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News Archive for August 2007

"5th Corpser Map Uploaded"
  posted August 28 - 4:58AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Down In Da Slums by CorpserDownload

I have now uploaded the 5th and final DM map made by Corpser. This one is a medium sized, urban style map, two darkly lit outside areas with one fairly large, and lots of rooms inside to frag in. There are enough weapons and items and a cooling mod hidden away in a small alcove (look for it in a dark room).

"KingpinQ3 Project Update"
  posted August 27 - 4:41PM EDT by Mr.Damage
0xA5EA has updated his KingpinQ3 webpage with some news.
He has posted some screens of a Bagman/CTF map which is based on Sonik's Team brick to Brick BM map (our current POTD is also a shot of this map). He has also posted news about the Gtk-Radiant patch he is working on and it's good news, mappers should be able to start making maps for this project very soon.
He is still looking for people who would like to help with KingpinQ3.
You can check out all the latest KingpinQ3 news here - KingpinQ3 Home.

"Hitmen Ready To Go"
  posted August 24 - 7:22AM EDT by Mr.Damage
I have set up the Da Playgroundz Server ready for this weekend. The server is now running like the orignal Da Playgroundz apparently did, rotating only the HMG and pistol. It will run like this all weekend so hopefully you will drop in for a few frags.

Server details:-
Name : Da PlayGroundZ! ~ HitMen ~ HMG & Pistol Only
IP :
Maxclients 16
Mod : Hitmen v1.6a
CDS : Required

I have added some maps to the rotation for the weekend:-
Flashlight Madness
Bloody Clouds Junior
Rainforest Canopy
MPDM4 2007 Redux
Look Back In Anger

"Undecided Outcome DM Map Added"
  posted August 23 - 4:06AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Undecided Outcome by [Beer]J. SmithsDownload

Another map that (Inc)Phoenix sent me is this one by [Beer]J. Smiths. This is a medium sized DM map which is a series of connecting rooms, featuring all KP standard textures, a deadly pit and even a button activated earthquake. The map was first release in October of 2000.

"***Hitmen Action This Weekend***"
  posted August 22 - 4:07AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Yo MaMa YO WC made a requst, via our forum, to set up our Hitmen server for a weekend to run like the original BC Da Playgroundz server with the only weapons in rotation being the Pistol and the HMG.
So this coming weekend our KP4Ever Da Playgroundz server will be set up as per Yo Mama's request and only rotate the two weapons.
So why not drop in for a few maps on Friday and/or Saturday nights. Hopefully a few old school Hitmen players will be around :)

Yo MaMa YO WC made a request to add a particular old favorite map to the mix for this weekend which will be done. The map is BC Sky Disco and if you don't have it (bc_skydisco-v2.bsp) you can download it from here.

"Two More Corpser Maps"
  posted August 21 - 6:48AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Here are two more of the maps by Corpser I mentioned in an earlier post.

The Octagons A DM map made up of two octagonal shaped rooms joined together. They are both three levels high, are dark and feature sombre green lighting. The map features ample weapons and items including two HMG's and two Mods (one in the centre of the lower level of both rooms).
You can download The Octagons from here.

Assassination Station is a small vertical style map. It has one main area which is a courtyard surrounded by multi level buildings. There are also some lower level corridors which are full of HMGs.
You can download Assassination Station from here.

"Message For Cujo"
  posted August 21 - 6:26AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Cujo check your email and get back to me please. I want to release your latest map :)

"WarehouseDM Map Found"
  posted August 20 - 1:33AM EDT by Mr.Damage

WarehouseDM by [DKC]BeaverDownload

Recently I posted that I was looking for three older DM maps and as usual (Inc)Phoenix came through and sent two of them to me :)
One of the maps is WarehouseDM which was made by [DKC]Beaver back in October of 2000. I am glad I was able to find this map as it is great. It is one of the best maps from the early days that I have seen.

It is a large map set in and around a Warehouse complex. There are lots of rooms and other areas, lots of boxes and crates, a few vehicles and lots of weapons and other items. Its a darkish map, uses all standard Kingpin textures and if you don't have this map (whdm2.bsp) then I recommend you get it.

I have added this map to our Kingpin Legacy Server so you will be able to check it out there.

"Two Maps Added To Archive"
  posted August 18 - 9:48PM EDT by Mr.Damage
I will be adding five maps by Corpser to our map archive over the next few days and here are the first two.

Bloodville A largish arena style map. One main area dominated by a square structure in the centre and also a large silo. There are also several corridors and small rooms that connect off from the main area.
You can download Bloodville from here.

Hell Squared Another arena style map dominated by a tower like structure in the centre. There are outer corridors and ledges around the map, lifts to access the higher ledges and lots of coloured lighting.
You can download Hell Squared from here.

"Rise Above The Rubble DM Map"
  posted August 17 - 8:44PM EDT by Mr.Damage

Rise above the rubble by JWSDownload

Here is a map from way back in 1999 made by JWS called Rise above the rubble. I don't think I ever played this map or posted about it so I thought it was a good reason to make a post about it now. This description is from the map's readme:-
This is my second map. It's a large room, separated by a wall that forces the player to go to the second level to get into the other half. The floor is littered with columns, a small pyramid, a cool floating fireball.
Just extract all files to your kingpin folder.

"Looking For These Old Maps"
  posted August 17 - 8:37PM EDT by Mr.Damage
While looking for a particular KP map on the net I found a reference to some old maps I didn't know of. If any of you have these maps:-

smithdm1 (or smithdm1_final)

please drop me a line :)

"Jump Into A Server This Weekend"
  posted August 17 - 8:34PM EDT by Mr.Damage
If you got some time this weekend make sure you jump into a KP server for a few frags. It don't matter which server just pick a good one for you and play a few maps and try to bring a mate with you as well :)

"Two Revised Maps"
  posted August 15 - 3:13AM EDT by Mr.Damage
I still see the original versions of DM Village and Southpark KP rotating on some servers so Im just reminding ppl that both of these maps have been revised.

DM Village 2 In this revised version the numbers of weapons and items, and placement of them, has changed (including the addtion of a second HMG). Another change is that it now has a custom downloadable sky (i.e. the custom sky can be downloaded from a server).

You can download DM Village 2 from here.

Southpark KP ver2 In this revised version I have fixed the bad spawn point and one other that was facing in the wrong direction. I did some minor tweaking of weapon/item placement and included a custom downloadable sky.

You can download Southpark KP ver2 from here.

"550SouthHope DM Map"
  posted August 13 - 4:54AM EDT by Mr.Damage

550SouthHope by CreamatorDownload

Here is a map from Creamator he released in 2004 that you might have missed. It's a DM map, is called 550SouthHope and is a conversion of the CRASH Squad map Bom 550Hope. This is a smaller version of the CRASH map with 12 player spawns and has a suggested player load of 2 - 16.
This from Crem's readme:-
dm_550hope is a conversion of bom_550hope after Tunnleram released the map source files from Kingpin Crash Squad :) Thought a smaller version of this map for DM play would make for some Fast Furious Action.

Happy Fragg`in & Enjoy

"Butler's Hell DM Map"
  posted August 10 - 7:18PM EDT by Mr.Damage

Butler's Hell by {Lol}SandstormDownload

Here is a map I haven't seen for several years. It's Butler's Hell by {Lol}Sandstorm which is a large, multi level, sprawling map. It uses mainly KP textures, has plenty of weapons and items and even a secret room :)
It's been rotating on our Kingpin Legacy server but was missing some textures. I have now uploaded the missing ones to the server.
I have rezipped the map, added a MM Levelshot and uploaded it again.
Just extract all files to your kingpin folder.

"Another Demo Uploaded"
  posted August 9 - 3:58AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Mr Knox has sent in a demo of an old clan match between the (UW) and Mama clans. It's hard to imagine now but once upon a time KP had a very active clan scene and if you think aobut it KP is the perfect game for clan wars :)
Anyway if you want to watch the demo you can grab it from here.

Just extract the file to your kingpin folder and go from there.

"Screenshot Of New DM Map"
  posted August 9 - 3:42AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Here is a screenshot of an upcoming deathmatch map. Lots of custom textures and set during winter.

"New Single Player Mappack"
  posted August 9 - 3:29AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Sam Owens has released a beta of a new Single Player mappack called Forest and Warren. It's a two map pack and so wont take you long to complete.
You can download it from his site here.

If you wish to provide some feedback there are contact details at his site or you can leave comments in this forum thread here.

"Latest Maps Weekend At Detropolis"
  posted August 3 - 9:02AM EDT by Mr.Damage
This weekend the Detropolis Customn Maps Server will be running the 20 latest DM Maps that have been released.

This will include maps from my latest mappack plus the following maps:-
Windy City 2007
DM Backstreets
Costa Rican Sunset
Quadtowers 2007
MPDM4 2007
Out of Business

"Another New Server"
  posted August 1 - 4:56PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Here is another new Gangbang KP server located in London England, running Money Mod admined by [DKC].

Hostname : Multiplay.co.uk :: [DKC]
IP :
Maxclients : 14
Connection Speed : Upstream 1.5MB
Money Mod : Optional
Admin : [DKC]Dodge & [DKC]Panther

"New Kingpin Server"
  posted August 1 - 3:32AM EDT by Mr.Damage
There is a new Kingpin server located in Germany. It's called Bloody Hell - Bloodpatches.net and is running the Tourney Mod v1.3. It currently rotates 12 maps (KPDM1-5, 4 KP2 mod maps, DM Village, KFGDM1_Re, Sickre, DM Dstreets,

Hostname : Bloody Hell - Bloodpatches.net
IP :
Maxclients : 24
Connection Speed : Upstream 1.5MB
Money Mod : Optional
Admin : [BP]Exportforce
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