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News Archive for August 2009

"New Team DM Server"
  posted August 27 - 5:03PM EDT by Mr.Damage
I have set up one of our servers to run Team Deathmatch. It is rotating the five mot recently released DM maps plus KPDM5.
Here are the details of the server:-

Server Name : KP4Ever Team DM Server
Max Players : 16
MonkeyMod : No
IP :

"Five Most Recent Map Releases"
  posted August 27 - 7:01AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Just a quick review of the five most recent custom map releases for Kingpin.

-=DamStorage=- by Stigma. A small to medium sized map set in A decaying storage facility

The Edge of Oblivion . A conversion to Kingpin of the Quake1 map HipDM1.

Acrophobia. Another Quake1 conversion.

In the Cold Light of Day by Mr Damage. A large urban style map.

-Decay City- by Stigma. A small, urban style map with sreet setting.

Acrophobia & The Edge of Oblivion

-Decay City- & In the Cold Light of Day

"Installation Guide For Kingpin & Cusom Add-Ons"
  posted August 27 - 6:41AM EDT by Mr.Damage
We host a very detailed installation guide called Kingpin 101: The Beginner's Guide which was created by {NeW}Fnlou. It covers the following:-

Installing the Game
Patching the Game (both the Steam download and GoG.com download version are already pached to v1.21)
Installing the Monkey Mod (including how to configure it in GameSpy Lite)
Installing custom add-ons such as maps, skins and mods.

You can check it out by clicking here.

"Updated Gamespy Lite"
  posted August 27 - 6:37AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Just a reminder that there is an updated version of Gamespy Lite created by PeNdEjO which he released in 2004. He updated the background image, removed several buttons that were dead links and replaced the link to PlanetKingpin with a link to us at Kingpinforever.
You can download the updated Gamespy Lite from here.

Just extract the file to your kingpin/gamespy folder.
If you want to keep your original just rename it or copy it elsewhere.

"Kingpin Now Available Through Steam"
  posted August 21 - 6:50AM EDT by Mr.Damage
From August 19th Kingpin is available for download from Steam for $8.99 US:-

Beginning today, Interplay titles including the original Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout Tactics, Sacrifice and Kingpin will become available for purchase via Steam.

"We are excited to offer the millions of Steam customers online access to Interplay titles beginning with some jewels of our classic PC catalog priced below $10," said Herve Caen, Interplay CEO.

Thanks to acc, Matt N and Truz for letting me know about this news.

You can check out th new Kingpin page at Steam here.

Welcome to any people who have just purchased Kingpin through Steam and have found us via their new Kingpin forum :)

"New DM Map By Stigma"
  posted August 14 - 5:53AM EDT by Mr.Damage

-=DamStorage=- by StigmaDownload

Stigma and me have collaborated on a new Deathmatch map for Kingpin caleld -=DamStorage=-.
This is a small to medium sized map set in some kind of decaying storage facility. It has two areas with the larger being the indoors area and a smaller outside area. Although much of the roof in the indoors area is missing making it very open. The map is urban Kingpin style and the indoor area is made up of several smaller rooms surrounding a large open centre area. It contains lots of boxes and crates and storage lockers.

The smaller outdoors area contains some more crates, boxes and a few barrels and the classic Kingpin dumpster.
The map has ample weapons and other items and 12 player spawns.
It features a downloadable dark custom sky and there are weather effects, rats, a dog and other single player items for use with multiplayer mods that support them.

Update 15th August I have set up a server which will run for a few days that is only running this new map (i.e Damstorage is the only map in rotation on the server) So you can download it and go check it out straight away :)
The sever is named -=DamStorage Map=- so it should be easy to find in Gamespy.

"Saurday Night Game On Legacy Server"
  posted August 7 - 6:30PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Just letting you know there is a game planned on our Legacy Custm Maps Deathmatch server on Saturday night.

Name : Kingpin Legacy Server
Date : Saturday August 8th
Time : 7.30pm EST (New York)
IP :

Vitachick may be on hand to get the game going.

To check what time it is where you are when the games are on check the World Clock site here.
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