter Pack that contains the v1.21 patch, the latest Monkey Mod client and instructions how to set up the patches and configure GameSpy Lite with the MM client. You can grab that from here.

"New Thug Skin"
  posted July 20 - 12:31AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Chris Woulahan has submitted a new skin for the thug model which is a brightly coloured clown type skin. There are three heads to choose form and one body and legs. You can grab this skin from here.
Just extract all files to your kingpin directory.

"Screenshots Of new Map By Izeforeal"
  posted July 18 - 10:46PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Izeforeal is working on a map set in the actual factory complex he works in. The map is called Douglas Joinery and is a large, intersting looking map. There is a beta of this map currently running on the Detropolis server so you can check it out there.

"Kingpin In Other Games"
  posted July 18 - 10:29PM EDT by Mr.Damage
I found some more instances of Kingpin's influence in other games :)

Kingpin Female voicepack for Unreal Tournament compiled by disavowed. Includes Taunts, Acknowledgements, and Friendly Fires. All other sounds are stock. You can download this voice pack from here.

Also found some Kingpin DM maps converted to the original Soldier of Fortune by Intruder.
Toxic is a map based on a Kingpin single player map called pv_boss. In the SoF version its a Toxic Waste Plant, with some inside areas and outside play areas and it has been brightened up a bit, so at least so you can see where you walking. It also has a secret and some roof access. If you play SoF you can grab it from here.

Armagon. Conversion of CoPilot's small one room arena style map to Sof. SoF players can download it from here.

Sick City. Conversion of the classic Kingpin map by Cole Savage. Intruder added some extra bits and secrets etc. Get this SoF conversion from here.

"Kingpin Wallpaper For Mobile Phone"
  posted July 17 - 6:15AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Mr.Knoxville has sent news about a new Kingpin wallpaper he has made specifically for the motorola 720i mobile phone. So you just log into this page http://www.nnim.nl/t720 with your mobile and set it as wallpaper.

He also says he is making a special website for kingpin logo's for your mobile so we'll let you know when its up and running.

"Team Final Released"
  posted July 16 - 3:55AM EDT by Mr.Damage
{GT}*MaTRiX* has now released his new Bagman map Team Final of which I posted four screenshots a few days ago. As previously stated it's a nice looking based on the Q3CTF1 map and with 24 spawn points. You can download Team Final from here.

Now the reason it is called Team Final is that {GT}*MaTRiX* says this is his last map he will be making for Kingpin. He also said to mention that he has several unfinished Bagman maps in the works and if any KP mapper would like to work on them and get them finished they can contact him via email here.

"Welcome [nF] Clan"
  posted July 15 - 8:12PM EDT by DirtyDog
I'd like to welcome the newbiefrOm crew to our list of active gangs page. One of my all time favorite players, [nF]NiGhT a.k.a. gLoK! has submitted a link to their site. These are an old school bunch of heavy hittin' thugs who've been dominating the KP servers since 2000. I've been a fan of theirs for years and it's great to have em listed right here in Kingpin's most dedicated site so check em out as they are currently accepting applications but ya better be good...these are a tough bunch ;) newbiefrOm

"Archived Sonik DM Map"
  posted July 15 - 7:54PM EDT by DirtyDog
I just thought I'd bring forward a classic DM map by SoNiK called KP Wolf. He released this map not long after RTCW's demo came out and in this level he made parts of RTCW's Beach invasion map. This is not a conversion, every brush was build from scratch, only the textures were converted together with some sound. The map is an excellent tribute to the RTCW level, download it from here: KP WolF

"Screenshots Of New Bagman Map"
  posted July 13 - 5:10AM EDT by Mr.Damage
{GT}*MaTRiX* has sent in some screens of a new Bagman map he is working on. Its a nice looking Bagman map based on the Q3CTF1 map and it has 24 spawn points. It should be available shortly.

"Hypov8's Dav's Room DM Map"
  posted July 13 - 4:53AM EDT by Mr.Damage
On of Hypov8's more interesting and creative maps is one he made called Get some air in Dav's Room. This is a room set in his own bedroom and is one of those maps where everything is oversized and you are the size of an ant. He also made it more interesting by making it a low gravity map. You can grab this one from here.

"[KP]'s Da PlayGroundZ! Server update"
  posted July 12 - 1:09AM EDT by DirtyDog
BinSTeR has just sent word that he will running Curse Mod DM on [KP]'s Da PlayGroundZ! for a little while to see how people like it. This server has been running Hook supported Hitmen mod for the last several months with custom maps only. Also we have zipped mappacks for this particular server in our archives, download them from here and save time

DPG 1 @11.4mb
DPG 2 @11.4mb
DPG 3 @11.4mb
DPG 4 @11.4mb
DPG 5 @11.4mb
DPG 6 @6.4mb

LaVa WorX
Jedi Arena
TwiST 3d
4room UrB
WareHouse of Torment2

"Hitmen ConBack Uploaded"
  posted July 11 - 10:50PM EDT by DirtyDog
As I seem to be in conback zone for some reason, I thought I'd make one for one of my long time favorite DM mods HitMeN.
Download from here: HitMen ConBack

"Taunt script by PeNdEjO!"
  posted July 11 - 10:28PM EDT by DirtyDog
PeNdEjO! has recently uploaded a script he authored that allows you to auto taunt other players when you fire at them. It's fun little script you can download from here:
Attack Taunt

"New Conback for Colors Mod"
  posted July 11 - 2:17AM EDT by DirtyDog
I thought I'd create a new console backround image for the colors mod, hope you like it :)
download from here: CTF Conback

"Male Gangster Model"
  posted July 10 - 4:20AM EDT by Mr.Damage
I thought I would bring this model back to the forefront. This model was released last May and is a model that fits the Kingpin theme perfectly. The 1920's style Gangster model was originally made for Action Quake2 by Fafner and converted to Kingpin by {GT}Freak. It has full KP vweap support but still only one skin as far as I know. You can download this Gangster from here.

"The Court DM Map Added To Archive"
  posted July 9 - 5:35AM EDT by Mr.Damage
The Court is a small DM map released by Mr Angry in November of 2000. Its a map set in and around an enclosed urban basketball court. There are ample weapons, some health and one set of heavy armour. This map is currently in rotation on the Detropolis custom maps server. You can add this map to your collection by downloading it from here.

"Two DM Maps Updated"
  posted July 8 - 3:59AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Hi, I have revised/updated two old custom DM Kingpin maps. The original maps are 4Room and Warehouse of Torment which was made by Verbatim.

Of the two updated maps Warehouse of Torment2 is the closest to the original. It is a small Warehouse style map and the changes in version2 are:-
  • fixed texture misalignments on some of the crates
  • added lighting to areas that were completely dark
  • added several more spawn points to make the total 16 spawns
  • corrected the spelling of the cooling mod so it shows up in the map now
  • revised the weapon and item placement and added some items and
  • removed others from the map
  • removed the secret room
  • other miscellaneous fixes

You can download the updated map from here.

Warehouse of Torment2

4room Urban is a complete rebuild of the old 4Room map. As the name suggests the setting of the map is in 4 main rooms which have an urban feel about them. It has 12 spawn points and plenty of weapons and other items but I left the flamer out of this one. You can grab this map from here.

4room Urban

Now this is not the first time I have updated the 4room map. In May of 2002 I released 4room_sof which was basically just an update of the original with a few fixes and totally retextured with Soldier of Fortune textures. You can get this map from here.

4room SoF

"Skins Archives"
  posted July 7 - 6:50AM EDT by DirtyDog
On the subject of skins I thought I'd post some more skins that should add some spice to a DM match:

Scooby Doo's FreD (standard thug model)
Scpoby Doo's Daphne (which uses the CraFTy model)
Star Trek's 7of9 (which uses the AnTHea model)

7of9, Fred, Daphne

"New BM map by WhoOP_AsS"
  posted July 4 - 10:49PM EDT by DirtyDog
WhoOP_AsS has just released a beta of a new BM map entitled Team Dam. As the map suggests it takes place in a dam and uses all Xatrix original textures (a few of them modified and renamed to suit) but the overall theme is classic urban. It's a medium to small map but very original and as all work from long time mapper WhoOP_AsS the layout, texturing and lighting is excellent. Some really cool detail in this map as well like the electrical/generators area, very well done. Download it from here: Team Dam

"Leela Bitch Skin"
  posted July 4 - 10:36PM EDT by Mr.Damage
In early 2000 Divebomb released a skin for the bitch model of Leela from the cartoon series Futurama. This is a fun cartoon style skin that you can grab from here.

"New Kingpin Clan Wallpaper"
  posted July 4 - 10:23PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Mr Knoxville has sent along a new wallpapaer of his Kingpin clan Armageddon Bullets. You can grab it from here.

"Curse Baggy Skins & Conback release"
  posted July 2 - 5:41PM EDT by DirtyDog
I've just released a custom Baggy skins pak file and conback (console backround) that I designed for Curse Mod BagMan. I was a little sick of mapping so I thought I'd go back to basics with what I've always enjoyed long before mapping and thats creating skins. The skins are designed for Curse in which no bitch models were added to this, download and install from here: Curse Skins & ConBacK

Custom Curse Conback

Nikki's and Dragons

"Screenshots of new BAGMAN skins"
  posted July 2 - 1:07AM EDT by DirtyDog
I'm about 99% finished with a new BagMan skins pak file so I thought I'd post some screenies of em. They are designed for curse mod in the sense that only THUGS and RUNTS will have custom skins:

Curse BAGGY skins

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