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News Archive for September 2008

"Sunset Arena Map Revised"
  posted September 30 - 4:34AM EDT by Mr.Damage
After getting some feedback about his Sunset Arena map Kroule has revised it and released a final version.
Changes made for the final version of Sunset Arena:-
Original sideway staircases were replaced by lifts to speed up gameplay.
Some columns were removed and some lights were added to lower level of arena. It was also made brighter on the upper level.
The pistols were replaced by more powerful weaponry and bazooka + some ammo was added.
Some armour was also included.

You can download Sunset Arena Final from here.

"New Fragz DM Map Released"
  posted September 28 - 5:41AM EDT by Mr.Damage

New Fragz by {NeW}MisfitDownload

{NeW}Misfit and I have now finished working on his latest map called New Fragz
New Fragz is a small to medium sized deathmatch map for Kingpin. It has several main areas connected by corridors and is spread over two levels. It uses all custom textures, which are from counterstrike, and a custom sky is also inlcuded.
There are 11 player spawns and one of all the major weapons and two each of the tommies and shotguns.

"Interplay Site Back Up"
  posted September 26 - 4:46PM EDT by Mr.Damage
{Inc}Phoenix alerted me to the fact that the Interplay site is back up.
Not much there yet but they have opened their forums and the old Kingpin Tech support page is there. Nothing else about KP unfortunately.
You can check it out

We also have it linked in our More Resources section on the right hand side of this page.

"Game Of Arsenal Mod Thursday Night"
  posted September 25 - 4:33AM EDT by Mr.Damage
I have set up one of our servers temporarily to run the Arsenal mod. It will be up for a game on Thursday night.

Date : Thursday 25th September
Name : KP4EVER's Arsenal Mod v1.1 Server
Time : 7.30pm Chicago time

Arsenalis a server side mod so you don't need any client files to play =)

Check out my recent post about Arsenal to see what it' all about.

You can check the World Clock site to see what time it is where you are when the game is on. Check it here.

"Gamespy Is Working Again"
  posted September 24 - 11:18PM EDT by Mr.Damage
I just checked Gamespy Lite and finally it is working again :)
I can see 14 KP servers and I have added them all to my favourites in case something similar happens again.

"KingpinQ3 Update"
  posted September 23 - 8:02AM EDT by Mr.Damage
0xA5EA has updated his KingpinQ3 site with some news for mappers. He has added a new version (v0.7a) of the KingpinQ3 Gtk-Radiant Patch. To read about the changes and to download it go visit the KingpinQ3 website by clicking here.

"Game Of Hitmen Wednesday Night"
  posted September 23 - 7:57AM EDT by Mr.Damage
This Wednesday night we plan to have another game on our KP4Ever's Da Playgroundz Hitmen server.

Date : Wedneday 24th September
Name : KP4EVER's Da PlaygroundZ! Hitmen Server
Time : 5.30 East Coast (New York) USA Time
IP :
[VG]Flashydave should be around to get things going.

One of the main features of the Hitmen mod is the Hook and if you want to be able to use it you need to install the Hitmen files (only a small download) which you can get here.

You can check the World Clock site to see what time it is where you are when the game is on. Check it here.

"Wasted City DM Map Released"
  posted September 23 - 12:55AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Wasted City by StigmaDownload

Stigma and I have finished working on the Wasted City map and have now released it.
Wasted City is a smallish deathmatch map for Kingpin. It is in the urban style with a city street setting. There is the main street, a small park, an entrance to a warehouse complex and several rooftop areas that can be accessed.
There are one of all the major weapons and two shotties and tommies. There are also two sets of armour and ample health bags.
The map has 12 player spawns, uses mostly standard kingpin textures and features a downloadable custom sky.

The map also features rats, a dog, a few breakables and some single player props for mods that support these features.

"Dildo Arena DM Map"
  posted September 22 - 4:34AM EDT by Mr.Damage
I have just added this map to the rotation at our Extreme Mod server.
Dildo Arena is a small arena style map, made by {GT}Ghost and {GT}Knight, that looks like it was converted from Quake2. It has ample weapons and items, flows well and a nice simple arena layout.
If you don't already have it (kp-dildo-dm.bsp) you can download it from here.

I have also added several other maps to the rotation at the Extreme Mod server:-

Assassins Two man combat
KP Streetwar (small)
Lava Worx

"More Screenshots Of New Stigma Map"
  posted September 22 - 2:30AM EDT by Mr.Damage
City Waste, which has been renamed Wasted City, is nearly ready for release. I have ben helping Stigma with this map and hopefully it will be released in the next few dys. Here are some more screens of the map as it is now:-

"Arsenal Mod"
  posted September 22 - 2:24AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Next time I change one of the KP4Ever servers I plan to run an Arsenal Mod server.

Arsenal is a simple mod converted from the game ,b>Soldier of Fortune. It's a bit like the Hitmen Mod where the server hands out the weapons.
You start with the HMG and everytime you kill someone you get the next lowest weapon. The first player to kill someone with the pistol gets three bonus frags and then everyone gets the HMG again and the sequence restarts. The game ends when the frag limit or time limit has been reached.
Weapon sequence is - HMG, Bazooka, Tommygun, Flamethrower, Grenadelauncher, Shotgun, Pistol.

The mod is a serverside mod so you don't need to download any files to be able to play it.
If you want to download the Arsenal windows server files you can grab them from here.

"Game Of Extreme Mod Tuesday Night"
  posted September 22 - 2:13AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Just letting you all know there will be a game of the Extreme Mod this Tuesday night on our KP4Ever Extreme Mod Server.
Here are the details:-

Date : Tuesday 23rd Sept.
Hostname : KP4Ever Extreme Mod Server
IP :
Maxclients : 16
Time : 7.30pm Chicago time
{NeW}SNAKE will be around to get things going.

Extreme is a server side mod so you don't need any client files to play =)

"Another Kingpin YouTube Video"
  posted September 22 - 2:04AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Thief|Meph let me know about another Kingpin video at YouTube.
This one is titled GoA - StreetCrack and features Thief|GoA demonstrating how to quickly get through the KiT map called Street Crack.
You can watch this video by clicking here.

If you would like to download the Steet Crack KiT map made by Sonik and K9)Cracker you can downlaod it from here.

"New Mapper Releases First Map"
  posted September 18 - 8:00PM EDT by Mr.Damage

Sunset Arena by KrouleDownload

Kroule has released his first map for Kingpin :)
Sunset Arena is a small-sized DM arena with central spot and two sideway staircases leading to gallery.

It features:-
10 Deathmatch spawn points
2 x Pistol * some mods
1 x Grenade Launcher
1 x Flamethrower
1 x Tommygun
1 x Shotgun

"GameSpy Not Working"
  posted September 17 - 5:37PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Currently Gamespy is not showing any Kingpin servers (other than the ones you have selected as favourites).

Until the problem is resolved you can try another server browser such as QTracker which you can download from here.

I installed QTracker and that shows around 14 servers (I know QTracker doesn't show our CRASH Mod server but i'm not sure if that is all the remaining servers as I thought there were around 22 - 25 servers running).

Also I have started a forum topic on how to add servers to the Gangbang menu in KP. You can view it here.

Update 19th Sept It looks like Gamespy is having problems with its master server as per this forum topic here. I hope they get it resolved soon =)

"Mr Burns Model"
  posted September 15 - 4:06AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Mr. Burns, from The Simpsons of course, is a Quake3 model, which was created by SLYRR, and converted to Kingpin by TiCaL.
The Mr.Burns model is a very detailed model, fully animated, includes Kingpin weapon support and comes with three different skins included.
You can download the Mr.Burns model from here.

We also host five other custom skins for the Mr. Burns model:-
Purple Suit
Mr. Burns Skinpack
Pimp Mr. Burns

Just extract all files from the zipfiles to your Kingpin folder.

Of course the last word should go to the man himself:-

"Look at them! Jackaninnys - Goldbrickers - Layabouts - Slugabeds!
They're all pathetic morons wasting my precious money!
None of these piss-ants are worthy to become the Kingpin!
I have no choice but to win myself!"

"Italian Eve DM Map"
  posted September 11 - 2:26AM EDT by Mr.Damage
While we wait for Stigma's new maps to be completed why not check out an earlier map he worked on with Hypov8 and me called Italian Eve.
Italian Eve is a large DM map, converted from counterstrike, which is set in an Italian village during night time. The original was created by Torque[MOD]. It uses the original cs textures which look great. It has 16 spawn points and ample weapons, ammo, armour etc. There are lots of areas to frag in, some nice custom sounds and the original cs sky has been included as well.
You can grab Italian Eve from here

"Screens Of Another Map By Stigma"
  posted September 8 - 4:31AM EDT by Mr.Damage
As well as the two maps that I have recently posted of Stigma is now working on a third new map with a working title of Aimhouse.
It's a small map featuring a house and its surrounds. Outside has a lot of detail with trees, grass, bushes, plants etc plus rats, rain, dogs, and thunder and lighting. You will also be able to get inside the house.

Here are some early screens:-

"KP4Ever Extreme Mod Server"
  posted September 8 - 4:07AM EDT by Mr.Damage
This week I have set up one of our servers to run the Extreme Mod which was created by Atrophy Mod Development Team.

Extreme is a mod where all the weapons have been cranked up and you start with more health.

  • Crowbar - Does a lot more damage :)

  • Pistol - Start with all pistol mods.

  • Shotgun - Faster reload, faster shooting, 12 shots, more kick, more damage.

  • Tommy - Bigger clip (100), more damage.

  • HMG - Faster normal fire, way faster cooled fire and more damage.

  • GL - Impact grenades (a la Q2), bigger clip size.

  • Bazooka - Super fast shooting, bigger clip.

  • Flamer - More damage.

  • Max health 200 and bigger pickups.

This is a server side mod so you don't need any client files to play.

Server Details:-
Hostname : KP4Ever Extreme Mod Server
IP :
Maxclients : 16

"Subway Chaos DM Map"
  posted September 6 - 7:02AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Subway Chaos is a map set in a subway and out on the street above. Its a medium sized map which uses all SoF textures and has ample weapons and other items.
It was created by [Beer]Bud Ice but left unfinished. Myself and Hypo_v8 finished a Power2 mod version of the map and included it in the initial release of the Power2 mod.
I then did this DM version. Also included in the zipfile is a version with weather effects added, dogs, and single player props etc for mods that support them.
You can download Subway Chaos from here.

"Screenshots Of Anothr New Map"
  posted September 3 - 3:26AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Stigma is working on another new map called Stones Town.
This is a small city map with tall urban style buildings. It features thunder and rain, along with lots of props, dogs, and rats for mods that support them. It also has custom sounds, street signs and a lot of other knick knacks.
Here are some early screenshots:-

"Speedway Mod Server Up For A Week"
  posted September 1 - 5:08AM EDT by Mr.Damage
I have set up one of the Kingpinforever servers to run the Speedway Mod for one week only.
Speedway is a racing mod where players ride motorcycles and must complete a set amount of laps to win the race, with teamplay the key to winning.

* Speedway uses normal but modified kingpin weapons:
Homing Rocketlauncher
Rear Grenadelauncher
Super Shotgun
Super Pistol
Normal Tommygun
Normal HMG
* Radar for tracking player movement.
* Motorcycle Nitro for boosting your speed.
* Speedometer that tracks your MPH.

Players need client files to play and there is also a mappack available (best to grab both):-
Speedway Client Files
Speedway Mappack

Server Details:-

Hostname : Kingpin Speedway
IP :
Maxclients : 16
Map Timelimit : 10 minutes
Map Laplimit : 10
Map Fraglimit : 30
MM Required : Yes

Specifically there is a game planned for Thursday night 4th September 7.30pm EDT (New York).
To check what time it is where you are when the game is on go to the World Clock site here.
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