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News Archive for September 2006

"Sunday Night Game Of Hitmen"
  posted September 30 - 9:59PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Looking for a game of Hitmen this Sunday night? Well if you are jump into the KP4Ever's Da PlaygroundZ! Hitmen server and come for a few frags :)

C U there

"Saturday Night Game At Detropolis"
  posted September 29 - 9:36PM EDT by Mr.Damage
If you're looking for a game of DM on some custom maps this Saturday night then the Detropolis Custom Maps Server is the place to be. So if your going to be home on Saturday night why not come for a game :)

No set time due to all the different time zones just drop in when your available.

The latest three maps to be added to rotation on the server are:-

Fear Factory beta
Frag'N'Die2 Sin

Most maps in rotation are in these mappacks:-

Update #1
Update #2
Update #3

"Male Blade Skin Pack"
  posted September 27 - 4:50AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Male Blade Skin PackDownload

There are skin packs for many of the custom models in Kingpin. This is one for the male Blade Model. It contains five skins that were converted from Q2 (Duke Nukem, Indian, Ninja & two Punisher skins).

If you need the Male Blade model you can download it from here.

"BC's Map-Pack-N-Yo-Ass Update #22 Released"
  posted September 22 - 11:18PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Here is the latest installment of the BC's-Map-Pack-N-Yo-Ass series of mappacks. Update #22 contains all maps that were released through KP4Ever from August 2004 to mid April 2005. The pack is spread over four zip files which are between 15 - 16mg and there are a total of 52 DM, KP2, Gladiator, COLORS CTF and BM maps.

You can see details of all the maps included here.

Download the Update #22 mappacks here:-


Apartment Eviction & Lumber Yard

CTF Maroc Beta & Curse Haunted B1

"Screenshot Of new DM Map"
  posted September 19 - 6:48AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Cujo (AKA Stigma) and me have be collaborating on a new DM/KP2 Mod Map called KP2 Southside.
It's a small urban street themed map and it should be finished in a week or so.

"Female Crafty Skin Pack"
  posted September 16 - 10:36PM EDT by Mr.Damage

Female Crafty Skin PackDownload

Here is the skinpack for the Female Crafty model containing thirteen custom skins which were converted from Q2. There is a lot of variety in the skins and many of them show of her ample assets ;)

If you don't have the Female Crafty model you can download it from here.

"New KIT Map"
  posted September 16 - 12:09AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Q2 Jumps conv by FredzDownload

Here is a new KIT map by Fredz. It's a map converted from Quake2 which is a series of rooms with trick jumps that lead to a teleport which takes you to the next room. The end room has a switch that, when pressed, takes you back to the beginning. The map utilisies all Q2 textures.

"Team Pro Bagman Map"
  posted September 13 - 4:13AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Team Pro by Hypov8Download

Here is a map that would be a worthy addition to any BM server. It's a map Hypov8 made a couple of years ago. It is a conversion to Kingpin of the Team Fortress map called Push. It's a small to medium sized map and Hypo used all standard Kingpin textures.

"Sydney DM Map"
  posted September 7 - 4:31AM EDT by Mr.Damage
One of the favourite maps I have worked on is the Sydney CBD Fringes DM Map.

The map was originally created by Gimp for the never completed SRT-Alpha mod. The map was left unfinished and I thought it was such a good looking map that I decided to see if I could complete it.
It has a custom sky and uses mainly custom textures which give it a unique feel. It is set in the old part of Sydney and has many Aussie references in the map. It's set in the early morning around 8am and the lighting helps reflect that. There are 16 spawns and plenty of weapons, ammo and other items.
Hypov8 gave me a lot of help with this map, on the r_speeds, lighting and miscellaneous other things.
It is a small to medium sized map with most of the action taking place in the streets but it also contains a great looking office area, a few other rooms and a rooftop area that is accessible.

You can download it in either winzip or winrar formats from here:-

Sydney - Zip
Sydney - Rar

"Alternate Version of KPDM1"
  posted September 5 - 5:06AM EDT by Mr.Damage

KPDM1B modified by [BEER]BudiceDownload

Here is a modified version of KPDM1 done by [BEER]Budice and sent in to us by our good friend {Inc}Phoenix.
Basically it is the same map with more ladders, crates and other props added. There are some new areas opened up (some of which are reached by climbing the new ladders and crates) and a few more weapons added. The map is darker in some areas and some of the boxes and crates from the original have been moved around a little.

"Screenshots Of New Map"
  posted September 2 - 7:56PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Cujo is currently working on new DM/KP2 mod map called KP2 Southside.
..here's a new kp2 map, a mid size urban style map. Fully loaded with kp2 stuff like rats, rain, dogs, breakables, custom sounds, and still have few other thing do and few more lights and shadows..

Check out some screenshots here.
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