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News Archive for August 2003

"New Map by Hypov8 & MrDamage"
  posted August 30 - 2:11AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Hypov8 and me have now finished the conversion to Kingpin of the counter-strike map Spanish Village. This is a large map and the conversion uses all the original cs textures and the custom sky. It is set in a Spanish Village and features a large arena for Bull fights. Action takes place i nthe village streets and also below ground in the sewer. It has 16 spawn points, ample weapons and other items, and a personal touch by Hypov8 :)
Download Spanish Village from here.

"Screenshots Of Upcoming SP MapPack"
  posted August 29 - 11:14PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Wacky Fox has sent in some screenshots of a Single Player Map Pack he is currently working on. At this stage the working title of the mappack is Wacky Street.

"Upcoming Maps"
  posted August 29 - 11:05PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Pencho continues to work on his conversion of the RTCW map mp_base. Check out the latest news and some screens in this forum thread here.

Cujo is working on a new map for both DM and KP2 mod. It looks like a small map, urban style, set around a street corner. Check out details and some screens in this forum thread here.

Hypov8 and me are working on a cs conversion called Spanish Village. It should be done shortly. Cujo has already released a version of this map which you can get from here but he used different cs textures from the small amount that had already been converted to Kingpin at the time. Our version is a straight conversion using all the original textures and custom sky etc.

"New Mapper/New Map"
  posted August 28 - 7:13AM EDT by Mr.Damage
KiteKat is a new mapper from the Czech Republic who has released a new map called Krypt. This is a remake of the map called Tomb by Cybopat.
Krypt is a small 1v1 map set in a tomb/krypt. Kitekat has retextured the map using mainly standard Kingpin textures and changed the weapon and item placement. Cybopat's original map used all custom textures.

You can download both these maps from here:-
Krypt by Kitekat
Tomb by Cybopat

"Detropolis Server Updated"
  posted August 26 - 5:00AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Several new custom DM maps have been added to he Detropolis server recently.
The maps are:-

Stomping Ground
The Egyptian Temple
Matrix Dojo Rev
Radio City Arena
Douglas Joinery Beta
4Room Urban
Warehouse of Tormentv2
E-Tomb Urban
KP Villa
DM Farmfear
Reckless Abandon
Dayton Turf
DM Work To Rule

"New BM Map"
  posted August 25 - 10:30PM EDT by DirtyDog
I've just completed a medium to large size BagMan map designed mostly for Curse BM entitled WreCKviLLe. It's a classic Kingpin urban theme with only 3 custom textures. I was looking for a good flow so as to make defending the base challenging. I hope you enjoy it :)

Download from here: WreCKviLLe

"Too Many Crates Bagman Map Revised"
  posted August 25 - 6:34AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Cujo has reelased a revised version of his Too Many Crates Bagman map.

He has fixed the mis-aligned textures on the safes,
changed the lighting
amended number of weapons and weapon placement
evened out the number of team spawns
fixed the direction of some spawns so you don't spawn facing a wall
fixed a few other minor bugs

You can download Too Many Crates version2 from here.

"Revised DM Map"
  posted August 23 - 4:44AM EDT by DirtyDog
After fragging at Detropolis last night an old map was loaded that after about 3 minutes left me frustrated because of the various [easy to fix] issues it had. So I logged off and fixed it. The original map is called MoshPit and here are the list of fixes:

Functional FIXES:
*Increased the value of all light entities as this map was entirely too dark
*Junior'd up the place as there were ZERO juniors & players were showing up black (sillouhettes)
*Flushed out two large and obnoxious HOM's
*Added 14 respawns bringing the total to 18
*Some texture stretching here and there to keep the r_speeds down after fixing the HOM's

Cosmetic FIXES:
*Almost all the light in this map comes from light_fire entities. However, the light they were emitting was white. So I changed the color to the correct orange/fire color and assigned each entity a matching colored and styled Junior (styled to reflect the flicker from the fire).
*Added a couple of additional lights under the balconies as these areas were dark and looked a bit off.
*Reworked the weapons/ammo as they were somewhat of a hodgepodge.

All and all it took less than hour to do and was well worth it as this map is lot's of fun. Download the revised version from here: MoshPit 2 and the original for comparison: MoshPit

Moshpit BEFORE

Moshpit AFTER

"New Bagman Map By Whoop Ass"
  posted August 23 - 1:27AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Whoop Ass has released a beta of a new Bagman map called Team Ice.
This is a small/medium sized Bagman map set in a hockey arena. The money drop area is the hockey arena and the bases are the change rooms. It uses standard Kingpin textures and Whoop has created some custom ones for a scoreboard and vending machine. It has 26 spawn points and a suggested player load of 16 - 20.
Downlaod Team Ice Beta from here.

"New RioTZ 1v1 Map"
  posted August 20 - 7:16AM EDT by Mr.Damage
PeNdEjO! has converted a Quake2 Rocket Arena map called Railgun 101 for use in the RioTZ mod. He has renamed the map RioTZ HMG 101. Its a small, one area, 1v1 map (6 spawn points) and he has kept the original Q2 textures. It was converted for RioTZ but will work with any mod where the server supplies the weapons and there are no weapons in the map (such as Hitmen).
Download RioTZ HMG 101 from here.

"New UK Realmode Server"
  posted August 20 - 6:56AM EDT by Mr.Damage
There is a new Kingpin Realmode server up and running in the UK.
Server details are:-
CaNdYfLo$$'s UK REALMODE Server

It's a 10 player server running Realmode Team DM. It rotates KPDM1-5 and several custom maps.

It also has a webpage where you can check server status, player stats, download the maps rotating on the server, book the server, and see a complete list of server commands. Check out the webpage here.

"New Map By ThiefRaider"
  posted August 20 - 6:25AM EDT by Mr.Damage
ThiefRaider has released a new DM map called Radio City Arena. This is a small/medium sized map set in a nightclub called Radio City. It has 16 spawn points, ample weapons and other items and uses a mix of custom and default textures. The main area is the stage and dance floor, but there is also a big entrance area and several back rooms & storerooms. It also features a custom sound playing in the stage/dance floor area.
Download Radio City Arena from here.

"New Thug Skin By Wolfpac"
  posted August 19 - 5:07PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Wolfpac has released a new skin for the thug model. He has called the skin Pinman.
Just extract all files to your kingpin foldr.
Download Pinman thug here.

"Xatrix Quake2 Map Converted To Kingpin"
  posted August 18 - 5:30AM EDT by Mr.Damage
-CAT has finally released his conversion of the Stomping Ground DM Map. This map is a DM map from the Quake2 Mission Pack called The Reckoning which was made by Xatrix. It's a tight, fast, and enjoyable, medium sized, map. It uses all the original Quake2 textures, has 15 spawn points and ample weapons, ammo and armor.
Download Stomping Grounds from here.

Btw, I would love to see an 'urbanised' version of this map using all default Kingpin textures :)

"New Bagman Map By Cujo"
  posted August 15 - 11:43PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Cujo has released a new Bagman map called Too Many Crates!. It's a small/medium sized Bagman map set in a warehouse that houses hundereds and hundreds of crates. Hypov8 helped on this map with the lighting and reducing the r_speed and general tidying up.
Download Too Many Crates from here.

"New DM Map By Million"
  posted August 14 - 11:15PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Our old friend Million has just released a new DM map called The Egypian Temple. It's a medium sized map and, as the name suggests, it is set in an ancient temple. All custom texures are used and there are ample weapons and armour etc.
Download The Egyptian Temple from here.

Million is a very prolific mapper who has released many good maps up to this point. Most of them are available in this mappack here.

"Another Reckless Abandon Conversion"
  posted August 14 - 7:46PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Recently I posted about a conversion of the Quake2 Reckless Abandon map done by PeNdEjO. This version used all the original Q2 textures. After I posted about it Digital Graveyard reminded me that Rat Instinct had also converted the map and included it in the Catch The Chicken files. Rat's version uses Kingpin default textures and looks a lot different from PeNdEjO's one. So I have created a zip file for it and made it available for downlod.
Download Rat Instinct's version here.

"New DM Map"
  posted August 14 - 2:34AM EDT by DirtyDog
I've just completed a smallish, not too complicated DM map entitled HaVaNa. After going through PenCHo's recently converted Half-Life textures I came across a folder called "cs_havana." Well, being of Cuban descent (both my parents born in Cuba--specifically Havana) I simply couldn't resist. Although the map is purely fictional the textures however are quite authentic in the sense that Cuba is very run down these days due to lack of construction/funds etc. Funny enough they fit right in with the Kingpin theme. I added a musical snippet of a 1940's vintage Cuban Mambo by none other than the legendary Damaso Perez Prado. To this very day his music is used in various soundtracks and this one specifically ("que rico el mambo") was aired on an episode of the honeymooners back in the fifties. It's a very rich, exciting and jazzy sound, hope you enjoy the map :)

Download from here: HaVaNa

"Missing Textures"
  posted August 13 - 10:01PM EDT by Mr.Damage
I'm looking for the following textures that are used in a Bagman map called Nightcast:-


If you have them please email them to me here.

"New Bagman Map By Whoop Ass"
  posted August 13 - 5:48AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Whoop Ass has released a beta of a new Egyptian themed Bagman map called Valley of the Kingpin.

Very large, very egyptian Grab Tha Loot map, I've had a few requests for an egyptian themed map since the release of Osiris a while ago, but I had to make it bigger! So along came votk, 40 spawn points and a central cash drop. I've included ALL weapons for a change, mostly due to the size. Check it out :)

The map contains 32 custom textures and weighs in at just under 2 mg.
Download Valley of the Kingpin here.

"New HMG Skin By Wolfpac"
  posted August 11 - 7:28PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Wolfpac has made a new skin for the HMG. This changes the colour of the HMG to red & blue. So you see the new skin in your HUD when you are using the HMG and when you see a HMG in the map. You also see HMG ammo as red & blue.
There is a readme that explains how to install the file.
Download the new HMG skin from here.

"New Bagman Map By |AB|Chais"
  posted August 11 - 6:48PM EDT by Mr.Damage
|AB|Chais has released a new Bagman map called Team Opposite. It a smallish, two forts style, curse/bagman map. Each team has 16 spawn points and there is lots of weapons, armour and other items.
Download Team Opposite from here.

He is also working on another new Bagman map called Team Open which should be released soon.

"Houses Of Death DM Map"
  posted August 8 - 1:47AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Micketh has sent in a DM map called Houses of Death. It's set in an open area with two small building full of weapons and armour.

Download Houses of Death from Houses of Death.

He also sent in one of his Bagman maps called Team NoFair but we already have that one in our maps archive.

...team_nofair was originally cashmoney's but he never finished it. I was helping him with ideas etc so i had a copy but then i finished it for him.

It's a smallish Bagman map, both bases different and seperated by water.
Download Team NoFair from here.

"Matrix Dojo DM Map Revised"
  posted August 6 - 7:54AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Hypov8 has revised the Matrix Dojo map by Mr Knoxville. He has reduced the r speeds significantly, tweeked the lighting, darkened some textures, such as the floor, which now look much better and generally tidied it up. Mr Knoxville has also included a new Matrix wav file which adds to the atmosphere. The first map was great and this one is even better :)
Download Matrix Dojo Rev from here.

It will be uploaded to the Detropolis and keypoint Extreme servers very soon.

"Crash Squad"
  posted August 6 - 5:53AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Azza sent some news that him, }WDF{ willdeharp, and Micketh are trying to get the Crash Mod back up and running. Apparently a lot of people he has surveyed want to see some CRASH Squad servers back up and running. Currently they are trying to get a server happening. If your keen on CRASH Squad you can grab the client files from here and you can get the CRASH map pack from here.

"Izeforeal Releases Beta Of His New Map"
  posted August 6 - 5:38AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Izeforeal has now released a beta of his DM map Douglas Joinery. This is a map set in the factory he worked in. It's a medium/large map set in the factory, outside and up on the roof. It has sixteen spawns, lots of weapons, armour etc and is a good map for a first public release.
Download Douglas Joinery here.

"Pencho Releases MP Base Map Alpha"
  posted August 6 - 4:48AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Pencho has now released an Alpha of his MP Base RTCW map conversion. If you would like to check it out and help beta test it you can grab it from this forum thread here.
You need to get both the mp_base.zip and the pak5.pak file which contains all the RTCW textures. Links to both are in the second post in the thread. Post all your feedback in the same forum thread.

"BM retexture by Thief|DreaD"
  posted August 6 - 12:27AM EDT by DirtyDog
TheiF|DreaD has retextured a BM map originally designed by Matrix[RnD] with Xatrix's original urban textures to now be called Team X UrBan. This is a map I stumbled upon one day in the [Jedi] BM server and after taking a good look at the texturing job I had my suspicions that it was DreaD's handiwork. He is known for very detailed and precise texturing and sure enough my suspicions were confirmed. It's a fun map and with the retexture it's truly a sharp looking map. Download it from here: Team X UrBan but to really appreciate the change, download and compare it to the original: Team X Octagon

"Half-Life Textures converted to Kingpin"
  posted August 5 - 2:25AM EDT by DirtyDog
Our old friend PenCHo has taken the time to convert a TRUCK-load of Half-Life textures over to Kingpin. This is really some job as he converted over 80mb (zipped..) worth of these textures and I have to say they look excellent. (you hear that Hogie, WhoOP and Hypo...*hint). Alot went into this so here's a brief summary from the man himself:


This is a conversion of all textures from Half-life and it's most popular addons and mods.
This pack contains textures from the following games:
Half-life : Opposing Force and Opposing Force CTF
Half-life : Blue Shift
I may convert the textures from Team Fortress Classic in a later update.

What I have done:
-Converted all textures from WAD files to 32-bit TGA textures.
-Removed unnecessary textures (e.g. clip, sky, trigger and some very specific ones)
-I didn't manage to convert the transparent textures (fences etc.) because they did not turn out correctly as Alpha textures.
They have been deleted. If I find a way to do them proplerly I will release an addon.
-Darkened all the textures to make them appear right in Kingpin.

Comments and suggestions are welcome : oggie_k@yahoo.com

As I mentioned before the job came out great and I really hope to see some maps with these textures (I'll certainly try my hand) They're packed into 6 zip files weighing in at almost 13mb a piece, download them from here:

"Pencho Converting RTCW Map"
  posted August 3 - 9:43PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Pencho is currently working on a conversion of the RTCW map mp_base to Kingpin. You can see some early screenshots in this forum post in our mapping forum here.

"More Bagman Map Added To Archive"
  posted August 3 - 6:05AM EDT by Mr.Damage
These are four more of the Bagman map that (Inc)Phoenix sent me. These ones are:-

Team ALN (The 3 Day Theory) by Cashmoney. A large curse style Baggy map.
Download Team ALN here.

2 More Forts by Jaxon. Another smallish map in the 2 forts style.
Download 2 More Forts here.

Beer Fortress by [Beer]Budice. A nice looking, medium sized Baggy map with lots of custom textures.
Download Beer Fortress here.

Team Blloodfort Finale by Matrix is a small Baggy map best for 10 - 14 players. There are the two bases and a bridge crossing a large lava pool.
Download Team Blloodfort Finale here.

Beer Fortress & Team Bloodfort

Team Aln & 2 More Forts

"New Quake2 Map Conversion"
  posted August 3 - 2:36AM EDT by Mr.Damage
PeNdEjO has converted the Quake2 DM map called Reckless Abandon to Kingpin. This is a small/medium sized map originally made by iD Software for Quake2. This is a straight conversion so all textures are the original Quake2 ones.
Download Reckless Abandon here.

"Two New Kingpin Servers"
  posted August 1 - 8:04PM EDT by Mr.Damage
I have added two new servers to our 'Active KP Game Servers' page.

Bagman: b(@)g(M)an trinitygames.com
Team Deathmatch: (@M) C0MP M0D CDS (@M)

"WolfPack Game Hosting"
  posted August 1 - 7:43PM EDT by Mr.Damage
TopDawg Game Hosting have changed their name to WolfPack Game Hosting.

They host Kingpin servers and are offering the following deals:-
14 man public Kingpin server for $29 Canadian
10 man public Kingpin server for $19 Canadian

You can basically run any mod and maps you desire. Visit their site for more details.

You will find a link to them under 'More Resources' on this page where you will also find links for two other Game Hosting companies.

"1v1 Tourney Update"
  posted August 1 - 7:35PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Here is some more information on the 1v1 Tourney that CCxShadow is organising.

Games will be played at approximately 8pm Eastern Standard time.
There will be 4 rounds and each round will use a different map:-
Round 1: Central Towers
Round 2: Rival Turf
Round 3: Industail Waste
Round 4: Central Towers

He has some serveers but is still looking for more.

Contact: Irc.progameplayer.com Channel: #clanconnections
AIM: Zwsports
ICQ: 121443890

Or post in this forum thread here.

"New DM Map By Creamator"
  posted August 1 - 7:26PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Creamator has released a new DM map called DM Streetwar.

A medium size map with plenty of room to move, localised around a typical dirty urban style main street, with a couple of ware house area`s and more.
"R_speeds" are a little high in spot`s I count around "900". There`s 12 spawn point`s and plenty of weapons`n`armor. Suggested player load 4-12.

Happy Fragg`in and Enjoy

Download DM Streetwar here.

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