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News Archive for September 2011

"Don Fratelli Runt Skin"
  posted September 28 - 5:19PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Here is a great skin for the runt skin called Don Fratelli that was made by Cosmos. It's an oldie from '99 and worth the download if you don't have it. The skin files are head_don, body_don, legs_don and there are also pain skins. The zipfile contains a readme with instructions on how to install the files.

Download Don Fratelli skin from here.

"RTCW Map Conversion"
  posted September 28 - 5:13PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Here is an incredible deathmatch map that was created by Pencho back in December of 2003. It is a conversion of the the RTCW map called MP Base. It's a huge map and you should download it just so you can have a look around in it. It took Pencho months of work and must push the Kingpin engine to the limit.

The map uses mostly RTCW textures and has 18 player starts as it is such a large map. The setting is a big AXIS communications base which has many areas, both indoor and outdoor, and there are many crates situated around the map.
You can download KP Base from here.

"HUD Coloured Armor Skins"
  posted September 26 - 1:05AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Here are skins for the in game armor that match the HUD armor colors. They were created by Dread.
I've changed the colour of the armour to match the colour that would appear in your HUD when you pick it up. In other words, yellow for light armour and green for heavy armour.
You can download the HUD Coloured Armour skins from here.

"Mr Damage Mapping Page"
  posted September 23 - 8:29PM EDT by Mr.Damage
I have uploaded my new Mr Damage Maps Webpage. Currently it features about fifteen of the maps I have worked on over the years. They are all DM maps and there is a selection of both original maps and conversions.
I have added a link to the webpage in our Hosted Sites section or this is a direct link here.

Many of these maps are currently rotating on our Kraze Bot Custom Maps Server.

"More Maric Conversions"
  posted September 20 - 3:13AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Here are the other two Quake2 maps made by Maric that I have converted to Kingpin.

Awakening to Danger is a large, multi levelled map, with both indoors and outdoor areas. It uses mostly KP textures, with a mixture of bricks and mortar and grass and rocks textures. It has heaps of weapons and other items and should be fun with 4 to 16 players.

You can download Awakening to Danger from here.

Crates In The Hood is a medium sized map set in a warehouse district full of crates and containers. It has one main open area which contains several containers and boxes as well as number of warehouse buildings. The buildings have several sccessible rooms which contain even more crates. It is a multi level map and you can also access the roof. The map has ample weapons and other items. It uses many custom textures which fit right into the Kingpin theme, has a custom sky and includes custom sounds.

You can download Crates in the Hood from here.

"Kingpin Font"
  posted September 18 - 4:03AM EDT by Mr.Damage
If your wondering what the name of the font is that was used in Kingpin then you are in luck as a few years ago Fredz tracked it down.
The font is called Royal Pain Font and was created by Jeff Rentsch. It can be downloaded from our 'Miscellaneous' downloads section here.

To use it simply unzip the royalp.ttf file to your windows\fonts directory. For example:

To see an example of it check this webpage here.

"Team Madness Bagmanc Map"
  posted September 15 - 7:06AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Team Madness is a large, popular, BM map in the classic urban style of Kingpin which was made by (DOA)Iceman in the early days of Kingpin.
The map has a lot of depth to it with several different levels (there are lots of walkways, balconies, ladders, pipes you can walk along etc). It has weapons and items spread throughout the map and the safes need to be triggered to open (in classic Bagman style). The triggers are up above the safes in both bases (look for the ladders near the safes to get to the triggers).
This is a great looking classic Bagman map so if you don't already have it (imbm1.bsp) then grab it now :)
Just extract the files to your kingpin directory.

You can download Team Madness from here.

And don't forget if your looking for a game of KP online then post your details and when you are available to play in this forum topic here.

"Maric KP Map Conversions"
  posted September 13 - 3:42AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Maric is a prolific mapper for Quake2 who graciously allowed me to convert some of his maps to Kingpin. Two fo them are:-

Greystone Shuffle is a medium sized DM map which is mainly open with 2 levels. It uses mostly all KP textures, has a gothic type theme, and has ample weapons and other items.

You can download Greystone Shuffle from here

Deep Blue Arena is a small arena style DM map set in an underwater base of some kind. It uses mostly custom textures, has 14 player spawns and has ample weapons and other items.

You can download Deep Blue Arena from here

Btw if you are looking for a game of Kingpin online why not post when you are available and would like to play in this forum topic here

"Unfinished DM Map By Stigma"
  posted September 11 - 7:09AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Stigma has sent in an unfinishd deathmatch map he was working on for the KingpinQ3 projct a few years ago. He has sent it in in case anyone else wants to have a go at finishing it for Kingpin or KPQ3.
...there was a unfinished remake of kp2_deadwood I spent few years working on much larger and better version of deadwood. But the size and detail was limiting on kingpin I really wanted to do for KpQ3 game... i zipped up all stuff and screenshots i left good spot in back i was thinking of putting a salt-dog club or strip club hate see such nice map go to waste but am not able to finish this off am sure some one may want get some new idea There just so much detail and areas in this it should make for awesome map for any game

So if you would like to have a go at finishing the map you can download it from here.

"Kingpin Wallpapers"
  posted September 9 - 4:35AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Impress your friends with a neat Kingpin background wallpaper :)
This one was made by (K9)Iceman back in 2003 and comes in 1024x768 and 800x600 pixle sizes. They are both in the one zip file which you can grab from here

We have lots more Kingpin themed wallpapers which you can check out here (after the page loads just click on wallpaper).

"Lil1 v3 Deathmatch Map"
  posted September 7 - 6:51AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Here is a DM map originally made by Hamma back in August of 2000 and tweaked to v3 in Febuary of 2002.
This is a map I have spent many hours playing back in the day as it was very popular in the custom map DM servers.

Lil_1v3 is a small one room fragfest map, built for fast paced action. Although it is a one area map it still has lots of obstacles, ledges to lob grenades from, a small triangular structure in the middle of the map with armour, health and the HMG, some crates to climb on where there are weapons and has a very bright colour scheme.

You can download Lil_1v3 from here

"New Version Of Custom Single Player DLL "
  posted September 6 - 5:28AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Acc has released an updated version of his gamex86.dll you can use to create single player maps. The latest version includes:-
Cast_bum_sit now takes damages and dies properly

Replaced KPL format with SSF, the new system allows more flexibility (like setting price and items per pawn-o-matic, I hope I'll get the conversation scripting to work), I might remove pawn_index# from pawn_o_matic entity too... not sure yet.
Added spawnflag ( 1 ) to cast_bum_sit (drunk -- so they don't talk like any standard dude)

--== CVARS ==--
sonofsam: +1 unlock all merchandises, +2 everything for free, +4 infinite ammo, +8 Mods never wears out, +16 infinite clips (roughly like infinite ammo except you still need to reload, so there's a time penalty for shooting like crazy)
spmod_debug: Display misc debug info (some of them were included as spawnflags -- in camera for instance)
cl_noratbite: Disable rat and fish bites

--== COMMANDS ==--
epflag Show available episode flags and their flag number, you can also define what flags are on for the current game

So if you are a single player map maker you can grab the custom DLL from here.

"Two Small Single Player Maps"
  posted September 5 - 4:15AM EDT by Mr.Damage
While you eagerly await more news on the KingpinQ3 project why not spend some time playing a couple of small Kingpin Single Player maps. Neither take very long to complete.

Tea Time by Tea Leaf. Tea Time is a small episode where the aim is for the player to escape the city. Hire your thug, kill all the bad guys, get the keys and make your way to the Typhoon Bar and escape on a motorbike.

You can download Tea Time from here

KillSpree by Sonik. Killspree is one map split over two levels. Make your way to the first switch to activate the elevator, then once on the upper level get to the switch to complete the map. The level only uses a few textures and it includes a custom skin for the thug. Its a tough level but you should be able to complete it in one session :)
Its only 73kb so why not download it now and give it a try.

Sonik says
"Single player, just one map.
open console, type "map vr_killspree". good luck, this one is tough.
i recommend playing some fast music while u play >:)
and no cheating!!! "

You can download Killspree from here.

"Kingpin Entity List For Mappers"
  posted September 4 - 7:14AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Acc has created a huge Kingpin Entity Guide for mappers and uploaded it to the net.
I just uploaded an extensive list of spawnable entities in Kingpin (I don't think I missed any, but I might be wrong) plus what I believe to be all key/names pairs available (there got to be more, even with the source code it's hard to keep track of everything). I also included a few info regarding single player stuff such as cast names, ai_flags, map names and weird hacks
He is still updating it and you can check the guide out the latest version here. There is also an offline version you can download which I have added to our maps/tutorials downlaod section here.

If you wish to comment about anything regarding the Entity list you can post in this forum topic here.
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