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News Archive for August 2012

"KPDMMaymen Deathmatch Map"
  posted August 29 - 7:52AM EDT by Mr.Damage
This is one of my favourite maps that is in the style of KPDM5.

KPDMMayhem was created way back in 2001 by [YFS]Mayhem as a tribute to KPDM5. It's a medium to large sized map, with the Central Towers themed architexture, mostly set indoors but with a small outside area. It has ample weapons and other items, is a well made map and is certainly worth checking out.

You can download KPDMMayhem from here.

"Revised Deathmatch Map"
  posted August 18 - 10:11PM EDT by Mr.Damage
When Whoop Ass recently released a new DM map it inspired me to go back a finish a map I had been working on previously. It is a revision of the old Arena of Death deathmatch map and I've called it Arena of Death Kingpin Style.

Arena of Death was originally created by Oracius for Kingpin and named Arena SMRTI (which is Arena of Death in Czech). It is a remake of the Quake3 map Q3DM3 and Oracius gave it a really nice, classic urban, look.
Later I revied this map and basically just retextured it and made a few miscellaneous tweaks and fixes.

This new version is a complete rebuild of the map and while some of the texturing is the same as my first remake some is different as well.

If you're not familiar with the map it is, as stated above, a remake of the Quake3 Q3DM3 map. It's a small arena style map which I have textured using the KPDM5 Towers textures.

You can download Arena of Death Kingpin Style from here

Previous Versions
You can download the original Arena Arena SMRTI from here.
You can download Arena Arena SMRTI (revised) from here.

Arena SMRTI & Arena SMRTI (revised)

"New Kingpin Deathmatch Server"
  posted August 15 - 9:33PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Sin66 has set up a new Kingpin DM Server.
Server be up 24/7 all the time as its on linux box only go down if change to diff mod and reboots

The server is named Sin66's KP DM Server! and is currently running the five standard Kingpin deathmatch maps (KPDM1-5).
The IP address of the server is and you can easily find it in Gamespy Lite.

Help support support this new server, grab a friend or two, and drop in for a few frags :)

"Team Glamour Shots Bagman Map"
  posted August 12 - 4:55AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Team Glamour Shots by 420:SW3:GirlDownload

Whoop Ass has submitted a map we didn't have in our archives. This one is a Bagman map called Team Glamour Shots made by 420:SW3:Girl.

It's a simple 'two forts' style BM map and it's unique feature is that it has pictures, on the walls, of many KP players who were playing at the time this map was released (August 2002).

Overall it is a very light map and, other than the pictures of KP players, it uses mainly white textures. It has several rooms in the bases where you get all your weapons and armour and each base has a nice water feature. Both forts have a maot and you must press a button to raise and lower the drawbridge.
There is a centre room where most of the KP portraits are and the money drop also.
Due to the map containing so many custom textures, which are mostly the KP player pics, the zip weighs in at just under 9mg.

"Highlighting Two Maps By Whoop Ass"
  posted August 10 - 8:20PM EDT by Mr.Damage
If you have scoured the news posts on our front page you will have seen that Whoop Ass recently released a new map called Blades Edge Arena.
As such I decided to post about a couple of his earlier DM Maps that you should check out (if you haven't already).

Desolation is a largish, urban themed map very much like the the official urban style DM maps.
It has a few open areas, lot's of rooms and hallways, and overall is a well constructed map.
Check it out here

Mausoleum is a total rebuild of the first level of an old FPS game called Blood.
This is a medium sized map which uses all standard KP textures. It has outside areas in the graveyards and inside areas in the actual Mausoleum.
Check it out here

"Russian Kingpin Covers"
  posted August 5 - 5:09PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Fredz sent in a link to several very different Kingpin covers from the Russian release.
Check them out here

Thanks Fredz!
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