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News Archive for September 2004

"DM Map Remake"
  posted September 30 - 8:10PM EDT by DirtyDog

I've completed the new version of the classic DM map, The Yard that I previously posted screenshots of, check it out: The Yard: 2004  I will be releasing a KP2 version for this in the next couple of days.

The Yard: 2004

The Yard: 2004 by DirtyDog



"Screenshots of upcoming DM map"
  posted September 28 - 8:43AM EDT by DirtyDog

I'm about 99% finished updating the classic DM map, The Yard.  This is a map that reminds me of when I first started fragging and thought it could use an update.  I ended up giving it a full scale rebuild, some redesign, relight, retexture.  I should have it out within the next day or so.  Here's s a couple of screenshots:

The Yard: 2004

The Yard: DirtyDaWgED 

check out the classic original from here: The Yard

"New map by Cujo"
  posted September 27 - 8:32PM EDT by DirtyDog

Cujo has just released a DM map called Sadistic Rage.  It's a small arena style map that uses wood and grass and some alpha textures.  Grab it from here: Sadistic Rage.  Grab the KP2 version from here: KP2 Sadistic Rage 

Sadistic Rage


"PenCHo's Maps Weekend"
  posted September 27 - 11:24AM EDT by DirtyDog

I thought I would tribute one of KP's longtime mappers, PenCHo by hosting a list of his DM maps on Detropolis this weekend.  In the next few days I will be posting a mappack for this so until then, for those of you who pretty much already have his maps, here are some updates I've started with:

A couple of years ago PenCHo updated two of his earlier maps at my request with extra spawns as the originals only had 4 each.  Although this request has long since been completed the file names were never changed and this will cause people to get kicked with file name errors.  Ive renamed them and rezipped them as well as add levelshots to them.  Grab these updated classics from here: C-4 and Box Dungeon.  For the levelshots, grab those from here: C-4 LevelShot and BD LevelShot.

C-4 Updated & Box Dungeon Updated

C - 4 Updated   Box Dungeon Updated

Another update is on PenCHo's Half-Life converted map, KP Half-Life Arena.  After fragging on it this weekend several players commented on how dark the map was as well as the actual players being too dark.  I opened the map and noticed that it could certainly benefit from a good junior upgrade and it made a big difference.  Also the level shot's color depth needed to be adjusted and that's been fixed as well.  It's a really nice conversion and here is that result: KP Half-Life Arena2 (updated levelshot is included).

KP Half-Life Arena

Before AFTER


"KPDM5 Converted To Call Of Duty"
  posted September 24 - 9:48PM EDT by Mr.Damage
(K9)ICEMAN has converted KPDM5 to CoD:-
It is in all exactly the same apart from a few new brushes and props, oh and of course the retexturing for CoD :)

You can download his conversion from our 'Kingpin In Other Games' download section here.

"Map Conversions Map pack For Detropolis"
  posted September 24 - 3:04AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Ok I have set up Detropolis to start running some good map conversions over this weekend. There are 30 maps converted to Kingpin from other games such as Quake, Quake2, Quake3, Half-Life etc. I have created two map packs of about 17mg each (part1 and part2).You can see a list of all the included maps here. So if you feel like some DM over the weekend drop in for a few maps :)

Grab the map packs from here:-


Server IP:

"Kingpin Mod Client Files"
  posted September 23 - 10:06PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Just a reminder that if you are looking for any files for the many Kingpin mods (especially if you are wanting to join a server running COLORS CTF, KP2 Mod, Bloodmoney etc) then just check out our mods download section here.
I believe we have all the current files for just about all mods released for Kingpin :)

"Map Coversions Weekend On Detropolis"
  posted September 22 - 4:59PM EDT by Mr.Damage
This upcoming weekend I will be rotating some of my favourite maps converted from other games on the Detropolis server. So if you feel like a bit of DM on some great custom maps then drop in on Friday and Saturday nights (and bring a few friends) :)
I'll put up a map pack for the weekend a little later in the week.

Server Details:-
Server : Detropolis Server
Location : Detroit
Max Players : 16
MonkeyMod : Yes
IP :

"Don Fratelli Runt Skin"
  posted September 22 - 7:01AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Don Fratelli by CosmosDownload

I was looking through some skins tonight and found this great looking skin for the Runt model call Don Fratelli. It's an oldie from '99 and worth the download if you don't have it. The skin files are head_don, body_don, legs_don and there are also pain skins. The zipfile contains a readme with instructions on how to install the files.

"Call Of Duty Kingpin Mod"
  posted September 21 - 5:27AM EDT by Mr.Damage
(Inc)PHOENIX let me know about a new mod for Call of Duty:United Offensive which is based on Kingpin. The mod is called KingSin and they have just got their website up which you can check out here. Not much there yet but hopefully soon they will have some screenshots etc.

Update 22nd September Draven, the mod Leader, is looking for people who would like to help out by taking screenshots of the standard KP maps so they can rebuild them for the mod. If you'r interested you can reply to Draven in this forum thread here.

And don't forget that Whoop Ass converted (rebuilt) the classic map Rival Turf to CoD earlier this year. Grab that map here.

"RiotZ Video"
  posted September 20 - 6:21AM EDT by Mr.Damage
KPF Productions recently sent word about an upcoming RiotZ video:-
hey man, this is KPF Productions and i wanted to let you and other KP fans know that our Riotz mod video is in production. right now it features clips with many riotz players and some top frags and will be complete with music and effects. expect it out by the weekend.

"Hogie's WestCoast Server"
  posted September 20 - 6:18AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Sleep sent word about a new Hogie's West Coast server:-
i will be putting hogies back up for west coast i will give more info when i get it it will be up next week

"Lara Croft Bitch Skin"
  posted September 20 - 6:14AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Lara Croft Bitch Skin by TrinityDownload

One of the most popular skins for the bitch model is Lara Croft, the buxom female character from the TombRaider games and movies. This is a good looking skin so if you don't already have it grab it from the link above. Just extract the files in the zip to your kingpin folder (the skin files are head_605, body_022, legs_022).

Of course there is the obligatory nude version of the skin as well which was made by TiCaL which you can downlaod from here :P

"Broken Record Report #3"
  posted September 16 - 5:00PM EDT by NeWFnlou
Hi Folks,
I hate to have to repeat this so many times, but PLEASE REMEMBER that the "POTD" or Pic Of The Day is for Kingpin or Kingpin Related screenshots ONLY. We aren't interested in displaying your girlfriend's photo, we don't need a pic of your bike or car, and we are not a porn site. (We're ad-free, so that should be painfully obvious) It's called KINGPIN FOREVER, so inappropriate pics or photos simply will not be displayed. Please don't waste your own valuable time uploading your submission unless it is on-topic and KP related OK? Thanks and LONG LIVE KINGPIN!

"Team Sickcity Bagman Map Added"
  posted September 15 - 6:32AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Team Sickcity by =LM= PropaneDownload

I have uploaded the Bagman version of the classic Sick City map. The BM version was made by =LM= Propane and is basically the Sick City map mirrored with a middle area added that joins them together and contains the money drop area.

"More Screens of Cujo's New KP2 Mod Map"
  posted September 15 - 5:59AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Here are some more screenshots Cujo sent in of his upcoming map House full of Brits which is for the KP2 mod.

"New DM Map - The Lumber Yard"
  posted September 10 - 10:00PM EDT by Mr.Damage

The Lumber Yard converted by Mr DamageDownload

The Lumber Yard is a medium sized DM map which is a conversion of the ActionQuake2 map by Brent "WetWired" Waller. This map is set in a lumberyard with an indoor wood processing area, which contains a working conveyor belt and circular saw, and an open area outside where there is lots of lumber waiting to be shipped. You can also access the rooftops by climbing up the drainpipes and the piles of woodchips. The map has ample weapons and other items and should be a lot of fun with 6 - 8 people.
My thanks go to WetWired for giving permission to convert this map to Kingpin and of course to Hypo_v8 who got the converyor belt working in KP and for other miscellaneous tweaks :)

Update 14th September Looks like I left 2 custom textures out of the zipfile :(
I have fixed the zip and uploaded the new one and the above link points to the updated zip. I have also made a zipfile (97kb) that just contains the two missing textures from the original zip so if you already downloaded the map and you need these textures you can download them from here.

"Screenshots Of Upcoming Map"
  posted September 9 - 4:02AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Cujo has resumed work on his House full of Brits Map.
You know I been working on House full of Brits for some time. Here update and a few screenshots. I have added a good size house setting on a lot and I changed 70% of this map. I added a lot of area for good battle for KP2 mod. I added in living room, bedroom, and kitchen, and an outside pool

From what Cujo says there is still a load of work to be done on this map and the title may even change before it's released.

"Updated Level Shots"
  posted September 8 - 11:07PM EDT by DirtyDog

I updated a bunch of the level shots for my maps and just packed em all up into a zip that will replace my old levelshot pack.  Grab it from here and just overwrite when prompted: DD Level Shots

Level Shot

Level Shot

For more detailed explanation on Level shots just scroll down to Mr. Damage's recent post on it

"DM Map Update"
  posted September 8 - 9:41PM EDT by DirtyDog

I've just uploaded an updated version of a previously converted Quake2 map, Final Showdown.  This was originally brought over to KP by CaT a couple of years ago and after a few frags in Detropolis I thought it could use a facelift: 

This is a fairly straight conversion of the last SP level in Quake2.  Originally converted by CaT, he did the hard part (removing the LOADS of Q2 entities, structural changes to suit KP etc)  The only issues were missing juniors, lighting was kinda off,  very dark and some health was buried in one of the brushes.  I pretty much gave it a full relighting, added flares for a KP feel, re-weaped/re-spawned and I opened these really cool compartments for a little added effect.  The map is small and it's a blast, enjoy :)

Grab the map from here: Final ShowDown

Final ShowDown

"Older Whoop Ass Maps Added"
  posted September 8 - 6:25AM EDT by Mr.Damage
I have uploaded some of Whoop Ass's older DM and BM Maps. They are already available from his website Whoop World but not available individually from kp4ever.

The maps are:-

Central Hotel

Team Cygnus
Team Jedi Beta1

Central Hotel & Trainyard


Team Cygnus & Team Jedi Beta1

"Captain Death's Skill Mod"
  posted September 4 - 1:13AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Captain Death has recently put his Skill Mod server back up.

If you havent given it a try then now is the time to do it. The Skill mod is is a round based Last Man Standing mod. At the start of a round, each player will start with a pipe and the current weapon (determined by server). The last player standing wins the round.
If the round time limit is reached, the player with most kills that round gets the win, but if two or more players have the same frags then no-one wins.

Skill is a serverside only mod which means clients don't need any files to play. If you want to the Skill mod server files v0.25 then you can grab them from here.

For a more detailed instructions on how to play Skill mod then check out this page at his website here.

Server Details:-

Server : Captain Deaths SKILL 0.25a Server
Location : Scotland
Max Players : 10
IP :

"CTF Slumz Map Updated"
  posted September 4 - 1:01AM EDT by Mr.Damage

CTF Slumz
by Whoop Ass

There were some spawn point issues in the original CTF Slumz map that Whoop Ass has fixed and now released an updated version of the map. He also fixed the junior lighting in the weapon rooms and tweaked a few other area's.

If you haven't already you should check out his other COLORS CTF Map CTF Art which is probably the most intense CTF map currently available. You can download it from here.

Visit the COLORS CTF website here.

"Urban Version Of Pawn Shop Map"
  posted September 2 - 6:46AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Urban Pawn Shop by Mr DamageDownload

Recently I converted the Pawn Shop map (nycdm3.bsp) from SoF using all SoF textures. I have now made a version which uses just about all standard KP textures giving it a nice urban look and feel. It's a small map in an urban street setting. There is a Pawn Shop in the middle of the map and there are lots of buildings around the edges. There are ledges and roofs you can climb up onto and there are lots of weapons, armour, ammo etc :)

"RiotZ Mod Server Update "
  posted September 2 - 6:20AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Hand of Chaos sent word that he has added several maps to his RiotZ server. The maps are:-

Backyard Brawl2
Chaos Town
Circle Jerk
Ghetto Tension

The only other map in rotation is Rival Turf. The server is set to play 80 rounds for each map so you will really get to know these maps :)

Server Details:-

Server : East Coast Playground Riotz *OPEN*
Max Players : 12
Client files : Yes
IP :

You can download the RiotZ client files from here.

  posted September 2 - 5:30AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Just in case you don't know what these levelshots are that we talk about sometimes, this is what they are:-

When you are playing in a server running Monkey Mod that has map voting turned on, at the end of the current map when voting for the next map, you can see its levelshot below the choices.
But in order to see these shots you must have them installed in your Kingpin. Some mappers put them in their zip files and some have been created seperately and are available for download from our Levelshots download section here.
You can see which levelshots you have already by checking kingpin/main/pics folder.
You can download Levelshots for all the default Xatrix maps, both DM & BM, in a Pak file from here.

For information on how to create these Levelshots go here.

"Kingpin In Other Games - Doom3 Update"
  posted September 2 - 5:26AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Eric "Chico" Jirouch has completed his DOOM3 version of his old Kingpin map Outerlimits2. It turned out really nice. You can download the Doom3 version from here.

And in other Doom3 news Wheelbarrow has sent word that he has set up a new website dedicated to single player Doom3 mapping. Not much there yet but you can check it out here.

To check out all of Wheelbarrow's Kingpin single player map packs then visit his old Kingpin site which we host here.

Update 04-09-04 There was an error in the Doom3 Outerlimits map so Eric "Chico" Jirouch has released an updated version. I have updated the link above to point to the updated map :)
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