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News Archive for September 2012

"New Deathmatch Map The Dark Zone"
  posted September 28 - 10:33PM EDT by Mr.Damage

The Dark Zone by Mr DamageDownload

Here is my latest deathmatch map which is a conversion to Kingpin of the Quake1 map The Dark Zone.
This is a smallish DM map with several rooms/areas and four teleports scattered around the map including one in a semi secret room.
It has ample weapons, armour and the usual items and 10 player spawns. It uses a mixture of standard and custom textures and a standard sky.
It has been play tested by MrRuler and H<.><.>Ts and they both like it.

Update 2nd October The bug has been fixed and I have now released an updated version of the map. The download link above points to the updated map.

"Good Wednesday Night Game"
  posted September 26 - 8:38PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Just got off the Oldschool DM server where the Wednesday night game was a big success. Lots of ppl showed up and the game went for several hours. Lots and lots of maps were played.

Next scheduled game on the Oldschool server is Sunday night 9pm GMT.

"Mover6 Kingpin Utility"
  posted September 24 - 8:38AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Just a reminder for players who download most of their custom maps from the Kingpin servers to download and run the Mover-v6 utility.

The reason is this, if you download map while playing the Hitmen mod it puts it into the Hitmen/maps folder. Then if you join another server running a different mod, such as the Monkey Mod, but that is running the same map it will d/l the map again to comp/maps. This is because Kingpin looks in the main/maps folder for the map and not in the mod folders and if it doesn't find the maps in main/maps it will download it. Hence you can end up with the same map in several different folders and with a larger than necessary Kingpin folder.

If you d/l and run the Mover6 utility by TiCaL it moves all maps, textures, sounds, skins, etc, from your mod folders back to main where they belong. The zip includes a Readme with clear instructions on how to run it.

You can download Mover6 from here.

DooDaa also created a map moving utility called Kingpin Map Mover which also allows you to move files from mod folders back to kingpin/main. From the man himself:-
"After extensive testing, code adjustments and more testing, I am proud to say that the new Kingpin Map Mover v1.0.0.1 program is now available to you. This is a simple to use program that will allow you to move all your maps, models, textures and sound files from the mod folder, to the Kingpin\main folder. Kingpin Map Mover v1.0.0.1 requires the Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 be installed on your computer. The installation should prompt you to install it if you don't have it. If not, you can download it from here. Enjoy Kingpin Map Mover v1.0.0.1."
You can download Kingpin Map Mover from here.

"Mappacks For Oldschool Servers"
  posted September 24 - 8:23AM EDT by Mr.Damage
MrRuler has now set up his two servers to rotate maps from thev following mappacks:-

Oldschool Server DM - This mappack here.
Oldschool Bagman Server - This mappack here.

Btw if anyone else has info or news about the other new servers and wants to send it in to us I'm happy to post the news here.

"Wednesday And Sunday Night Games On Oldschool Server"
  posted September 23 - 8:12PM EDT by Mr.Damage
MrRuler is organising some games on his Oldschool Server DM server. They will be on Wednesday and Sunday nights at 21.00 GMT. All players welcome. Please help spread the word.

Server : Oldschool Server DM
IP Address :
Maxclients : 24
Monkey Mod : optional

Wednesday Nights
Time : 21.00 GMT
Game : Deathmatch

Sunday Nights
Time : 21.00 GMT
Game : Team Deathmatch

To find out what time it is where you are when it is 21.00 in London (GMT) check the world clock here or the time zone converter here.

The server is up 24/07 and you can jump in any time it's just by organising these game Mr Ruler hopes to get a good crowd in :)

"More Kingpin Servers"
  posted September 23 - 10:16AM EDT by Mr.Damage
I see there are some more Kingpin servers up and running which is great. I think [DKC]Dodge admins the Demon servers and MrRuler admins the OldSchool servers. There is also a [Thief] server up.

Demon UK Bagman - IP Address
I think [DKC]Dodge is still sorting out the maps for thsi server

Demon UK Deathmatch - IP Address
This server is currently rotating the standard KPDM maps and about eleven custom maps.
Six of the maps are in this mappack (which also contains a few other maps) here.
The other five are:-
Armagon Max
Juno Bay

Oldschool Server DM IP -
At the moment this is rotating just about all the custom maps there are for Kingpin.

[DKC]Oldschool Server IP -
This server is rotating a lot of maps.

Multiplay :: [Thief] Bagman server IP -
This server is also rotating a lot of maps.

I also heard today that there are now about 120 ppl in the Facebook Kingpin Oldies group :)
You can join the group here. All are welcome.

"Ultra Gore Zombie Inferno 2.0 Source Code"
  posted September 22 - 5:09PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Sedomium has sent in the source code for his updated Inferno mod.
I am busy right now preparing for examinations, but when I have time again, i will continue my work on this project.
(There are still some ugly overflows and freezings, when you fight more then 15 people at once)

The source code is commented, so everyone who is intrested in the code can look into it and understand maybe a bit, what I have changed.
You can download the Inferno 2.0 source from here.

He also let me know that a member of the old Kingpin Mapartists crew, Kasami, is now working for Crytek and worked on the Crysis two sound engine.

"YouTube Videos Of Updated Inferno Mod"
  posted September 20 - 9:21PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Looks like Sedonium has been updating his old Inferno mod and renamed it Ultra Gore Zombie-mod Inferno 2.0.
Remember the good old times when Kingpin was released?
I recently rewrote my old Inferno mod and did some extra customizations.
It's full of excessive violence blood and gore ^^
Much more than in the original game.
The AI's are more like zombies, you can shoot their head / arms of and they are still fighting.
Plus AI Respawn in singleplayer / multiplayer, so there is always a crowd of angry gang members waiting.
Plus some other stuff like shooting through walls and bubble shooting trails (matrix style)

Enjoy this bloody snippet.
He has posted three videos of his updated mod at YouTube and there is some crazy fragging going on in all of them :)

Check the videos out here:-
video 1
video 2
video 3

I hope he decides to release this updated mod.

"Kingpin Temple DM Map By Sedonium"
  posted September 17 - 8:36AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Here is a deathmatch map made by Sedonium way back in 2000. This is how he described this map in the readme:-
This is a large DM map for Kingpin.There are 2 main rooms in the temple with huge pillars,nice fountains and many mystic decoration. Around the temple, there are huge mountains with beautiful rivers and waterfalls. A secret cave is behind the waterfall. Some graves are in front of the temple with candles. Outside,there are many good places for sniping with the hmg.
At all, this is a high quality mystic-map.Enjoy that hot stuff !!!!
You can download Kingpin Temple from here.

"YouTube Videos Of Cancelled Dangerous Streets Mod"
  posted September 16 - 1:06AM EDT by Mr.Damage
I just found these vids on YouTube of a cancelled Kingpin mod called Dangerous Streets which was being made by EmoLevelDesigner.

There are two videos of the mod and the descriptions for them are:-
Video1 - Footage from my cancelled mod for Kingpin: Life of Crime. The main heroine is an artist. She works in a workshop where "Steeltown: forging the future" and other wall sheets were drawn. One day, when she goes to work, she accidentally enters the part of the town which is populated by bandits an drug addicts.

Video2 - This place was supposed to be somewhere in the middle of the mod.
The confrontation was planned to be very intense: they even partially destroyed a building when trying to kill her.

You can watch the two videos here:-
Dangerous Streets map01
Dangerous Streets map02

"Rags To Riches Mod"
  posted September 16 - 12:39AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Back in May 2011 VGames released a graphical overhaul mod for Kingpin called Rags To Riches.
When he was making the mod he said that:-
I wanted the game to keep it's original Quake 2 engine but I wanted the textures and skins to pop a little more. So I'm going to sharpen every single map texture, model skin, and sprite in the game. I think that this will make the game look much better but at the same time keep it's classic Quake 2 engine look.
The mod has an extensive feature list including:-
A texture pack that will enhance and sharpen all skins and textures in the game.

Scipted Features:
Doubled the damage done by all weapons to make them even more realistic.
The maximum ammo that you can hold in your inventory for each weapon has been doubled.
Ammo pickups for the pistol have been increased from 20 to 26.
The clip size for the pistol has been increased from 10 to 13 rounds.
The maximum health has been increased from 100 to 200.
Weapon mods never break or wear out.
Weapon mods now cost 10 times more then they did before.
The Heavy Machinegun without the cooling mod fires like the Heavy Machinegun with the cooling mod originally did, and the Heavy Machinegun with the cooling mod has almost no break in between it's 3 round bursts. EPIC!
The Tommy Gun's recoil has been halved.

You can see a complete list of features here.

Make sure you read the enclosed readme for install instructions as you have to back up your current gamex86.dll file.

You can download the Rags to Riches mod from here.

"Cypress Hill 16 Men.. Youtube Video"
  posted September 5 - 8:11PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Runt0r sent in a link to the Cypress Hill 16 Men Till There's No Men Left (Instrumental) video at Youtube. If you don't recognise the title once you hear the song you will definately recognise it :)

Check it out here.

Runt0r also said he had tried to reply to the Bring Back Kingpin forum thread over at Interplay Forum but was having problems posting. I just tried to post then and it seems to be ok now so please go and check it out and add something to the debate.

"Bring Back Kingpin Forum Thread At Interplay"
  posted September 4 - 9:17PM EDT by Mr.Damage
{GA}Cleo sent word regarding a forum thread over at the Interplay forums regarding bringing back Kingpin.
If you love Kingpin why not head over there and add your weight to the discussion. It will only take a few minutes of your time.
If your not already registered there you will need to but that only takes a minute or so.

You can check it out here.

If your a Facebook user you can also join the Kingpin Oldies group here.
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