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News Archive for September 2003

"Track Listing Of Cypress Hill MP3s"
  posted September 28 - 4:48AM EDT by Mr.Damage
PeNdEjO! has sent in a track listing of the six Cypress Hill songs that NeWFnlou recently ripped/zipped and uploaded to our Official downloads section.
Download the Cypress Hill Track listing from here.

You can download the actual tracks from here.

"WheelBarrow's RTCW Kingpin SP Map Pack"
  posted September 28 - 12:19AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Wheelbarrow has posted some more screens at his website of his upcoming RTCW Single pLayer map pack that is set in the Kingpin world. In his words its 'Kingpin in a new set of threads' lol.
You can read all about it, check out a number of screens and also have a look at his many excellent Kingpin SP map packs by heading over to his website Wheelbarrow's SP Map Page.

"Monkey Mod Server Files Updated"
  posted September 27 - 10:54PM EDT by Mr.Damage
During the 'Come Back To Kingpin' weekend I was able to catch up with TiCaL. I told him about the problem with the monkey Mod where if you get kicked for not having the MM client files the message you recieve, about where to get the client files from, has the wrong URL on it.
TiCaL has quickly updated the server files and released Monkey Mod 1.52b for both Windows & Linux.

He has also released MM-Admin (beta) which enables you to run any Kingpin server mod with Monkey Mod cheat protection. He has a zip file (which contains both Windows and Linux versions.) over at he Monkey Mod webpage.

You can downlaod the latest server files and the new mod utility by visiting the Monkey Mod webpage here.

"Insanity Mod Server Up For The Weekend"
  posted September 27 - 5:28PM EDT by Mr.Damage
{GT}Frost has sent word that his Insanity Mod server will be up all weekend.

Server Details:-

Server -{GT}Frost Insanity v3.0
IP -
# Clients - 16
Mod - Insanity

There is a small 1.5mg download for the client files which you an grab from here.

Insanity Mod Screenshots

"FragStats re-activated"
  posted September 27 - 2:30PM EDT by Truzenzuzex[BC]
After a long break, I have restarted the FragStats system. If you run a server that generates GS-style log files (hitmen, ctc, wolfflow, and few others) then we can get your files integrated and running hourly.

Currently the only active server is [BC]'s Cap-N-Yo-Ass Wolfflow MOD server, but we can add more if you are interested. Wolfflow Stats updated hourly.

Drop a note to news@kingpinforever.com if you would like to get your server activated.

"Old DM map updated"
  posted September 26 - 10:04PM EDT by DirtyDog
As a request from TruZenZuZeX[BC] I've just completed a remake of his first map, [BC]'s Flashlight Madness. I pretty much gave the map full scale overhaul in the sense that I rebuilt every brush, redesigned, retextured and relit the place. Also I added a small tribute to an old favorite band of mine, George Thorogood and the Destroyers. Hope you enjoy it :)

Download my revised version from here: Flashlight Madness revised. Grab the original for comparison from here: [BC]'s Flashlight Madness

"East Coast Playground Server Up"
  posted September 26 - 4:40PM EDT by Mr.Damage
N.U.T.S sent word that he will have an East Coast server up for the weekend:-

Hey, it's N.U.T.S A.K.A Orgy... well just letting
you know my server "East Coast Playground" will be up
this whole weekend, as my brothers server "FatBoy's
East Coast Playhouse" also, if their is any mod you
would like to be run for the weekend, anyone can email
me at my email here
and i will put the mod on either fatboy's server, east coast server,
or another east coast server... i have access to all

Server Details:-

Server name - East Coast Playground Comp

IP -

# of clients - 12

Mod - DeathMatch

At the time of checking it didn't look like FatBoy's
East Coast Playhouse was up.

"[FnR] Hitmen Server Up For Weekend"
  posted September 26 - 4:25PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Garcia[FnR] has got his server up for the weekend:-

Here's the run down -

Server name - [FnR] Come Back to KP Days: Classic Maps

IP -

# of clients - 12

Mod - Hitmen

Hope everyone can join and have a great time!


"New BM Map By Whoop Ass"
  posted September 25 - 4:54AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Whoop Ass has released a beta of a new Bagman map. This is a Bagman version of the DM Village map. Of course DM Village itself is a conversion of the de_village map by debugger. This is a large map set in a French Village using all custom cs textures and includes a custom sky and custom sounds.
Download BM Vllage Beta from here.

There are several other versions of this map as well:-

bom village for the CRASH Squad mod
DM Village for Deathmatch
Power Village for the Power mod
RioTZ Village for the RioTZ mod

"Come Back To Kp W/E Update"
  posted September 24 - 5:09PM EDT by Mr.Damage
SteelHead[BC] has sent news that he will be hosting an 'Old School' server during the upcoming 'Come back to Kingpin' weekend.

This follows on from the earlier news that Garcia[FnR] will be hosting a Hitmen server for the come back to KP w/e and it will be running old classic maps.

We will post more details as we get them.

"Custom Crosshairs"
  posted September 23 - 5:05AM EDT by Mr.Damage
(Inc)Phoenix sent in some custom crosshairs for Kingpin that he had on his HDD. There are six sets in the zip file and a readme on how to install them. There are some that are the same style but different colours and a couple of different style ones as well. Unsure of who the original authors are.
Download these custom crosshairs from here.

"Another Site Selling Kingpin"
  posted September 23 - 4:38AM EDT by Mr.Damage
I have found another website that is selling new copies of Kingpin. The site is called Chips & Bits and is selling Kingpin for $12.95 US. They also deliver to many countries around the globe.
So buy someone you love a copy and then you can spend more time fragging with them :)

"Updated DM map"
  posted September 21 - 12:26AM EDT by DirtyDog
I thought I would update my very first map, WareHouse Wreckin' crue. It's a DM map that I gave a total rebuild/redesign but the theme is same. This version is what it should've been if I knew anything about mapping (the first one is TRULY a noobie map...)

Grab it from here: WaReHouSe WreCKiN' CruE

"Vote For Maps On Detropolis"
  posted September 20 - 8:57PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Would you like to see your favourite custom DM maps rotating on the Detropolis custom maps server during the '2nd International Come Back To kingpin' weekend?
All you have to do is let us know which ones you want added by posting in this forum thread here.

"Come Back To Kingpin Weekend"
  posted September 20 - 8:53PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Next weekend is the big '2nd International Come Back To Kingpin' weekend. I hope you are all setting aside as much time as possible to be in the servers playing KP :)
It runs on Friday 26th September and Saturday 27th September.
Basically what it means is that starting on that Friday night from around 7pm we want you all to jump in one of your local servers and start playing KP :)
Play as much KP a you can that weekend and bring as many people with you as you can. So start spreading the word now on your ICQ/Messenger/Email lists. Contact old teammates, friends, relatives, neighbors, anyone who you can think of.
Spread the word in forums and any othr way you can think of. Remember if this weekend is going to be a success its up to every one of you who are reading this to do your bit :)

Two handy links:-
Monkey Mod Webpage
Kingpin Starter Pack

"Custom Bagman Skins"
  posted September 20 - 8:23PM EDT by Mr.Damage
(Inc)Phoenix sent in some custom team skins he had on his harddrive. These are skins that replace the default teamplay skins for the thug, runt and bitch. These were made for the {NeW} clan and look pretty good.
They are in a pak file (pak4). Just extract the pak file to your kingpin folder. If you already have a pak4, extract the file to a temp folder, rename the pak file to a number you dont have (i.e. pak3, pak5 etc) and then copy to your kingpin folder.
Download the custom team skins from here.

We have several other custom team skins which you can check out here.

"New BM Map By Whoop Ass"
  posted September 20 - 1:01AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Whoop Ass has released a beta of a new Bagman map called Team Downtown Beta.
The map has 32 spwan points and uses 79 custom textures.

Small City Style Bagman Map, I'm not too sure of the origin of the textures, I think they are a Duke Nukem Set which I found in my Kingpin folder and gamma adjusted to suit Kingpin. I wanted a small map that seemed big and I think it came out ok :)

Download Team Downtown Beta from here.

"More Maps Added To Detropolis"
  posted September 19 - 9:18PM EDT by Mr.Damage
More Custom DM Maps have been added to the Detropolis server.
The maps are:-

DM Snowball
Quick Death Urban
Munitions Dump
Concret Jungle
Dead and Broken
Too Much Bloodv3
The Bowl
Spanish Village v2
DM Jedi Beta
Green Gauntlet

"Creamator Map Added To Archive"
  posted September 18 - 5:55AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Creamator has alerted me to the fact that we didn't have one of his old TeamExtreme maps in the maps archive. The map is called Courtyard-v2 and is a medium sized map with a suggested player load of 4-20. It has mainly custom textures but still maintains that Kp urban feel. It has many weapons, ammo and other items and several areas to frag in. It also has a MM levelshot included in the zipfile :)
Download Courtyard-v2 from here.

"More MM Levelshots"
  posted September 18 - 4:50AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Zeppelin[FnR] has sent in Monkey Mod Levelshots for all of the maps he has made so far. There are seven in total. Just extract them to your Kingpin folder.
Download Zep's Levelshots from here.

"Dutch Chainstore Selling Kingpin"
  posted September 16 - 5:02AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Mr.Knoxville let me know that a Dutch toystore chain called Intertoys are selling Kingpin for five Euro dollars :)
They also have stores in Germany apparently.

Someone want to buy me a copy ;)

"Uploaded MM Level Shots"
  posted September 16 - 12:18AM EDT by DirtyDog
I thought I'd create level shots for all the maps I've created/converted/retextured/rebuilt for KP. For those of you who don't know these are small screenshots of each map that will appear on your screen when you select a map from the list of vote options in a server running Monkey Mod with map voting turned ON. This is to provide you with something to look at before casting your vote if you either don't know or don't remember which map is which from it's .bsp file name. There is also a handy tutorial on How to create a level shot and a link to level shots of the stock xatrix maps as well. For level shots of my maps, download here: DD Level Shots and click here for more level shots: Level Shots

Level Shot

"Another Q2 Converted DM map "
  posted September 15 - 11:10PM EDT by DirtyDog
I've just completed another Quake 2 conversion, this entitled Green Gauntlet. This is a small to medium sized DM level with an excellent flow and plenty of twists and turns yet reasonable enough in size to not be confusing. It's an excellent level (again, by our heros over at what was previously known as XatriX entertainment...)

It is a level XatriX released for quake2's 1st official expansion pack, The Reckoning. I made NO changes to this map in regards to design, texturing or lighting. The only changes made were whatever necessary modifications needed to have the map run successfully in Kingpin and to replace all of Quake's entities (armor/health/weapons) with Kingpin's. Hope you in enjoy it :) Also included is a Monkey Mod level shot.

Download from here: Green Gauntlet

"Advanced Config by PeNdEjO!"
  posted September 15 - 6:45AM EDT by Mr.Damage
PeNdEjO! has sent in an Advanced Config cfg file. It has lots of handy binds included such as screenshots, quick scoreboard, net graph, demos, attack taunts etc.
Just extract to your main folder and add this - exec advanced.cfg - into your autoexec.cfg file.
Download Advanced Config cfg from here.

"New DM Map By Creamator"
  posted September 15 - 6:34AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Creamator has released a beta of a new DM map called DM Jedi Beta.
It is a small/medium sized map, has one main open area, uses all JK2 textures and sounds, and has lower than normal gravity to set the mood for a jedi arena style map.
Download DM Jedi Beta from here.

"Spanish Village Revised"
  posted September 14 - 1:17AM EDT by Mr.Damage
When playing the Spanish Village DM map in the local custom maps server it was discovered that there is a bad spawn point in the map and if you spawn there you get stuck. So I have updated the map and fixed the spawn. I also took the opportunity to fix a texture that was back to front. I have made two zips up, one complete with custom textures and sounds, and one with just the new map for people who downloaded the first one and don't need all the textures & sounds.
Download Spanish Villagev2 complete from here.
Download Spanish Villagev2 updated map file only from here.

"Another New Map By Zeppelin[FnR]"
  posted September 14 - 12:39AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Zeppelin[FnR] has converted another Qauke2 map called The Bowl. This is a small, arena style, space map with low gravity and a 'bowl' in the middle where all the weapons and health are. There is ammo outside the bowl area and the map has 16 spawn points.
Download The Bowl from here.

"New Map By Mr Damage"
  posted September 13 - 8:06PM EDT by Mr.Damage
I have released an update of TooMuchBlood DM Map called Too Much Bloodv3.
Basically this is a conversion back to DM of the KP2 TooMuchBlood which I recently released with a few other changes.
It is a medium/large sized map, has 18 spawns, uses mainly default KP textures, has plenty of weapons, armour and other items and a custom Cypress Hill sound.
Download TooMuchBloodv3 from here.

Btw, you can download the other versions of TooMuchBlood from here:-

"New Map By Zeppelin[FnR]"
  posted September 13 - 7:19PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Zeppelin[FnR] has released a new DM map which is a conversion from Quake2. It's a smallish map called Dead and Broken, with custom textures, some custom sounds, has 16 spawn points, and was originally made for Quake2 by Jester. It has one of every weapon, although HMG is harder to get at than other weapons and you will need to find a button to get to the cooling mod.
Download Dead and Broken from here.

"Come Back To Kingpin Day Update"
  posted September 12 - 7:58PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Well, it is now two weeks until the 2nd annual come back to Kingpin weekend. If your planning to participate, run a server, or have contacted ex-players, signed up new players etc then why not post in the come back thread over at the Interplay Forums by clicking here.

"New BM Maps By Mayhem"
  posted September 12 - 7:50PM EDT by Mr.Damage
[YFS]Mayhem has converted three of his COLORS CTF maps to Bagman. The maps are:-

Urban Bagman was the first map Mayhme made for CTF. The map is mainly in the style of KPDM2 with a few different buildings thrown into the mix.
Download Urban Bagman from here.

Tower Terror Bagman is a map in the style of KPDM5 and uses some parts of an earlier Mayhem DM map called KPDM5 Revised.
Download Tower Terror Bagman from here.

Rooftop Massacre Bagman set in a huge skyscaper. This is a very detailed map with the action taking place on the rooftop and inside the building.
Download Rooftop Massacre Bagman from here.

Urban BM & Tower Terror BM

Rooftop Massacre BM

"Screenshots of New BM Map By Whoop Ass"
  posted September 12 - 7:18PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Whoop Ass is working on another new Bagman map. This one uses custom textures and looks great. Should be finished soon.

"Another Q2 Converted DM map"
  posted September 12 - 6:35PM EDT by DirtyDog
I've just completed another Quake2 DM map conversion entitled Concrete Jungle by Stephen Gordon. It's a very small DM map that uses custom textures that fit very well with Kingpin. The map also contains a custom sky that is new to Kingpin and not in any of our archives. Although this is a much simpler map than my recently converted Munitions Dump the process was a bit more involved because I ended up relighting this one as well as add a few more slight modifications. It's a very nice looking map and just perfect for a small DM crowd, download it from here: Concrete Jungle

P.S. I am almost positive Cujo converted this map a couple of years ago but I just don't remember the map name. As soon as I find out I will repost his :)

Concrete Jungle

"Retail Copies of KP for Sale!!!"
  posted September 12 - 4:44PM EDT by NeWFnlou
We received word from Garcia[FnR] that those of you who need to get your hands on a clean copy of KP before the big 2nd Annual Come Back To KP Weekend are in luck! He writes: "I would like you to pass on that EBX, Gamestop and EB games have TONS of used games for PC now. I picked up a BOXED and shrink wrapped copy of KP that had never been opened, plus in the past few days I got 3 other copies at various stores just in the jewel case. So make sure people know, KP is still being sold in stores used. Iíve been giving them out to friends that donít have a ligit copy. I paid $12.99 US for all 4 copies."

Great News! Garcia[FnR] further notes that "FnR will be hosting a Hitmen server for the come back to KP day. We will be running old classics =)"

So there you have it folks. I hope you ALL will join in the carnage September 26th & 27th for some frag fests to remember :)

"Revamp of old BM Map by WhoOP_AsS"
  posted September 12 - 10:56AM EDT by DirtyDog
Our old friend WhoOP_AsS has just released his version of the highly popular HoGie classic, Team Octagon. This map has been a smash in the KP community for years now and WhoOP_AsS has given it a complete overhaul by re-texturing, re-lighting (with the help of DreaD) and a slight re-building. Well he's made a classic into a legend with this version as it's sharply textured with classic Kingpin Urban theme, excellently lit and still maintaining it's fast and furious pace that you can only get from a HoGie map. Download it from here: Team Octagon Revised and start fragging away.

"Quake2 Converted DM Map"
  posted September 11 - 9:08PM EDT by DirtyDog
I've just completed a straight conversion of XatriX's Munitions Dump DM map designed for Quake2's first official expansion pack, The Reckoning. I would love to say how grueling it all was but I'd be lying as it was really a very simple process (a bit tedious at it's worst) but certainly not very difficult. It's an excellent map (after all, our heros who brought us Kingpin designed it ;) and I hope you enjoy it :)

Big thanks to Zeppelin[FnR] for the forum tutorials on this and to
Cat for inspiring this particular map.

Download it from here: Munitions Dump

"*REVISED* Revamp of old DM map"
  posted September 10 - 4:34PM EDT by DirtyDog
*REVISED* Sept. 11, 2003 by DreaD

New file name: qd_urb1.bsp
My good friend and mapper DreaD took it upon himself to take a look at the map who inspite of having reduced the r_speeds, they still ran pretty high. By customizing the compiler and various other touch ups he was able to reduce them by as much as 400 which quite frankly is amazing. The map runs PERFECT with r_speeds no higher than 850 in its peak points (and thats from 1250). Thank you DreaD :) You made what I thought was a good map, a great map ;))

Download the revised version from here: Quick Death Urban Rev

I've just given HoGiE's oldie but goodie DM map Quick_DeaTH an overhaul entitled QuiCK DeaTH UrBaN.

Seeing as there is a regular DM crowd developing over at Detropolis, I thought I would start making some DM maps. So far there's seems to be a steady 4-8 players showing up so I'm keeping the maps fairly small. This particular one is an oldie by veteran KP mapper HoGie. I used to play it all the time over at [BC]'s DaPlayGroundZ way back when and I thought I would give it a touch up. As usual I pretty much rebuilt every brush, changed the design slightly and gave it a full retexture/re-light. The challenge with this particular map was making some headway with the very high r_speeds due the map's design. By moving the entire map to a better block; going completely stretch happy with the textures; use of detail brushes and functioning walls I was at least able to cut the r_speeds almost in half from the original however they still reach as high as 1200 but only in outermost corners of the upper level. The rest of the map's r_speeds are quite playable. Hope you enjoy it :)

Download it from here: Quick Death Urban and grab the original from here: Quick Death


"New DM Map By Whoop Ass"
  posted September 10 - 7:04AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Whoop Ass has converted his KP2 Snowball map to DM. This is a small, single area DM Map, set outside in a snow covered winter landscape with rough terrain to make it harder to hit. Its a small map but has 16 spawn points and ample weapons which make this a fun fragfest map.
Download DM Snowball from here.

"Interplay Kingpin Forum"
  posted September 9 - 7:44AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Well there has been so much repsonse to the Kingpin posts in the Interplay Feedback forum that they have now created a stand alone Kingpin forum :)
The new Kingpin forum is near the bottom of the page in the Forum Index in the Interplay & Black Isle PC Games section.
Or you can go check it out by clicking here.

"New Skins For The McClane Model"
  posted September 9 - 5:35AM EDT by Mr.Damage
There is a new skin pack for the John McClane model.
These are four skins converted from Quake2 and are called Desperado, Kingpin, Shogun and SWAT.
You can grab the new Mclane skin pack from here.
Download the McClane model from here.

"2nd Annual Come Back To Kingpin Day"
  posted September 6 - 10:52PM EDT by Mr.Damage
It's hard to believe that it is a year since we introduced the 'come back to Kingpin day' concept. The first one was Friday 27th September 2002.
This year we plan to make a weekend of it, Friday 26th September and Saturday 27th September.
Basically what it means is that starting on that Friday night from around 7pm we want you all to jump in one of your local servers and start playing KP :)
Play as much KP a you can that weekend and bring as many people with you as you can.
So start spreading the word now on your ICQ/Messenger/Email lists. Contact old teammates, friends, relatives, neighbors, ANYONE who has a copy of KP laying around Point them to THIS WEBSITE to get hooked up with the latest MM Client, MOD Files, Maps, etc.....

If you have a MESSAGE BOARD, please post a notice to your visitors/members about 26th & September 27th. You should begin doing this NOW to give folks time to plan and make arrangements. Remember that this is not SERVER specific or MOD specific or MAP specific. Just jump online and play some KP. The goal is to fill ALL the servers with FRAGGERS.

We hope you will all join in and we get a heap of ppl playing :)

"Some Handy Kingpin Files"
  posted September 5 - 8:07PM EDT by Mr.Damage
If you play on custom maps servers and download most of the maps from the server then you don't get any custom skies or sounds. We host three zip files that contain many of the custom skies used in Kingpin and we also have a zip file that contains some of the custom sounds used.
Grab them from here:-
custom skypack1
custom skypack2
custom skypack3
custom sounds

If you do download lots of maps from the servers then you may end up with heaps of maps in lots of different mod folders.
For example if you are playing Hitmen and d/l a map it goes to Hitmen/maps and if you go to an Extreme mod server and d/l the same map, because it is not in main/maps, it will d/l the map again and put it in Extreme/maps folder. Hence you can end up with the same map in several different places. To fix this you need to d/l and run the Mover6 utility by TiCaL. It moves all maps, textures, sounds, skins, etc, from your mod folders back to main where they belong. Just check the readme for instructions on how to run.
Download Mover6 from here.

For new players to Kingpin you need the KPStarter pack. It contains the 1.21 patch and the Monkey Mod client file. It has a good readme that explains how to install these files and how to set up gamespy with the monkeymod client.
Downlaod the KPStarter pack from here.

"Interplay Forum Kingpin Thread"
  posted September 5 - 7:29PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Well since I posted about the Kingpin thread in the Interplay forum a few days ago almost 1000 people have viewed it and many Kingpin players have responded in it :)

The post is KP players talking about why they like the game and why it would be good for Interplay to make a sequel. There are no expectations that anything will happen because of it and so people shouldn't build up unrealistic expectations. However you never know and anyways it only takes a couple of minutes to view all the posts and a couple of minutes more for you to express your thoughts on the subject. So to help make this the biggest and best thread on the Interplay forums then hed on over and check it out by clicking here.

And while we are in this mode, if you havn't done so already why not take a couple more minutes and sign the We want Kingpin2 petition. Again it is not going to change the world but by adding your name you will be adding to the great community spirit that this game enjoys :)
Sign the petition by clicking here.

Btw, after scouring the Interplay site I finally found some reference to Kingpin. Its a page with the required System Specs, Installation instructions, and common problems and fixes. Check it out here.

"More Bagman Maps Added To Archive"
  posted September 4 - 8:22AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Four more maps sent in by (Inc)Phoenix have been added to the Map Archive. They are:-

Team ALN Forts by Cashmoney. Large, urban style BM map with two forts.
Download Team ALN Forts from here.
Btw, Cashmoney told me recenetly that he is working on a new map.

Team Back Alley Rumble by =LM=Propane. A medium sized, urban style BM map where the two team's bases are separated by winding back alleyways.
Download Team Back Alley Rumble from here.

Team Block Party Beta3 by Hogie. Large, urban style map where the bases are set in two garages and there are lots of old car bodies stacked up around the map.
Download Team Block Party from here.

Team Campa La Vista Beta1 by Jaxon. Medium sized BM map with an interesting layout.
Download Team Campa La Vista Beta1 from here.

Team ALN Forts & Team Backalley

Team Block Party & Team Campa La Vista

"Buying Kingpin Online"
  posted September 4 - 7:41AM EDT by Mr.Damage
As you probably know we have a section here at Kingpinforever called Buy Kingpin! which has links to several places you can buy new and used copies of Kingpin online.

I just found another site called GoGamer.com where you can buy Kingpin and Soldier Of Fortune bundled together under the name of Lock'N'Load: Kingpin & SoF Platinum Edition. There appears to be several different editions of Lock'n'Load that has been released but this is the first time I have seen this version. The cost is $19.90 and you can check it out by clicking here.

One of the sites we already list is Interact who also sell the Kingpin/SoF bundle for $19.95 but they now also sell Kingpin on its own. But for some strange reason its $24.95 by itself which is $5 more than if you buy it with SoF? Anyways you can check it out here.

Another site we don't have listed is a Dutch site called Dynabyte who are selling Kingpin for 6,95 Euro Dollars.

If you find Kingpin selling at any places we don't already have listed please let us know.

"Interesting News"
  posted September 3 - 9:03AM EDT by Mr.Damage
It looks like Interplay has regained the rights to Kingpin and several other titles from Titus games. The following comes from the Interplay forums:-

"In April 2002, the Company entered into an agreement with Titus, pursuant to which, among other things, the Company sold to Titus all right, title and interest in the games "EarthWorm Jim", "Messiah", "Wild 9", "R/C Stunt Copter", "Sacrifice", "MDK", "MDK II", and "Kingpin", and Titus licensed from the Company the right to develop, publish, manufacture and distribute the games "Hunter I", "Hunter II", "Icewind Dale I", "Icewind Dale II", and "BG: Dark Alliance II" solely on the Nintendo Advance GameBoy game system for the life of the games. As
consideration for these rights, Titus issued to the Company a promissory note in the principal amount of $3.5 million, which note bears interest at 6 percent per annum. The promissory note was due on August 31, 2002, and was to be paid, at Titus' option, in cash or in shares of Titus common stock with a per share value equal to 90 percent of the average trading price of Titus' common stock over the 5 days immediately preceding the payment date. The Company provided Titus with a guarantee under this agreement, which provided that in the event Titus did not achieve gross sales from the underlying properties of at least $3.5 million by June 25, 2003, and the shortfall was not the result of Titus' failure to use best commercial efforts, the Company was to pay to Titus the difference between $3.5 million and the actual gross sales achieved by Titus, not to exceed $2.0 million. In April 2003, the Company entered into a rescission agreement with Titus to repurchase these assets for a purchase price payable by canceling the $3.5 million promissory note, and any unpaid accrued interest thereon. Concurrently, the Company and Titus terminated all executory obligations including, without limitation, the Company's obligation to pay Titus up to the $2 million guarantee."

I find it sad that there is now not one mention of Kingpin at the main Interplay site however someone just started a thread in their Feedback forum called 'Why not make a Kingpin sequel?' which is generating a little bit of interest. Why not go and add your thoughts/comments if you have a mind to :)
This is a link to the forum thread here.

"Bagman Maps Added To Archive"
  posted September 3 - 8:39AM EDT by Mr.Damage
I have just added four more of the Bagman maps that (Inc)Phoenix has submitted to Kingpinforever. They are:-

Cire's Cabrini by Cirep. This is a medium sized, urban stle BM map. The r_speeds are high in the street area in this map.
Download Cire's Cabrini from here.

Team Forts of Fury2 Beta1 by Jaxon. Curse style map with 2 opposing forts. One of the many versions of the Forts of Fury map.
Download Team Forts of Fury2 Beta1 from here.

MauledBM by Intruder. This is a conversion of his MauledDM map. Its a small BM map set in a Kingpin style shopping mall.
Download MauledBM from here.

Nightcast. Unknown author. This map looks like a combination of parts of the Quake2 CTF maps Q2CTF1 & Q2CTF2 with a hint of Kingpin added. When I put the zipfile together it said there were two textures missing but I was unable to see any missing textures in the map.
Download Nightcast from here.

Cire's Cabrini

MauledBM & Team Forts of Fury Beta1


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