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News Archive for July 2009

"Kingpin Intro On YouTube"
  posted July 26 - 5:56PM EDT by Mr.Damage
PeNdEj0 has uploaded the Kingpin intro to YouTube.
The quality of the video is geat. You can check it out here.

There is also a Kingpin review video on YouTube which you can view here.

"Update On Captain Death's New Engine"
  posted July 19 - 3:31AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Captain Death has updated his forum thread with a little bit of news on the progress of his new rendering engine for Kingpin.
You can check out his news by visiting the forum here.

"Single Player Mappacks - Sanctuary"
  posted July 19 - 3:03AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Sanctuary is the fifth and last installment in the five episode series of single player mappacks created by Wheelbrrow.
A lot of time and effort went into the making of this pack by both Wheelbarrow and DirtyDog, who created all the skins and supplied the voice acting for the voice overs in the cutscenes. Here is DirtyDog's news post at the time of it's release in January of 2003:-
Wheelbarrow has released the long awaited and highly anticipated single player mappack entitled Sanctuary. A tremendous amount of time and effort has gone into this project and it was well worth it. The mappack is alot of fun as it contains hours of new levels, cutscenes, custom sounds, custom skins, and a story behind all of it. The pack weighs in at a hefty 34mb but it's worth it. Some of the skins used in this project have been previously released so if you are prompted to overwrite, please do so.
The readme, which is included in the mappack, has a ton of information and here is just small sample:-
The story: Here you are at Grand Central Station at midnight,the biggest train station you've ever seen, with only bums and whores wandering around at this time of night to keep you company.But you are so intent on getting on that train, you fail to notice the pin-stripes lurking around the station....or that nobody else appears to have gotten on the same train that you're taking. It's not over yet....

Authors' Note:
Be sure to look around and explore all the different locales...there is stuff hidden all over the place, especially at places frequented by the gangs..look for hidden buttons and switches before you move on..you never know what you may find. This map-pak does not reflect the author's opinion of local constabularies around the globe...just the ones in Radio City and adjoining counties ;)

You can download Sanctuary from here.

"Thursday Night Game On Our Extreme Server"
  posted July 9 - 7:01AM EDT by Mr.Damage
If your looking for a game of KP on Thursday night then why not drop in for a few maps here:-

Date : Thursday 9th July
Name : KP4Ever's Extreme Server
Time : 7.30pm Chicago time
IP :

To check what time it is where you are when the games are on check the World Clock site here.

"Single Player Mappacks - Reprisal"
  posted July 5 - 6:10AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Reprisal is the fourth installment in the five episode series of single player mappacks created by Wheelbrrow.

The Story: After the incident in Europe (Gulag), the European authorities deported you back Stateside, where you were quickly tried, convicted and jailed on numerous international charges (including gun-running). But the gangs want their revenge for the deaths you caused overseas, so they have decided to break you out of your cell and execute you. Fortunately for you, they blow the wrong cell, and kill the poor sucker in the cell next to yours. Having a convenient hole blown in your cell wall, you use this opportunity to make good your escape, so now, once again, the gangs are after your ass...and this time it's personal. The only way to get them off your back is to find the gang boss and take him out, letting confusion reign as the lackeys fight for the top job.

You can download Reprisal from here.

Authors' Note: This map-pak begins with a small cut-scene as viewed from your jail cell. You'll witness the gang members blowing the jail wall, and the guy in the next cell walking out to thank them for freeing him. At this point the game proper begins, and you're on your own:) Some good advice is to wait until the garage owner comes out to see what all the noise is before leaving your cell..you never know how many he may take out. The opening cutscene is short, but you get it every time the game restarts if you die trying to get out. Save the game once you have successfully gotten past the thugs outside your cell to avoid sitting thru it too often.

There is also the odd 'Pawn-o-matic' here and there, so check your victims for cash! In order to play it safe with the level changes, I've now made a lot of the doors the trigger to change to the next level.

In a few spots the action is hot and heavy when you enter the level, and I found myself backing away from it straight back to the last level, so now you'll find you have to 'use' some doors/gates in order to change to some levels, avoiding the accidental move back to the last map.

Last but not least, in the last 2 maps inside the kingpins' mansion, BE SURE TO LOOK FOR HIDDEN SECRETS! These include furniture that may move aside to reveal secret caches, or the odd picture hanging on the wall hiding something behind it. That's all I'm gonna say... :)except maybe that they could be traps....

"10th Anniverary - Highlighting a BM Map from 2009"
  posted July 2 - 2:18PM EDT by Mr.Damage
There have only been a few new maps released this year so far so I am choosing In the Cold Light of Day as the map to highlight from 2009.
This is a map I started in 2008 and worked on for several months before finaly releasing it in April of this year. I think I put more effort into this map than any others I have worked on.

It is a medium/large size, urban style, DM map for Kingpin. The map is set in an urban city environment so there are many buildings, streets and intersecting passageways.
Most of the action takes place out in the streets but the are fire escapes on some of the buildings and all drainpipes can be climbed up to access some higher areas.A few of the buildings can be entered but as I said before most of the action is focused on the outside areas.
I have done my best to present a feeling of urban decay by having rubbish strewn around the place, a burnt out police car in the street, rubble in some areas from crumbling walls and ceilings, graffiti on many of the buildings, broken walls and bricked up windows etc.
The map uses mostly standard textures but there are a few custom textures featured. There are also two custom sounds included.
There are plenty of player spawns and ample weapons and other items.
You can download In the Cold Light of Day from here.

There is also a larger version of the map included in the zipfile. In the Cold Light of Day (large version) is primarlity the same map except that it includes a train station area as well.

"Aussie PC Mag Giving KP For Free"
  posted July 1 - 7:21PM EDT by Mr.Damage
In this month's edition of the PC games magazine PC Powerplay they have a special offer where you can download one of three games from GoG.com for free. The way it works is they have put a code on the cover disk DVD and you input that unique code at GoG.com and then you can download the free game. I'm only mentioning this because one of the games is Kingpin.
In this section where they explain their offer this is what they say about KP:-

Want violence and coarse language and lead pipes you can beat people to death with? Seek proffessional help. Or let off some steam with this: the classic thug-shooter-beater-whatever - multiplayer is a real eye-opener-and-gouger-outer-too!

Let's hope at some stage GoG.com will team up with other PC games mags to offer the same deal again =)

"10th Anniverary - Highlighting a DM Map from 2008"
  posted July 1 - 6:55PM EDT by Mr.Damage
I couldn't go past Hypov8's Hypoville North when looking for a map to highlight from 2008.
Hypoville North is a remake of one of his earlier maps called Hypo Urb. It's a cut down version of Hypo Urb but is still medium to large in size. It's set in an decaying urban environment so fits in well with the KP theme and is, I would say, similar in style to KPDM3 and KPDM4. It has ample weapons and items, 17 player spawns and one or two surprises.
It's a Hypo map so you know the quality is going to be high.
You can download Hypoville North from here.

There were not a great deal of maps released in 2008 but the ones that were released were generally of good quality. Two others I would like to mention from that year are:-

Wasted City
Kingpin Board Level
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