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News Archive for July 2004

"Screenshots Of Upcoming Map"
  posted July 31 - 5:32PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Tiannou (aka Tw!ns3n) is working on a new DM Map and here are some screenshots:-

Meanwhile, check out his other maps:-

Area51 DM
Atomic DM

"Male Chicken Model"
  posted July 31 - 12:31AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Male Chicken Model by {GT}KnightDownload

Another conversion of a Quake2 Player Model Space Chicken to Kingpin by {GT}Knight. The original Q2 model was made by Mr Soft. It an evil looking chicken model which has been converted well, has five skins & lots of animations :)

"Team Mole BM Map By Gravedigger"
  posted July 29 - 1:46AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Team Mole by GraveDiggerDownload

Team Mole is a smallish Bagman map by Gravedigger. It's two bases separated by an open area with lots of crates and barrels and an old shack in the centre. It has ample weapons in the base areas and the money drop area is in the old shack in the middle of the open area. There are three ways between the bases, through the open area, and on either side of the map there are passages containing rairoad tracks where you can ride on a flatbed carriage between both bases :)

"P.O.T.D. Reminder"
  posted July 28 - 8:26PM EDT by NeWFnlou
Hey Folks, Just a simple reminder to all that the P.O.T.D. or "Picture Of The Day" is meant to be an in-game SCREENSHOT of Kingpin-Life Of Crime. Only in-game screenies and/or pictures relevant to KP will be considered for posting on the front page of our site OK? Thanks for your cooperation and LONG LIVE KINGPIN!!!

"DM Map Update"
  posted July 28 - 10:35AM EDT by DirtyDog

I was fragging on an old DM map by FredZ called 4th and realized this map had a lack of juniors in them.  At the risk of being labled the "junior police" I took the very lengthy and arduous ONE MINUTE to fix....  Grab the updated version from here:  4th

NO juniors  WITH juniors

"Sick City Converted To Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory"
  posted July 28 - 7:16AM EDT by Mr.Damage
The classic Sick City DM map made for Kingpin by Cole Savage has been converted to Wolfenstein: Enemy territory. The map was converted by {D2A}ZombiE.
You can download it from our KP In Other Games Download Area or directly from here.

News and Screenshots courtesy of RTCWFiles.com

"Male Messiah Model"
  posted July 28 - 5:11AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Male Messiah Model by SylacsDownload

Sylacs has converted the popular Quake2 Player Model Messiah for Kingpin. This was originally a clan player model in Quake2 - "He is the Trench coat sportn Shotgun toten Messiah" made by Slaine & Happy Slappy.

"Kingpin: Final Crime released"
  posted July 26 - 6:30AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Kingpin: Final Crime by [DS]MethodDownload

[DS]Method has now released his single player map pack called Kingpin: Final Crime. KP:FC includes new maps, characters, sounds and cutscenes. It starts right where original Kingpin ends. Blunt (the chick boss) flew away on the helicopter, but promised to be back for Thug's ass. She knew that it's too risky to go to Crystal Palace, where Thug got all his boys, so she sent her gang, Dragons, to tear Radio City up, so Thug will have no choice but to find and stop Blunt. You start the game in the back of Crystal Palace and go through a cfew levels, including "backyard" of Radio City, Sewers, Wharf and Blunt's Poison Mill before you encounter Blunt and pop a cap in her ass :)

Btw, our very own Dantzer provided some of the voices in the map pack as well :)

"Five Maps Added To Detropolis"
  posted July 24 - 8:55PM EDT by Mr.Damage
I have added the following five small maps to the Detropolis Server:-

Arena Gate (Q3DM1)
Concert Arena
Forest Midnight
The Clocktower
Voodoo Generation DM2 V2

Detropolis Details:-
Server : Detropolis Small Maps Server
Location : Detroit
Max Players : 16
MonkeyMod : Yes
IP :

"DM Map Update"
  posted July 24 - 12:15PM EDT by DirtyDog

After fragging on Detropolis last night I played an old map called Boom's Lodge.  A very simple and small map that was a lot of fun but had no juniors so I took a couple of minutes to update the map with Juniors, grab it from here: Boom's Lodge - - Juniored


Boom's Lodge  Boom's Lodge - - Juniored

"Sinbad CTF Map Released"
  posted July 24 - 9:30AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Sinbad CTF by Creamator & TurboDownload

Creamator has now released the Sinbad CTF map for the COLORS CTF mod. This is the map started by Turbo several years ago and now finished by Crem. As stated in the earlier post this is a small/medium sized CTF map set in the Arabian desert with the bases set in two stylish Arabian temples. It has two ways to get to the other team's base, one through the desert canyon and the other one by getting up high about the canyon but be careful on the walkway :)

"Kingpin: Final Crime Update "
  posted July 22 - 12:04AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Currently Kingpin:Final Crime, the single player map pack from [DS]Method, is being beta tested. This is the map pack that follows on from where the original Kingpin left off. It's a small map pack containing four maps and several cutscenes and once the beta testing is completed and any issues resolved the map pack will be released. To get more info, check out some screens etc then had on over to Method's Turf.

"Screenshots Of New CTF Map"
  posted July 19 - 6:31AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Creamator is working on a new map for the COLORS CTF mod. The map is called Sinbad CTF and it's a map with a bit of history to it. This map was originally made by Turbo for an early attempt at a CTF mod that I don't think ever saw the light of day. Turbo gave all his unfinished maps to Truzenzuzex and Truz ended up passing them on to me. Recently I was thinking about this old CTF map and decided to see if Creamator was willing to update/finish it for our COLORS mod. He was and now it is almost finished. It is a small/medium sized CTF map set in the Arabian desert with the bases set in two stylish Arabian temples. It has two ways to get to the other team's base, one through the desert canyon and the other one by getting up high about the canyon. Creamator has added a lot to this map and hopefully you will be able to see it for yourself very soon :)

"Moonwalk DM Map"
  posted July 16 - 7:35PM EDT by Mr.Damage

Moonwalk by BitsDownload

Recently when selecting maps for the Detropolis server I noticed that the zipfile for the Moonwalk map was not set up very well meaning you had to extract the files to several different folders. I have now fixed the zipfile so you only have to extract all the files to your kingpin folder and have uploaded the new zipfile.
Moonwalk is a small/medium sized map set on the moon's surface. It has low gravity, custom textures and plenty of weapons and other items. I would suggest a player load of 6 - 16.

"Egyptian Temple BM Map By Whoop Ass"
  posted July 15 - 4:16AM EDT by Mr.Damage

BM Nefertem B1 by Whoop AssDownload

Whoop Ass has reelased a beta of a new Bagman map called BM Nefertem B1. It's a medium/large BM map which uses all custom textures and has an Egyptian Temple theme but with elements of Rival Turf thrown in as well :)
Another good looking BM map from Whoop.

"Dread's Maps Moves In"
  posted July 15 - 3:57AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Dread has put together a webpage highlighting all his maps for Kingpin & this page is now hosted by us :)
The webpage contains screenshots, descriptions and download links of all his BM, CTF and DM maps.
I have added a link in our Hosted Sites menu or you can go for a visit by clicking here.

"Hitmen Version Of Arena Gate"
  posted July 13 - 7:53AM EDT by Mr.Damage
{GT}*Knight* has released a Hitmen version of the Arena Gate DM Map by Hypov8 and Mr Knoxville. Apparently when the original map was loaded in a Hitmen server no models (such as the statues and wall torches) showed up. Knight has fixed that problem and released thsi Hitmen version. Everything else in the map remains the same.

Download Arena Gate for Hitmen here:-
Full Install
bsp only

"Custom Taunt Paks"
  posted July 13 - 4:53AM EDT by Mr.Damage
There are many custom taunt paks for Kingpin., These repalce various standard sounds with custom ones such as the South Park male sound pak or the Duke Nukem one. They are a fun change for a while if you are tired of the standard sounds :)

Here's a list of all the ones we host:-

Homer Sounds
Bender Sounds
Duke Nukem Perfect Kill Sounds
Serious Sam Perfect Kill Sounds
Shadow Warrior Taunts
South Park Taunts

Shadow Warrior Taunts
Sin Taunts

"New DM Map By Mephisto"
  posted July 9 - 10:23PM EDT by Mr.Damage

The Clocktower by MephistoDownload

Mephisto has released a new DM Map called The Clocktower. He describes it as:-

"Designed with a theme somewhat reminiscent of the Hudsucker Proxy and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, this map is designed as a small to medium sized Deathmatch map. The clockface texture is my own custom texture created using Illustrator and Photoshop.
In the deepest darkest reaches of Radio City (just over the road from Central Towers) stands the Radio City Clocktower. Rumour has it an evil madman has made it his lair and from within those very walls he is plotting to take over the world (or at least that block)."

"New DM Map By Hypov8 & Mr Knoxville"
  posted July 9 - 5:22AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Arena Gate by Hypov8 & Mr KnoxvilleDownload

Mr Knoxville & Hypov8 have released their convrsion of the Quake3 map Q3DM1 Arena Gate. Looks like a lot of work was put into this map as it contains the statues from the original as well as the giant tongue and all the other bits and pieces from the Q3 map. For anyone not familiar with this map it is a small one with an outside courtyard containing two large statues and an inside area where there is a giant tongue cave. The amount of weapons and items and their location is very similar to the original and the map contains an animated texture with something Interplay/Titus should take note of. Basically this is an excellent conversion by the guys.

Update 19/07/04There was a problem with the original zip for this map in that it was missing two sounds. When I fixed that for Hypo I left the Quake3 models out of the zip (lol). I have now uploaded a zipfile that contains all the necessary files and I have also put together a small zip which contains the two sounds missing from the original zip and the Q3 models missing from the second. If you have downloaded this map before I fixed the zip today you should download the small models and sounds zip (290kbs) from here.

"New Quake3 Gibs Pak "
  posted July 9 - 4:28AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Quake3 Custom Gibs by Mr KnoxvilleDownload

Mr Knoxville has released a new custom gibs pak for Kingpin. This one is Quake3 gibs and they certainly give the killing fields a different look :)

If you would like to check out his earlier custom gibs pak you can grab that one from here.

"New Bitch Skin"
  posted July 8 - 3:58AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Kinky Bitch Skin by DarksideDownload

Darkside (aka Wolfpac) has released a new skin for the Bitch model called Kinky. Just extract all files to your kingpin folder.

Other skins by the author:-
Pinman Thug
Chrome Homer

"New Map By Sonik"
  posted July 6 - 4:58AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Forest Midnight by SonikDownload

It's always good to see a new map by Sonik and here is his latest called Forest Midnight. It's small DM map set in a froest at midnight :)
There are several huge trees, lots of weapons and items scattered around the floor of the forest and the map has a suggested player load of 5 - 10.

"New Map By Pencho"
  posted July 6 - 4:44AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Tunnel Trance (beta) by PenchoDownload

Pencho has converted a deathmatch map he made for half-life to kingpin and released a beta. This is a medium sized, industrial style map which uses all KP textures. This map has lots of different areas to frag in and has a recommended player load of 3 - 12. This is a beta and Pencho has requested feedback so you can leave your comments about Tunnel Trance in the forum post here.

"Jedi Garden BM Map"
  posted July 3 - 7:14PM EDT by Mr.Damage

Jedi Garden (beta5) by [JEDI]F*ck U and [JEDI]MightyDownload

Whoop Ass sent in this Bagman map from [JEDI]F*ck U and [JEDI]Mighty. [JEDI]F*ck U created the map originally and released Jedi Garden (beta3). [JEDI]Mighty then updated it as Jedi Garden (beta5). It's a medium sized BM Map which uses various custom textures including some of the Jackboot ones. It has plenty of weapons and accessories in the bases and the money drop is in a big grassy outdoors area.

"Small Maps At Detropolis"
  posted July 3 - 2:24AM EDT by Mr.Damage
I have changed the map rotation at Detropolis and it is now running 60 small custom deathmatch maps. There is a good mixture of old and new maps and maps that use custom and standard KP textures. The good thing about these maps is you only need two or three people to have a good game and if you get a heap of people playing it can be quite chaotic :)
All 60 maps have been put into a map pack which you can grab from here. You can see a list of all the maps here.

Detropolis Details:-
Server : Detropolis Small Maps Server
Location : Detroit
Max Players : 16
MonkeyMod : Yes
IP :

"Crosshair DM Map"
  posted July 2 - 4:51AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Crosshair by LawgiverDownload

Someone sent in the old Crosshair DM map thinking we didn't already have it here at KP4Ever. We do have it but the zipfile is called lgdm3.zip. I thought I would post about this map anyway as apparently it was the first custom map released for the full release of Kingpin. You can read a full review of the map over at The Warehouse.
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