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News Archive for September 2007

"Looking For A Texture"
  posted September 30 - 3:25AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Does anyone out there have this texture:-
If you do will you please sent it to me here

"Good News From Sonik"
  posted September 29 - 7:42AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Everyone who has enjoyed playing Sonik's excellent single player mappack called House of Death part1 will be happy to know that after several years on hold he has now finished House of Death part2 :)

HoD Part2 will be available shortly but in the meantime if you haven't played HoD Part1 then get it now. Sonik describes it as:-
My first ever single player map pack!! Based in a haunted house, you will travel through the depths of it, and back to the surface. I added in some pretty interesting effects, like the flying sofa :). You also get to take a trip on a doomed runaway train!
SEVEN levels of frightening fun.
You can download House of Death part1 from here.

"Gamespy Lite"
  posted September 28 - 7:35PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Every now and then we receive a request from someone looking for Gamespy Lite. While we don't host the original we do have an updated version that PeNdEjO released a few years ago. Basically it is the same program with a few changes:-

- Updated various images and tips.
- Removed old buttons.
- Now compressed!
- Link to KP4Ever

You can get the updated Gamespy Lite from here

Just extract the file to your kingpin/gamespy folder. If you want to keep your original just rename it or copy it elsewhere.

"Amemait DM Map"
  posted September 28 - 8:57AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Amemait by {GT}KnightDownload

{GT}Knight converted this map from Quake2. It was originally created by Jester and is a classic style Q2 map but with all custom textures which give it a feel of an ancient Egyptian temple (hence the name).
Knight has kept the Egyptian feel by using the same custom textures. There is one of every weapon, pistol mods and a full set of armour and where the megahealth was in the Q2 version is now a deadly trap in Knight's version.

Btw, Amemait is from Egyptian Mythology:-
Amemait: The devourer. A monster with a crocodile snout, part lion, part hippopotamus, all nasty, the devourer of unjustified souls.

"Pincity DM Map Revised"
  posted September 26 - 9:50PM EDT by Mr.Damage

Pincity 2007 updated by Mr DamageDownload

As promised here is the updated version of Pincity that I have been working on. The original Pincity is a medium sized urban street themed map and is a remake of a SiN DM map by Turbo. Basically the remake takes that map and gives it a winter theme. I have also added an extra ladder and a ledge to improve the flow of the map and I increased the size of the basement room slightly to make it easier to navigate inside it.

I have also added props, breakables, rats, weather effects etc for use with the KP2 mod and other mods that utlise these effects.

"Team Octagon 2002 Bagman Map"
  posted September 26 - 9:49AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Team Octagon 2002 beta2 by HogieDownload

Here is a 2002 version of the Team Octagon map made by Hogie. This version has two standard 'Hogie' style bases with several small areas full of weapon and armour caches. The area between the two bases is a large pool of lava with pathways between them and to the centre where the money drop is and some nice laser lighting.

Currently we have two other versions of the team Octagon map at KP4Ever:-
Team Octagon
Team Octagon Revised

"Screenshots Of Upcoming Maps"
  posted September 25 - 7:53AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Here are some screenshots of two maps I am currently working on. One is an update of the classic Pincity map which was created by Turbo. Pincity is a remake of a SiN DM map and my update is giving it a winter theme. I have added props, breakables, rats, weather effects etc for use with the KP2 mod and other mods that utlise them.

The other map is a revision of a map {Inc Phoenix recently sent me. It's a small DM map called Ham'N'Cheez version2.

Both should be avalable shortly.

"Small DM Map Added"
  posted September 24 - 2:11AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Edge Bar by {420}EdgeDownload

Here is a small, 1v1, deathmatch map, made by {420}Edge, which is a modified Kingpin single player map. It's set in a small bar and only has the grenade launcher, HMG and rocket launcher. It good for 1v1 play as it is so small and only has 3 player spawns.

"More KingpinQ3 News "
  posted September 22 - 7:02PM EDT by Mr.Damage
0xA5EA has posted some new screenshots and released a KingpinQ3 development version (v0.7l) for mappers. Its a non public download so if you would like it just contact him via the link at his page. You can visit the KingpinQ3 site by clicking here.

"Team Die Hard Bagman Map"
  posted September 22 - 6:55PM EDT by Mr.Damage

Teams, Die Hard by PropaneDownload

Teams, Die Hard is a medium sized Bagman map by Propane in the two forts style. The two bases look pretty good with rooms containing weapons and armour and a couple of nice touches like a reflective floor and giant spinning globe. The safes have to be opened by pressing a small switch which is nearby. The area between the two bases is fairly plain with just the money drop in the centre.

"The Court 2005 KP2'ed"
  posted September 21 - 10:43PM EDT by Mr.Damage

The Court: 2005 kp2 by DirtyDogDownload

DirtyDog has updated his The Court:2005 DM map for use with the KP2 mod and any other mods that use props, breakables, weather etc.
If you're not familiar with the map it's an arena style map that centers around a basketball court. For the KP2 version DD has added a bunch of breakables, dogs, rats, single player props, etc. A nice map worth getting.

"New Mapper/New Map"
  posted September 21 - 6:37AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Newpit by {New}MisfitDownload

{New}Misfit has released his first map for Kingpin called Newpit. This one is a small, dark arena style map for use with the KP2 mod (and other mods that support single player props, beakables and weather effects etc) but can also be played in deathmatch, Hitmen etc.
It has 17 player spawns and ample weapons, tonnes of armour and five cooling mods!

"Welcome To The Brink DM Map"
  posted September 16 - 7:15PM EDT by Mr.Damage

Welcome To The Brink by {UPS}MastaDownload

Welcome To The Brink is a smallish deathmatch map in the style of a Hitmen map. It only uses a few textures and is mainly grey and blue walls and floor with some green liquid as well.
It has plenty of weapons and armour, tonnes of ammo and health but no pistol mods. It has a secret room as well, where there is full armour set and a cooling mod.

"Two Small Barroom Maps"
  posted September 14 - 7:16AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Here are two more of the maps, sent in by {Inc}Phoenix, that are small deathmatch maps which are set in barrooms.

Welcome to Club Mayhem by {420}Mayhem. A rip from a single player map with plenty of weapons and armour.
Download Welcome to Club Mayhem from here.

Bar2 by {420}Voodoo. Another rip from a single player map with ample weapons and a secret room packed with goodies.
Download Bar2 from here.

"Team Campalavista Bagman Map"
  posted September 12 - 6:47AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Team Campalavista Final by JaxonDownload

Team Campalavista Final by Jaxon is a medium sized Bagman map with an intersting symmetrical layout. It has two main paths between bases and the money drop is in the middle of the map where these paths meet. There are the standard item/weapon rooms near the safes and coloured lighting to distinguish the bases.

I have added this map to the Fastcash Bagman Server.

We also have an earlier beta version of the map which you can grab from here if you want to see what changed were made in the final version.

"DM Map Revised"
  posted September 10 - 5:35AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Assassination Station ver2 revised by Mr DamageDownload

I have revised the Assassination Station DM map which was originally created by Corper. This is a small vertical style map. It has one main area which is a courtyard surrounded by multi level buildings. There are also some lower level corridors full of weapons and items.

The main changes I made are:-
Fixed the lighting and made it brighter
Changed the weapon/item types, amount and placement
Changed some texturing
Added a platform and ladder to improve the flow of the map
Reduced the number of brushes in the map drastically

I have added the map to the Detropolis Server and the Kingpin Legacy Server.

If you would like to check out Corpser's original version you can grab it from here

"Team Baseball Bagman Map"
  posted September 10 - 5:16AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Team Baseball by GravediggerDownload

{Inc}Phoenix sent me a heap of DM & BM maps he thinks we might not have here at KP4Ever. Over the next few days I will be going through them and any that we don't have I will be uploading to our map archive and posting about.

The first one is Team Baseball v2 by Gravedigger. As the name suggests this is a Bagman map set in a Baseball park. There is the Baseball diamond and outfield (where the money drop is located) and the two bases are accessed through the dugouts. There are the usual weapon and armour stashs in rooms in the bases and also near the money drop. Batter up! :)

"KingpinQ3 News"
  posted September 7 - 8:03PM EDT by Mr.Damage
0xA5EA has now released a patch for GTK-Radiant so mappers can start making maps for the KingpinQ3 Project. This patch includes all entites necessary to build maps for the following mods - Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Bagman.
You can read more and download the patch by visiting the KingpinQ3 Homepage here.

"New DM Map - Winter Heat"
  posted September 2 - 6:37AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Winter Heat by StigmaDownload

After finishing KP2 Damhouse3, me and Stigma worked on a DM Map called Winter Heat.
This is a small winter style map set in and around a large city. It has several buildings in the map and custom textures were used for most of these. There are 2 levels in the map, lots of crates and boxes scattered around it, as well as heaps of weapons and other items.

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