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News Archive for July 2005

"Quake2 Single Player Map Conversions"
  posted July 31 - 9:17PM EDT by Mr.Damage
There are four Quake2 Single Player maps that have been converted to Kingpin for Deathmatch play. They are:-

Outer Base converted by Mr Damage
Main Gate converted by Tanyacheex
Mintro converted by Tanyacheex
Final Showdown converted by -CaT and DirtyDog

Outer Base and Main Gate

Mintro and Final Showdown

And if your looking for more Quake2 action in Kingpin then you should check out the Bloodmoney Mod. This mod combines the best that Q2 and KP has to offer and also includes more of the single player Q2 maps. You can grab the serveer, client and mappack files for Bloodmoney from here.

"New DM Map by {GT}Knight"
  posted July 30 - 6:31PM EDT by Mr.Damage

DMArena H2A by {GT}KnightDownload

{GT}Knight has released a new DM map which is a conversion back to KP of the Heretic2 version of DMArena.
DMArena is a map originally made for KP by Optimizer and then converted to Heretic2 by Ablation.
It's a small arena style map, two levels, lava and {GT}Knight has used the original Heretic2 textures.

"New Thug, Runt & Bitch Skinpack"
  posted July 29 - 10:52PM EDT by Mr.Damage

Thug, Runt and Bitch Skinpack by VariousDownload

Redneck Runt & LeeLoo

I have put together a skinpack that contains all the skins for the thug, runt and bitch models that have been submitted to KP4Ever since we first came online back in Febuary 2002. The pack contains about 50 skins with a good mix of thug, runt and bitch.
The pack contains a readme which lists all the skin names, file names, authors, installation instructions and a simple method to quickly change skins. You can also view all that info here.

Postal thug and Zombie Nurse

"New DM Map"
  posted July 28 - 4:42AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Outer Base converted by Mr DamageDownload

Outer Base is a conversion to Kingpin of the first Single Player map in Quake2. It's a medium sized map which, in Quake2, is set in a Strogg base that is being attacked. I have replaced most of the Q2 textures with KP ones and used a standard KP sky environment. It has ample weapons and items and should be fun for 6+ players.

I have added it to the rotation at the Detropolis Custom Maps server (which is currently running Dantzer's 50 favourite maps) so why not drop in over the weekend for a few frags :)

"DooDaa Mapping Again"
  posted July 27 - 5:21AM EDT by Mr.Damage
DooDaa is back online and looking at mapping again for KP :)

While we wait to see what he comes up with why not download his earlier maps if you don't already have them:-

Hamunaptra A large map set in an Egyptian tomb & using Serious Sam textures.
Lava Worx A map set in and around a Lava processing plant :)
KP Villa This is a large map set in a huge villa style residence.
Deathrow A map set in a maximum security prison.
Concert Arena A map set at an AC/DC concert.



Lava Worx

KP Villa

Concert Arena

"Terrain Editor Mapping Tool"
  posted July 27 - 5:01AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Mr.Knoxville sent me a link to a Terrain Editor for Qradient. I have uploaded this mapping tool to KP4Ever and mappers can grab it from here.

"Dantzer's Top50 Maps On Detropolis"
  posted July 23 - 8:19PM EDT by Mr.Damage
I have updated the map rotation on the Detropolis Custom Maps Server and it is now running Dantzer's Top50 Custom DM Maps. Last time we ran these maps they proved to be very popular so why not drop in for a few frags and check them all out :)

"Detropolis Latest Maps Weekend"
  posted July 1 - 5:00AM EDT by Mr.Damage
The Detropolis Custom Maps Server will be running the latest 20 Custom DM maps that have been released over this weekend.

I have put together a mappack which contains all 20 maps which you can download from here.
You can see details of all the maps that are included by clicking here.

If you have been thinking lately that nothing much is happening in the Kingpin world why not drop in to the Detropolis Server on Friday and/or Saturday night and have a look at some of the latest DM maps.

Screenshots of some of the maps that are being run this weekend:-

Dodo's Turf and Hotel Hypo

Steel Town Arena:PartII and Crush:2005

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