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News Archive for September 2002

"KP Around the World Part 2!!"
  posted September 30 - 5:56PM EDT by NeWFnlou
I got the following email from Michal Princ of the Czech Republic:
"Hi ...
I read about us : "Kingpin Around the World!" in The News... one thing : the page is now in the English language : HERE - but is being reconstructed :)"
I suspect DatDirtyDawg contacted him LOL! BTW - I still wanna party in that joint :) MAN that would rock!!! :)

Thanks for the update Michal and long live Kingpin!!!

"Asking for help is No Problem!"
  posted September 30 - 5:29PM EDT by NeWFnlou
Everybody needs a little help every once in a while, and we here at Kingpinforever are happy to oblige
whenever possible :) A player named NEO just sent me an email in which
he says "One of the most annoying and frustrating things to a new comer like me is the total lack of a decent tutorial on how to apply these mods, skins and other files. When I search for info I normally end up at a page-long list of files for download and I have no idea what they are or what they do. Also, when you have asked for help a thousand times and been called everything from "Lamer" to "asshole" it kind of puts you off. On your site you have an excellent walk through for kinpin. In plain english and great detail, everything is explained. May I suggest that you do a similar plain english walk through concerning how to configure kingpin for use on the net, how to add a mod and skins etc? For those like me who have no idea how to do this stuff it is immensly frustrationg seeing page after page of exciting looking add-ons I cannot access because I have no idea how. I read of consoles and flags and have no clue what is being talked about. Sure I could go buy a book or risk insult seeking help from those who do know what this stuff means, but it would be great to find a site that explained it all for me"

Well NEO, let's see what we can do here :) If you have the retail version of Kingpin installed, then you should be able to use the "GameSpy Lite for Kingpin" option that comes with the game to find servers. The first time you go to use it, it will ask you a series of questions about your connection type etc....Answer them all and see if you can't get that working. Email me with specific questions if you get lost. Now, MOST mods, skins, maps, and/or other files are "zipped" with a program called "winzip". If you don't already have that program, go to www.winzip.com and download the trial version and install it. Ok, so when someone says you need to "download files" to play a MOD or see a skin, then simply go to the URL they provided and double click on the filename. When it asks for the location you wish to download to, choose "desktop". Now, once the file is on your desktop, double click it to "unzip it". When winzip asks you for the location you wish to unzip your downloaded file to, type in - "C:\Program Files\Kingpin" (without the quotes of course). For MOST KP files/add-ons etc.....this will get you hooked up. If not, then simply ask in OUR FORUMS as we DO NOT call people names for asking legitimate questions ok?
I hope this helps you and ANYONE who wishes to play this awesome game :)

"Monkey Mod 1.51"
  posted September 30 - 4:44PM EDT by Mr.Damage
TiCaL has released an update for the Monkey Mod Server files:-

Changes from monkey cds 1.50c to monkey cds 1.51

* clan tag detection by Snap
- added code that will detect your clans tag and change the team
name on the scoreboard to that clan tag. The clan tags will also
be displayed in GameSpy cvars as "team names".
For this feature to work the server needs to be in MatchMode and
there needs to be at least 2 players on each team that have at
least 75% of matched tags.

You can get the server files for both Windows and Linux as well as the 1.51 source code from here.

"Screenshots of Cat's upcoming DM map"
  posted September 30 - 3:49PM EDT by DirtyDog
Cat has submitted some screenshots of an upcoming DM he is working on. It's an urban style map entitled Neglected Province

QUOTE: Hi all,
I've been away form the KP scene for a while now, but now I'm back and I've also got this new map with me that should be finish by tomorrow. Its called Neglected Province and its based in a set of warehouses and has also got some outside areas. Its a large map that has 28 spawn points, lots of weapons have many areas to frag in.

Glad to see you back bud ;)

Neglected Province

"New Textures"
  posted September 30 - 10:26AM EDT by DirtyDog
Hogie has submitted a texture pack called Mafia.

QUOTE: I finally finished converting and originizing all those mafia textures. These babies are perfect for kingpin maps : )

These are really sharp textures that are very much in line with Kingpin's urban grimy style and there are HEAPS of them. They range from bricks; walls; windows; terrain; sprites; wood and more. I've broken them up into three 12+ mb zip packs you can download from here: Mafia 1, Mafia 2, & Mafia 3, Let's see some Mafia themed maps ;)

"Insanity Mod"
  posted September 30 - 7:30AM EDT by Mr.Damage
This is not a new mod but one we have never posted about before.

{GT}Insanity created a mod for Kingpin called Insanity.

Some of the features are:-

New weapon - sniper rifle
A one shot kill weapon with a new feature, the auto zoom scope. When holding the scope on a player it will automatically zoom in on them. This weapon fires a 50 cal round so it is pretty lethal. Also this rifle is an item you have to look for (you can find it in hidden spots).

Weapon modified - Grenade Launcher
The GL has been modified so now you can detonate the grenades manually. The grenades now have a 60 second delay and are more like proximity mines.

Weapon modified - Rocket Launcher
The RL now comes with homing missiles. Be careful as the homing missiles will turn corners!

Weapon modified - Shotgun
No details you will have to see for yourself :)

New Item - Jet Pack

The mod uses the Hitmen grappling Hook

The mod also gives server admins the ability to place items in the maps on the fly. More information is in the Insanity Tutorial that is included in the client & server files.

You can grab the full install (server & client files) and bug fix or just the client files and bug fix from his website here
I have zipped the all the files into two zips (full install & client files) which you can grab here:-

client files
full install

I included an autoexec.cfg file in the client files with several key binds already set so you can use the jetpack, select the sniper rifle, turn homing missiles on and off, and use the hook.

There is currently a server running this mod:-


This server is rotating six maps which you can grab from here:-

Bloody Tomb 4
The Cell v24

"Potted Plant Prefab Fixed"
  posted September 30 - 6:27AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Whoop Ass has updated/fixed Cujo's potted plant prefab.

I downloaded the plant prefabs and yes there were one or two problems with them. Sooo here's a remake of them:

Plant Prefab

Ive moved all the textures to one directory and cleaned the plants up a whole lot round the edges.

Install like any other map and everythin should be in the right place.


This is three nice looking pot plants for use by mappers in their maps.

"KP2 MOD Moves In!!"
  posted September 29 - 6:52PM EDT by NeWFnlou
It's official y'all, the KP2 MOD has finally found a place to call "home" LOL! Yup, thanks to our KP4EVER Web Master Truzenzuzex[BC] the KP2 MOD is now hosted in style :) Check out the site to learn about all the upcoming changes INCLUDING the addition of another member to the KP2 "Code Team"! You can reach the site via the menu on the right hand side of this page or you can be lazy and just click right HERE

Stay tuned folks :)

"New Map By Whoop Ass"
  posted September 28 - 11:14PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Whoop Ass has released a new map for DM play. Its an arena style map which uses all Kingpin textures, has 20 spawn points and is called MJ Arena. You can add this one to your collection by grabbing it from here.

Whoop has also sent his kingpin.def file along for mappers to use:-

This is a heavily updated kingpin.def file used for kprad. It has undergone several major changes and contains all the missing entities + the entities required to map for the Power mod and the Color's mod.

If any changes are required then let me know and i'll rehash a new one :)


You can grab it from our utilites/mapping tools download area here

"Team Hitmen League Update"
  posted September 28 - 10:45PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Looks like there will be a very nice prize for the winners of the Team Hitmen League that Idiot is organsing:-

Styles of TopDawg web/games hosting has made an offer of a Trophy plus the use of a server for a full year for the winning team. This is a very Generous offer and i'm sure is very much apreciated by all involved in league.

This is yet another reason to get your clan signed up :)
There will be a League website shortly but meanwhile keep up to date with all the league news by visiting the Atrophy Team Hitmen forum here.

"International Kingpin Day a Success!!!"
  posted September 28 - 7:48AM EDT by NeWFnlou
So far so good folks! Of course, it's Saturday, September 28th here in the U.S.A., so the "official day" doesn't come to a close until 7pm tonight. I spent most of Friday evening on {NeW}EAST! the KP2 MOD SERVER and I would like to thank the following players who also played the game there last night------>

Fri Sep 27 Connection - GoldFi$h, {NeW}MoToR, {GT}Vitachick, KevinTheRed, hudini9, AB|Whoop_ass, thug, great, FREDZ|AB, NickTheWeasel, KevinTheRed, {GT}BIGBIRD,TWISTED, {SSF}B!GB@ll$, DISCO_STU, TheBigDeal, :XS[downside], KING OF SLEAZE, LT4rmula, Algoparjeunie, :XS[Pandora], Mads, HUDINI,ANAL DEFECT, (HR()NI,Noobie, [BEER]*ICEM@N, skidmark, yoshinori, FudTheMan[fMb], {NeW}Freeze, Busta, [VG]MT Headed, DOBERMANN, PacMAN, Totalimmortal, moggd, Joplin[FnR], Da, HUDINI, Leviticus, viper8675309, rob, {NeW}seal, polkcountyJr, WOW!, [FNC]Thunder, XCELERH8|C0H|, fatbastard, Big, Idiot, mello, Quantus, Snake, CHOPPER, Billy, Anon8806, MrDamage, Camper, RocKeT, DEADBEAT, @ Raven.

It was a good time folks! Thanks to EVERYONE ELSE who joined the KP servers around the globe for making Fri Sep 27th a night we will ALWAYS remember as International Come Back To KP Day!

Keep on Fraggin!!!

"Help Get A Kingpin TDM Ladder At ClanBase"
  posted September 28 - 3:43AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Bruiser has started a forum post over at ClanBase asking them to setup and run a Team Deathmatch ladder for Kingpin. He is asking for any Kingpinners with an account at Clan Base support the idea and add to his initial post:-

If you have an account on clanbase.com please come here
and support my idea for a kingpin tdm ladder!

Sounds good to me so if you can go and add your support :)

"New Map By SSF Million"
  posted September 28 - 12:10AM EDT by Mr.Damage
SSF Million, who used to be SSF Heineken, has released a new DM map called MillionPool. This is a small to medium sized map with three rooms with differing numbers of pools in them. Its well set out, has ample weapons and stuff, and should lead to some fast paced games :)
You can pick this one up here.

"Mafia File extractor"
  posted September 28 - 12:00AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Many of you have probably seen or at least heard about a new Kingpin style game called Mafia. Well Hogie sent word about a utility that allows you to extract all the files from the Mafia .dta files. This includes the music (In .ogg format), the sounds, the textures, the models.etc. The program is called MafiaDataXTractor v1.0 and is made by MassaSnygga. You can grab this utility from here.

"WhoOp_AsS WeekEnd"
  posted September 27 - 8:55AM EDT by DirtyDog
Just a reminder for International Kingpin Day we would also like to tribute our long LONG time mapper, WhoOP_AsS for all his contributions by running his maps this weekend. Servers that are running a WhoOP_AsS weekend server thus far:

Open Up A Nice Can-0-WhoOp_AsS by jumping into one of these servers...

Detropolis DM~main
[BC]'s Cap-N-Yo-AsS DM~WolffloW
[BC]'s Da PlayGroundZ DM~Hitmen
[FnR]'s Excessive Rockin Hitmen DM~Hitmen
{NEW}EAST2! DM~main

If you are running a DM Server and are interested in participating please download WhoOp_AsS DM Mappack that includes a map.lst and add "Whoop Ass Weekend" to your server name. For Baggy servers, download and install WhoOp_AsS TEAM Mappack(maplist included)

"Two New Kingpin Servers"
  posted September 27 - 4:43AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Two new servers courtesy of TopDawg Web & Game Hosting.

Cypher sent word about a new Hitmen server:-

New Server online : [A.D.] Battlegrounds #1 Hitmen Server IP#

24/7 online...newest maps.....

And I have also taken up TopDawg's offer of running a KP server for $20 CAD per month (just for 1 month though).
Over the four weeks I will be running several mods that are not available anywhere else. I am just awaiting funds transfer then I will start running these mods. However TopDawg have already set the server up and it is currently also running Hitmen mod with a heap of custom maps :)

Please drop by and check it out:-
Mr.Damage ~Hitmen~ Server IP#

"Best FPS Ever Poll"
  posted September 27 - 4:33AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Area sent in a link to the PC Game Review Webpage which is hosting a poll on the best FPS game. Kingpin is one of the games included so of course I voted for that (so far Kingpin has 47% of the vote which is astounding!). So why not head on over and cast your vote too (the poll is on the left hand side of the page below the top10).

"Nokia Kingpin Logo"
  posted September 27 - 3:27AM EDT by Mr.Damage
AB|Mr.KnoxVille has sent in a Kingpin logo for Nokia Mobile phones. So if you have one here are the details:-

upload this Thug logo to your mobile using this program :

things ya need too use logo.

-nokia mobile
-logowizard (a program too upload this logo as in above link)
-data cable

Have fun grtzz AB|Mr.Knoxville

Looks good to me :) Grab the logo from our miscellaneous download section here

"International KP Day"
  posted September 26 - 4:55PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Well it's Friday morning here so only a few more hours til International (come back to) Kingpin Day kicks off :)
The first server (that I know of) to hit 7pm is the Jetstream Team DM server in New Zealand:-

Jetstream Games TDM Kingpin IP#

Then two hours later it will be the Aussie Keypoint servers where I will be playing.

When it reaches 7pm in New Zealand why not jump in for a quick frag on the Jetstream server. Here are the times around the world when it is 7pm in Wellington NZ:-
Sydney 5pm
Perth 3pm
Amsterdam 9am
London 8am
Czech Republic 9am
New York 3am (lol)
Los Angeles midnight

Also, why not try a different server or different mod that you usually play tonight. KP4Ever have been pushing this day so why not try one of our mods :)

KP2 Mod - get the client files from here and the small update from here.

KP2 Mod server details:-
{NeW}EAST!http://newcrew.2ya.com Fnlou's KP2 MOD Server IP[#

COLORS CTF Mod - get the client files from here.

COLORS CTF Mod servers:-

Australia - Keypoint & Kingpin Forever - CTF v1.0a IP#
UK - Captain Deaths CTF V1.0a Server IP#
USA - TeaMXtReMe* Colors-CTF V1.0a Server IP#

Anyway just grab some friends and jump into a KP server and have some fun. See you there!

"Mappers Who Use WINXP"
  posted September 26 - 5:40AM EDT by Mr.Damage
There is a Kingpin Radiant.exe file specifically for use with WinXP. You can download it from our utilities/mapping_tools download section here.

Btw, if you are having probs mapping with WinXP why not post in our forums here as I am sure someone will be able to help you :)

"Team KPCastle Map Released"
  posted September 25 - 5:26AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Hogie has now released his new Bagman map called Team KPCastle. As the name suggests it is set in two medieval castles. Its a small/medium sized map that looks very nice. As stated in the earleir post Hypov8 helped out with keeping the r_speeds under control. You can download this new map from here. When extracting the files, if asked, please overwrite any textures you already have as some how you may have bad textures in your assault textures folder that are used in this map and it wil give you an error. If you overwrite them with the ones in this zip it will fix the problem :)

"WhoOp_AsS WeekEnd"
  posted September 25 - 12:32AM EDT by DirtyDog
With all the excitement about International Kingpin Day this Friday, Sept. 27th, I thought it to be a perfect time to announce that our long time mapper, WhoOP_AsS has reached his 50th map! I'm sure you all know this familiar mapper for his many contributions to Kingpin and thought this would be an excellent opportunity for all servers to run his maps this weekend. I've comprised a maplist of my favorite WhoOP_AsS DM maps that you can get here: WhoOp_AsS Maplist or to view a complete listing of all his work, click here: WhoOp_AsS Maps Complete
I've also created a 17mb zip file containing the maps listed in the map.lst for a one shot download to get your servers going and for avoiding in-game downloading of maps. Grab it from here: WhoOp_AsS Mappack This pack includes an updated version of Whoop's recently released desolation_beta titled desolation_beta1 as well as an updated version of bloodbath that wasn't in our archives called bloodbath_X Download the pack and open up a nice can-o-WhoOP_AsS this weekend ;)

"Screenshots Of New Map By Hogie"
  posted September 24 - 5:10PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Hogie is about to release a new Bagman map called Team KPCastle. Hypov8 also helped him with lowering the r_speeds. It should be released very soon but meanwhile here are some screenshots:-

"Friday is Kingpin Day "
  posted September 24 - 5:02PM EDT by Mr.Damage
You probably already know that we have deemed Friday 27th September 'International Come back to KP Day'

Basically what it means is that one friday night starting from around 7pm we want you all to jump in one of your local servers and start playing KP :)

So, Friday September 27th will mark the beginning of International Come Back to KP Day! It will start Friday night keep going thru Saturday and Saturday night. This will allow KP fans from around the globe to participate regardless of their timezone. Start spreading the news folks! If you have a server, PLEASE cooperate and add a line to your MOTD on the 27th that says something to the effect of - "Proud Sponsor of International Kingpin Day" .

REMEMBER, if this is going to work people, you will need to spread the word on your ICQ/Email lists. Contact old teammates, friends, relatives, neighbors, ANYONE who has a copy of KP laying around Point them to THIS WEBSITE to get hooked up with the latest MM Client, MOD Files, Maps, etc.....

If you have a MESSAGE BOARD, please post a notice to your visitors/members about September 27th. You should begin doing this NOW to give folks time to plan and make arrangements. Remember that this is not SERVER specific or MOD specific or MAP specific. Just jump online and play some KP. The goal is to fill ALL the servers with FRAGGERS.

If you are keen and will be there or want to help in any way plz post in this forum post here - here
or simply send an email to here that simple says count me in :)

We hope you will all join in and we get a heap of ppl playing :)

"New Mapper/New Maps"
  posted September 24 - 4:43PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Willdeharp The Ender has created some fun new DM maps (with a little help from me). He has three new maps all with a similar theme called Checkmate, Checkmatev2 and Space Checkmate. They are simple maps but should all be fun.
Checkmate is a small fragfest map set on a giant chess board. It has 16 spawns and ample weapons and other items. You can grab it from here or here.

Checkmatev2 is basically the same map with a different sky, a wall enclosing the chess board and slightly different weapon and item placement. You can get this one from here or here.

Space Checkmate is a three level low gravity space map with three levels, each level smaller than the one below it. Jump to the top level to get to the HMG and mod :)
You can download this map from here or here.

Checkmate & Checkmatev2

Space Checkmate

"New Skin For The Thug Model"
  posted September 24 - 8:51AM EDT by Mr.Damage
AB|Mr.KnoxVille has created a new skin for the Thug model. This skin is the body only and is a skin dedicated to the Monkey Mod. Monkey Mod is written on the back and a message for cheaters is written on the front or chest area. You can grab this skin from here.

"New Knife Model"
  posted September 23 - 6:02AM EDT by Mr.Damage
AB|Mr.KnoxVille has created a new knife model for Kingpin that replaces the good old pipe. There are three versions - thug knife, bloody knife and chrome knife. There is also one new sound included which is the sound made when you thrust with the knife.
You can grab the new knife model from here:-

"New KP Players Pictures Site"
  posted September 21 - 8:03PM EDT by Mr.Damage
(Inc)PHOENIX has a new site dedicated to pictures of current and ex-Kingpin players:-

I am working on a site dedicated to Kingpin, and I will place real pictures of kp (or ex-kp) players on it. I already have loads of pictures of Kingpin players. If you have a picture of yourself, or other Kingpin players, plz send them to me here.

Also say the right nick + tag of the clan you are in with the right chars/symbols. If you don't play kp anymore name the latest clan where you were in. If you've never been in a clan, just write down your nick.
I hope to get much feedback.

You can also contact him via ICQ - 140733074.
He already has seven pages of player's pictures so go take a look. You can visit his site which is called Gangster's Paradise by clicking here.

"Aussie Kingpin Servers Back Up"
  posted September 21 - 4:56AM EDT by Mr.Damage
The four Labrinth & Mr Damage Aussie servers have been offline for a few weeks being upgraded. They are now back up and running :)
They are now called Keypoint & Kingpin Forever servers and their details are:-

Keypoint & Kingpin Forever - Custom Gangbang
Keypoint & Kingpin Forever - Extreme
Keypoint & Kingpin Forever - CTF v1.0a
Keypoint & Kingpin Forever - Hitmen

Ok off for a game of Hitmen :)

"KP2 MOD Update!"
  posted September 20 - 9:34AM EDT by NeWFnlou
The KP2 MOD Homepage has a new address. Please add the following URL to your bookmarks-----> http://kp2mod.2ya.com

Upon visiting the site, you will note that Whoop_Ass and AB|Fredz have taken over the project and are working hard to bring this MOD to final release. For all of the details and a list of the upcoming changes, pay a visit to the site and check out the Latest News.

Meanwhile, the MOD (in it's current form) is still running on my server {NeW}EAST! (IP# and it is sporting a new little fragfest map made by Whoop_Ass called kp2_snowball which can be downloaded right HERE.

Hope to see you in the servers and stay tuned for more info regarding this project!

"Kingpin Around the World!"
  posted September 19 - 6:41PM EDT by NeWFnlou
Folks, I was refreshing/updating my Gamespy Kingpin Server List when I noticed a couple of brand new active servers running the game from the Czech Republic. Out of curiousity, I checked the web address listed as the HOST and decided to pay them a visit. What I stumbled upon is a website for an Internet Cafe in the Czech Republic that looks like a cut-scene straight out of Kingpin LOL! Click on this link HERE to see what I mean! If anyone reading this speaks the language, drop them a line and tell them we wanna party! :)

"Team Hitmen League Update"
  posted September 19 - 5:55AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Got an email from Idiot about the new Team Hitmen League:-

Hi, I])][]T here, just to let people know that the start of Team Hitmen League will not be until October 22nd as Pigwhistler is going on holiday and there will not be anyone to restart Atrophy server if it crashes while he is away. So I will now close sign-ups around the 20th October.
So far we have 2 teams from fear and gab, 1 team from loc, ssf, thief, coh, and posibly 2 teams from ak.

So far it looks like Idiot has done a good job organising this league with the help of the Atrophy boys and TopDawg Web & Game hosting.

To keep up to date with news of the League check out the forum here. Amongst other things there is some lively debate about the use of custom maps.

"Hitmen2 Mod Updated"
  posted September 18 - 7:00AM EDT by Mr.Damage
HEXED[A.D.] has updated the Hitmen2 mod and released Hitmen2 v3.0 Client Files. The changes are:-

New Chromed Super Crowbar
New M4a1 Minigun
Nightvision for those dark places in maps
Players now carry a Flashlight

You can get the new client files from here.

Details of the Hitmen2 server:-
A.D.''s Hitmen2 v3.0

"Detropolis Server Updated"
  posted September 18 - 6:23AM EDT by Mr.Damage
I have changed the map rotation on the Detropolis Custom Maps DM Server again. I have now set it to run 20 of the maps that have recently been posted about at KP4Ever. The 20 maps are:-

1. Kingpin City
2. -=WreCKerZ In Da HouSe=-
3. BodyCount Arena
4. Hmg Lite
5. Corrosion
6. Legoland KP2 Beta
7. SSF Arena
8. SSF Heineken
9. Das Boot
10. Desolation Beta
11. New Poisonville Arena
12. Cut'N'Paste
13. Reboot
14. -=WreCKerZ Arena=-
15. DMArea51
16. Hothead Beta
17. Gangbang in Monkville
18. UKA HQ
19. Bosnia
20. Disabled Factory

I have also put all the maps into one map pack and uploaded it for you. You can grab it from here.

Now go and jump in the server :)
Detropolis Gangbang Custom Maps

"WolffloW is HeRe..."
  posted September 18 - 1:10AM EDT by DirtyDog
TnT TraSh has released a heavily UPDATED version of his hit mod WolffloW. I am very biased toward this mod as it is one of my absolute favorite custom mods not to mention one of the few that is primarily designed for DM. This build contains heaps of enhancements and improvements:

Features include:
Advanced Anti-cheat detection
Full server Configuration
Multi-mode Weapons
Model Banning
Tournament Play

This is a 13mb download that contains everything from all three necessary client side pak files, to server side files for running dedicated, listen and single player servers as well as batch files to launch them all. Also included are detailed instructions and walk throughs in HTML webpage format, demos and more. This is without question a COMPLETE package for anyone to start fragging this kickass mod right away. The mod rocks folks, give it shot by downloading from here: WolffloW

"GOOD news...."
  posted September 17 - 10:50AM EDT by DirtyDog
[YfS]MayHem has informed us that his fiance just gave birth:

QUOTE: Hi all.,.. just a note to inform you all that last night, 16/09/02, my fiiance, Natalie gave birth to our first child...Jayden Mitchell Pieters...born at 8:30 pm weighing 7lb, 3oz (3.25kgs)
and 19.5 inches long....

Congratulations bud, let us know when you will be giving Jayden the first mapping tutorial ;)

"New Skin For The Thug Model"
  posted September 17 - 5:34AM EDT by Mr.Damage
AB|Mr.KnoxVille has created a new skin for the Thug model. This one is a new version of the Sarge skin from Quake3. You can download it from here.

This is not the first version of the Sarge skin for the Thug model. In early 2001 I collected all the Kingpin skins that had been made of characters from various id software games (such as Sarge and Biker from Quake3, Doom marine from Doom, William J. Blazkowicz from Wolf3D etc) and placed them all into a skin pack that you can download from here.

"Color's Skins for BM"
  posted September 17 - 2:12AM EDT by DirtyDog
Styles requested to use my recently released Color's skins for standard KP teamplay. I've created a pak file that will substitute all regular KP team skins with the Colors skins. Unfortunately you will not be able to see the heads as standard KP team play does not assign head skins. Download from here: Colors Pak File

"International COME BACK TO KP DAY!"
  posted September 16 - 7:18PM EDT by NeWFnlou
It's an idea whoose time has come. We pick a day or date sometime this month to ALL fill the servers with players and frag it up like the "old days". I'm thinking a Saturday or Sunday. If every person reading this news report participated and got ONE FRIEND to join them, we could FILL the servers with MADNESS hehehe :) I have started THIS THREAD in our forums for us to pick a date. Your feedback and participation will be much appreciated.......BY YOU and those who frag ya :)

"Bosnia Map Released"
  posted September 15 - 8:11AM EDT by Mr.Damage
I have finished working on the Bosnia DM map and have now released it. Bosnia is a conversion of a SoF map made by Turbo. Its a small to medium sized map set in a Bosnian village during the recent war there. The village is right in the middle of the warzone as is evident by the bombed out buildings and the sounds of a batlei n the background. I have used a combination of the original SoF textures and Kingpin textures and included the origiinal custom sky and custom sounds. It has 16 spawn points and a good amount of weapons, armour and other items. Because of the custom sounds and SoF textures the zip file is a bit bigger than my usual maps (3.5mg) but I hope you will download it and check it out :)
You can grab the map (bosnia.zip) from here.

Btw, If you havent seen my last map yet, Kingpin City, then you can grab that one from here. This map is a medium to large sized map converted from Action Quake2.

Most of the other maps I have worked on are available in a map pack from here.

"Screenshots Of New Map"
  posted September 15 - 7:06AM EDT by Mr.Damage
I am currently helping Cujo with a map he is converting from counter-strike. The map is called Italian Eve and was originally made by TorQue[MoD]. It is a large map and is very similar in style to cs_italy. I think this is the best job Cujo has done so far of converting a map to Kingpin. Hopefully it will be finished soon :)

"Sanctuary Update"
  posted September 15 - 5:42AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Wheelbarrow has started work on the 2nd last map for his upcoming Sanctuary Single Player Map Pack. As soon as he is finished the pack will be tested and then released :)
He will have some new screenshots up shortly but there are already several pages worth of them which you can view by visiting his website Wheelbarrows' SP Map Page.

If you are looking for any of the SP map packs made for Kingpin we have them all available for download from here.

"Picture of the day upload script"
  posted September 14 - 12:44AM EDT by Truzenzuzex[BC]
I have created a Picture of the Day (POTD) upload script to try and make everyone's life easier when submitting pictures to us. It does almost all the work, you just have to take the screenshot and send it in from the web form.

If you have a picture to submit you will find it on our Navigation Bar directly above the POTD picture, or you can try it right from here.

"TeamHitmen League Rules and Maps"
  posted September 13 - 4:28PM EDT by NeWFnlou
We received word from Sid that the TeamHitmen League Rules and Maps can be viewed at the ATROPHY FORUMS or at the TOPDAWG SITE

There is still about two weeks or so left before "sign up" will be closed and match times posted. The league is mostly European so far, but there is one Canadian clan participating as well. In the meantime, ANY interested clans (hint, hint - USA!!!) should head on over to the above locations and sign their teams up!

"XP users warning..."
  posted September 12 - 7:38PM EDT by Truzenzuzex[BC]
It is not often you will see this from us, but for those of you running any version of Microsoft Windows XP, that has NOT been upgraded to the new Service Pack 1 (sp1) -- please do so.

There is a rather nasty exploit starting to travel via email and web page pop-ups, and will probably see some mass exposure within a week or so.

Without the SP1 upgrade, or some home-grown fixes; files could be deleted from your system at will via web pages. Naturally keeping your Anti-Virus software up-to-date every day is essential also.

Grab the updates, or more info from here:

"Got A Screenie?"
  posted September 12 - 5:16PM EDT by NeWFnlou
....as in a Screen Shot? You DO know how to take in-game screenshots don't ya? Well, humor me and pretend you don't while I address the others k? If you see something fun, gory, stupid, cool, or otherwise INTERESTING while playing KP, you can "capture the moment" so to speak by pressing F11 on your keyboard. Whatever was visible on your screen at that very moment will be saved as a ".tga file" in a folder labled "scrnshot". For most of us, this folder can be found @ "C:\Program Files\Kingpin\main\scrnshot". Each individual pic will be automatically given a name like "kingpin001" or "kingpin002" etc... Now, if you have scanner software or photo viewing software already installed, you should be able to simply double mouse click each one to view them. Otherwise, you can right mouse click, copy, then open up your "paint" program (Start/Programs/Accessories/Paint) and paste it in. Voila! Easy Money! Now that you know HOW to take them and HOW to view them, HERE is how you become "famous" - EMAIL THE GOOD ONES TO US! We will upload them as our Pic Of The Day and give YOU full authorship credit of course! Amaze your relatives and impress your friends hehehe :) We'll be looking for your screenies so get crackin!!

"Skins Release"
  posted September 11 - 8:42PM EDT by DirtyDog
I've uploaded the full line of skins I designed for Kingpin's capture the flag mod: Colors So if you want a change of pace from your usual skins you are welcome to use anyone of these. These are a set of 14 skins and each team has a total of seven: 3 thugs, 2 runts and 2 bitches. All these file numbers have been verified against [BC]'s SkinCheck system and are all original and unused by any skin in their listing. Grab the Colors skin pack from here: KPCTF Skins

"So What's the Deal with LAG???"
  posted September 11 - 6:25PM EDT by NeWFnlou
LAAAAAG!!!! It's probably the MOST frequently "typed-out" word in the servers. Lag is a drag, there's no doubt about it. So what's the deal with "LAG" anyway? If you love playing KP online (and I KNOW you do!), then please make sure YOUR connection is "optimized" for online play. To do this, I suggest you head on over to SPEEDGUIDE and get hooked up with some "tests". Do some reading and research. Make sure that YOUR machine is properly configured for maximum internet connectivity! Secondly, check out this handy KINGPIN TWEAK GUIDE If your machine is less than "top of the line", it just might help! And finally, remember that some factors are ultimately beyond ANYONE'S control - "Map Downloaders", heavy network traffic, your distance to the server, etc....so do your part, find the lowest pinging server, and GET BUSY FRAGGIN! Good Luck!

"More Maps Added To Achive"
  posted September 11 - 6:01AM EDT by Mr.Damage
I have added three more maps to our ever growing archive:-

GBH Arena by MAnTis
Kingpin Airlines by Turbo
Bloody GT Hood by {GT}Bloody

GBH Arena is one of the first maps made by MAnTis. The map consists of a central arena with "bases" each side ,each has camping spots but there is a counter camping spots for all of em, this leads to a well balanced game. You can see for yourself by getting the map from here.

KP Airlines is a map by Turbo. You can read an excellent review of this map here and then download it from here.

Bloody GT Hood by {GT}Bloody. This is a smaller version of the BGT_V5 map and is a warehouse style map, with open areas, along with buildings and hallways. You can grab this one from here.

GBH Arena

Kingpin Airlines

Bloody GT Hood

"Vote For Us"
  posted September 11 - 5:18AM EDT by Mr.Damage
As well as being able to vote for kP4Ever in the Kingpin Top50 Sites, you can now vote for us in the Kingpin Top Sites list over at ModDatabase. If you look down the right hand side of this page you will see both voting buttons.

Currently there are only 4 Kingpin sites listed on the Kingpin Top Sites list at Moddatabase but Kingpin currently sits at number5 in the topsite game listings. So if you vote for KP4Ever or one of the other sites listed - COLORS CTF and Captain Death's Domain maybe Kingpin will go even higher :)
Sylacs has added his Modelling site but he doesn't appear to have a voting button.

If you run a Kingpin webby you should think about signing up your site there as well.

"Team Hitmen League Update"
  posted September 11 - 5:06AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Ron Spindler from Top Dawg Game Hosting has sent word that there are now two servers up and running ready for the start of the Team Hitmen League:-

...still no word on when the league is going to begin ,but there are two servers up to host the league,
Atrophy TeamHitmen league/Idiot IP#
Atrophy TeamHitmen league/TD IP#

so peeps can go there to practise on servers and decide what server they want to use for a home server.

"A Day To Remember"
  posted September 10 - 4:49PM EDT by DirtyDog
The world will never forget the unspeakable tragedy that took place on September 11th, 2001 :( I live about 20 miles from from where it all happened and I can assure you it is fresh in my mind today and probably always will be. Garcia[FnR] took some time to create a webpage & added a poem written by Richy[FnR] dedicated to all who lost their lives a year ago. Please take a moment to visit this site and say a small prayer: [FnR]

"New Map By Mantis"
  posted September 9 - 6:23AM EDT by Mr.Damage
That's right! MAnTis has released a new map:-

lo, here is a map I waz making b4 i stopped mapping. I've finished it and renamed it "newpoisonville arena" as your site inspired me to run kprad once more. You may notice this map looks a fair bit like uka-arena but this is a total remake from scratch. As gbh-arena/uka-arena were my 1st attempts at mapping, newpoisonville arena however waz the last map I made, this map is what gbh arena/uka arena SHOULD have been. Hope u like it,

ps.(all standard kingpin textures only)

So there you go. You can grab the map from his site here or from KP4Ever here.

"Dm map final"
  posted September 8 - 11:54PM EDT by DirtyDog
Ok, this is the THIRD revision to this godforsaken map who's title suits it...the previously released versions: NightMareZ.bsp, NightMareZ_rev.bsp can both be deleted as this is the FINAL revision, good or bad:

*Found yet MORE homs (3 more) bringing the grand total to 9 hom's that were fixed
*In response to some feedback I expanded just about all the doors and corridors
*Hollowed out the upper part of one of the buildings and made it a goodies room
*Made some minor textural and structural revisions.
*Added more clip brushes (to some of the windows and various other areas)
*In the process of all the fixes the highest area of r_speeds went from 500 to 600 but I can live with that ;)

Download from here: NightMareZ_final

"New DM Map by WhoOP_AsS"
  posted September 8 - 8:08PM EDT by DirtyDog
WhoOP_AsS has just released a beta version of a new DM map entitled: Desolation. This is a medium sized, urban style map that certainly gives a feeling of being in an abandoned section of town as the title would suggest. It has a few open areas, lot's of rooms and hallways. The map is without question, classic Kingpin and runs really nice. If you're familiar with WhoOP_AsS's work you can expect the usual: a very smooth layout, sharp lighting and excellent use of textures. He is one of my all time favorite mappers and I very much look forward to seeing his latest maps. Download from here: Desolation

"Another New Map By Oracius"
  posted September 8 - 5:01AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Oracius has converted yet another Kingpin Single Player map to DM. This one is called Das Boot and is a conversion of the SY_2 SP map. It has 20 spawn points and is probably the most 'deathmatchy' of all the SP map conversions he has done so far. See what you think by downloading it from here and visit his site here to investigate his many other Kingpin DM maps.

"Screenshots Of New Map By Me"
  posted September 8 - 2:56AM EDT by Mr.Damage
I have been working on a conversion of a Soldier Of Fortune map for some months. The map is originally by Turbo who used to map for Kingpin and made some great KP maps (such as Brutal, Pincity and Kingpin Airlines etc). The map is called Real Bosnia and is set in a Bosnian town during the recent war there. It is a small/medium sized map with 16 spawns. It is a mixture of the original SoF textures and standard KP ones. This town has obviously suffered during the war with craters, bombed out buildings and barbed wire restricting access.

I hope to be reelasing this map shortly :)

"New Map By Oracius"
  posted September 6 - 11:54PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Oracius has released a new DM map called Pier Pressure. This is another conversion of a Kingpin Single Player map (SY_1.bsp). It's a large map set in a dock area with lots of warehouses which contain a multitude of crates and boxes. There are 20 spawns so no problems for all servers. You can obtain this map from here.

Update 08Sep2002 Apparently some people are getting an error when running this map. I have forwarded the information to Oracius so it maybe a good idea to wait to download it until it is sorted.

"Detropolis Server Updated"
  posted September 6 - 11:51PM EDT by Mr.Damage
I have changed the map rotation on the Detropolis DM Server. It is now rotating all of the maps by Mantis and all but one of the maps by Bits. I have also put the latest two maps by DirtyDog{WC} into rotation and left Kingpin City as the default map ;)

I see a lot of different people playing on this server and there always seem to be players new to Kingpibn playing there as well, which I think is great (hi fishmad).

Details of the server are:-

Detropolis Gangbang Bits & Mantis Maps

"Team Hitmen League 4v4 Update"
  posted September 6 - 7:12PM EDT by NeWFnlou
Atrophy is going to run one Team Hitmen server in the UK ,and Topdawg Web-Game Hosting is going to run a second server on the other side of the planet. :-) This way it makes it more fair to all clans who wish to sign up for this. Each clan will pick a server from the two as their "home server". They will play 2 matches on each server, then the clan with the most frags of the 4 games played will pick the server for the 5th and final match.
Hopefully, this will make the league more competitive as we have a server to suit everyone. Clans wanting to sign up should head on over to Atrophy and join the fun!

Thanks Ron for the update!

"Beta Map release from Cypher"
  posted September 6 - 6:48PM EDT by NeWFnlou
We got word from Cypher that he has released a "beta" version of an upcoming map. Here is the "411" from the artist himself:

Hey Folks...

I created a map for AD, this is the Beta release of the map.
its an PG rated map cause of some pics ;)
Please review it and give me your thought !!

Like i said its NOT finished !!!


The map is called AD_Place_Beta1 So download it and give the man some feedback in the forums k?

"New Extras for Chick and Thug"
  posted September 6 - 10:06AM EDT by DirtyDog
Colby and AB|KnoXviLLe just released some models for the extras on the standard CHICK and THUG model:

QUOTE: created joint,backpack,cap,stetson,fedora for chick
created a new hat for thug
make sure you over write the original extras.txt
or new models will not work

They look very cool and you can download them from here: Model Extras

"SSF Heineken Map Released "
  posted September 6 - 5:06AM EDT by Mr.Damage
SSF Heineken has released his self titled DM map. This is a small DM arenea style map with one large room which is dissected by a large platform and the room is surrounded by an outside area. It has 12 spawn points and plenty of weapons and items. This is only his third map for Kingpin so how about supporting a new mapper and downloading this map, its only 300kb :)
You can download it from here.

"Team Hypo Mill Bagman Map"
  posted September 6 - 4:56AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Tornado alerted me to the fact that the zipfile for the Team Hypo Mill Bagman map by Hypov8 was corrupt. I re-zipped it using the excellent KPCMF program and uploaded the new zipfile. You can download it from here.

"Screenshots Of New Map"
  posted September 5 - 6:26AM EDT by Mr.Damage
SSF Heineken is putting the finishing touches on his latest DM map called SSF Heineken :D

Here is a quick screenshot:-

"TopDawg Back Online"
  posted September 5 - 6:16AM EDT by Mr.Damage
TopDawg Weg & Game Hosting are back up and running after there recent enforced downtime.

This is good news and means the Kingpin servers they host are also back:-

TeaMXtReMe* Colors-CTF V1.0a Server IP#
They have now added the five latest custom CTF maps to this server :)

|COH|-CLaN ~Hitmen~ Server IP#
A very popular Hitmen server, give it a try :)

Fub@r Comp Server - IP#

Team A.D Hitmen2 Server IP#

Silent Soul - Taunt Server IP#

"New Player Model"
  posted September 4 - 6:06PM EDT by DirtyDog
Colby Daniels submitted a model he converted from Q2:

September 4, '02
Model Name : male_chuckie
Installation directory : kingpin/main/players/male_chuckie
Author of this model : Colby Daniels
Email Address : N/A

Model description: Chuckie Finster is the neurotic two-year old carrot top from the Nickelodeon series Rugrats.

Download it from here: Chuckie

"Mantis Maps"
  posted September 4 - 7:20AM EDT by Mr.Damage
I recently emailed MAnTis about all his map links being down at his site. He has now fixed them all so you can grab any of his maps from his webpage MAnTis's Maps. One map that we don't currently have in our archives here at KP4Ever is UKA HQ which is one of his best maps. So make sure you go get that one at least (you will also need to download the textures for uka-hq file as well).

"Hitmen2 Mod Updated"
  posted September 4 - 6:55AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Hexed [A.D.] has updated his new Hitmen2 mod to v2.0.
Amongst other things he has added support for the Thug, Runt & Bitch models with 2 skin sets for each. These are the excellent camouflage skins by Zeus. He is also currently working on getting nightvision goggles to work in the mod :)
You can download the latest client files, which replace earlier versions, from here.
You can check this mod out on A.D.''s Hitmen2 v2.0 Server

"Updated PKP Mod"
  posted September 4 - 12:17AM EDT by DirtyDog
The Weaseal has submitted server side files of his latest mod called PKP. He wrote:

This week's mod is:
Power Pistols
By: Weaseal ( weaseal@planetkingpin.com )

!!!If you have a previous week's PKPmod, delete or rename that
directory BEFORE installing this!

!!!Unzip the file directly to your kingpin folder,
the zip file handles the rest of the placement.

!!!Only Servers download this file!

!!!This mod changes the pistol strength, and adds full armor all over
the body.

Download from here: PKP Mod

"Q3 Style Gibs"
  posted September 3 - 12:35PM EDT by DirtyDog
For some reason the q3 Gibs pak I recently posted does not work properly because the screenshot I took was actually KnoX's gib pack. I'm trying to get someone to fix these at the moment :)

"Screenshots of upcoming CTF map"
  posted September 3 - 2:37AM EDT by DirtyDog
[YFS]MayHeM has submitted a screenshot of his upcoming map for CTF entitled Subway MayHem CTF

"New Q3 Style Gibs"
  posted September 3 - 2:25AM EDT by DirtyDog
Somebody submitted some very cool pak files containing colored armor skins and Q3 Style gibs. The armor is very cool, Red for the heavy and purple for the light. The gibs are hiliarious ranging from arms, legs and lord knows what. Download them from here: Q3 Style Gibs and from here: Red Armor

"Updated KP Plug"
  posted September 3 - 1:28AM EDT by DirtyDog
For those of you who don't know this is a utility that enables you to join servers from webpages as in our server page. Here's a snipet from the readme:

Q3Plug 1.3
Repaired Kingpin side of q3-plugging to support kp on its own rather then piggy back q2
this pluggin is better then Ticals original as it is one install for multi games

Homepage: http://members.liwest.at/mb/q3plug
Author: Markus Baumgartner (markus.baumgartner@liwest.at)

Download it from here: kp_npq3plug

"Dm Map Revised"
  posted September 2 - 11:09PM EDT by DirtyDog
Well after receiving some feedback I made some corrections to my newly released map:

Fixed 3 more HOM's
Added clip brushes to alot of the doors (not all, just the really annoying ones--as for the rest you folks will just have to be more nimble when rounding corners ;)

Download the revised version here: NightMareZ_Rev

"Contacting the Admins of KP4EVER"
  posted September 2 - 5:57PM EDT by NeWFnlou
We, the Admins of KP4EVER, provide this web resource to the community out of our own pockets "AD-FREE" for the love of the game Kingpin and for YOU the fans who make up the community we try to serve. We make ourselves available via email to accept news, to answer questions, and to offer super fast downloads of your latest maps, mods, skinz, and the like. What we DON'T need, however, are emails like the following - "W32/Hybris.gen@MM Virus Found There is no cure available for the virus on the file NHFCFNNH.zl9" PLEASE be careful and keep your systems "clean" so that you don't inadvertantly become a victim of malicious hackers and "accidently" spread the "germs" to us. For totally cool and FREE virus scanning (including Trojans), pay a visit to HOUSECALL and check yourself out. P.S. - They offer free removal too! For an AWESOME software based FIREWALL that is also totally free, head on over to ZONEALARM and get some protection! Make yourself and your community SAFE from hackers OK?

"New DM Map"
  posted September 2 - 3:56PM EDT by DirtyDog
I was rumaging thru my music folder and came across some really old Grateful Dead mp3's and it sounded so good I decided to create a Grateful Dead "flavored map." In truth I should've called this "DeaD WreCKerZ iN dA HouSe," instead I called it NightMareZ: WreCKerZ iN dA HouSe It took me ages to finish and thanks to WhoOP_AsS I was able to release it WITHOUT two very annoying HOM's....thank YOU bud :) Download from here: WreCKerZ iN dA HouSe

"TopDawg Server Hacked"
  posted September 2 - 6:30AM EDT by Mr.Damage
You probably all have read my news post yesterday concerning the TopDawg Web & Game Hosting Company willing to host Kingpin servers at a massive discount. The directors are big Kingpin fans and that's why they made the offer. Unfortunately someone decided they didn't like the fact that this company was willing to help keep Kingpin alive and decided to hack into their system and shut them down. I can't say anything more about that because it is now a legal matter.
The servers will be back up very shortly and, even after hat has happened, they are still offering the same deal. So if you want a Kingpin server for 1 or more months then read my post below which as all the details.

Update 03Sep2002 Here is an official statement by Ron Spindler from TopDawg:-
I would just like to respond to the post you made for us about being hacked, on behalf of the Directors of TopDawg. We don't know why anyone would want to hack into a small buisness such as ours as we are a new company out to serve the game playing community. If the hacker thinks that they are hurting our company by shutting us down then they are mistaken. As we have no stocks, there is nothing to gain from this other than to just upset our paying customers and prevent them from playing on their servers for a few days. My point is, the hacker is only bringing trouble upon theirself, as stated in last post, because it is now a legal matter, and is being dealt with occordingly. Topdawg Web-Hosting strongly apologise for this down time we are experiencing due to this incident, but want to inform people that we plan to be up and running by Tuesday morning Sept 03/2002

"TopDawg Offering Cheap Kingpin Servers"
  posted September 1 - 2:26AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Hexed[A.D.] has let me know that the web hosting company he is part of, TopDawg Web & Game Hosting, has an excellent deal this month for anyone who wants to set up a Kingpin server.

TopDawg will run a 10 man Kingpin server for $20 Canadian per month. The minimum timeframe is only 1 month and they will run any KP mod you want. They are also waving the usual setup cost for the server so the total cost is still only $20 Canadian.
$20 Canadian is approx $10.83 US and 8.28 British Pounds. There is a currency converter at the TopDawg site so you can see how much it would cost you if you live elsewhere.

All there servers run on Dual MP Athlon 1.6 Gb processors, all IBM Hard Drives, 1.5 gig DDRam & RAID and run on a T-1 connection. They have there own backup power supply to keep clients up and running 24 hours, 7 days a week for non stop on-line gaming. Your server will be equipped with BW-Admin Files. This allows you to have total control over your server with your unique: PASSWORD. This will ensure that your server runs the way you want it to. Total access gives you restart, map changes and more.

So how does that sound? $10.82 US per month for a KP server running your favourite mod and favourite maps.

If you are interested you can contact
Hexed[A.D.] via ICQ - 82685820
or Styles on ICQ - 132996114
or via email here.

"FTP Uploads Server"
  posted September 1 - 1:42AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Someone has created two folders in our FPT Uploads folder but not uploaded the files. The two folders are KP_Q3_stylegibs and Red_Armour_Skins. If you were the person who wanted to upload those 2 files then please upload them again or email them to us.

"Even More Maps Added"
  posted September 1 - 12:44AM EDT by Mr.Damage
I have added to more maps to our maps archive. These two maps are Prisonv2 and Kut'N'Paste Final.

Prisonv2 is a large map set in a prison complex which includes an execution chamber. This is ver2 of the map which was made by KC and can be downloaded from here.

Kut,N,Paste is a map made by Mantis. It is a medium/large sized map set in and around a hotel and made up of several parts of other maps such as the double staircase from KPDM5. This is the final version of the map and you can get this one here.



"New Game Server Monitor Program"
  posted September 1 - 12:29AM EDT by Mr.Damage
AB|Fredz has let me know about a new Game Server Monitor Program called aGSM.Net. This program is an alternative to Gamespy, All Seeing Eye etc.

It's a tiny 32bit multithreaded Windows95/98/ME/2000/XP program using WinSock2 (the new network connectivity standard). Our ultimate goal is to give gamers a complete toolbox for all their multiplayer gaming needs - a one small, fast, reliable, and handy freeware tool

You can download this program from the website aGSM.Net.
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