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News Archive for July 2007

"0xA5EA Running New Mappack Server"
  posted July 30 - 6:54AM EDT by Mr.Damage
0xA5EA has set up a server running all the maps in the mappack I just released. The server is running the Tourney Mod v1.3 and is located in Germany. So if you want to check out all the maps jump into his server. Here are the details:-

Hostname : Mr.Damage Mappack Server
IP :
Maxclients : 24
Monkey Mod : Required

I'm not sure how long he will have it up for so don't wait too long to go for a few maps :)

"Trick Jumps Of SP Maps"
  posted July 30 - 6:48AM EDT by Mr.Damage
S*a*D|Meph has sent in a whole bunch of trick jump demos from the Kingpin single player maps.
To view them just extract the rar file to a temp folder somewhere and then copy the demos into kingpin/main/demos. Then just add +map demoname.dm2 to your kingpin desktop shortcut.
You can grab the trick jumps rar file from here.

Btw if you need Winrar you can grab it from here.

"New Mappack Released"
  posted July 29 - 4:59AM EDT by Mr.Damage

MrDamage Mappack #2 by Mr DamageDownload

I have now finished the last two maps I was working on for the mappack. They are another Heretic II conversion and an original called Twilight's Last Gleaming.
I have put all ten new maps into a mappack and I have also included the previous five maps that I worked on to make a total of fifteen maps included in the pack.

The new maps were loaded up on Creamator's Auzzie server on Friday night and given a good workout for several hours.
I have now loaded them all onto the Detropolis Custom Maps Server as well.

Btw, the first dozen or so maps I worked on way back in 2002 are also available in a mappack whih you can grab from here.

Now that I have finished the new mappack I might get around to putting all the other maps I worked on into mappacks as well :)

"SYM Maps"
  posted July 27 - 10:28PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Way back in March 2000 Deefa created a DM map called Sym and since that time there have also been two remakes of his map.

Sym is a small arena style map which is eight small rooms surrounding two middle rooms (accessed via stairs as one of the centre rooms is lower and one higher that the surrounding rooms).
Each room has bright coloured lighting.
You can download the original Sym here.

Sym Urban by Whoop Ass is a retextured version of the Sym map to give it more of a Kingpin feel.
You can download the Sym Urban here.

Sym Sin'd by DirtyDog is a complete remake of the original. It is double the size and uses all SiN textures.
You can download the Sym Sin'd here.

"New DM Map"
  posted July 27 - 10:18PM EDT by DirtyDog

This is a remake of an old favorite of mine from back in the Hitmen days entitled Quad Towers: 2007.  The original, [BC]'s Quad Towers was created by none other than the man himself, [BC]TruZenZuZeX.  After reading a request by {NEW}FnLou to "KP2" it, I figured a map I've fragged on 100's of times over the years deserved a full update.   On another note, for whatever strange and unknown reason, I would always release a standard DM version followed by a KP2 version, even though the KP2 would work fine in any DM game.  So because this map took hours (lame!) to compile this will be the only version released (which will work fine for ALL DM games....) hope you enjoy :)


Quad Towers: 2007

"KingpinQ3 Project Page At ModDB"
  posted July 27 - 3:26AM EDT by Mr.Damage
0xA5EA ahs set up a page at the ModDB site focusing on his KingpinQ3 Project. It has general info, news, screenshots, a help wanted section and a forum.
You can check out the KingpinQ3 ModDB page here.

"Func Train Rotating Example Map"
  posted July 26 - 8:43AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Sonik has created a very good example map of a func_train_rotating entity for mappers. The zip contains the example map and also the map file so mappers can see how Sonik has done it.
Mappers can grab this map from here

"DM Map Added To Archive"
  posted July 19 - 11:42PM EDT by Mr.Damage
I found another old map on my HDD. This one is from July 2002 and is called Blood-map. I don't know who the author was but it looks like it's a remake or at least based on an old level from the game Blood. It's a medium sized map, using all standard KP textures except one, has seven player spawns, one of every weapon and ample ammo.
You can grab Blood-map from here.

"Screenshots Of Two More Maps"
  posted July 15 - 8:49AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Here are a couple of shots of two maps I just finished. One is called Deathabilia 2 and is a conversion from Quake2 and the other is an original and is called Look Back In Anger.
Both will be in the mappack I plan to release. I have eight maps done and will release it when I have ten completed.

"New Door Textures"
  posted July 15 - 8:38AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Stigma has sent in a pack of HiRes door textures for mappers to use in their maps. There are many doors i nthe pack which weighs in at around 9.5mg.
Yo ucan grab the doors texture pack from here.

"4Room DM Map"
  posted July 11 - 6:35AM EDT by Mr.Damage
With the return of Deefa to KP after so many years I thought it would be a good time to remind people of one of his maps from the old days and two later updated versions of the map.
The map in question is 4Room and, as the name suggests, is basically a four room map. Deefa's original version has two single rooms, one on top of the other, and exits on two sides lead to two small corridors which connect to two more rooms, one on each side of the map. Each of the four rooms has wooden panels which act as room dividers.
Deefa only used two textures in the map but the lighting is different in each room giving them a unique feel. There are enough weapons and armour to keep a small group of players very happy.
You can grab the 4Room map from here.

The first update/revision of this map was in May of 2002 when I released a version called 4room_sof which was basically just an update of the original map with a few fixes and totally retextured with Soldier of Fortune textures. You can get this map from here.

Then in July 2003 4room Urban was released which is a complete rebuild of the old 4Room map. The map was totally retured to give it a more urban feel. It has 12 spawn points and plenty of weapons and other items (but no flamer) out of this one.
You can grab this map from here.

"KingpinQ3 Project Update"
  posted July 9 - 5:42AM EDT by Mr.Damage
0xA5EA has a news update at his KingpinQ3 webpage.
He has posted some screenshots of some test maps which highlight some nice hires textures and some excellent looking hires weapon skins.
He is also looking for ppl to help with the mod.

To check out the screens and to see what help he requires visit the webpage here.

"Fastcash BM Server Updated"
  posted July 7 - 9:18PM EDT by Mr.Damage
I have added several more BM maps to the Fastcash Bagman server.

Here's a list of the maps added:-
BM Village
Team XXX
Team Jedi
Team Blood
Team Octagon
Floating Forts
Team Stash
Cash Palace

"New KP2 Mod Map"
  posted July 3 - 4:40AM EDT by Mr.Damage

KP2 Damhouse3 by CujoDownload

Stigma and me have collaborated on a new map for the KP2 mod called KP2 Damhouse3.
This is a small winter style map set in and around a large bar which is overlooking green mountain hills (a custom downloadable sky).
Outside of the house has a nice area with a large iron gate, a few rats, and a nasty dog. It is also snowing and there are some snowstorm custom sounds.
There are lots of weapons and other items, lots of props and breakables and so-on.
Inside the house is an area with card tables and a bar with custom music. Downstair's is a basment storage area leading out into a sewer also with custom sounds, more rats and even a couple of fish in the sewer.

"New CRASH Mod Server"
  posted July 3 - 3:59AM EDT by Mr.Damage
One of the best mods for Kingpin is the CRASH Mod. Now there is a new CRASH server running and here are the details:-

Name : ! West Coast CRASH Mod !
IP :
Maxclients : 16

You need the client files to play which you can download here.

If you are not familiar with the mod then it's similar to counterstrike where there are team teams who battle it out in two types of scenarios - bomb diffusion and VIP rescue. You can read all about the CRASH mod at this information page here.

"Transformers Thug Skins"
  posted July 2 - 6:41AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Here are some Transformers skins for the thug model. There are five - Megatron, Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Swoop and Grimlock.

You can download the skins from here:-
Optimus Prime

Just extract all files to your Kingpin folder.
If you know of any other Transformers skins please let us know.

"Sydney Female Model"
  posted July 1 - 3:26AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Sydney Model by {GT}KnightDownload

This is a conversion to Kingpin of the Sydney model from Quake2 (like the Girl model). It has several skins included and full KP weapon support). It was done back in 2005 but is worth having if you dont already.

"Screenshots Of Upcoming Maps"
  posted July 1 - 2:55AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Here are screenshots of two more maps that will be in the mappack I am going to release soon. One is originally a Quake1 map and the other from Quake2.

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