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News Archive for August 2005

"Screenshot Of New DM Map"
  posted August 29 - 6:55AM EDT by Mr.Damage
I am currently working on bringing another of Maric's great Quake2 maps to Kingpin. This one is called Awakening to Danger and should be finished soon.

"Male Hand Model"
  posted August 26 - 4:11AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Male Hand by {GT}*KNIGHT*Download

(Inc)PHOENIX has sent in the Male Hand model which we didn't have here at KP4Ever. The model is a conversion of a Q2 model that was originally made by Lee Eaton and converted to Kingpin by {GT}*KNIGHT*. This was the first model that he ever converted to Kingpin.

This model looks like Thing of the Addams Family fame. It is a smallish model that runs around on two of its fingers. The model is fairly detailed, has some nice animations and comes with about 5 skins. You dont see any weapons with this model and it shoots out of the end of its fingers.

Thanks to Method for helping with the screenshot.

"DM Shot Gun Released"
  posted August 25 - 5:03AM EDT by Mr.Damage

DM Shot Gun by UnevenRatioDownload

UnevenRatio has now released his first map for Kingpin. Its called DM Shot Gun and is a small two roomed map which uses mainly light coloured textures. There are two main rooms connected via corridors and lots of crates and barrels strewn around the rooms. For an interesting twist the only weapon is the shotgun which probably eventuated as UnevenRatio has a real penchant for RealMode :)

"New Kingpin Servers"
  posted August 25 - 4:22AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Check out some new servers for Kingpin :)

TRAM Design Kingpin
Tunnleram's Gangbang Server

RealLagMode Servers
RealLagMode RM Hitmen (
RealLagMode RM Extreme (
RealLagMode RM BagMan (
RealLagMode DeathMatch RM (
RealLagMode DeathMatch (
RealLagMode CRASH Mod (

Thats a whole lot of mods to try out :)

You can see all these servers in Gamespy so why not go check them out.

"Interplay Webpage"
  posted August 24 - 7:36AM EDT by Mr.Damage
The Interplay Webpage is back up ...sort of.
There is a breif blurb there about what they do, access to all their finacial reports and an Investor Relations email. You can check it out here.

"Active KP Game Servers Updated"
  posted August 24 - 5:43AM EDT by Mr.Damage
I have updated our Active KP Game Servers page and added a server.

The server I have added is the [F^]4ever server which is currently running TeamDM. It runs a combo of BM and DM maps and has a player limit of 16.

You can join servers directly from our Active KP Game Servers page if you download and install the kpplug utility. You can grab that from here.
The zip also contains a readme on how to install etc.

I have also updated all the other servers in the list so the page is now up to date with only curretn active servers listed.

"New Mapper"
  posted August 24 - 5:06AM EDT by Mr.Damage
UnevenRatio aka v1.1 is about to release his first map for Kingpin :)
It's a small, two room DM map with the only weapon being the shotty. It should be out very soon.

"BC's Map-Pack-N-Yo-Ass Update #17 Released"
  posted August 20 - 4:13AM EDT by Mr.Damage
I have just put together the next installment of the BC's-Map-Pack-N-Yo-Ass series of mappacks. This update mappack contains 25 maps (DM, KP2 Mod, COLORS CTF and Bagman) which were released in the period from late March 2003 through May 2003. The pack is spread over three zip files which are all around 12 - 13mg.
You can see a list of all the maps included here.

Download the Update #17 mappacks here:-


Construction Carnage and The Damaged Streets

Brutal Frag and Ghetto Blues

You can also download the other recent Updates from here:-



"Thug Model in Quake3"
  posted August 19 - 4:48AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Quake3 Thug Model converted by TiCaLDownload

A couple of years ago TiCaL converted the much loved Thug model to Quake3. It is hosted over at Polycount where they had this to say about it:-
This model was actually taken directly from the game Kingpin using various importers and exporters, including one that he wrote himself. It's not exactly a recommended method for creating models, but Gray Matter did give the guy permission, so fair is fair.
So if you play a bit of Quake3 why not go grab this model and go put a cap in some Quake ass :)

"New DM Map by Cujo"
  posted August 16 - 4:34AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Cujo's Warehouse by CujoDownload

Cujo and me have colaborated on another deathmatch map called Cujo's Warehouse. This is a small fragfest map set in a warehouse. It uses a combo of SoF2 and KP textures and has ample weapons for a map this size. It has 8 spawns and should be fun with 4+ ppl.

"Linux help -- needed"
  posted August 15 - 9:43PM EDT by Truzenzuzex[BC]
Looking for ANYONE running KP under Linux in server mode. AI_TunnlelRam is having some issues. If anyone has Linux experience with setting up a working server, it would be nice to have a simple *how-to* guide for reference.

Please send any tips or clues that you have for getting a server running under Linux.

"Another New BM Map by Fredz"
  posted August 15 - 6:27AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Tale of two Villages by FredzDownload

Fredz has released a beta of another Bagman map called Tale of two Villages. This is a large map that is another conversion from a Quake2 mod. It is set in a European village during WW2 and utilises lots of custom textures. There are several paths between the bases including along a canal. Check it out :)

"Desert Themed Maps"
  posted August 13 - 5:48PM EDT by Mr.Damage
After checking out Fredz's new Team Desertbattle map it started me thinking about other maps in KP that have a desert or Middle Eastern theme. Here are some that I can think of:-

Team Maroc A well layed out map by Dread that uses all custom textures. Dread describes it as an urban/desert style map.
You can download it from here.

De Dust A conversion of the famous cs map by Hypov8. He created both DM and BM versions.
Download the map from here:-
De Dust DM
De Dust BM

Dead Serious A remake of the classic Doom level Dead Simple by -=Mad-Dog=- which uses all Serious Sam textures.
You can download it from here.

Rockvill Rev An update of Cujo's Rockvill patial cs map conversion. This remake of the map uses the original textures and sky.
You can download it from here.

Hypo_v8 Playing in the Sand A desert version of his Chrome_v8 map.
You can download it from here.

Team Maroc

Dead Serious and Rockvill Rev

De Dust and Hypo_v8 Playing in the Sand

"New Bagman Map by Sh0rTy"
  posted August 12 - 10:51PM EDT by Mr.Damage

Team Sangra by Sh0rTyDownload

Sh0rTy has created a new Bagmn map for Kingpin called Team Sangra. This is a large BM map with the classic Kingpin theme which uses all standard KP textures. Being a large one it will take you a few plays to get to know the map but it will be worthwhile as it looks to be a well made map that must have taken a lot of time and effort to create.

It has been beta tested on Hogie's server and is good to go. Sh0rTy says this will be his only map for KP but after seeing the map I hope he changes his mind :)

"New Bagman Map by Fredz"
  posted August 12 - 4:27AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Team Desertbattle by FredzDownload

Fredz has released a beta of a new Bagman map called Team Desertbattle. As the name suggests this map is set in the desert and uses appropriate desert looking custom textures. This map was converted by Fredz from a popular Quake2 mod. It has lots of desert style structures in the map many of them partially destroyed. There are plenty of weapons and items and it should make for good game of BM.

"New DM Map - Greystone Shuffle"
  posted August 7 - 2:02AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Greystone Shuffle converted by Mr DamageDownload

Greystone Shuffle is a medium sized DM map for Kingpin. It is a conversion of the Quake2 map by Shon "Maric" Shaffer , who is an excellent and prolific Quake2 mapper. The map is mainly open with 2 levels. It uses mostly all KP textures, has a gothic type theme, and has ample weapons and other items.

A bit thank you to Maric for giving permission to convert his maps to KP and I hope to be doing more soon :)
I have added both this map and DMArena H2A by {GT}Knight to the map rotation at the Detropolis Custom Maps Server.

"Crates In The Hood DM Map"
  posted August 5 - 11:11PM EDT by Mr.Damage
I am currently working on a conversion to Kingpin of another of the great Quake2 maps made by Maric, one of the best and most prolific mappers for Quake2. It shouldn't take too long but in the interim why not downlaod and check out the other map by Maric that has been converted to KP which is called Crates in the Hood.

Crates is a medium sized DM Map which has one main open area which contains several containers and boxes and a number of warehouse building and rooms which contain more crates. It is a multi level map and you can also access the roof. The map has ample weapons and other items. It uses many custom textures which fit right into the Kingpin theme, has a custom sky and includes custom sounds.

You can download Crates in the Hood from here.

"Maps By Zeppelin[FnR]"
  posted August 4 - 4:21AM EDT by Mr.Damage
As Zeppelin[FnR] just submitted the cleaver weapon model I thought I would highlight all the maps he has worked on for Kingpin.


Place of Two Deaths - Quake1 conversion.
Dedalo - Dark Q2 conversion which inlcudes a large .wav file.
Torn Glory - Small Q2 conversion.
Cold Arena - Retextured Q2 conversion
Eve of Destruction - Retextured Q2 conversion.
The Bowl - Low gravity space Q2 conversion.
Dead and Broken - Q2 conversion with custom textures. This map was updated by DirtyDog.

KP2 Mod

Eve Of Destruction KP2

Place of Two Deaths and Dedalo

Torn Glory and Cold Arena

Eve of Destruction and The Bowl

Dead and Broken and Eve Of Destruction KP2

"New Weapon Model"
  posted August 3 - 5:10AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Cleaver Model by Zeppelin[FnR]Download

Zeppelin[FnR] has sent in a new weapon model for Kingpin. This is a cleaver that he has converted from counterstrike.
The cleaver files are in a pak9.pak file and the zip is set up so you just extract it to your kingpin folder and it will place it in kingpin/main.
If you already have a pak9 file then extract the new one to a temporary location, rename it to a pak number you dont have already (such as pak2, pak3 etc) and then copy it to kingpin/main.

"Reminder #2,300,005 regarding P.O.T.D."
  posted August 1 - 6:31PM EDT by NeWFnlou

Just a quick reminder that our P.O.T.D. or Pic of The Day is reserved for KINGPIN or KINGPIN RELATED shots ONLY. While we appreciate that some of us in the community play other games, we also recognize that there are plenty of other websites devoted to those games. Thanks for visiting the very best KINGPIN-LIFE OF CRIME website on the net and please keep those KINGPIN or KINGPIN RELATED screenies (only)coming our way.

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