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News Archive for September 2005

"Kingpin On eBay"
  posted September 30 - 9:43PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Need a new copy of Kingpin? Or want to hook a friend or two up with the game so you can frag them online :)
One of the places you can get it is on eBay. Very low prices and a lot of sellers. Check ito ut here.

If you do buy someone a copy they will need the KP starter pack (containing the v1.21 patch and the monkey mod client) which you an grab from here.

"Truzenzuzex's Maps Page"
  posted September 30 - 9:27PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Truzenzuzex has created a custom maps page which details and lists all of the maps he has created for Kingpin as well as some maps made by others after being requested by Truz. We are now hosting this page and you can check it out here.

"New Bagman Map Team Deck16"
  posted September 29 - 3:36AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Team Deck16 by CreamatorDownload

Creamator has created a Bagman version of his Unreal Tournament DM map conversion Deck16. This is a medium sized BM map with a fairly straight forward layout. The team areas have coloured floors signifying which team's area your in (red for Dragons, blue for Nikkie's). There are switches to open the safes (watch out for the slime) and lots of weapons and other items. Hopefully it will be added to some BM servers soon :)

"Gaggin4it DM Map"
  posted September 27 - 5:50AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Gaggin4it by TanyacheexDownload

Gaggin4it by Tanyacheex is a very popular map on the Detropolis Custom Maps Server but when I was looking for the map at KP4Ever I discovered we don't host it here. I have now zipped it up, added a monkey mod level shot and uploaded it to our maps archive.
This is a small arena style DM map. It is set in a courtyard area which has several building placed throughout it. All the weapons are placed inside the buildings which is where the spawn points are as well. The centre of the map is dominated by a large tower with the HMG located at the top. One of the buildings has an underground passage which contains the cooling mod and a teleport to the top of the central tower.
It's a simple map really but with a few ppl it is full on, fast paced, action.

"New DM Map Temple Verte"
  posted September 25 - 2:01AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Temple Verte conv by CujoDownload

Cujo has completed his conversion to Kingpin of Jester's Quake2 map Vertebreaker.
Temple Verte, as Cujo has renamed it, is a medium sized DM map which has the style and theme of an old gothic fortress. It has lots of spires throughout the map and old walls, many of them missing bricks (maybe blasted out by too many hits by the rocket launcher).
It uses mostly custom textures and there are also a few jump pads for quickly getting from one level to another. Its a fast paced map and has plenty of weapons & other items and with 6 - 8 people it should be some intense fragging :)
It has 10 spawn points, a custom sky and some nice custom sounds.

This is an awesome looking map and has already been added to the Detropolis Custom Maps Server.

"Skin checker ... updated"
  posted September 24 - 5:30PM EDT by Truzenzuzex[BC]
It's been a while, but Mr. Damage asked my to update the SKIN-N-YO-ASS aka SKIN CHECK system.

I've added about 6 missing models to the search, even though they may not have full view weapons. I'll get the new Bender model added to the system as soon as Zeppelin has it completed.

If you have skins aren't in our FTP file library, send them in so they can get uploaded to our 5+ KP game servers ... and in turn, immediately available on the SKIN-CHECK.

See a cool skin while online? Type SKINS at the KP console and it will list the codes... visit the website and see if we have them available if not, encourage the player to zip and email them to us.

Visit the online SKIN CHECKER system

"Screenshots Of Two Upcoming Maps"
  posted September 23 - 11:59PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Cujo has been working on two new DM maps that are nearly ready for release. Both are Quake2 conversions, originally made by Jester. One is called Tuat (Land of the Dead) and the other one is Vertebreaker which is an awesome looking map that Cujo has renamed to Temple Verte.

Tuat & Temple Verte

"Bender Model Update"
  posted September 23 - 11:53PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Just letting you all know that Zeppelin is still working on the conversion of the Bender model to Kingpin. Because it is a Quake3 model the animations are taking some time as its not as easy as converting a model from Quake2. Stay tuned!

"Kingpin In Other Games"
  posted September 23 - 11:47PM EDT by Mr.Damage
I got a nice email from Slayer from the old Kingpin UPS clan. Many of its members now play SoF2 and they are keeping the spirit of KP alive in SoF. They have created a weapons sounds pack that contains many KP sounds (as well as others) and a massive character sound pack that contains heaps of KP sounds and a lot of other cool ones as well.
I have uploaded the weapons sound pack to our Kingpin In Other Games section which you cab grab from here.

You can grab the voice sounds pack from their webpage here.

Btw keep an eye out in the KP servers for Bytor and Wheatgurm as they are still happily fraggign away in KP :)

"Fix For Homer Model"
  posted September 23 - 5:08AM EDT by Mr.Damage
I was in {GT}Knight's Homer Bot Hitmen server last night talking to Knight and checking out some of the many maps he has made for KP. He told me that he has made a fix for the Homer model. If you are familiar with this great model you will know that he doesn't have a pistol animation and when using the pistol it shows him as using the tommy. Knight has fixed this so when he is using the pistol that is what you see. As soon as he remembers to send it to me I will upload the fix and post about it :)

"More News On New Kingpin Leagues"
  posted September 23 - 5:03AM EDT by Mr.Damage
More news on the Two Kingpin Leagues that Uneven Ratio is currently setting up. I asked him about whether he was just after clans to sign up or whether individual players can as well and also for some info on what sort of mods and matches will be played:-
Yes we expect a lot of new and not so experienced players, just what we need, makes it more fun. There will be clans made up for these players. More will be clear soon on the site.

The Kingpin Dying League will be for good old matches and normal usage, and the Real Lag Mode League will be fun more than anything, i.e dm league(no teams), and no walls matches, where it's nothing but dm/team with small maps that have no walls such as disco 187 or hole etc.
Check out the League webpage here.

"New Kingpin League"
  posted September 20 - 7:58AM EDT by Mr.Damage
UnevenRatio is setting up two new Kingpin Leagues and is naturally enough looking for players interested in taking part :)
Trying to gather users up for some leagues. If your interested, add your email to the mailing list and we will let you know when we are taking clans. These leagues will be pretty small, i.e 3v3 / 4v4 / 5v5 and we will try to run as many different kingpin mods as we can in this league.
There is already a webpage set up which you can check out here and add your name to the mailing list.

"Two older Urban Style Maps"
  posted September 18 - 2:19AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Here are two nice looking urban style DM Maps from the archives:-

Urban Pawn Shop is conversion of one of the official SoF DM maps. It's a small map with an urban street setting. There is a Pawn Shop in the middle of the map and there are lots of buildings around the edges. There are ledges and roofs you can climb up onto and there are lots of weapons, armour, ammo etc :)

Download Urban Pawn Shop from here.

The Damaged Streets by Million. This is a large map in the classic KP style. It uses all default KP textures and has a similar style/feel to the classic Sick City map. This is a great example of an urban decay map.

Download The Damaged Streets from here.

"More Shots Of Cujo's New Map"
  posted September 18 - 2:09AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Cujo's new map for the KP2 mod and DM is progressing and he has sent in some more screenshots:-

"New Thug Skin"
  posted September 15 - 3:38AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Marv (Sin City) Thug Skin by RocksteadyDownload

Rocksteady has created a new skin for the thug model based on the Marv character, played by Mickey Rourke, from the Kingpin like movie Sin City.

"Screenshots Of New KP2 Mod Map"
  posted September 14 - 5:57AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Cujo is currently working on a new map for the KP2 Mod. It's an update/expansion of the old Urban Territory map:-
Well I have been working on new Urban Territory map for a few months now.
I have added lots of new stuff to the map and opened up a few new buildings.
I have added a few taller buildings with a few more nice sniping areas and made the streets a little different than in Urban Territory.
And of course rats, dog, breakables but not sure about added rain yet.
After doing full compile of this map it's got 3 spots with 1000 r_speeds and wpoly not that great either so I have few areas to sew up and also a few more sounds to add.

Here are some shots:-

Btw while we are waiting for this new map to be completed why not check out the original Urban Territory map.

Urban Territory DM
KP2 Urban Territory

"Industrial Circuit DM Map"
  posted September 12 - 6:42AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Industrial Circuit by -CATDownload

One of my favourite urban style maps is Industial Circuit by -CAT.
This is a medium to large sized map with 18 spawn points set in an industrial landscape. There are many hideout spots in the map and its filled to the brim with weapons and ammo.

"Bender Male Sound Pack"
  posted September 12 - 5:30AM EDT by Mr.Damage
As Zeppelin[FnR] is currently working on bringing the Quake3 Bender model to Kingpin I thought it was a good time to remind people about the Bender taunt pack. The pack is made up of sounds of Bender, from the Futurama cartoon series. There are heaps of different sounds such as the classic 'bite my shiney metal ass' lol.
All the sounds are in pak file and there is a readme inluded which explains how to install it.
Download the Bender Sound Pack from here.

"Deep Blue Arena DM Map"
  posted September 9 - 9:19PM EDT by Mr.Damage

Deep Blue Arena conv by Mr DamageDownload

This is a small arena style DM map for Kingpin. It is a conversion another Quake2 map by Shon Shaffer "Maric". Deep Blue Arena is set in an underwater base of some kind. It uses mostly custom textures, has 14 player spawns and has ample weapons and other items for a map of this size.

It has been extensively tested (thanks to all who helped) and has had several small changes made (thanks to Method for all the suggestions) and I tihn kthe conversion has turned out really well :)

Btw, I have added this map to the Detropolis Custom Maps server.

There are presently three other conversions to Kingpin of maps by Maric:-

Awakening To Danger
Greystone Shuffle
Crates In The Hood

"Damagematch Mod Released"
  posted September 7 - 4:59AM EDT by Mr.Damage

DamageMatch Mod by Zeppelin[FnR]Download

Zeppelin[FnR] has now released his new mod for Kingpin called Damagematch.

This is a deathmatch mod that changes the way scoring is done. Instead of it being based on kills, it's now based on how much damage you do. The zipfile contains a readme so you can read all about it or check the post a few below this one for a detailed explanation of the mod.

The good thing is that it is a serverside mod which means you dont need any files to play and you only need them if you intend to run a Damagematch mod server.

I have a KP4Ever Damagematch server running at the moment and will leave it up for the next week so you can all check this new mod out.

Name : KP4Ever Damagematch Mod Server
IP :
Maxclients :16

"Screenshot Of New DM Map"
  posted September 7 - 4:34AM EDT by Mr.Damage
I am presently working on another DM map. This one is called Deep Blue Arena and is a small arena style map set in an underwater base. Just doing some testing then it will be released.

"New Map By {GT}Knight"
  posted September 6 - 5:12AM EDT by Mr.Damage

RA Q3Test2 conv by {GT}KnightDownload

{GT}Knight has converted this Quake2 map to Kingpin. This map started life in Quake2 when the Quake3 Demo was released. It is a version of The Longest Yard map from Q3 which was one of the maps in the Q3 Demo and someone converted it to Quake2. Then Panzer has come along and made a Q2 RA version of the map using what looks like Serious Sam textures. Then Knight has converted this version to KP. Anyone who has played Q3 will know this map like the back of their hand and it's nice to see another version of it in KP.

"New DM Map - Awakening To Danger"
  posted September 3 - 5:58PM EDT by Mr.Damage

Awakening to Danger conv by Mr DamageDownload

Awakening to Danger is a large DM map for Kingpin. It is a conversion of a Quake2 map by Shon Shaffer "Maric" (thanks to Maric for allowing the conversion to KP). This is a multi levelled map, with both indoors and outdoor areas. It uses mostly KP textures, with a mixture of bricks and mortar and grass and rocks textures. It has heaps of weapons and other items and should be fun with 4 to 16 players.

Btw, I used Dread's method which allows maps to be created with downloadable sky for this map. You can see how to do it and download an example map by visiting this forum post here.
Normally you can't download custom skies from Kingpin servers but using this method you can :)

"New Mod - DamageMatch"
  posted September 1 - 4:56AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Zeppelin[FnR] is working on a new mod for Kingpin called DamageMatch.

Damage Match is a deathmatch mod that changes the way scoring is done. Instead of it being based on kills, it's now based on how much damage you do. For example, if you just hit someone with the pistol, you get 15 points.

If you just kill someone, you get their remaining hp and the value of killbonus. Killbonus is a new console variable that is added to your score whenever you kill someone. So if you hit some guy with a rocket that just respawned, you'll most likely kill them, getting 100 for all his hp, plus 25 more points for killbonus. (killbonus defaults to 25).

If you happen to hurt yourself in ANY WAY (falling too far, getting hurt in your own explosions), then you will lose points equal to the damage you caused yourself. If you hit some guy that is wearing armor then the armor subtracts from the damagefirst. If you kill yourself, then you will lose points equal to the suicidepenalty (another console variable), which defaults to 50.

Also. In version 1.0 there are 4 new variables that further change the way scoring is done:-

Killedpenalty is the penalty for being killed. When you get killed now, you lose points equal to the value of killedpenalty. The default for this is 25.

Damagereceivedfactor is the penalty for getting damaged factor. When someone damages you you lose points equal to the value of damagereceivedfactor TIMES the damage he caused you. The default for this is 1.

Damagecausedfactor is the bonus for the damage you cause factor. When YOU damage someone else you GAIN points equal to the value of damagecausedfactor TIMES the damage you caused him. The default for this is 1.

Selfdamagefactor is the penalty for doing yourself damage factor. When YOU damage YOURSELF you LOSE points equal to the value of selfdamagefactor TIMES the damage you caused yoruself. The default for this is 1.

DamageMatch is a server side only mod so you won't need to download anything unless you're going to run a server.

The plan is to do some beta testing on the weekend and if all goes well release the mod next week.
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