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News Archive for September 1999

"New map action"
  posted September 25 - 11:00PM EDT by KungFu
Shredder[THC] has released a nice looking DM map called In the House of Pain. Head over to his download section and check it out. Theres also a buch of shots to check out while its downloading. Jump up, jump up, and get down!

"PKP Gets a New Site"
  posted September 25 - 11:00PM EDT by LadyPain
Over at PlanetKingPin they just got a new hosted site. Crushaville central offers the series of maps that started not so long ago (that you may have seen in the news) and the new feature "real skins" which I have to say is a funky feature. Just send them a digital photo of yerself or anyone you want to play as and theyll sen you a head skin based on that photo. They have some cute looking celebrity faces to prove their point

"New KP prog"
  posted September 25 - 11:00PM EDT by KungFu
Saw over on PlanetKingpin that they have scored a cool proggie that will sort all your Kingpin maps and choose which ones you want to run before you launch Kingpin. very cool, go check it out.

"More hosted site action!"
  posted September 25 - 11:00PM EDT by KungFu
Jeez...these puppies are just rolling out of the Poisonville production line. We are pleased to annouce Daily Record run by one cool cat called Orgseey. Its a site that logs the stats from a bunch of Kingpin servers and puts them into rank order. Ever wanted to know which Kingpin thug has the most frags online? Then this is the joint that will tell you. Go check out the site for more details.

If you run a server then you should get in touch with Org and get your server regged with him. The more servers the better!

"I.am/Kingpin update"
  posted September 25 - 11:00PM EDT by KungFu
Randy over on I.am/Kingpin has give the site a makeover (courtesy of Rikki Lake) and has updated with around 50 new maps! Thats right, five-o! If your in need of alittle mappage, then go check em out.

"Lamont's Street Crazies Update"
  posted September 25 - 11:00PM EDT by LadyPain
Well here's the latest news from Lamont
Lamont's Street Crazies (www.lamont.org) held off a challenge from FifthWard Circle for the #1 spot on the OGL team deathmatch ladder, and uppedtheir record to 5-0.
They sound good. I want in. :)

"More skins coming atcha!"
  posted September 24 - 11:00PM EDT by KungFu
he fellas over on Synchroplay have got together with Ladypain to bring you a shitload of skins in 1 pack. Here's the dirt:
67 Brand New KINGPIN Skins available now at Synchroplay. Yep, that's a whole mess of skins but if youreally want alot, go download those skins in their WEEKLY PACK, plus the FULL VERSION skin pack therethat contains more than 150 KINGPIN skins!!! Over 200 skins in all! Act now and get a FREE Maserati!(Note: Please add $100 per lb. for shipping and handling costs; Est. Curb Weight: 3283 lbs.; Not available in any areas; Big purchasenecessary; No C.O.D.'s please; Void where allowed by law; Diner's Club accepted)
Dammit! I already got a Maserati!

"Hosted site action!"
  posted September 24 - 11:00PM EDT by KungFu
Im pleased to annouce our latest member to our hosted site gang - Leadpipe Studio, run by my good buddy MexicanRadio. Its the first Kingpin site dedicated to one of the things Kingpin excels at - textures! And for their grand opening they have a pack of previously unseen, never used and kept in a box like a gimp, Kingpin textures by Xatrix, scored by yours truely. The pack weighs in at around 6mb so get your ass over there and take a look. Also stop by our forums and tell Mex what you think of this new site!

"Skin up babe"
  posted September 24 - 11:00PM EDT by KungFu
If your looking for abit of variety to your DM fashion then go check out Westside because Ladypain has just updated with 20 brand new skins! Whoop!

"It's Good To Talk"
  posted September 23 - 11:00PM EDT by LadyPain
LadyPain and Corky (Xatrix's skinner) just got together and shared some words about skinning and the like, in other words we have another interview in our interviews list so go read it now.

"Walkthru updated"
  posted September 23 - 11:00PM EDT by LadyPain
Our own Mr Fu, That's KungFu to yall, has been wondering through our homeland and has started his guide to Poisonville. An A to Z if you will. Well, ok, it's a walkthru but that's pretty damned cool too.

"Kots update!"
  posted September 23 - 11:00PM EDT by KungFu
Stopped by the King of the Streets site and noticed the guys had made an update regarding whats going on with the mod right now. Here's the smack:
Were working hard on the skins for the guns and also some new player models. The Mossberg 9200 JungleGun, AK-47, Colt 1911, HK MP5 and Sako Sniper Rifle have all been skinned. I promise to post screen shotstomorow morning (been spending 8 hours a day on the models and such). Were tweeking the models a bit forthe in-hand view and most likely they will be done by the end of next week if not sooner. Unfortunately I still haveto finish modeling the M16-A2, Glock 22, Beretta 9mm and the Steyer AUG but I expect to have those done onmonday. I expect to have a "Poll" section running by tomorow to get your input on certain aspects of the MOD.For example, "Should there be more then one player style for each team? (in addition to thug,bitch,runt).Looking foward to seeing the responses.


And then theres this update by the elusive Merc[AS], heh actually stopped coding for a minute or two and came out of his coding cave :)
On the coding front, without the SDK it has been really hard to make any progress whatsoever. The good newsis about 80% of the code we will need for the MOD has been written by me in the past two weeks or so. Addingthe weapons and game rules is a piece of cake, now Im working on the fancy stuff. Depending on how muchtime I have I hope to maybe put up some *REAL* tutorials on MOD DLL coding. If any of you coders out therework 20 out of 24 hours like me and want to help, write me.
That sounds like a man with a plan to me. Kots is really starting to take a nice shape. I dig it.

"Cap-n-Yo-ASs Update"
  posted September 23 - 11:00PM EDT by KungFu
Brian [BC]_Boss Stewart has made a big update over at Cap-n-Yo-Ass HQ so big that he couldnt put it in an email. Here's the sheeeeet:
Holy shit-mobile! We found us a "few" new goodies in the last 36 hours, which are naturally up and running on ourgame server... (okay, most popped into my mailbox):

Gangsta_Island (by Hobie, Al Capone's island getaway? a nice large estate bursting with weapons and hidie holes, nicefireplace!)
Sinner (from FreeBSP boyz, a bagman map for 8/20 players ;in the spirit of Sin)
Cavern (from FreeBSP boyz, with two sections, a cavern and a house with nice lightning)
KPKiller (from Opti, he knows we really enjoy Armagon! And a nice secret room to boot, good luck finding it)
DM11 (by Control=3DFX=?, received anonymous via email, possible a Q2 map conversion, but has a urban-ish look toit)
DMnyte (beta - by DemoNyte, actually kinda fun, be nice once the outside building textures have a LITTLE bit morevariety)
Mauled (final by Intruder - NOTE: players you will need to delete your old Mauled.BSP since the server will not overwritethe old beta)
CVdm1 (Crushaville South-final, not bad, VERY much in true KP style, great details)
TC_03 (by Tanya, interesting layout, a nice electric floor in one area), Bazooka3 (from R@T_Shit, and needs some more spawn points BADLY, maybe v4 will be out soon)
TheDock2 (with some strange, if not fun, rooms under pools, tight crawlspaces, and large topside with flowing water,and sniper towers)

PLEA TO MAP MAKERS: I dont how many times I have to say this. Map makers, you *MUST* name yourbeta/pre-final maps properly. Such as "Mauled-beta1", or "Warzone-beta2"; keeping the same name only causesmassive problems with the game players (aka your ultimate fans). Kingpin supports long filenames, use them! If youREVISE a map, then label it when you release it--such as "Bazooka-v4". Players, if receive a "error: local map versiondiffers from server" message then that means the server has a different (probably newer) version of the map. Godelete (or rename) the existing map file and try connecting again.

TIP OF THE DAY: See someone online with a kick-ass skin that you want to use: type "skins" at the console and youwill get a nice detailed listing listing everyone's name, model type, and skin codes. Easier than trying to ask someoneduring the battle.

Cool, i didnt know you could do that last one, sweet

"PKP's DM Guide"
  posted September 22 - 11:00PM EDT by KungFu
Also from the PlanetKingpin camp MrBlonde has updated his KP DM Guide with a section about RealMode.

"Phat KP choon"
  posted September 22 - 11:00PM EDT by KungFu
Saw over on PlanetKingpin that Infoscable has made a piece of music using Kingpin wav's woven in. The "choon" in question can be downloaded right here

"Poisonville / SRT Alpha Connection"
  posted September 21 - 11:00PM EDT by LadyPain
LadyPain (for the obervant amongst you, you are right, that's me) has joined Team Havoc to work on SRT Alpha as lead coder and assistant coder. Nice huh?

"Walk Through Update"
  posted September 20 - 11:00PM EDT by LadyPain
Mr Fu has tackled Jesus. Urm, what I mean to say is, his walkthrough of sr4, The Jesus, the first Kingpin boss, is complete. I wasnt being down on you religious peeps out there so please... oh never mind. Check out the walkthrough instead.

"Map Action: Sky of Blood"
  posted September 20 - 11:00PM EDT by KungFu
WS has just dropped me a line to lemme know he's released his latest map - Sky of blood. Here's what he had to say about it:
Ive released my latest Kingpin map. It's Sky of Blood - JWS3. Jws3.zipand screen shots can be found linked from my maps page at


This is a series of sky platforms. Tough luck if you fall off :-)

If you got anything you wanna say about the maps we pimp why not stop by our forum and let it all out, not point in keeping it all bottled up inside :)

"Redneck Rampge Movie"
  posted September 20 - 11:00PM EDT by KungFu
Not striactly Kingpin news but who here doesnt like Redneck Rampage too? Yup, though so. Ok well i spotted this piece of news over on VoodooExtreme, it looks like there might be a Redneck Rampge movie! Here's a post from PC.IGN (where Billy spotted the news):
We just got the word today--Redneck Rampage has been optioned by Columbia. That's right…Columbia. I seem to remember seeing a few rednecks when I was down there, so I guess it fits. For those of you who dont know, Redneck Rampage tells the story of two Arkansas farmers trying to rescue their pig from aliens. Sounds like a whole movie concept to me. Maybe you could get Jim Belushi and Michael Caine to star in it…but I dont know who youd get to play the farmers.
And there's this piece from Movies.IGN:
Two Shotguns, Two Crowbars, and Two Teeth Between Them Betty Thomas is used to directing animals: she handled guinea pigs in Doctor Doolittle and Howard Stern in Private Parts. Now she has a real challenge: rednecks. Variety reports that Sony has picked up film rights to bash em-up videogame Redneck Rampage, which deals with two inbreds chasing after the aliens who swiped their prize pig. Sony plans on killing the violence and amping up the humor (a la Men In Black) because they want to be "sensitive" in this post-Columbine world.

Is it me or is that just the best news this year!? :)

"Not News"
  posted September 20 - 11:00PM EDT by LadyPain
No, this isnt news. But it is a bit of smugness from me. Im not that good at multiplayer so this made me smile. (By the way, they were teamed up on me, they didnt shoot each other, just me - but even if it had been a team game, Id have won )

"Lamont's Street Crazies Results"
  posted September 19 - 11:00PM EDT by LadyPain
Update :
Heh. sorry for the un-detailed email. A few drinks while playing will do that to you.
Yes, LSC did win the match with ALN, 304-167 :)
Looks like congratulations really are in order. Well done Street Crazies.
Lamont's Street Crazies (www.lamont.org) defended their OGL #1 spot for thekingpin deathmatch ladder against Action League Now, on dm2, IndustrialWaste.

Very well played game by both sides, ALN were quite good sports.
Well he doesnt actually specify who won but Im *guessing* congrats are in order for the Street Crazies.

"Poisonville Updates"
  posted September 19 - 11:00PM EDT by LadyPain
Firstly and most importantly we have our Mod Help Wanted up at last, with two mods advertising already. If you wanna job or youre looking for help this is the place for you.

In other news KungFu has done more work on the walkthrough. He's finished Mean Streets so take a look, even if youre finished the part KungFu's guided tour might reveal a few things you didnt spot first time round.

"PKP's DM guide"
  posted September 19 - 11:00PM EDT by KungFu
MrBlonde from PlanetKingpin has got in touch with news of the DM guide he's working on. Here's the shimmy:
Yep Im finally on top of things again and here's the result, the Planet Kingpin Deathmatch Guide. Its gonna be contributed tooby the staff and YOU!

Yep thats right we want to get the community involved in this, if you think you know an area of Deathmatch in which you excel,then send us an article on it!

-Mr. Blonde

You can access the page right here

"Map action: Crushaville North"
  posted September 19 - 11:00PM EDT by KungFu
Just spotted news over on PlanetKingpin of a new map called Crushaville North, by Neo-The Chosen-, which can be grabbed at the newly opened Crushaville site. There's also a bunch of screenshot uploaded there too for your viewing pleasure. The map will be part a Crushaville set, East, West, and South. Its abit confusing but the email sent to PlanetKingpin and the map in the files section says its the North map, but the main news page says its the South map, hopefully Neo can clarifiy which one it is. Actually Crushaville is only 15 minutes drive from Poisonville, i thought i could hear gun fire echoing across the sky, now at least i know what it is :)

UPDATE: Just got an email from Neo. The map posted is apparently is Crushaville South. Here's the dealie:

Just to clear things up. The map released is Crushaville South. North isbeing worked on as are some other sections of the city. Each will be aseperate map. But, they will all hold one theme true.

"Power Puff Girl Skins!"
  posted September 19 - 11:00PM EDT by KungFu
Brian [BC]_Boss Stewart has just let me know he's uploaded some new skins, and they are of the goddamn POWER PUFF GIRLS! We didnt get to see alot of these gals over here on The Cartoon Network in the UK, but what was seen became an instant cult hit! The skins are by [BC]'s own Truzenzuzex, nice work fella!

"KP Rumble @ OGL"
  posted September 18 - 11:00PM EDT by KungFu
Just got an email Lamont|LSC telling me that his gang - Lamont's Street Crazies, have just shot to the top of the pops taking the No.1 spots for both the Bagman and Gangbang ladders over on OGL. Theyre gonna be up against some shit when they defend their position on Mondayagainst ALN for Gangbang, and Thursday against mdk for bagman. Keep us posted guys!

"Capture The Flag news"
  posted September 18 - 11:00PM EDT by LadyPain

LadyTech, the repository for all my mod work, has posted new screenshots of "Cape Capture" the map in progress for the capture the flag mod from Senn. We also got a whole new site design courtesy of Rev. So come check us out, were improving.

"Skinning up help"
  posted September 18 - 11:00PM EDT by KungFu
Just got an email from Cl0n3 regarding alittle project of sorts he's starting up. Here's what he has planned:
Hey my name is Cl0n3 and i gonna be starting a little group called Tha Cl0n3 Click ( Name can be changed ) Its gonna be a sort of likea little community of skinners. We will be aiding mod teams and making our own skin packages. I will be recruiting Texture Artists, HumanSkinners, And Weapon and prop artists. So email me at mailto:woodz@jps.net
Remember way back when i was on PlanetKingpin i was gonna open a Mod Help Wanted page? Well im gonna eventually open it to the public very soon, so if you got a mod and you need some team members to fill some positions get in touch with me right here

"Kingpin IRC channel"
  posted September 18 - 11:00PM EDT by KungFu
Just wanted to give a quick pimp to the kind of official Kingpin IRC channel weve setup. You can access the channel by connecting to irc.gamesnet.net and then just by joining #kingpin. If you new to IRC then you will need an IRC client, mIRC is a popular one to use. Hope to see ya there!

"KP review at VE"
  posted September 17 - 11:00PM EDT by KungFu
The kick ass folk over on VoodooExtreme have posted their review of Kingpin. Here's a lil taster for ya:
Once in a while a demo will be released that is so cool, so different, so unique that you cant wait until the final version of the game. Kingpin: Life of Crime was a game like this for me and I eagerly anticipated the final version. Kingpin had something many games were missing: balls. It had excessive violence, excessive swearing, and excessive gore. The shock that Xatrix is actually making this game got me giddy. Finally, a game with awesome gameplay, awesome graphics, and so controversial that Senator Lieberman will have a coronary just looking at the box. Now Kingpin is out, and I got my grubby little paws on hit. However, after the initial shock factor of blood and swearing fades, I realized the Kingpin has no real substance behind it. In layman's terms, it sucks more than Sweet Dick's hoochie on a Saturday night.
Lets just the say rest of the review isnt on the positive side of things (hiss hiss), it was given an overall score 69%. But hey, we still dig it!

"Another New Hosted Site"
  posted September 17 - 11:00PM EDT by LadyPain
Update (and some controversy) - Mr Blonde has asked me to say that KP Rally never actually opened on planetkingpin so it cant really be considered to have moved. But in the same minute he also informed me of a post he had made in our forums accusing us of stealing his sites. This strikes me as odd, how can we steal a site that isnt his site (by his own definition no less!). Oh well.

Well, I just got the tip off from our man behind the wheel of KP Rally that his site is ready to roll. (Ok the puns are coming thick and fast, please forgive me). Well he's cruised on over (I gotta stop these puns) from his old home planetkingpin, are we spotting a pattern? And is now good to go here at KingpinForever.com. Check him out here

"I Think We Fixed It"
  posted September 17 - 11:00PM EDT by LadyPain
Well, we had a few problems with certain installs of IE5. Dont ask us what the problem was, we dont exactly know. We only know that we think it's fixed. So if you couldnt get here before, and you can now, welcome! Enjoy the site and sorry for the inconveniance.

"CapNYo Ass update"
  posted September 17 - 11:00PM EDT by KungFu
Just a note from Brian [BC]_Boss Stewart regarding a server bug and some new maps. Here's the dealie:
SERVER BUG ALERT: As of the latest 1.20 it seems that .WAV files associated with custom maps are NOT being sent to players. This has been reported to Ridah and waiting to see what needs to be fixed (client or server) to get these working. OPTIMIZER maps (dmarena3, warzone, 007) are all known maps with sounds, so if you want the FULL effect grab them from a web site and install. If anyone knows how to get .WAV files working in the current 1.20 server configuration gives us a yell at truz@cap-n-yo-ass.com

MAP UPDATE: [BC]'s KP Frenzy (version 2) has been released by Ganthet[BC] this morning. Grab it from the Custom Maps area. Below are his comments:At the insistent nagging of many players I have bumped up the lighting about 15% in the map, and modified a few of the weapon layouts. The flame thrower now makes an appearance. Go ahead "THE JACKAL" roast my ass now...This update also includes a 2 small textures, and a small .WAV file alerting players to someone picking up the HMG.There is also an intermission screen now, something I added that I learned from Optimizer.

"New Mods Announced"
  posted September 17 - 11:00PM EDT by LadyPain
First off, a press release I recieved from Team Havoc (who you may knows as the guys behind Terror Quake 2)
SRT-Alpha Mod for Kingpin by TEAM HAVOC, creators of Terror Quake2.

SRT (Special Response Team) - Alpha, is an international anti-terroristteam that has juristiction to fight terrorism and organized crime in allmember countries. The team was sanctioned by member countries wary of a sharp increase in organized crime and terrorist activity. These member nations decided that one small group - licensed to kill - would be an effective weapon against the rising tide of international crime. The team is composed of the best soldiers and police officers from many countries,including: Germany, United States, Australia, Norway, Holland, Sweden, and Denmark. The team (designated as Alpha) is the first ever to be employed against international criminal organizations, so the success of the entire program rests on a few dedicated individuals -

You can be one of the few!

For more information on how to join in with the SRT - Alpha team, go here:http://srtalpha.teamhavoc.net
Sounds very good, we have a forum set up on the poisonville forums for SRT Alpha already, here

And in other news AllaXul has announced KP Rally, inspired by Quake Rally. You can find more info at his homepage or in our forums

"Westsideee is back on the scene!"
  posted September 16 - 11:00PM EDT by KungFu
Yup just like the header says Westside is back in action and is better than ever, sporting a brand spanking new data base system thingummy. Not only that LadyPain (aka wstrngrrl) has updated with 21 new skins! With more to come! Go check em out!

"Officially open!"
  posted September 16 - 11:00PM EDT by KungFu
Thats right folks! Poisonville is now open for business! Theres a few things let to do but you probably wont even see em. And to start as we mean to go on I have posted an interview with Ryan Ridah Feltrin, code monkey on Kingpin and all round swell guy :) You can read the interview right here. We also have a few more interviews in the pipeline too, keep your peepers peeled baby!

Not only that, i received a nice big box (5foot x 4foot!) from Interplay last week fulla Kingpin goodies, and we will be giving these away in a competition. Details of that to come soon!

Ok with that outta the way why not stop by our forum and let us know what you think about the site and let us know if you have any suggestions.

"CapNYo Ass update"
  posted September 16 - 11:00PM EDT by KungFu
Ok time for a CapNYo Ass update, coming atcha! Here's what Brian [BC]_Boss Stewart has got on the plate:
We loaded EIGHT more maps... some older TEAM maps for added variety, and naturallysome new DM maps also:

Team Castles (not bad in DM mode, very enjoyable)
Green Hornet's HQ (very colorful, nice trip switches, some egyptian looking areas also, very moody)
Team Housing (oldie but new for our server)
Pillbox Massacre (v3, we havent played it since beta days)
The Fortress (Intruder's, missed this one since we thought it was the same as the OTHER fortress, nice details,pretty fun, sorry bout not loading it Intruder!)
Team Urban Wars (nagged, so we loaded it)
Facility (another N64 conversion, pretty fun shit -- we really enjoyed this map)
Taking Turf Beta (a Bagman-Team map, has potential. K. just needs to close in the wide gaps so you can seefrom tower to tower, some more lights, and the usual touch-ups, nice start)

Good to see the maps still rolling in. If you fancy taking a peek at these maps then jump onto the server and give em a test run!

"'Things are in the swing!"
  posted September 16 - 11:00PM EDT by KungFu
Seen as how a few people are already making their way here i thought id make a quick post detailing whats gonna be happening round this shithole we call poisonville. First up we officially open later today (night time GMT to be precise) where we will have a few cools things to show, but there is still a couple of loose ends to tie up but as you can see its looking good. Id like to give a quick thanks to all the people that helped out, qg for the design, Hexagon, Lithium, the guys at Telefragged, and not forgetting (here comes the cheese!) you guys. I hope you dig the site, and if you have any suggestions mail either me or LadyPain

"New Hosted Site"
  posted September 16 - 11:00PM EDT by LadyPain
Well, more like an old hosted site in a new place, The Box, run by BloodKnight is now good to go on KingpinForever.com. Check it out, though it's pretty familiar to you already I hope.

"Wastelands update"
  posted September 16 - 11:00PM EDT by LadyPain
Wastelands, the map editing site affiliated to us here at poisonville, has a tutorial up for setting up WorldCraft to edit Kingpin. Very good for us old-school WorldCraft users. And the tutorial is by our very own KungFu. Go check it out.

"Forums are now ready"
  posted September 16 - 11:00PM EDT by LadyPain
Hey guys, after a long tinker the forums are now ready and waiting for your views, get yerself registered and start posting.

"My Two Cents"
  posted September 16 - 11:00PM EDT by LadyPain
Well I thought Id add my two cents as well, seeing as were getting ourselves together. As you can see poisonville is the new home of my very own Westside. The "behind the scenes" work I mentioned on planetkingpin was partly a conversion to a database system (which is now complete) and also the move to poisonville (which is also complete). Now these two matters are out of the way were hoping that westside can open and start updating along with poisonville. Also, my mod Capture the Flag will hopefully be out very shortly after the SDK so lets keep that going shall we?

Good to see you on board, drop me a line here

"Goldeneye map from FreeBSP"
  posted September 15 - 11:00PM EDT by LadyPain
Ever play Goldeneye on the N64? Like the map "Facility"? Want to play it in Kingpin? Then why haven't you clicked here and downloaded it already?

"Things are in the swing!"
  posted September 14 - 11:00PM EDT by KungFu
Seen as how a few people are already making their way here i thought id make a quick post detailing whats gonna be happening round this shithole we call poisonville. First up we officially open later today (night time GMT to be precise) where we will have a few cools things to show, but there is still a couple of loose ends to tie up but as you can see its looking good. Id like to give a quick thanks to all the people that helped out, qg for the design, Hexagon, Lithium, the guys at Telefragged, and not forgetting (here comes the cheese!) you guys. I hope you dig the site, and if you have any suggestions mail either me or LadyPain.

"The Crypt - New Mapping Action"
  posted September 14 - 11:00PM EDT by LadyPain
Catbones has fired off an email to us to let us know he's just uploaded his latest map - The Crypt. Here's what he had to said:
As with my other 2 maps, this one contains it's own texture set, to give it a good underground/catacombs/crypt look.. skulls and gargoyles, coffins and pitfalls, this map is as much a man vs. environment as it is man vs. manBecause my maps contain new/original texture sets, theyre a little heavier to download than straight compressed BSP's. They must be unzipped to /kingpin/main/ so that the appropriate subdirs are created (/textures/newstuff/ for example).

For some screen caps, Check out the crypt-*.jpg's in: http://www.catbones.com/kp_hold/.

and download the crypt.zip archive from: http://www.catbones.com/kp_hold/crypt.zip (1.8 mb) .
Judging by the screenshots it looks very creepy, kinda like Blood2. Hey! I liked blood2 ok!?

"Part 5 of the Kingpin Mapping guide"
  posted September 14 - 11:00PM EDT by LadyPain
Geez those boys over on IPlayGames are on a roll! They have just posted part 5 of their KP mapping guide, this one details the use of clipping to create complex shapes, oh and theres also a little mention of how to use the junior entity. Go check it!

"007 Maps"
  posted September 14 - 11:00PM EDT by LadyPain
'Mike 'Optimzer' Hamlett is at it again, this time he's got a 007 flavoured map on the stove. Here's da shit:
Not sure if you have ever played Goldneneye 007 on the N64 but the game rocks! Anyhow I have played two levels (Facility and Bunker) the most in multiplayer and there awesome. I am doing both of these maps for Kingpin and they should be ready this week. Head over to the site and check them out http://optimizer.levelartists.net.
He now also has a couple of screens posted. Hmmm are those Half-Life textures i see? Sneaky :)UPDATE: Optimizer has just sent me an email telling me he has released the first beta of his 007 maps. Here's the reason:
As many of you guys know I have been working on my 007 maps for kingpin. These maps are from the N64 game Goldeneye and I am totally redoing two awesome levels from the game. Due to hurricane Floyd tracking it's way directly to me I have decided to release an early beta of one of the maps. See you in a few days!Grab the map and view a few pics at my site http://optimizer.levelartists.net

"SDK News"
  posted September 14 - 11:00PM EDT by LadyPain
Ok eager SDK hunters, the latest dirt from Ryan "Ridah" Feltrin is as follows :

The Kingpin SDK is on it's way.

There are several processes that need to be undertaken before it can be released,most of which are out of my direct control.

Please be patient.
Ok, you heard the man. Check out his .plan for more info.
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Specific Files:
Kingpin Demo
v1.21 Patch
Monkey Mod 1.60 Server Files
*new* NoCD Patch
*new* Multi Patcher Utility

Video Card Problems:

Active KP Game Servers
Buy Kingpin!
Beginner's Guide 101
Walk Throughs

More Features:
Active KP Gangs List
Kingpin 2 Petition
Live Frag Stats
News Archive
PotD Archive
Skin Check System
WinXP Mapping Guide

Hosted Sites:
Cujo's Design
Dread Maps
KingPin Life MODs
Mr Damage Maps
Monkey MOD
Truz's Maps

Kingpin Social Network:
Facebook Kingpin Group
Steam Kingpin Community Group
Steam Poisonville Community Group
Steam Kingpin Forum
Wireplay Kingpin Forum
GoG Kingpin Forum
VK Kingpin Group

Extending the Game:
Colors CTF Mod
Cookie's Skin Bank
Crash Squad Mod
DooDaa's Maps
Felikkz7 Workshop
Gangster's Paradise
JWS Kingpin Maps
Kingpin:Final Crime
KingpinQ3 Project
Mantis' Maps
Monkey MOD
Power2 Mod
Skill MOD

More Resources:
[BC]'s KP News
French SP Walkthru
GameBanana Kingpin Files
GameFront Kingpin Files
Inferno Mod
Kingpin Entity Guide
Kingpin Mapping Tutorials
MrDamage Mappacks
Multiplay Server Hosting
Tweaking KP
Wikipedia Kingpin
Xatrix Texture Pack
Xatrix Texture Pack2

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