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News Archive for July 2006

"Redneck Beta DM Map Released"
  posted July 30 - 1:02AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Redneck beta by Sam OwensDownload

Sam Owens has released a beta of a new DM Map called Redneck. This one is a small urban style map. The main arena is an outside area with an overhead railroad with a couple of railway cars. This area is surrounded by building containing some darkish rooms with an abundance of crates and boxes. There is also a "Playboy" room you might like to check out :)
Sam made this map for 2 - 3 players so I don't think it would have too many spawn points.

It's good to see a mapper starting to map for KP at this late stage so please download it and check it out. Then please leave some comments and feedback in this forum post here.

"(K9) site Updated"
  posted July 30 - 12:25AM EDT by Mr.Damage
(K9)Cypher has snt word that the (K9) websit ehas been updated:-
Hey !!

The (K9) site is completely restyled !
Please announce this news !
New registration is needed (sorry old database crashed )

the url is : http://www.k9clan.nl.nu


Check it out. Hope they get some more KP content soon :)

"New CTF Map"
  posted July 23 - 4:59AM EDT by Mr.Damage

CTF Warehouse by CreamatorDownload

Creamator has released a new map for the COLORS CTF Mod. This info from the readme:-
Being a fan of the Crash Squad mod and all ready having done a conversion of this map for deathmatch this version is for the Colors CTF mod. After reworking this map and some beta testing its ready to go. Not being your traditional team map lay out "a mirrored map" theres still many ways to each teams base and plenty of detail with props/ammo/weapons in the team base spawn areas. Also in this map is a downloadable custom sky.

If you don't have the COLORS CTF client files you can grab them from here.

We host a CTF Server here at KP4Ever. Details are:-

Name : KP4EVER's CTF V1.0a Server
IP :
Maxclients : 16

"Alpha Of New DM Map"
  posted July 22 - 7:42PM EDT by Mr.Damage

KP24 alpha by Sam OwensDownload

Sam Owens has released an alpha of a deathmatch map he is working on. It's a work in progress which is a small 1v1 DM Map. It is a dark map, has two levels, and contains just the shotgun, grenade launcher and some armour at this stage.

Any comments/feedback about the map can be left in this forum post here.

"New DM Map By Sonik"
  posted July 19 - 9:23PM EDT by Mr.Damage

Forgottren Mansion by SonikDownload

Sonik has taken his small DM Map Forgotten Mansion out of beta and reelased a version with he following updates:-
I made it brighter, added more weapons, and fixed a spot where the player got stuck.
For those of you who don't know this map, it is a spooky, Halloween style map set in and around a scary big old mansion. As with any spooky old house there are lots of secret rooms and several eerie custom sounds.

Two fo the Secret Rooms

"Beta Of New DM Map"
  posted July 17 - 3:44AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Fear Factory betaDownload

Here is a beta of a new deathmatch map for Kingpin called Fear Factory. This is a large map based on a dm map from the recent and excellent FPS game Fear. Basically it is a rebuild from scratch of that map. The map is set in and around a factory complex so there are lots of boxes and crates and bits of machinery situated around the map.
The texturing is mainly the standard kingpin textures with the inclusion of a few custom ones (some windows and the drink machine for example).
The central area of the map is the factory yard where there are large crates and a large truck rig containing a big container. This area has several exits to the insdie of the factory where you will find many large and small rooms on two levels.
The layout of the map is very good, and so although the map is large it doesn't seem that big when you are playing it. There are weapons and items aplenty, including two HMGs and lots of tommies and shotties.
The map is very detailed (although some detail from the original has been left out) but it seemsto run ok in KP still.
The map has been added to the KP4Ever TeamDM server (on the weekend I just about changed the entire map rotation on that server) so grab it and go check it out :)

"Saturday Night Games At Detropolis"
  posted July 8 - 12:22AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Just another reminder that there is a regular game now at the Detropolis Custom Maps server on Saturday nights. So if your going to be home on Saturday night why not come for a game :)

You can grab all the latest maps that have been added to the server recently in the following mappacks:-

Update #1
Update #2
Update #3 **New**

"New Kingpin Servers"
  posted July 7 - 11:54PM EDT by Mr.Damage
h4tred has sent word about two new Kingpin servers:-
For those who don't know Assh(.)les is hosting 2 servers, a RiotZ server and a TDM/Bagman server. The TDM can be changed to bagman and there are a few popular custom maps on that server. The Riotz server runs 24/7, but the TDM/Bagman Server is scheduled to run from 4pm est to 6 am est. The Riotz server has seen alot of action! Stats for both servers can be found at:
I hope some of you guys will give these servers a go :)

"Retextured DM Map"
  posted July 6 - 4:11AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Frag'N'Die2 SiN by Mr DamageDownload

While working on another bigger mapping project I decided to retexture the Frag'N'Die2 map using the SiN texture set to see how it would look. I think it turned out pretty well so I have decided to release it. If you don't know the map, it's a small, one room, fragfest map, dominated by four large crates in the centre of the room, with lots of weapons and lots of player spawns.

I have added this map to the rotation at the Detropolis server (where the original Fragndie2 map is one of the most popular maps).

"Wind Tunnels Bagman Map"
  posted July 3 - 5:23AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Wind Tunnels by JaxonDownload

I have just uploaded this Bagman map which was made by Jaxon. It's a medium sized BM Map with it's main feature being a series of wind tunnels (read teleports). Enter a tunnel in one location and end up elsewhere in the map. Some of them dump you at the money drop which is in a large pit with jump pads to get out of it. There are the standard caches of money and items and a few different ways to get to each base.

"Dr Jordan's RiotZ Server"
  posted July 3 - 4:54AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Just a reminder that Dr Jordan is now hosting a RiotZ mod server running out of Germany. It has a 24 player limit and a 100 mbit up and down connection.

Apparently the server hasn't been gettign much use the last couple of weeks and he is thinking of taking it down so If you don't want to see another good KP server go why not grab a couple of KP buddies and jump in for a game of RiotZ.

Server details:-

Name : Dr.Jordan's RiOtZ new Maps
IP :
Maxclients : 24

You can see a list of all the maps in rotation on the server here.

You can grab the RiotZ Client files from here.

"SiN Weapon Sounds"
  posted July 1 - 5:19AM EDT by Mr.Damage

SiN Weapon Sounds by SandstormDownload

I spent some time today with Phoenix checking that we had all the available custom weapon skins, weapon sounds, armour skins, custom hooks etc here at KP4Ever.
One of the weapon sound packs that is pretty good is the SiN weapon sounds pack. It was created by Sandstorm and contains the following replacement sounds:-

Pipe : Swing
Grenade launcher : fire
Hmg : fire
Pistol : clip in and fire and silencer fire
Rocket Launcher : Fire
Shotgun : Fire
Misc : Ricochets

The files are in pak1 and the zipfile is set up to extract to a folder called sinws. Extract the files and then copy the pak1 file into the kingpin\main directory. If you already have a pak1 file, rename it
to one you don't already have such as pak2 or pak3 and so on.
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