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News Archive for August 2004

"Curse MOD"
  posted August 29 - 7:52PM EDT by DirtyDog

Since the return of Hogie's Bitch Slappa CURSE BM server I thought I'd bring back a couple of the add on files that I made for it.  There's the Curse custom console backround and skin pack that you can get from here: Curse Skins & Console backround

Curse Mod



Also make sure you have the latest HOGIE mappack downloaded that contains just about every map running on the server: Hogie's Mappack - - Full Install or for anyone who uses dial up you can download them in 4 parts by visiting this directory: Curse Mappacks

"KP2 Mod"
  posted August 29 - 11:53AM EDT by DirtyDog

I've updated the clientside files and the mappack for the KP2 Mod. Here's a quick list of the updates:

August 23, 2004

-Newest console backround replacing the old is included
-Files are now packaged in a self extracting zip file
-All KP2 maps are in a separate all inclusive mappack

Grab the clientside files from here: KP2 Clientside Files

If you already have the clientfiles but are missing the updated conback, grab that from here: kp2conback

Last but not least grab the UPDATED KP2 mappack from here: KP2 Mappack (this pack contains ALL kp2 maps to date, after downloading this pack you will NOT need to download any of the maps individually)

Make sure to visit the KP2 site for any late breaking news and updates.

KP2 Console Backround

Don't forget to check out the KP2 server hosted by our own {NEW}FnLou, here's the addy:

"BloodMoney Mod"
  posted August 29 - 2:39AM EDT by DirtyDog

Since the return of the {GT} crew into active status I thought I'd bring to light one of their servers.  For starters BloodMoney is a mod whose code is written by non other than our old school KP'er {GT}TheGhost.   This is a mod rich in DM and TEAMPLAY features and quite a bit of time and effort went into this.  Download the client side files and check out their servers:

Grab the files from their site: The Scorpion Network or from our archives: KPF Bloodmoney Client Files

Also make sure to download all the maps from here: BloodMoney Maps and the server is also running most all the KP2 maps so you can grab the KP2 mappack from here: KP2 Mappack

Here's the server addy:

"New Thug Skin By Darkside"
  posted August 28 - 10:49PM EDT by Mr.Damage

Skeleton Thug Skin by [RMD]DarksideDownload

[RMD]Darkside has created a new skeleton skin for the thug model. Just extract all files in the zip to your kingpin folder.

"Screenshots Of Upcoming SP Map Pack "
  posted August 28 - 10:45PM EDT by Mr.Damage
squint Clint sent word he has started work on a single player expansion pack which will be called Vengeance (same as -=Mad-Dog=-'s upcoming SP Mappack). It's only in the early stages of work and here are two screens from the first map:-

"New Custom Skin For CTF Harpoon"
  posted August 28 - 5:12AM EDT by Mr.Damage
A custom skin for the COLORS CTF Harpoon model made by Micketh has just been released. It gives the Harpoon a nice silver/shiney look. You can check it out and download it from the COLORS CTF Website :)

"Another Level Shot Correction"
  posted August 27 - 1:07AM EDT by DirtyDog
One more level shot correction: New York City Levelshot.  Simply extract and overwrite your existing file.  Also the original map in full has been updated with the correct level shot as well, you can grab that from my earlier post below (the subway level link)

"SoF DM Map Conversion"
  posted August 26 - 9:17PM EDT by DirtyDog

I've just completed a conversion of another stock DM map from Soldier Of Fortune

A  small but "fast and furious" DM map.  This is a straight conversion from the classic SOF warehouse level, Back Alley.  As with my previous SOF conversion the surfaces of every brush has been properly corrected to eliminate errors in KP as well as add whatever surface sound (if any) pertained to it (metal, tile etc.)  Unlike the Subway level this map required some minor restructuring.  More specifically, expanding the doorways and building the light fixtures.    As it turns out the light fixtures are actually models in SoF so I had to build them all and finally a full re-light of the map in an effort to capture the excellent lighting that exists in the original.  If the lighting in this conversion is half as nice I will be satisfied ;).  Also I converted the SoF sky that goes with this map for the full effect.  The r_speeds do run a tad high in the 2 outer most corners of the map but on today's machines it should'nt pose a problem.  Hope you like it :)

Grab the map from here: NYCDM4: Back Alley

NYCDM4: Back Alley NYCDM4: Back Alley

Cujo converted a version of this map to Kingpin some time ago however his is an expanded/remodeled version that is fully textured in stock Kingpin Urban theme.  Grab this version from here: DM DualShipping

"Level Shot Correction"
  posted August 26 - 8:36PM EDT by DirtyDog

While fragging at Detropolis I noticed that the levelshot for one of my maps was completely whacked because I forgot to adjust the color depth when I created it.  This levelshot is for my previously released Max Payne themed version of the popular DM classic, Armagon.  Download the corrected levelshot from here: Armagon Max Levelshot and simply overwrite the old file when prompted.  I also replaced this file in the original zip that contains the map in full so for anyone who has not yet downloaded this map and would like to check it out, grab it from here: Armagon: MaX PaYneD

Armagon: MaX PaYneD Armagon: MaX PaYneD

"New DM Map Frag'n'Die3"
  posted August 25 - 7:24AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Frag'n'Die3 by Mr DamageDownload

I have released another small fragfest map called Frag'n'Die3. The map is set in a small courtyard with a two story building in the middle. The courtyard has minor weapons (pistol mods, crowbars and shotguns), the first level of the building has shotties, tommies and a rocket launcher while the top level contains the HMG :)
With 4 - 8 people this should be a fun map. It has 10 spawn points and uses all standard KP textures except a couple. Don't camp the HMG too long though or you will get a nasty surprise :D

Check out the earlier Frag'n'Die maps from here:-
Frag'n'Die by Cujo
Frag'n'Die2 by Mr Damage

Frag'n'Die & Frag'n'Die2

"Hogie's Curse Server Moves In"
  posted August 25 - 5:56AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Recently Cat-09 had to pull the plug on Hogie's Cali Bitch Slappa Curse server server due to financial considerations. Well the good news is that Hogie's server is now hosted here at KP4Ever.

Server details:-

Server : Hogie's East Coast Bitch slappa
Location : Detroit
Max Players : 20
IP :
or the EASY way
IP : kingpinforever.com:31535

Grab the mappacks for the server here:-
Full Install

or in smaller chunks:-


"New 4v4 DM League"
  posted August 25 - 5:24AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Thief|Xrai])e]) has sent word that Thief will be hosting a 4v4 DM League. Here are some details:-

  • It will be an 4v4 Dm league with 2 sub players allowed

  • The matches will be played on Sunday evening (UK Time)

  • The matches will be played on the Thief server located in Germany

  • Start date will depend on how fast clans sign up

  • To sign your clan up and to obtain more information visit this forum thread here.

"KingpinForever Downtime"
  posted August 25 - 5:16AM EDT by Mr.Damage
The KP4Ever web site was down (more like not talking) for several hours yesterday, this did not affect all of the hosted game servers. MonkeyMod enabled game servers may have had issues. Don't worry the web server has been severely kicked and everything is back up and running again :)

Updated by TrUz, who nevers like any _downtime_

"New Skin Pack For The Caleb Model"
  posted August 22 - 1:56AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Male Caleb Skin PackDownload

Four new skins for the Male Caleb model which were converted from Quake2. Just extract all files to your Kingpin folder.

Download the Male Caleb model from here

Download an earlier Caleb Skin Pack from here

"Kingpin In Other Games - Doom3"
  posted August 20 - 6:59PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Eric "Chico" Jirouch sent word that he is converting his old Outerlimits2 Kingpin DM map to Doom3.
...I am currently converting the map for Doom3 multiplayer - some things will change with the map but not a whole lot other than no water, (Unless you have some friends that are good at shader material files that can help out :) - anyways you can check out some screens of it at http://www.doom3xtreme.com/
just scroll down a hair to News for Wednesday-

Doom3 Screens

If you want to check out the Kingpin vrsion of the map it's a sort of Quake2 meets Kingpin with a space station theme. Its a large map with areas inside the station as well as outside. There are teleports to get outside and 2 secret rooms as well as some custom textures. There are 16 spawns and ample weapons and other items. Grab this one from here.

"New COLORS CTF Map By Dread"
  posted August 18 - 4:55AM EDT by Mr.Damage

CTF Maroc Beta by DreadDownload

Dread has converted his Maroc Bagman map to the COLORS Capture The Flag mod. It is a medium sized, well layed out map that utilises great looking custom textures. Dread described it as an urban/desert style map.

I have uploaded this map to the kp4ever CTF server so why not drop in for a few maps this coming weekend :)

Server details:-

Server : KP4EVER's CTF V1.0a Server
Location : Detroit
Max Players : 16
Client files : Yes
IP :

If you need the client files or any of the custom ctf maps then visit the COLORS CTF webpage here.

"DM Map Update"
  posted August 16 - 10:19PM EDT by DirtyDog

I was fragging on Detropolis when I ran into another classic oldie, Backyard Brawl by {THC} BuN that was missing juniors (and you know how much I hate that...)   So I added juniiors and while I was at it I upped  the count on  weapons, respawns and ammo as well.

Download: BaCkYard BrAwL...

Backyard Brawl Before  Backyard Brawl AFTER...

"Screenshots Of Upcoming SP Map Pack"
  posted August 14 - 11:50PM EDT by Mr.Damage
-=Mad-Dog=- sent word that he is working on a new Single Player map pack:-
...Anyhoo here is a single player map I was fooling around with. The storyline is, you've been unjustly imprisoned by a crooked judge who has ordered the guards to "disappear" you. Knowing your days are numbered, you tear off a length of pipe from the toilet in your cell and vow to bash in the brains of whoever sticks his head through that door! (See, that's how you start with the pipe.) .......It's kind of Doom style in that you need to find the blue key, then the red, then the yellow etc. You'll figure it out.

"Team Reckless Abandon2 Added "
  posted August 13 - 9:53PM EDT by Mr.Damage

Team Reckless Abandon2 by CashmoneyDownload

(Inc)PHOENIX sent me the older BM map made by Cashmoney that we didn't have in our BM map archive. It's a large BM map which uses standard KP textures. It will take a couple of plays to get to know the map with many corridors and rooms in the bases and a large outdoor area where the money drop is. There are plenty of weapons and items and several ways to travel between bases.

"Male Hydralisk Model"
  posted August 11 - 4:42AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Male Hydralisk by {GT}KnightDownload

Male Hydralisk is a Quake2 model converted to Kingpin by {GT}Knight. The original model was made by Warlord and is a Hydralisk, one of the Zerg race of aliens from the RTS game Starcraft.

"Half - Life Thug Skin"
  posted August 10 - 11:22PM EDT by DirtyDog

As another request for SoniK I've come up with a thug skin resembling one of the Recon Soldiers from Half-Life.  The operative word being resembles... grab it from here: GrunT


"Kingpin Promo Video From 1998"
  posted August 9 - 6:31AM EDT by Mr.Damage
PeNdEjO! has submitted the promo video for Kingpin that was released in 1998. He has converted it to MPG format so you can now watch it using Windows Media Player. It's an awesome video and I especially like the part where you see a thug filled with bullets and die in slowmotion :D

Download the promo video from here.

Some Kingpin screens from 1998

"Custom Weapon Skins"
  posted August 8 - 1:27AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Tony's Weapon Skins by Tony GarveyDownload

Back in 1999 Tony Garvey, the webmaster of Mod City released a Custom Weapon Skins pack. It contains custom skins for the Grenade Launcher, Crowbar, Flamer, Rocket Launcher, and Shotgun. There is also a new player's hand skin and a new head and body skin for the thug model. All the new skins are in a pak file and the zip file contains a readme with instructions on installing the pak file.

"Sanctuary Map Files"
  posted August 8 - 1:18AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Wheelbarrow has submitted all 32 map files for his Sanctuary Single Player Map Pack.

Here is the zip containing all the Sanctuary maps. Please feel free to let people use these maps as examples/tutorials etc, but I ask that they refrain from altering them to suit their needs and then including them as their own maps. I hope they help anyone interested in learning about sp mapping. Enjoy!!

Bob (aka wheelbarrow).

Downlaod the map files from here

Sanctuary Screens

"New Skin Pack For The Messiah Model"
  posted August 7 - 12:27AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Male Messiah Skin PackDownload

Forty or so skins for the Male Messiah model all of which were converted from Quake2. There are many different styles and types with skins of Neo, The Professional, The Crow, The Don a Reverend etc etc. Just extract all files to your Kingpin folder.

Download the Male Messiah Model from here.

"Playing Multiplayer in Kingpin Demo"
  posted August 6 - 11:37PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Mnay people still download the Kingpin Demo and every now and again someone will ask me about how to get Multiplayer working in the demo. It is possible and there is a webpage hosted by Planet Kingpin that shows how it is done:-

"So you fancy a bit of a GangBang, well as you may of noticed the Demo doesn't come with it built in. But don't go just yet there is a work around. Using this workaround you can also change your players setup under the gangbang options. Xatrix you see disabled the multiplayer menu but you can still use the console to put in commands! Here is how to setup your computer to run Kingpin Deathmatch."

Check out the full instructions for setting up a KP Demo server and getting your friends to join on this page here.

" Dan Koppel Releases Steel Town Map Files "
  posted August 5 - 5:07PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Dan Koppel who was the Senior Level Designer for Kingpin has released the map files of the Steel Town Episode from Kingpin Single Player. If you would like to check them out you can grab the files from Method's Turf.

"Gordon Freeman Thug Skin"
  posted August 3 - 9:22PM EDT by DirtyDog

As a request from SoniK I came up with a Gordon Freeman skin.   It's not perfect by any stretch but the purpose was more to resemble him and I hope I've done that.

Gordon Freeman



"Active Game Server Page Updated"
  posted August 3 - 6:30AM EDT by Mr.Damage
I have updated our Active Game Server Page. I have deleted some servers that no longer exist, updated some IP Addresses that have changed and I have added one new server called The Celestial Temple. This is a server that runs on DSL and runs the Loaded mod in Team DM mode.

If you use the KPplug you will be able to join any of these servers from the webpage. Download the KPplug from here.

"New SoF Map Conversion"
  posted August 2 - 1:40AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Pawn Shop by Mr DamageDownload

I have done a conversion of the Pawn Shop DM map (nycdm3.bsp) from SoF. It's a small map in an urban street setting. There is a Pawn Shop in the middle of the map and there are lots of buildings around the edges. There are ledges and roofs you can climb up onto and there are lots of weapons, armour, ammo etc. Its pretty much a straight conversion, with a few small structural changes, some resizing of doorways, all the surface flags of the brushes had to be changed from the SoF values, and changed the lighting somewhat.

"New {GT} Clan Site"
  posted August 1 - 10:50PM EDT by Mr.Damage
{GT}Frost sent news that the {GT}Clan are back and that they have a new website:-

I wanted to let you know that I am rebuilding {GT}. A few of the original members are still here, and a few new members who have been in KP community for a while have joined. The new website is www.gtcombat.com, it has all the Files for the Insanity mod and will soon have files for {GT}Knights Ratsalad Hitman mod. Tell every one Were Back, and to stop by the forum and say hi so they can take us off the Dead List. Look forward to fraggin ya soon.


Here are a couple of screenshots of {GT}Frost's Insanity Mod:-

Insanity Mod Server Details:-

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Max Players : 16
IP :
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